An FX 8350 manufactured in mid 2018. How is that even possible ?

1 : Anonymous2021/04/25 14:17 ID: my96t0
An FX 8350 manufactured in mid 2018. How is that even possible ?
2 : Anonymous2021/04/25 15:43 ID: gvtsnl2

Possibly they have to have had some for warranty reasons? they might not of made any for a while but just finished them off here and there.

ID: gvu08jg

That's a good theory. Ryzen launched in March 2017, so they were still mass producing FX processors in 2016 and selling them throughout 2017. A 3-year warranty meant that they needed some on hand until as recently as last year. They may've made a number of them just to replenish their own stock and sent them out only to customers who RMAed their processors.

ID: gvupd6j

And because these are on an older node and don’t compete for fab space with Ryzen, they may have still been in production for sale in developing markets at low cost.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/25 16:02 ID: gvtv01r

Yes, this is quite normal because they were available for sale, look I even saw an AMD FX-8350 produced at the beginning of 2019:

After all these are only processors manufactured in 32nm, so easily available in production on demand ...

4 : Anonymous2021/04/25 17:34 ID: gvu6ouo

Also, producing this specific sku and keeping it available allows all the users of the am3 platform with fx4300 and FX 4600 to upgrade if they want to. Imagine in 5 years the 5900, 5950x, 3900x 3950x and perhaps the 3700x still being produced for all the am4 users, it's still good business practice, I would say.

ID: gvu8k40

Imagine in 5 years the 5900, 5950x, 3900x 3950x and perhaps the 3700x still being produced for all the am4 users

I highly doubt the 3xxx series is even in production at the moment, let alone years down the line. A 3xxx series costs the same to produce as a 5xxx series, so it's easier to just offer free upgrades once they run out of RMA stock. 28nm FX was kept in production in Germany because it didn't interfere with their Ryzen 14/12nm production lines at GloFo. Right now there is an extreme shortage of supply at TSMC so it doesn't make any sense for them to spend resources producing anything that isn't XSX/XSS/PS5/Ryzen5k/Radeon6k

ID: gvubiqd

You are not wrong, problem is the b350 and x370 motherboards not supporting 5xxx CPUs, this could invite at least the 3700x to remain for a few more years as an upgrade to all the ryzen 1xxx early adopters, I would think...

ID: gvuyzwi

The sales figures for end 2020 show 3600+3600x+3600xt sales to be roughly equal to 5600x sales.

CPU Sales

I highly doubt that AMD have halted production of the 3xxx series.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/25 17:55 ID: gvu9c91

I suspect they would manufacture some extra wafers and package them as needed. So the manufacturing date might really be the date the chips from the wafer were packaged.

Modern semiconductor manufacturing is a batch process and you absolutely don't want to have to fab a few wafers to meet warranty or legacy customer needs.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/25 15:46 ID: gvtszg1

well why not? When Ryzen launched these FX cpus saw funny increase in sales as well*. Some people probably just saw AMD 8 core and thought these a great too...

*or at least they were included in the 'most popular' amazon listings and whatnot people kept posting here back then.

ID: gvuwj20

I bought one when they were $80. A good upgrade from a thuban... But just to max life out an am3+ platform

ID: gvv8x2i

Fx 6300 or 8350 would be a good little mom and pop pc build if any of the tech illiterate adults are looking for something faster than a pentium tbh.

But then again idk market prices currently.

ID: gvv5pfo

You'd think someone would dislike amd after that experience

7 : Anonymous2021/04/26 00:58 ID: gvvo3c9

Bristol Ridge, or Excavator on AM4, was still a brand-new release as of late 2017, so it's not surprising that they might still have been making FX chips.

I don't know which fabs made Bulldoze

, but even as of this year TSMC was reporting that their larger-than-14nm production was still a non-trivial percentage of their earnings, so I assume that by 2018 someone was still doing it at a profit.


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