STALKER 2 coming to PS5 after 3 months (slide from epic vs apple lawsuit)

1 : Anonymous2021/05/02 10:19 ID: n33hbz
STALKER 2 coming to PS5 after 3 months (slide from epic vs apple lawsuit)
2 : Anonymous2021/05/02 10:24 ID: gwn5tot

Really interesting leak. All the information I have read through seams accurate. This was also submitted around October last year since the medium was not delayed yet.

ID: gwnffyi

And Halo Infinite still has a November release date.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/02 10:27 ID: gwn626g

Damn. I LOVE how they had a whole page dedicated for the Last of Us Part 2. It reads more like someone's review.

ID: gwnevbo

That the player doesn't have the ability to greatly influence or determine the outcome of the narrative might prove anathema to many players... However we would argue that not every game must be about the player roleplaying their characters story. The medium of interactive entertainment also needs games that drives roles where you're participating in the role of an active "observer" just like other mediums of entertainment, otherwise we're going to be locked into a limited number of stories to tell

This document spittin. Also

The visual quality and attention to detail in THE Last of Us Part II is absolutely best-in-class in every area, and overall presentation is significantly ahead of anything that other teams have been producing on console and PC

ID: gwni20t

Xbox writes a better review for TLOU2 than most 'verified users' or high-profile review sites.

ID: gwoxzvj

Whelp goes to show they are very aware of the talent they are going against. Objectively, TLOU2 is a technical marvel. Especially on the hardware of ps4. That's what some don't at least want to acknowledge with how it was winning so many awards last year. Subjectively, it is fine to have disliked or like the story of TLOU2 or gameplay. But the game as a game is a technical marvel on various fronts, from audio design, animation, graphics, and accessibility.

I wonder how they feel about Ratchet RA objectively?

ID: gwnxghh

It looks like Microsoft wants their own Naughty Dog, that entire section reads a lot like corporate jealously speak, even going as far as addressing and dismissing some player complaints. I wonder if we’ll see a shift in their quality of single player narrative games so they’re more in line with the experience you can get with some of the PlayStation exclusives. Microsoft seems to be less focused on games than Sony in general, but I can’t imagine they’ve missed the hype surrounding games like TLOU, Uncharted, or even stuff like Spider-Man from Insomniac. That’s a wide gap.

ID: gwnw1ah

Could someone explain to me why they dedicated an entire page to reviewing The Last of Us Part II? Other than someone at Microsoft really liking the game lol.

ID: gwoqcj4

Microsoft, like all game / software companies, has a team dedicated to finding what makes a game great so that they can try and replicate and sell to the same market. Remember that going into this new generation Microsoft is playing catch-up to Sony. They need to know why people are buying these games and what types of games they should be making to attract the types of people Sony is already selling to.

ID: gwob0i6

Probably because that's a MS team which looks at the games for other platforms.

ID: gwnw8gc

Because it was the biggest game of the year at that time. This was before cyberpunk launched. Last of us is a gaming landmark

ID: gwnhjzd

It's probably the best review I've read about the game

ID: gwnls33

Minus the super weird viewpoint on its gunplay. While I could see how people could take issue with ND's gunplay prior to Part II, I don't see how those apply with it. They nailed down everything. From the feel of each weapon to the way enemies react to getting shot. Before its release I thought Max Payne 3 had the TPS gunplay as far as more grounded styles go, but Part II topped it.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/02 10:28 ID: gwn663x

Off topic but why did they include a last of us review slide in the lawsuit?

ID: gwneoxv

Epic and Apple are both calling in other companies as technical experts for the ongoing lawsuit to support their positions. There is a Microsoft executive among the declared individuals, and based on Microsoft's own issues with Apple, it seems likely that their executive will be giving a testimony as part of Epic's arguments in the trial.

This document is one of several that was entered into the record during the deposition of the lawsuit witnesses and experts, and at that one of several Microsoft-related documents.

Since this phase of the hearing hasn't happened yet, we can't say exactly how these documents will factor in when the Microsoft executive gives their statements. I am assuming that Epic is likely going to ask Microsoft about how it handles its own storefront, its relationship with third party devs, and how it deals with competition, and try to contrast that with how Apple has been doing it.

The GGPD (Global Gaming Partnership and Development) is Microsoft's wing dedicated to cultivating third-party developer relationships, in particular developers from Japan. This is an internal document from that department to keep them abreast of the release schedules and what games the higher ups are watching and what trends they should be aware of in the development world (which will in turn inform the employees own research as they go through game publications and social media reactions on their own). TLOU2 being a major release on a competing platform, Microsoft was obviously keeping an eye on it.

The real nugget here in these submitted documents wasn't actually this - we already knew that many of these titles were timed exclusives (same goes for Sony's own efforts) - it was a different internal document which shows that Microsoft is intending to cut its take from games sold on its storefront. Microsoft is planning to cut this rate from 30% - where other major players work from like Sony, Valve, and Apple - to 12%, which will line it up with Epic's rate.

That's presumably part of its overall push to make up ground with third party developers, and where Sony's concerned, the more pertinent bit of info here.

ID: gwnky7v

But I've read somewhere that is only applicable to the storefront on pc while the xbox is still 30% right? Or am i mistaken?

ID: gwnibl9

For the cut to take effect though the devs have to give up certain rights of their game tho.

ID: gwn74yw

They reviewed the game and loved it. Read the last two paragraphs.

ID: gwn8eqm

I still don’t understand what that has to do with epic wanting a bigger cut of the V-bucks purchases on the App Store.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/02 10:45 ID: gwn7scz

Very good news! As someone who grew up with a PC, the stalker trylogy was something I'd always come back to every two years or so. I bought the original SOC when it came out (I was like 12 at that time) and I remember it being one of the most terrifying experiences of my childhood. Also, it makes sense for GSCGW to release it on PS5 platform. Can't wait.

