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1 : Anonymous2021/05/02 21:48 ID: n3gu34

Returnal's been out for 2 days, and I figured I'd post some tips since I got the game early and am halfway through Act II.

Don't always pick up a gun just because it has a higher Proficiency Level Some guns will have better skills that outweigh any stat boosts you may receive On the topic of guns, the more you use a gun, the more innate permanent skills you'll unlock for it even after you die Protection and Recovery Artifacts are almost always better than anything else Anything that lets you recover integrity, like when you're at low integrity, is gold You can recover health at Helios If you encounter multiple items, but only have 1 slot, use the item that is hit based, then grab the other item I.e. If there's a Shield Vial or Obolite Siphon, use the Shield Vial as that Creates a Shield against the next hit, whereas the Obolite Siphon has a 30 second duration Weapons with homing/leech skills are god. You can basically hide behind a pillar, duck out, shoot, then hide again. When there's say a ton of the bat-like enemies, you can spray the room, and chances are they'll all die. On the topic of bat enemies, focus on the ones charging (they'll flash yellow) first. You'll disrupt the attack. Melee (if you have it unlocked) is great when an enemy is up close, especially for turrets. Utilize doors if you enter a room with a ton of enemies. Exit, enter, pop off a few shots, then exit again. Always be moving. This can't be said enough. You should always be dashing and moving, especially during the bosses. This only exception is if there's a stationary enemy, or something that's charging up a shot where you'd want to hide behind a pillar. Always shoot bulbous or purple looking things. Chances are, they'll drop Obalites or Parasites. Leave health items (large health items) if you're close to max integrity, as you can always circle back if you need health. Edit: If you’re at Full integrity, pick up the small ones as it’ll convert to Resin to boost Max Integrity Hold on the Inert Reclaimers (Green beds which restore health) until you've largely explored the biome as there may also be a Regular Reclaimer (Red beds that damage health, but populate an item) Obviously if you're desperate on health, use it. You can always dash through Red Lasers The shotgun IMO usually isn't worth it. You want to be shooting far away in case enemies spray bullets. Be cognizant to use your Overload (pressing R2 in between the bars in the center reticle when a weapon is reloading). It'll cut down on reload time if performed successfully and if you have certain artifacts, can provide a temp stat buff Parasites that Boost Protection but lower how soon Obalites disappear (usually 1 second) are always worth it.
2 : Anonymous2021/05/02 22:00 ID: gwpr3wk

"Leave health items if you're close to max integrity, as you can always circle back if you need health"

Not this. Pick them all up, as when you have full integrity any resin pickups will go towards the integrity upgrade counter, increasing your max integrity.

ID: gwpuwb5

How about leave health items if you’re close to Max integrity. Get back to Helios, sleep, then go back and get all the health items to increase your max health...

ID: gwpzwgz

This is the way. You can increase you health bar dramatically by healikg in Helios and picking up health items afterwards.

ID: gwps2t0


ID: gwpsnme

I think this depends. If it’s a large health recovery, I would leave it. Small resin, yeah, grab it.

I updated it regardless.

ID: gwpueov

IIRC large resin gives you two slots towards increasing your integrity.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/02 23:04 ID: gwpyhvd

Also, in the settings set your sprint to always sprint...

ID: gwq0zyp

Underrated comment. Thanks.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/02 22:06 ID: gwprsj4

As others said, good tips except for the health part. I'm on the final Biome and the most significant upgrade in a run in my eyes is max integrity. The goal of your run should be getting good enough to clear your current biomes rooms without taking any hits, because then all the health pickups become health increases that make everything far easier

5 : Anonymous2021/05/02 23:12 ID: gwpzdy2

Don't know if this has been mentioned before, but I haven't seen it yet. If you come across a statue that has its eyes glowing, shoot it down as it will drop obolites.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/02 21:58 ID: gwpqu7n

Good tips, I definitely agree with the shotgun tip - that gun isn’t the way to go.

I will mention that if you pickup health and max health it’ll go towards increasing your max integrity so I wouldn’t leave it there.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/02 23:34 ID: gwq1uhc

OP mentions dashing through red lasers but afaik you can dash through most if not all projectiles

ID: gwq2eky

Yep - though I don't think you can dodge through the purple lasers/shockwaves. I'm not 100% sure though and need to experiment more.

ID: gwq30we

If it's black-purple you can't dodge through it, everything esle is possible

8 : Anonymous2021/05/02 23:34 ID: gwq1wcp

how do you go back to helios from biome 2?

ID: gwq32ql

You can't return to a biome once you leave it

ID: gwq2v6j

You cant

ID: gwq3n45

thought so

9 : Anonymous2021/05/02 23:37 ID: gwq298z

I'd say the shotgun depends on the biome. I've found it's useful in the 1st and 3rd, not so much in the 2nd. The rocket launcher seems pretty bad vs flying guys but was very strong against the 3rd boss since it's a stationary target.

A few other tips:

The repair boost (double I think) consumable and siphon vials work together - so if you need health using the repair boost then the siphon will give you more. Those little gated rooms that usually have chests can be opened * look for a lit up button near by (I didn't realize this until I saw a very obvious one in the 2nd biome, almost 8 hours in) The rooms with the yellow shields can only be opened if you have the melee power upgrade
10 : Anonymous2021/05/02 22:37 ID: gwpvejh

“The shotgun isn’t worth it. You want to be shooting far away in case enemies spray bullets”

laughs in Slug Shot

Seriously though, shotgun with that mod is broken. I breezed through biome 3 (not boss) first try with that gun. Rocket launcher is shit though. Same goes for some pistol and AR variations. Nice health tips and your first point about not picking up higher rating weapons can be problem. Enemies will start to feel spongey and you don’t want that

ID: gwpvu6m

Think it depends on the level discrepancy. 1 level won’t matter all that much, but 3-4 level differences in proficiency.... yeah, you’re better off dropping the gun.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/03 00:02 ID: gwq4ybk

Wait what is this between the sights overload thing?

12 : Anonymous2021/05/03 00:12 ID: gwq63uo

My favorite gun is the Electopylon Driver. One direct hit and those bat things are dead because it throws out a sort of electric net that keeps doing damage for a couple seconds


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