RX6000 series cards suffer from framedrops in CPU intensive games

1 : Anonymous2021/04/22 18:06 ID: mwatp7

Fellow AMD users/fans,

Like others out there, I'm suffering from FPS drops in games that are heavily CPU bound like CSGO. FPS can fall from 400 to 150 and back in about half a second, hurting gameplay in a very bad way.

As more and more reports are coming in, this is starting to look as a general issue. A few examples can be found below.

/comments/mgu7e5/fps_drop_with_6700_xt/gvgfdzo/?context=3" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/mgu7e5/fps_drop_with_6700_xt/gvgfdzo/?context=3

Games often mentioned are War Thunder, Rocket League, Fortnite and CSGO. Your typical CPU based games, that much is clear.

It looks like the GPU clock is all over the place in these kinds of games, causing the drops in frames. There doesn't seem to be any way to solve this and in many cases this has been going on for months. It's not limited to a specific card, as complaints are coming from all over the RX6000-series spectrum.

For reference: I have an RX6700XT myself, and my previous card (a VEGA 56) performed a lot better in games like CSGO than the new card. It had no drops in frames whatsoever, the RX6700XT is making games like CSGO a pain to play competitive.

In times where people pay crazy amounts of money to upgrade their GPU's, this is totally unacceptable. They can actually end up with lower performance on their favorite games. This is a major red flag.

If you experience the same issues, please let me know by reacting to this topic or even better - share your possible solutions to this problem.

Thank you,


2 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:32 ID: gvhbuyv

I'm not sure if it's game specific? I'm tarkov my frames dip here and there from 120-80 then back. But that game is poorly optimized...

ID: gvhpzaz

Thats Tarkov for you, love the game but its optimized very poorly like you said. Not a good indicator of performance

ID: gvi4vhn

Does it feel lile a kick in the dick? Then it is Tarkov.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:54 ID: gvhet8h

Create a Wattman Profile vor the Game and set Min and Max Clock to the same Value. Have to do the same for Minecraft to stop the GPU from going to minimal clock all the time.

ID: gvhkos0

Will give it a go tommorow, thank you!

ID: gvid0xc

It doesn't work, the gpu still drops usage and consequently frames like crazy. I did this with a 6900XT and an overclocked 10700.

It is so bizarre how powerful this card is, yet it can't do the (for the GPU) easiest games stable.

ID: gvieddk

Run an ingame static benchmark, then rollback Win10 if latest and rerun the static ingame benchmark.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/22 20:11 ID: gvhh907

I'm having the same issue with Dota 2. 6800 xt red devil, you'd THINK that it would push dota at 150+ FPS. Running at 3440x1440 100hz.

ID: gvhx4ta

Same here. 5900x + 6900xt. 3840x1600. Full details. GPU load around 30%, frequency not boosting very high. FPS around 80-110 with drops to 50 during teamfights. But even when locking min and max frequency to 2500 mhz it wont get much better. Lowering/disabling all details ingame gets somewhat better results. But not remotely what I expected with this hardware. Installed the new driver yesterday but didn't test it ingame yet.

Similar with CSGO. FPS range between 150 and 600.

On the other side games like AC Valhalla, RAGE 2, Warzone, GTA V run exceptionally good on ultra settings.

Perhaps its just the Source engine?

ID: gvhy8m2

crazy man. Let me know if the new driver helps, I try not to install those things on day 1.

ID: gvi2kf0

I tried running Warzone on 1080p low the other day to see where the CPU limit is. I think I ran into this issue, because the stutters got really bad. Otherwise, trying out Diablo III, the framerate is less than half of what I had with Vega 64 and it actually goes up substantially when more action is happening on screen. 65 fps avg up to peaks of 120 when fighting a ton of enemies.

ID: gvi6mmt

Same with me on lol. I have 6900xt and it fluctuates around 120 with dips to 80s and max at 200 on base, max 150 elsewhere. Bfv is similar story too. 5900x cpu here. 144hz 3440x1440. Frustrated

ID: gvi9pfk

in death stranding i play 4k with image sharpening on, usually i get 110/120 but there are specific area where fps always dips to 80/90 unless i move to other area.

im not sure if its normal.

ID: gvik8x6

I have a 6900 XT in an eGPU setup (paired with a core i7 8565u in a HP Spectre x360). With Dota 2, I got around less than 60 fps average at 1080p (dropped to sub 40 during team fight). I thought it was because of the eGPU setup (and Thunderbolt 3 bandwidth limit), but from your post it seems to suggest that Dota 2 just doesn't run very well on AMD GPU.

ID: gvim2zh

Super sad, that's the main game I play.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/22 20:28 ID: gvhjnzx

What solved my frame drops is removing the virtual memory/paging file on any HDD that you may have.

ID: gvhknyt

Will try that tommorow, thank you!

6 : Anonymous2021/04/22 20:58 ID: gvhnslh

its not the gpu. csgo has been complete garbage for the new 3080 and 6000xt series.

