AMD Smashes Records Again, Data Center Revenue up 286%, Consumer Up 46%

1 : Anonymous2021/04/27 21:50 ID: mzzl3d
AMD Smashes Records Again, Data Center Revenue up 286%, Consumer Up 46%
2 : Anonymous2021/04/28 01:50 ID: gw4hoh2

My 5900X which i ordered in November finally shipped today. I should have it tomorrow. The stars align.

ID: gw5dflf

I hear they make some good products, I'll know first hand around the middle of May when my 5900x finally drops by.

I've had the contents of a full massisive PC upgrade and VR headset sitting in a pile in my man can waiting for the fucking CPU to come, I only got a delivery date a few days ago.

ID: gw86237

Enjoy it when it comes. Still biding my time to see if warhol pans out or not.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/28 05:11 ID: gw51x1r

Misleading headline. AMD lumps DC, semi custom and embedded into one big blob. A huge chunk of this 286% YOY growth are console SOC's.

ID: gw558zh

Consoles are down for the quarter. Data center up QoQ and YoY. For details see AMD earning commentary. But yes around 30-40% of the sales were due to consoles.

ID: gw54blf

I keep hearing this caveat being mentioned and yet servers also doubled so..even if you interpret it incorrectly, you're not far off.

ID: gw55z7x

I'm not saying DC didn't grow well, it's just that there's a big difference between 100% growth and 286% growth.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/28 03:48 ID: gw4ui64

consumer up 46% ? where do these people get the CPUs and GPUs?

3300X was never in stock!!!

ID: gw4xnbz

Laptops and pre-builts I'm guessing.

The hobbyist crowd screams very loudly and tend to make it seem like the world is ending when they're unhappy, but in terms of market share we're just a rounding error.

Plenty of hardware is ending up in the hands of normal people.

ID: gw4yvc3

AMD Laptops are quite plentiful on Amazon and other retailers, and are often at the top of the best seller list too, I believe AMD cut off Ryzen and GPU capacity to the DIY market in order to shore up mobile APUs for OEMs (as well as prioritize the Datacenter). From a company standpoint, dealing with scarcity and soaring demand, it was the right decision, still sucks if you're that guy looking to buy a GPU.

ID: gw4yy5a

I hate what you typed so damn much because it's true. Take my angry upvote.

ID: gw4zfio

If you check the posts where they count the number of cards scalped on ebay... it was a pretty low percentage of total cards etc... the rest are in mineing rigs , ba dum tish.

ID: gw4za0b

Demand for AMD is up because they hold performance crown currently also... also 3300x barely exist its less common bad bin. Basically they don't bin them into a 3300x unless they have to.

ID: gw4ycgp

up 46% compared to Q1 last year. makes sense as everything from zen 2->3 and GCN->RDNA2 have been selling out fast, whereas last year it was pretty easy to get mainstream chips until late fall.

ID: gw556lm

I almost exclusively sell AMD. Intel only for Dell because they don't sell AMD here

ID: gw5jrp2

3300X was never in stock!!!

No 3300Xs were deliberately produced; they were a salvage SKU from damaged dies. TSMC's 7nm yield was too good to make many damaged dies.

There was never a shortage of of the 6c and 8c chiplet Zen2 SKUs and AMD sold these by the truckload. They didn't make as many Zen3 CPUs, I suspect, but they still made a lot and they got a lot higher margin for them.

ID: gw592pt

It was rarely in stock, but I actually managed to build a 3300x rig for my nephew.

ID: gw5u2fc

So strange to me. I tried to get a 3900x at launch, no luck. I tried to get a 5000 Series CPU at launch, no chance. But I went to alternate two days after release and bought a 3300x no problem. Really interesting that they are so rare.

ID: gw6y1qg

Not in the US. As far as I know, the 3300X is readily available in Europe and Asia.

ID: gw7awg4

I got mine from Ali

5 : Anonymous2021/04/28 16:48 ID: gw6vshz

A little marketshare increase in datacenter goes a long way toward revenue.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/28 17:36 ID: gw72qc1

Great as Intel got so lax and price heavy they deserve what AMD is reaping

7 : Anonymous2021/04/28 19:18 ID: gw7hc0j

Meanwhile Intel is having panic attacks because no one is buying their shit.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/28 13:53 ID: gw67am4

What about absent/overpriced gpu and misplaced prices on zen 3 cpu?

9 : Anonymous2021/04/28 10:57 ID: gw5pk1x

Data Center Revenue can increase by 1000% and it's still not going to make a difference.

Consumer growth is expected, and probably would have been even higher if stock was good from the start.

ID: gw5uczj

Data Center Revenue can increase by 1000% and it's still not going to make a difference.

An 11x increase would mean AMD going from about 8% to well over 50% market share, as the total addressable market expands and Intel and AMD both get bigger.

AMD doubling their DC revenue - so a 100% increase - would give Intel a huge headache.

ID: gw7tjr6

Did you actually run financials or do you not know that these numbers represent something?

ID: gw81rcd

Dumbass in his natural habitat.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/28 15:03 ID: gw6gpko

i used to love AMD.... now i fking hate them 🙁

ID: gw7tsmh

are you jealous or spiteful? they are producing and selling plenty of units or revenue wouldnt be positive

11 : Anonymous2021/04/28 09:24 ID: gw5je3i

People actually getting stock?!

ID: gw5lcaj

Yeah. Bought my 5800x 3 weeks ago or so, when people were still badmouthing it. So it was in stock.

ID: gw6y9b1

5800Xs have sat on shelves since November 2020. They’ve never been hard to get, it’s just not priced as well or as desirable as a 5900X

ID: gw5ltxk

Prebuilds buyers aka most of the market, yes

ID: gw7tl99



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