USB even with the latest BIOS fix seems to still be fundamentally broken.

1 : Anonymous2021/04/28 13:18 ID: n0em17

After many days trying to fix my new AMD system I have come to the conclusion that the latest BIOS update that is supposed to fix the USB issues is just covering it up, but does not really fix it. I indeed do not get the mouse/keyboard freezes anymore every 2 seconds, but almost none of my USB devices connected through any USB hub (different brands) work where on my old system I had no issues.

Also when debugging USB in Linux (usbmon, wireshark usb sniffing) it is clear that things are dropping out.

I did set PCI-E to Gen3 and disabled the global C-state etc. Made sure all OCing is disabled and even tried underclocking.

What happens in my case:

My G27 Logitech wheel is detected as a Driving Force wheel on all ports except one (the red 10Gb USB 3.2 one).

Most devices connected via a hub do not work and I get a "device descriptor read/64, error -32" (Linux) / "device descriptor request failed" (Device Manager) error.

From what I've heard I am still the lucky one. This same setup worked 100% fine on my old Z170A Intel-based setup.

I am sad to acknowledge that I may have to return all components within the 2 week return window including the 5900x which I got for a good price. I have no time to first go through all kind of standard support steps of which most I've already done. Building up the new PC and debugging all issues took me 3 days. I personally believe this is a fundamental AMD chipset issue and the latest BIOS update is just covering it up (it is just a matter of time until it causes other issues). From what I've learned from 2 different people, even a PCI-E USB extension card will still have this issue.

I really hope they can resolve this all as good competition against Intel is highly needed.

Anyone else still running into USB issues even with the latest BIOS that is supposed to fix this?

My specs:

MSI B550-A PRO (MS-7C56), v2.0 7C56vA65 BIOS

2x F4-3800C14-16GTZN, 32GB total (Yes I also tried underclocking them)

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor

Windows 10 Pro (latest + all updates and AMD chipset drivers)

Gentoo Linux and Ubuntu Linux latest non-LTS, kernel 5.11 (tried both distros)

Update: I created a support ticket. I really hope it can be resolved.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/28 14:37 ID: gw6d1sm

Does this only happen with 5000 series CPU's?

ID: gw6pil1

AFAIK it's an issue with the chipset.

USB devices/controllers don't get a direct connection to the CPU.

ID: gw6ukt1

I don't think it's the chipset. So far I've used a 5800x and a 5900x on a gigabyte aorus master b550. The 5800x got usb 2.0 disconnects every minute. After installing the 5900x in the gigabyte b550 the disconnects went away. The 5800x is now running on a cheaper asus board with no issues so far.

I have no ideea what causes this.

ID: gw6pyo3

That would explain my issue; I'm using a Kinect for mixed reality in VR and those things are famously insistent on having a CPU controller to themselves. Now it's not even getting a CPU lane.

ID: gw6hn58

Had USB issues on Intel and AMD cpus... hard to say.

ID: gw6upeh

No, because it's happening to my 3600. I got my system 1 year ago and had no issues for the first ~6 months.

Edit: I'm using a X-570 MOBO. I'm using still and will upgrade to after it's out of beta on my board.

ID: gw7gwgy

Same here. B550 board initially worked great, but over time the USB issues appeared

ID: gw8bqel

FWIW I have a r5 3600 on a B550 tomahawk that has been flawless. I've been trying to get a 5900x, but USB is critical for me, so maybe I won't bother with this gen.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/28 16:29 ID: gw6t3da

I feel like there has to be some other issue present here that is causing some kind of conflict. Not necessarily in your case alone, but most cases. I definitely seem to be a lucky one as I have never had an issue with USB connectivity on my Crosshair 8 Hero and 3900x -> 5950x.

ID: gw6tkxb

It is also good to hear from people that have no issues. I am really curious what makes the difference.

What GPU and RAM do you have? Upd: Oh nvm, just read your flair 😀

ID: gw6un3f

Yep! In my flair :). The RAM is this kit.

ID: gw6v6aw

Since it seems to be a VR issue, I will tell you that when I play VR and stream or record, I get gray screen issues which I’ve heard people get with the USB problems. But it’s only when I stream or record.

This is with a Valve Index and two base stations.

ID: gw70mm6

Same here. No issues whatsoever. I replied above to my PC components

ID: gw79ymx

Well this is weird. I also have the Crosshair VIII Hero with a 5950X yet all the red USB ports on the back don't work. I get the noise like I plugged something in but the hardware just doesn't work in them.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/28 16:15 ID: gw6qxwf

I just got an Asus Prime B550 Plus to use with my 3700X. Also have usb disconnect issues. However, I noticed it is my usb 2.0 ports maybe? I put my keyboard to a 3.0 one and when the other usb devices disconnect it's still active.

However if I use my wireless mouse dongle on a 3.0 port I get random stutte

so I have my dongle on a 2.0 and it seems ok....

I am on the latest bios beta build. I am praying the official build finally fixes this. This is so dumb. I really do not want to go back to my B450 board because I already formatted my PC and everything.