I had 4 computers built: 3080+ 10700k, 3070+10600k, 6800xt, 5600x

All of them had problems in csgo. its just a shit game

7 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:08 ID: gvh8hxd

The latest driver was supposed to fix this. Did you try it?

ID: gvhar77

Yes. And no, it didn't.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/23 00:23 ID: gvie46u

Hey there, I had an identical issue with an R9 390X, in CPU-bound titles as well.

In AMD's software, I noticed that the GPU was bouncing between P-states like crazy. My hypothesis is that the GPU was having trouble picking an appropriate speed to keep up with the CPU.

My solution was to set the top 6 out of 7 P-states to the exact same clock and voltage. In CPU-bound titles, the GPU still bounced back and forth between P-states. But, because all of the P-states are the same clock and voltage (except 1, the idle state), there was no more problem with the clock speeds randomly dipping and wrecking FPS.

Edit: I don't know if the new AMD cards still use P-states. If so, these settings should be available in the Adrenalin software. If not, I wonder if you can use MSI afterburner and specify a very aggressive voltage/frequency curve to force maximum clock and voltage at anything higher than idle loads

ID: gviroh3

You're exactly right, here's how to fix it:

/comments/mwatp7/rx6000_series_cards_suffer_from_framedrops_in_cp/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/mwatp7/rx6000_series_cards_suffer_from_framedrops_in_cp/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

9 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:04 ID: gvh7yoh

How did you test it

ID: gvh87rp

Test what exactly? 🙂

ID: gvh8m45

The frame drops, I would assume. Are you monitoring with a tool like Riva Statistics Tuner or just eyeballing it? You really should record a frame time graph and post it. You will get way more useful feedback.

ID: gvh8zg2

What you claim.

How did you test it?

10 : Anonymous2021/04/22 21:43 ID: gvhtzwy

Truth is both vendors have some utilization issues. Your issue sounds like the classic radeon gpu bottleneck : if you aren't playing dx12 games you run the risk of the gpu not receiving enough data to stay maxed out. This causes the gpu clocks to relax, leading to even worse performance.

Raise graphics settings so the card has more work to do. That and forcing constant clocks should help.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:38 ID: gvhclti

I would assume you closed all extra tabs, checked if CPU was overheating, and didn't take an Apple approach to cooling your GPU.

Maybe it's Windows being Windows, have you updated windows a week or less since this problem?

the GPU clock might slowing down and waiting for the CPU but it could also be the other way around.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:38 ID: gvhcpb6

For me there is noticeable frame drops in DOOM Eternal at QHD Ultra Nightmare settings. FPS drops from 300 to like 20 for a millisecond and it kinda ruins the experience.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/22 20:45 ID: gvhm1oa

AMD bots its your time to defend your broken NAVI.

possible options

For me it works zero issues here Thanks AMD! Im glad AMD increasing prices they need to make money. Adamantium PSU and check cables. You need to disable all drivers features. Reinstall windows/game. Its just bad game. Definetly RAM or change BIOS battery
ID: gvimzcx

Lmfaooo pretty damn good, havent heard the bios battery one before though. Adamantium psu had me dead asf

14 : Anonymous2021/04/22 21:27 ID: gvhrwo3

Go in the Radeon settings software thingy and turn off the setting that makes the fans go off under a certain gpu temp. It interacts weirdly with clocks, have it just operate at like 15-20 per cent at the lowest

15 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:00 ID: gvh7fm3

It looks like the CPU clock is all over

is this typo?

ID: gvh85dm

Yes, I will change it. Thank you!

16 : Anonymous2021/04/22 20:16 ID: gvhhyjx

Tried reinstalling the game? cause i had games on the same engine (apex) and other older games act up on me when i went from v56 to 5700xt a reinstall of the game fix the issues, the theory back then was that shader cache was at fault but give it a try

ID: gviekap

You should be able to manually delete game cache rather than reinstall.

ID: gvio5wp

yes you can but i'm not 100% sure if it's only shader cache or it was also the first time setups some games do that fixed the issue.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/22 20:53 ID: gvhn3c6

did you try the "minimal install" and/or "driver only" in the new driver installer?

ID: gvhu4nz

nevermind, have you tried a higher resolution etc, i have a similar problem in overwatch that i fixed by lowering shadow details for some reason my 1700X/5700XT setup dont like higher quality shadows

18 : Anonymous2021/04/22 21:42 ID: gvhtuu1

Im experiencing this with my 6700xt with a i7 10700k. I came from a GTX 1080 and had a better experience with a card from 4 years ago on fortnite then a card that's 1 month old.

ID: gvirkm9

See my post over here:

/comments/mwatp7/rx6000_series_cards_suffer_from_framedrops_in_cp/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/mwatp7/rx6000_series_cards_suffer_from_framedrops_in_cp/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

19 : Anonymous2021/04/22 21:56 ID: gvhvrbw

This has been an issue for me also. If you watch your stats your cards power draw tanks during this time. Its almost like a power saving feature.

