Genshin Impact: PS5 vs PS4 Pro – A 60FPS Upgrade Worth Waiting For?

1 : Anonymous2021/05/02 18:49 ID: n3d0cu
Genshin Impact: PS5 vs PS4 Pro - A 60FPS Upgrade Worth Waiting For?
2 : Anonymous2021/05/02 20:22 ID: gwpfa1d

The video is out of date. This is 1.5 but 1.5.1 is out now and fixed a lot of optimisation problems for PS5

3 : Anonymous2021/05/02 21:08 ID: gwpkvpy

I just started the game based on this thread. Looks and runs great and it very much seems to be BoTW vein. I asked a pal of mine and he said it's great but end game is extremely loot box heavy.

That's a shame.

ID: gwpm0gx

Yep. While the end game is still doable with the characters they give you, it is a lot easier with most of the 5 star characters from the lootboxes. I have not played this game in 6 months so I don't really know if it changed at all.

ID: gwpqb97

Still worth a play? I don't mind paying for something but if it's a gamblebox like EA, I can't do it. If it's a pay X amount and get this person....I don't mind.

ID: gwpt69a

Yeah I personally love parts of the game but a lot of the challenge in the game is just getting lucky with four and five star characters for stuff like spiral abyss. Whales spend 30000 dollars on the game to make it easier then complain to their twitch communities that there’s no where to use them

ID: gwpzyod

It's the catch 22. If you create a vs system that blatantly displays the disparity between basics and 4-5 star characters, the ptw element is exposed for the public to see. You don't add vs and have co op only, and your whales are frustrated because there is no where to show off their 30k accounts and make minnows cry.

ID: gwq3dqv

I play almost entirely free and I have a ton of characters, and a couple of well leveled viable teams. I only pay for the 7 buck package every 30 days to support the game. They release content pretty much non stop as well and you can definitely do all that content with free characters.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/02 23:17 ID: gwq011o

iirc, 1.51 patch was released shortly after the PS5 version drops and i think they should have noticed it when making the video lol

wonder why they didn't mention about it

5 : Anonymous2021/05/02 18:57 ID: gwp4qf1


ID: gwpawho
60fps and better draw distance Can have large drops in cities or when lots of enemies and alpha effects are on screen FPS is largely the same as playing the PS4 version on PS5 Image is identical to Pro (4k native) but the clarity is quite a bit better because of the frame-rate of course Loads roughly 10 times faster than base PS4

I think the important thing here is that all the testing was done on an outdated version of the game and not the latest patch which supposedly addressed or lessened the FPS drops.

ID: gwp9yxq

It is the best version of the game, but it doesn't hit 60 fps consistently, no matter what you do (it doesn't run any worse than the PS4 version while having better draw distances, though).

ID: gwpepj1

thank you

6 : Anonymous2021/05/02 20:32 ID: gwpghfr

Horrible optimization. This game underutilize both PS4 Pro and PS5 hardware.

ID: gwplpby

Heard it got fixed in the new update. I guess they were using the old one.

ID: gwpzkkt

Well it is mobile software, effort is not a word I associate with ported mobile gaming.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/03 00:02 ID: gwq4wkx

This game would've easily hit 60fps 1440p on ps4 pro if it was on a good engine.


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