It doesn't happen often, maybe 1-3 times a day, but it has happened at the worst timing possible while gaming.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/28 17:13 ID: gw6zi4w

Don't be sad you have to return it imho. Regardless of the platform, anything you buy needs to work. Competition shouldn't have bearing on the matter.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/28 17:59 ID: gw761rw

Still unable to reproduce the problem on ANY of the several dozens of x570/b550 boards i have out in the wild, many of which have all usb ports populated, and about a dozen or so used by heavy VR users.

The common trend i see if that most of all the people having these problems appear to be usually MSI/gigabyte users with a few sprinkled among the asus users. Coincidentally the one person i saw with an asrock board reporting clear usb issues ended up being the memory that which once swapped solved the problem.

Plus Asrock never released the patched usb version of the bios update amd launched until only recently which suggests the reports for asrock problems with usb appear to be essentially non-existent in comparison which is rather interesting to note. Also not to mention that i haven't honestly seen any posts by anyone on this subreddit reporting usb problems with asrock boards with the exception of a few individuals that appeared to only suspect they had a problem or narrowed it down to a malfunctioning USB device.

Either way it's a bit strange. In fact i'm a bit perplexed why so many people still exclusively insist on getting asus/msi/gigabyte boards and often think asrock is some terrible option not worthy of even any consideration, even though in my testing since ryzen launched, asrock has from the very beginning, had the most QA testing passes i've ever had across all the metrics.

ID: gw7zsst

its a very odd bug, i have an MSI board with a 5800x and don't experience this thankfully. must be annoying af to deal with this

ID: gw82c0q

ASRock has never been able to shake that second rate ghetto image for some reason.

ID: gw8esk0

i bet asrock is more popular in poorer regions, i know b450 pro4 was a go-to ryzen board suggested in russian 2ch hardware forum.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/28 14:52 ID: gw6f5tc

Strix X570-F owner here. Did the Beta bios update and I still get dropouts from my controller occasionally when I'm in the middle of an online match on street fighter V.......very annoying. I will wait for the actual bios release hopefully to come out soon before I make any rash decisions. I have faith they will sort it properly because people won't stand for it an more than likely sell up.

ID: gw6lttv

Buying Xbox dongle could fix it.

ID: gw6nafz

I have one although I'm not using it, I'm using a dualsense via Bluetooth.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/28 15:15 ID: gw6iaok

That's a shame. Has anyone tried adding a discrete USB card to see if there are any issues with that?

ID: gw6ivkl

was thinking the same try a addon board or a hub too, might be a software issue or a psu issue, psus can wreck havok on everything unexpectly, i know i had a SF600 go wonky a few months ago

ID: gw6jbp5

Yeah. If the mobo/chipset USB controller is screwed. It'd be interesting to see if a discrete card is a workaround.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/28 15:49 ID: gw6n6xp

My usb completely drops out, like before, with everything up to date the most it can be up to date.

Asus crosshair viii hero, 5800x, 3090rtx, 1000w psu, 3600mhz cl16 ram.

It just happens less often than before. Kind of annoying, but at this point I have just accepted it. Really disappointing that the newest intel gen is so shit or I would switch.

ID: gw6yfhk

Rocket Lake isn't shit, that's the popular opinion, but that's because people parrot what others say without applying critical thinking. Working USB is a low bar to get over. Also these minimum framerate increases aren't anything to sneeze at.

I'll also take Thunderbolt 4, which gives you a USB4 port today. A PC is more than just a CPU. I have my 5900X rig stable and working (gimped, but usable).. and I refuse to stick with and use a dumpster fire for a PC, personally.

ID: gw7rpo4

I would have to replace the motherboard as well. It is just not worth the money for how often the usb issue happens. With some tinkering and the other fixes, it happens only once every day or two for me.

I made some more home remedy fixes last night that hopefully alleviate it.

For what its worth, I absolutely would've waited for intel if I was buying my pc fresh like I did last fall. But, we didn't know about the usb stuff the first week Ryzen launched, so I am where I am.

ID: gw6ocbt

I wish I could just accept it, but I depend on USB for VR playing and gamedev, my steering wheel / HOTAS for competitions and my external sound card (Focusrite) that I use for music production.

Should have done better research before upgrading.

ID: gw6yt9d

This is just AMD being AMD. I've been using PCs since the 80s, upgrading components since the 90s, and doing my complete builds since 2000. When AMD Athlons were crushing Pentium 4 chips in performance, their chipsets and overall platform was just trash. Nvidia used to make the only decent chipset to enable Athlons to work properly for the majority of users. Nforce was a huge blessing for AMD, I had many of them. Starting with an Athlon Thunderbird 700Mhz, a chip that I still have around here somewhere.

AMD CPUs are often benchmark champions, but their platforms have always been living nightmares.

ID: gw6r07y

Similar boat; I use a Kinect for mixed reality and those things are famously greedy both in bandwidth and CPU response (on the Xbox One several CPU cores were dedicated to it). I notice when it starts acting up and gets in a bootloop, my audio jumps from my speakers to my Index headset! Something is very screwy with the USB controllers.