ID: gwnjl4r

I can't even remember how many times I've played SoC. Played the other two dozens of times as well, but SoC with mods is a top 3 all-time game for me. I hope S2 is also coming to pc since I still can't buy a PS5. Finally got a 5800X cpu + 3070 gpu, so I'll still be gaming on pc far more than any console.

ID: gwninda

Seriously, this makes me so happy. I don’t PC game anymore, but sunk hundreds of hours into CoP & SoC, especially with mods. There’s probably a whole half dozen of us here!

ID: gwp32nc

I’m excited (if it’s true) but only cautiously optimistic about the game, I’ve heard almost everybody involved with the PC trilogy is out of the company now and it’s a whole bunch of new devs with classic source material. Still, other franchises have pulled that off before and been great, hoping for the same here

ID: gwpb036

Honestly the PC games were horrible buggy messes but the atmosphere, gameplay, and mods were enough to make the games stand out. Hopefully they retain that quality.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/02 13:31 ID: gwnrpbd

Thank fucking god.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/02 15:15 ID: gwo54ef

Man, they’re really hyping the release of Redacted.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/02 13:22 ID: gwnqgrq

please let this be real, im a huge stalker fan but my laptop is barely able to play the old games.

ID: gwooyax

I'm begging they had stalker to playstation that would be fantastic

9 : Anonymous2021/05/02 15:32 ID: gwo7xl3

Fuck yeah, best news today

10 : Anonymous2021/05/02 11:39 ID: gwnezk4

The XSX sub had a post up where GSC were asked about a PS5 version, and their response was implying heavily towards timed exclusivity, but the article had a very clickbaity title which made it look like it’s a proper exclusive. So we can expect STALKER 2 on the PS5 around early 2022.

Also, Returnal was supposed to be a launch title! And that review of The Last of Us Part II may have been the best that I have read of that game so far!

11 : Anonymous2021/05/02 10:59 ID: gwn9sd0

Stalker 2 isnt confirmed to be coming to PS5. The devs themselves denied this.

But after 3 months they can release there if they want.

ID: gwnb2kn

They obviously can't talk about it due to the marketing deal.

But common sense tells us that an exclusivity deal as short as 3 months likely means, that there is already a PS5 version in the making.

ID: gwnl5je

But common sense tells us that an exclusivity deal as short as 3 months likely means, that there is already a PS5 version in the making.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's timed exclusive window is over and there's no word if it'll come to Xbox. Can't be certain

12 : Anonymous2021/05/02 10:27 ID: gwn62nw

Here is a link to the page from OP's legal document -->

13 : Anonymous2021/05/02 16:23 ID: gwofqth

Wait Stalker 2 is going to be on EPIC?

14 : Anonymous2021/05/02 16:52 ID: gwok4cy

What are these games? Is Stalker 1 available to play on PS5?

ID: gwotajr

Janky-ass FPS from Eastern Europe that are pretty cool.

ID: gwot9mv

Stalker came out about a decade ago on PC only

15 : Anonymous2021/05/02 18:18 ID: gwoyljr

I really loved the idea of STALKER more than I liked actually playing it. Tried it twice over the last few years and just quit after a while out of boredom. Most of the time you're just walking from A to B with barely anything happening and the speed is just super slow. Definitely made me miss a fast travel option. Guess I'm too used to modern games

16 : Anonymous2021/05/02 18:28 ID: gwp0b3g

Pls let this be true

17 : Anonymous2021/05/02 10:50 ID: gwn8d0k

But wait, didn’t Phil Spencer say over and over again how much they hate timed exclusives and that they went gamers to play everywhere… Another lie.

ID: gwneoxs

I hate lying, but i still do it.

ID: gwnpm4f

I’m no longer sure I believe either of those statements...

ID: gwngfjx

He does. Everywhere but Playstation lol

ID: gwnj71l

This entire thread is showing how toxic this subreddit can be. This comment included. These are two massive companies in competition with one another. Taking this shit personally like this is so fucking annoying.

ID: gwnmjx3

He shits on Sony for locking out their exclusives but gonna do the very same thing with future Bethesda games

ID: gwny1jv

I personally think there's nothing wrong with Sony funding the development of new IPs and making them exclusive to their consoles. It helps Sony and the developers, and pleases their consumers as well.

However, buying up companies that have made successful multi-platform games in the past and making their sequels exclusive to one platform is quite different.

ID: gwnpgtl

Yeah just like Sony said they’re “for the players”, “ea access is a bad value they need to protect their audience from”, “no one wants to play old games”, “we believe in generations”, “cross play wouldn’t allow them to protect the children”, etc, etc.

Companies obviously do PR and make excuses for their stances/shortcomings at the time but at the end of the day it’s business and they often find themselves forced to compete, even if it contradicts previous statements that 99.99% of consumers didn’t even know or care about in the first place. This is all just insignificant, niche console war BS for places like this.

Also the quote you’re referring to with MS I believe was in regard to exclusive in-game content, meaning people who pay the same price for a game should get an equal product/value. It wasn’t about timed exclusive games.
Also, “play everywhere” from MS’s perspective refers to multiple device types in their ecosystem…console, pc, tablet, mobile, etc and they’ve delivered on that so it’s kind of a shaky excuse to go after them with in the first place.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/02 17:51 ID: gwou6xl

After reading a thread in an xbox group that states that Sony fans are never acting like fan boys this thread sure proves that comment false....pure nastiness in here.

19 : Anonymous2021/05/02 12:21 ID: gwnjiev

Too much toxicity in this thread which is a shame:(


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