Melee is a thing in Returnal, use it!

1 : Anonymous2021/05/01 12:50 ID: n2hq1t
Melee is a thing in Returnal, use it!
2 : Anonymous2021/05/01 18:12 ID: gwkglu7

After you unlock it. You don't start the game with it.

ID: gwkilav

Still haven't unlocked it and I'm on a pretty lengthy run....hmmm. Edit: I literally just got it lol

ID: gwkjiyx

Yeah I didn't get the melee weapon until like 4 or 5 hours of play time. People might interpret the OP as it being something you're supposed to have from the start but it's not.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/01 17:52 ID: gwkdpqz

Or be me and never judge the distance of the melee correctly and whiff right before getting blasted at point blank.

ID: gwkxjyz

It's cause Selene doesn't lunge forward when she swings the sword. She just swings it where she's standing -- which is fine, but I expected her to move forward a bit during the swing, so I whiffed my melee a ton until I got used to it.

EDIT: This is incorrect, Selene does lunge toward an enemy (if in-range) when swinging the sword

ID: gwli47a

She does lunge forward though. You just have to be moving in the direction of an enemy

4 : Anonymous2021/05/01 13:12 ID: gwjcewj

Yup, melee is a godsend fir the blue, green, red and turret creatures that are grounded.

Quick tip, at any point and time you can go back to your ship, sleep and get health and enemies won't respawn.

ID: gwjkwes

Does this apply to different biomes? I’m on the 3rd biome and would love to rest rn. I did it on the first biome but can’t seem to head back via portal.

ID: gwkvevh

You can sometimes find rest chambers in side areas. I've found them most frequently behind locked doors.

ID: gwjlppm

Only the first

ID: gwmbx4k

That is a gamechanger, I slept once at the beginning of a run and didn't think it did anything so I never went back.

ID: gwoqgnv

Lol I know what you mean, when I figured it out I started fast traveling back right I would fight a boss, it is helpful.

ID: gwka80w

Question is this game very difficult a la bloodbourne and souls games? I’m asking because I don’t like extremely difficult games and I’m thinking of buying returnal

ID: gwkawie

It’s hard... but I don’t think Bloodborne hard. You will die... a lot, but you definitely get better as you come to expect what the enemies do, how to dodge, what perks you have etc...

It is EXTREMELY satisfying to advance parts of the game, because you can sense your skills getting better.

It is a lot of fun, but you will die a lot. Deaths are not cheap either.

ID: gwkhe65

To offer another opinion, I think this game is way harder than the Souls games. In the Souls games, if you're stuck you can go another way or get a few more levels. In this game, your only real choice is to get better.

ID: gwkhicv

I have not got past the first boss yet, but the game is SO interesting. Different everytime you die and respawn

ID: gwm57al

As a soulsborne vet, I find Returnal much more difficult. You can out-level content in souls games. Can't do that here.

Not to mention when you die, you start back from the beginning, and the progression that DOES carry over after death is insignificant.

ID: gwmu2pn

It’s a rougelite so it’s definitely tough at first, but you chip away at it and eventually get tools to make your runs easier and more consistent, creating a loop of gradually making it farther and farther till you hit the end.

For example early on in the first couple areas you’ll see lots of items placed up high out of your reach, and once you get far enough to obtain a certain traversal item, you’ll be able to grab those items and be more powerful the next run.

Also you only need an area’s boss once, and then the next time you visit their biome, you can grid out the area and just take a portal to the next, skipping the fight, which saves your resources, giving you an edge for the next challenge.

In terms of actual challenge the enemies/bosses are nowhere near soulsborne tier, but those games are cantered around trial and error, while returnal is a battle of attrition.

The game’s got a steep price though, and imo this is the wrong type of game to give an extra hike up, so if you’re unsure, best to wait for a sale.

ID: gwkonkw

They're different games and not really comparable. The Soulsborne games have slower, deliberate combat. Even Sekiro. Returnal is much more chaotic.

It's much harder than Bloodborne, because the combat design is far less fair IMO. Some enemies have near instant attack animations that make it pretty much impossible to dodge. Their tells are nonexistent, glitched, or simply not good enough for the amount of visual noise on the screen during a fight. You're constantly getting attacked from all sides and the AI doesn't really give you a moment to breath.

I am finding Returnal extremely hard, and I've platinumed every Soulsborne game and Sekrio several times.

ID: gwmzph8

Depends. Some people die a lot, some don’t.

I’m on my fourth run/life and in the third biome and I don’t consider myself a very good player.

I haven’t gotten through Lady Butterfly or the Bull in Sekiro, for example, so I’m a pretty basic player.

ID: gwoildr

I’ve only played Bloodborne briefly, I found it irritating because you’d have to keep fighting the exact same fight over and over and over again until you finally figure out how to master it. Not even bosses, just larger groups of enemies.

By contrast, the average enemies in Returnal really aren’t too bad. Most of the individual baddies (e.g. the squid-like guys or the unshielded turrets) are pretty easy to take down, as long as you keep moving and don’t let them get close enough to melee attack you. A lot of the challenge comes from never really knowing where they’ll be or how many to expect, since it changes each time. You can’t “memorize” a group of enemies and plan your attack for the next run like you can in most other games, since the group will never be quite the same.

Returnal is definitely challenging, but it’s a different kind of challenging vs Bloodborne (and, I assume, the other Souls games, which I’ve never played), definitely more my kind of challenging.

