SAPPHIRE Launches the Ultimate, Peak-Performance TOXIC with the TOXIC AMD Radeon™ RX 6900 XT Extreme Edition Graphics Card (SapphireNation)

1 : Anonymous2021/04/22 11:55 ID: mw32oe
SAPPHIRE Launches the Ultimate, Peak-Performance TOXIC with the TOXIC AMD Radeon™ RX 6900 XT Extreme Edition Graphics Card (SapphireNation)
2 : Anonymous2021/04/22 11:56 ID: gvfn7v9

This is a new version of the RX 6900 XT Toxic. While the normal toxic 6900 XT uses a Navi 21 XTX binned GPU at its core, this Toxic Extreme Edition card uses the newer XTXH die with higher core and memory limits. Once more - this die is binned too, hence the extreme clocks.

ID: gvfv295

So it's Sapphire's version of the Liquid Devil Ultimate that's recently been released?

ID: gvfvt08

Yeah except this is a AIO solution unlike the Liquid Devil. But yes it is supposed to be top tier too.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/22 12:25 ID: gvfpw8t

Sapphire is easily my favourite GPU partner. Their cards look incredible.

ID: gvfyzll

Me too, i only thrust in sapphire when i buy amd cards

ID: gvfzucf


ID: gvgs469

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

ID: gvg4sfk

My buddy got the Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT 8 GB NITRO+ for $469 last November and it's a beauty in person.

ID: gvglm73

The nitro cards are gorgeous. My last two GPUs were both nitro+.

ID: gvhz6q3

It’s a weirdly good price right now, but I bought a 3060ti for just over €500 in early December. Weird moment to buy a last gen card that wasn’t really discounted.

ID: gvg5fjq

I've bought Sapphire since the HD 5870. Their cards always look the part, perform well, have great coolers and have never failed me.

ID: gvgcq2j

100% fact. I've only used Sapphire GPU's since I started PC gaming in '10 & my 1st Sapphire card was the HD 5850

ID: gvhioyn

Joining the club with my monstrously beautiful vega 56 nitro+ limited edition. Had rx 580 pulse since launch and bunch of other sapphire cards before and had never been dissapointed.

ID: gvhvrmg

Yep, I can count myself a Sapphire fan also. An old 270x only just died, but my 7970 GHz is still humming. Good products.

ID: gvhzup0

sadly they dropped the ball big time on 6800/6900 XT no supply 23 november 2020 order delayed to august... and they didnt recceive one card at retailer yet

4 : Anonymous2021/04/22 12:18 ID: gvfp98o

Anyone got three thousand dollars I can borrow? It's for a thing.

ID: gvfvqzl

That 5% over stock doesn't come for free!

5 : Anonymous2021/04/22 13:13 ID: gvfv1gu

what is the msrp on this card?

ID: gvgoczz


ID: gvgppxt

Saw it on amazon for 4k. Not sure if thats “yes” price or msrp.

ID: gvi2k1t

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

ID: gvi3tar

Actually bought the amazon one but cancelled it. Im pretty sure it isn’t the new “extreme edition”.

ID: gvhilhf

Out of stock

6 : Anonymous2021/04/22 14:14 ID: gvg2i9t

It's so toxic it can insult me with it's unavailability

7 : Anonymous2021/04/22 18:28 ID: gvh2sph

Nice. Suitable for toxic Valorant, CSGO, and other esports players.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/22 13:09 ID: gvfun9g

Are we supposed to care about non-existent cards anymore?

ID: gvfvofs

Where I live it is not hard to buy 6000 series GPUs.

ID: gvfw8nj

Good for you. What magical land would that be? Can't buy a damn thing here in the US.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/22 12:26 ID: gvfq0us

and it's gone

10 : Anonymous2021/04/22 14:17 ID: gvg2w22

Water cooling is quite cool, but what about a regular Toxic version like it used to be?

All yellow-bee like with super fans? Or would that nowadays not be better than the Nitro+ variant cooling/noise wise?

11 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:47 ID: gvhdvaf

This will be a great contender against Powercolor's Liquid Devil ultimate 6900xt

12 : Anonymous2021/04/22 13:14 ID: gvfv75l

2600€ in Portugal.

As a non XTXH Toxic owner this is such a scam...

13 : Anonymous2021/04/22 13:18 ID: gvfvmg5

Yawn. Another pape

launch. Salty? Ya betcha!

14 : Anonymous2021/04/22 13:23 ID: gvfw86b

Ahh yes please let me pay 3gs for a card that performs the same as a founders edition with a decent OC and unlocked powerlimit with MPT.

ID: gvg50fv

it's called reference, not founders editoin.

ID: gvg66ss

Ahh yes my bad. Can't belive I mixed up team green and team reds generic naming.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/22 13:43 ID: gvfylo2

Delicious, as a lifelong AMD, and Saphire in particular, fanboy I would love to get my hands on once of these cards. But not this gen, my GTX 1080 will have to live a little bit longer - hopefully supply stabilises until the 7000 series is available.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/22 15:26 ID: gvgchrv

New videocard launches feel similar to limited series sport car issues by luxury Italian brands since 2020 fall. Not only they have the same cost but also impossible to buy. What's the purpose of all these announcements? Just to further annoy already frustrated PC builders? This Videocard is like a Faberge Egg. Rich people will soon start exhibiting them behind bullet proof glass in their living rooms.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/22 12:32 ID: gvfqkxa

I see Error 404

ID: gvfr2gp

Try in a few minutes. It loaded fine for me.

18 : Anonymous2021/04/22 13:21 ID: gvfw0k2

Toxic2 - Dota Edition

19 : Anonymous2021/04/22 15:07 ID: gvg9upj

Wow, so cool! Oh, forgot they will never be in stock. Whatever ¯_(ツ)_/¯

20 : Anonymous2021/04/22 15:07 ID: gvg9vqh

Call me when there is stock available.

21 : Anonymous2021/04/22 18:09 ID: gvh05vj

404.... Not found.


22 : Anonymous2021/04/22 18:28 ID: gvh2xd0

Withdrawing 401k now.

23 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:16 ID: gvh9lwo

The fans are shit and igorslab tested it 2 months ago

24 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:31 ID: gvhbosw

Sweet! Another piece of hardware nobody can obtain!

25 : Anonymous2021/04/22 20:48 ID: gvhmfpj

Has anyone uploaded the vbios of these chips yet or nah

26 : Anonymous2021/04/22 22:43 ID: gvi1vev

Gotta come up with new labels and high end models to justify the $2000 price tags of GPUs I guess.

27 : Anonymous2021/04/22 22:57 ID: gvi3p1w

Pft, I'd have bought it if they had spelled it "Xtreme".

29 : Anonymous2021/04/22 23:20 ID: gvi6kfv

Only $3000 and impossible to obtain. I’ll take 0.

30 : Anonymous2021/04/23 00:53 ID: gvihn1i


31 : Anonymous2021/04/22 12:06 ID: gvfo3yt


32 : Anonymous2021/04/22 12:20 ID: gvfphf5

The video you posted showed a limit of 4000 at 2:48 and literally set a world record for clockspeed lol.

33 : Anonymous2021/04/22 12:34 ID: gvfqs65


34 : Anonymous2021/04/22 12:13 ID: gvforej


35 : Anonymous2021/04/22 12:11 ID: gvfok7s

The limits for XTXH chips are 4000 mhz to the chip and 2600 to the memory.


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