Best thing I have been able to do is overclock and double the wattage allowed using more power tool. Now when I get wattage drops it goes down to 250/300 instead off 100. I bought a water block for the card so I am running up to 400 watts on a 6900 Xt.

20 : Anonymous2021/04/22 22:46 ID: gvi2bf3

I had insane stuttering/freezes/drops. Running Borderlands and Horizon Zero Dawn benchmarks showed that I get normal frametime for GPU rendering but inconsistent and spiky frametimes for CPU rendering. Horizon Zero Dawn was the best and during benchmark when the camera was entering city the game was freezing for up to a second... Basically anything that caused loading stuff made the frametime to skyrocket. Repeating benchmark usually got rid of the heavy freezes and stutters probably thanks to caching but not completely gone. My solution? Booted Windows from Windows-To-Go USB dongle and started the same stuff from the same disk without changing anything in hardware and it was working fine. Check if fresh Windows installation (either from USB or normal instal on separate disk) fixes the issue. Don't be like me and juggle hardware only to realize the Windows was causing this. Sharing my experiences, might not be related to your issue but worth giving fresh Win a try.

21 : Anonymous2021/04/22 23:13 ID: gvi5lbn

I had this issue on CoD. Clean install of the drivers with DDU solved it.

22 : Anonymous2021/04/22 23:29 ID: gvi7o0s

War Thunder heavily utilize 1 CPU thread. If that thread hits 100% utilization the frames will drop (usually see a drop in GPU utilization and FPS).

It is very noticeable on the Sweden map while flying (Ground RB) even with 3700X (3800CL15 man tuned) and OCed V56.

I think the game also favours Intel CPUs and/or Nvidia GPUs.

23 : Anonymous2021/04/22 23:37 ID: gvi8l1b

this is not limited to RX6000 series though

my RX5600XT and 3800x also suffer from same shit because i am not supossed to struggle running fortnite anything above 79fps without shit ton of stutters and gpu usage being 30%

while NFS heat blazes 1080p ultra at 55-80fps with GPU working at 60%

this is microsoft being microsoft and releasing both KB5001330 and KB5000842 which doomed my OS and made me reinstall it

24 : Anonymous2021/04/23 00:06 ID: gvic34n

Can confirm, rocket league is unplayable with a 6900XT and I was gauging my eyes out trying to figure out why. I couldn't even get 150 fps stable on 1080p. The frame drops make the input delay very unpredictable which is absolutely terrible for competitive RL.

I ended up selling it and there's now a 2070 Super in my rig, which can do 400 fps stable. AMD needs to sort it out.

25 : Anonymous2021/04/23 01:11 ID: gvijsmo

I play CSGO A LOT - no frame drops for me on with 6700XT, no stutter, no issues at all. System is Ryzen 3600 16gb 3800cl16, win10 pro fully updated and 21.4.1 driver, CSGO runs from ADATA 8200pro nvme 1TB drive.

26 : Anonymous2021/04/23 01:32 ID: gvimayu

Out of the games you named I've only played war thunder and Rocketleague on this card, and i had no issues in either game

27 : Anonymous2021/04/23 02:05 ID: gviq4ze

Sure hope this isn't a problem for that $2000 6900xt I have coming in the mail.

29 : Anonymous2021/04/23 02:22 ID: gvis72m

If someone can tag the devs, I made a post in this thread regarding stuttering when RDNA/RDNA2 cards downclock. I've tested this out on an RX 5600 XT, RX 6800, and RX 6900 XT, across many driver versions since May 2020.

I don't know why, but some game engines don't load up the GPU enough to prevent it from going into deep sleep. Some game engines don't even honor a minimum set gpu core clock speed if running in exclusive fullscreen mode.

I suspected the light-load stuttering was a p-state thing, and sure enough, turning off deep sleep via MPT both fixed the stuttering, and then forced the GPU to obey a manually-set minimum GPU clock.

/comments/mwatp7/rx6000_series_cards_suffer_from_framedrops_in_cp/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/mwatp7/rx6000_series_cards_suffer_from_framedrops_in_cp/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

30 : Anonymous2021/04/23 02:29 ID: gvit06l

It's not that your GPU is bad. It's just that CSGO have very low 1% on almost all cards.

So when your GPU running at 500ish then drops to < 100 it felt like a roller coaster ride. You will feel this drops on any high end cards, it's much less notable on lower card as expected.

31 : Anonymous2021/04/23 02:34 ID: gvitk46

What drivers? Did you recently update drivers or can you try an updated driver?

32 : Anonymous2021/04/22 21:39 ID: gvhthhr

"Games often mentioned are War Thunder"... that game got so fcked so long time ago i had no idea anyonw cares lol. Mostly by turning into arcade-kid-wot like bs 😀


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