ID: gw70dqc

This is crazy. I have the same Mobo X570 ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero but I have a 5900X, Sapphire Nitro+ 6800XT, 64gb Corsair Vengeance Pro 3600mhz, Corsair 850w PSU .

I have zero issues with USB use. I have a bunch of USB components connected, XBOX Elite 2 controller, RAZER Huntsman Elite 2 M/B, RAZER Basilisk Ultimate Wireless Mouse, AUDEZE Mobius Headsets, External SSD's, USB 3.0 Hub.

ID: gw70jc8

The 11700k is a fine alternative to the 5800x. It's cheaper, has better multitasking than 8 core comet lake, and clocks well with acceptable thermals.

No-one is actually stuck on a non working platform.

ID: gw7r70w

Meh, it's just a side grade that would be pretty expensive. The usb issue alone isn't worth the $800 it would take (in my eyes).

10 : Anonymous2021/04/28 18:23 ID: gw79l7h

I am using a 5950X on an Asus TUF x570 Pro. Absolutely no issues with USB connections before the BIOS update. Still updated the BIOS to the latest Agesa and still no issues. I agree, seems only certain hardware combinations have issues. Not quite sure it can be narrowed down to specific motherboards brands/models and processors, however.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/28 18:43 ID: gw7ccrg

I've never had any USB issues with my x570 Taichi, neither on my 3900x, nor my 5900x.

ID: gw81sd4


12 : Anonymous2021/04/28 14:32 ID: gw6cf27

We have a B450 Tomahawk with a 5600X and half of the USB ports simply do not work. They worked fine on the same mobo with a Ryzen 1700 though.

We havent tried the BIOS yet but it just came out and we do indeed plan to. I will post back when we get results.

ID: gw6gla4

Woah, first case I've seen of b450 having issues. I have a tomahawk max but with a 5800x. It has been running flawlessly since the CPU upgrade and I use every USB on the board every day. My board being the max variant might be why it's fine though.

ID: gw6xpp2

My X470 / 5900X has had issues since replacing my 2700X. It seems to happen or be easier to trigger under heavy CPU load. Prime95 helps expose it for me. A lot of users just will never hit the conditions required to expose it, even if they are indeed affected by this issue. It doesn't mean it's not real, and not a problem for AMD to resolve.

I will be resolving it though!! By moving to Rocket Lake or Alder Lake.

ID: gw6x2ua

I have an Asus B550 board, and I had issues with some ports not working when I upgraded to 1202 BIOS. I was able to fix them by clearing the CMOS. Something to try if it's still wonky after you do your BIOS update.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/28 16:00 ID: gw6oupl

so i have this issue as well but only when booting up, it also occurs at what seems like random. sometimes works flawless others i get no keyboard messages, and then other times i get a clean boot but the keyboard does not register anything until replugged. which usb ports do not matter. what is also weird is it is only with my hotswap pcb keyboard, my mice work fine as well as other keyboards. It basically means that sometimes in order to bring up bios i will have to try multiple times. unplugging and replugging my keyboard always fixes the issue at lock screen tho. 5900x crosshair viii hero x570. im on the beta 3501 bios.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/28 20:21 ID: gw7qdov

I have many VR headsets but only the G2 will not work at all with the motherboard an Asus x470 WIFI.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/28 20:35 ID: gw7sejw

I have also continued to have some issues.

I bought some external HDDs to shuck for my server and when I went to test/format them I found that my mouse became completely unusable, only outputting occasional completely useless bits of movement. Within seconds of canceling the format procedure, I regained normal mouse function.

It was wildly frustrating and I had to use a different PC entirely to run the format.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/28 20:45 ID: gw7tv9u

My recommendation is to replace only just the motherboard to another model/vendor.

Strange thing in general. I spent hours of not days on total, trying to replicate USB issue. Asus b550i (itx) motherboard with 3100, 5800 and 5900 CPUs plus Asus rtx3080 with different BIOS and USB stuff, including Valve index. Never had any issue.

The only thing that affected the Zen3 CPUs is the bios setting of USB legacy

17 : Anonymous2021/04/28 21:14 ID: gw7xwd8

I still get issues on the latest f13h bios for my Gigabyte B550I + 5600x, usually when playing dota 2, or using the windows 10 Netflix app, and of course, occasionally just using chrome. Usb Devices attached include;

Blue Yeti Nano Coolermaster MasterKeys Pro S RGB Razer Viper Ultimate + dock JDSLabs Element I Oculus Quest 2
18 : Anonymous2021/04/28 23:19 ID: gw8e3us

Dang this sucks that so many people are having these issues. Sounds like a nightmare.

I have a 5900x and x570 tomahawk and haven't had a single problem.

19 : Anonymous2021/04/28 23:41 ID: gw8grjj

Same thing here, I immediately reported nothing yet.

20 : Anonymous2021/04/28 23:52 ID: gw8i7jd

I’m very thankful I haven’t had any issues with either of my b550 itx boards. Can’t imagine that


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