flashing rx5700 to rx 5700xt

1 : Anonymous2021/04/28 20:39 ID: n0o92n

hello guys just wanna ask if anyone did this correctly and is it worth?

i have msi gaming rx5700 and wanna know what benefit can i gain if i did this and if really anyone did it and any insight on temps and updates etc.....thanks in advance

2 : Anonymous2021/04/28 20:40 ID: gw7t4o1

Considering the difficulty in obtaining a replacement I wouldn't risk it.

ID: gw7tgx7

thought about and ur totally right if i wanna get rx5700 now i would pay the same price as my whole rig but what im saying if anyone did this and found success can enlighten me .....out of Curiosity too tho

ID: gw7trhm

I am curious as well, I wouldn't be surprised if it worked.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/28 22:57 ID: gw8be3k

There is no need to flash it.

You can softmod it with MorePowerTools, using the XT version of the bios file of your card.

The only thing is that you have to reapply the XT Bios after each driver update, and reboot. So it's an extra step after every driver update. But there is that safety of not bricking the 5700 doing a flash.

I do this with my Gigabyte 5700 Gaming OC.

O/C to 1979mhz (2010mhz boost limit). With an 1100mv undervolt. Power Limit +50% (max, this doesn't hurt anything). Custom fan curve that maxes out at 55%. Avg Max temp Hotspot is 85 degrees.

ID: gw8gusf

Aha... Ill see what i can do much love

4 : Anonymous2021/04/28 20:51 ID: gw7uoro

totally not worth it.

I found that these settings are the best for me:

ID: gw7uw8q

i tried normal overclocking man it adds 1-2% preformance its not worth it right?...have u tried flashing?

ID: gw7xsa5

i tried flashing. my 5700 became hot AF even on default settings.

1-2% performance boost? are you sure u are OC and UV your 5700 correctly? i have like at least 15-20% more fps in some games


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