Disclaimer: I’ve only played for 5 hours or so so far and have fought the first biome boss once, so my comments on average enemy difficulty apply only to the first biome.

ID: gwkeez0

You just need to figure out how to play by playing honestly. Shoot, sprint, jump, dash, look around,’s difficult but fast and more fun than the soulsborn games to me.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/01 18:06 ID: gwkfp9v

10 Hours in and I still can’t defeat this boss

ID: gwl0jrs

20 retries later im stuck on phrike

ID: gwl72mn

It took me at least 10 goes as well. Sometimes you just need the luck of the rooms to get the right items, artifacts and weapon. You’ll get there!

6 : Anonymous2021/05/01 13:31 ID: gwje98a

The amount of particle effects in this game absolutely destroy YouTube's streaming lol

ID: gwkk5xo

Destroyed my ps5 too lol. Not literally but I played for like an hour and it crashed. Ps5 just shut down out if nowhere. I was worried it might damage it so I haven't played again, I'm afraid it might brick my ps5.

ID: gwkkx9u

Crashes happen man. Don't be scared. I don't think it will brick your console to death. That was me when I played Spiderman:MM crashed 10 times in my whole play through but nothing worse happened after that

7 : Anonymous2021/05/01 15:32 ID: gwjtp5p

The melee attack is mint. Most of my gameplay has been running the first biome and seeing how fast I can clear it with melee only.

I feel like I'm never going to actually finish this game because it's just so much fun in small bites. On the third boss now and it feels like my runs are never over like 40 minutes. It scratches the same itch "Risk of Rain 2" scratches, only harder.

ID: gwm0qcv

I made it to the third boss yesterday for the first time, its so fucking cool

But (third biome spoilers) Fuck those flying dudes in the third biome with the rockets, they are the bane of my existence

8 : Anonymous2021/05/01 13:36 ID: gwjerix

Thanks for the info...I'm still trying to get used to the reload mechanics gotta press R2 right on time and boom I'm reloaded but sometimes there's so much going on I start to panic and forget lol I think that's a lot of us right now but eventually we will get the hang of it.

ID: gwk3sv1

One thing that helped me was moving jump to l1 and boost to r1 (consumables to O, x is blank). It's awkward at first, but once your fingers don't have to dance around the controller, hitting the overload becomes far easier. In fact, it became too easy that I started fucking up again because I was hitting it too early in anticipation lol

ID: gwk4nrd

Wow I didn't check that out yet will do but kinda like the default controls for most games unless of course it's something totally outrageous that I can't stand... then I gotta go in there and it's nice knowing the options to change controls are becoming the norm that's great news! Anyway kinda a bummer but the pre order suits while dope don't have perks kinda hoped but oh well...just hope they gonna add a save feature down the line in a update and more story content but haven't even finished it yet so more story content can wait but the save feature that's something that may happen soon.

ID: gwky3qk

Wait there's a faster reload mechanic than just waiting for it to reload?!

ID: gwldc7r

Overload is the mechanic you can look up in the tutorials for reference, but yeah all you have to do is hit r2 within the box after emptying your ammo completely. Adrenaline will give you a bigger window to overload.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/01 13:06 ID: gwjbwwy

I was definitely not ballsy enough to get up in that things face like that, kept my distance with the carbine and it did work, but melee is so great for the little enemies and the tree enemies that teleport

10 : Anonymous2021/05/01 14:34 ID: gwjlm47

You know what else is a thing? Sprint. Always be sprinting. Sprinting is super duper important.

ID: gwkfb68

It's a great sprint, too. In a lot of games I feel like my character is still casually jogging around rather than actually "sprinting," but in this game you actually feel like you're hauling ass as fast as you can.

MGS5 had a great sprint as well.

ID: gwjqig1

There's an always on toggle

ID: gwk9bh1

That's a no from me, there are a lot of small floating platforms.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/01 17:45 ID: gwkcp4y

Meele is OP small enemys die instantly and elite get stunned. Elite spanwns, run towards him, melee he gets stunned, alt fire in the head done!

12 : Anonymous2021/05/02 04:09 ID: gwmfzyf

Watching this just solidified my decision not to buy this. I know it’s for some people, but I’m not interested in this kind of gameplay

ID: gwpkkv7

Yup it looks super unforgiving and almost unfair the amount of freaking bullet/balls that spawn from enemies and you are supposed to avoid getting hit? Nah, no thanks.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/01 14:43 ID: gwjmtfs

The balls remind me of Nier: Automata.

ID: gwkjl2e

More like Nier Replicant

14 : Anonymous2021/05/01 16:55 ID: gwk5gav

From people who have played, is it like Dead Cells but with gun + 3D bullet 3D?

For this genre, I hope they add an item that makes you have 1hp (1 hit = dead) but gives you 100% extra damage or other rewards. Like a cursed weapon.

ID: gwkb3qz

They have stuff like that... I picked up one with +5% for every 200 coins I had but if I was in low health I would do -300% damage. So I can see them adding more over time for say different challenges or leaderboards

ID: gwlpz9h

Money = Power 😀

15 : Anonymous2021/05/02 03:02 ID: gwm9ng2

Once you unlock the sword use it on those red turret monsters (forgot what they are called) trust me those things will go down much easier if you do.


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