Biomutant Character Creator Breakdown

1 : Anonymous2021/05/05 17:29 ID: n5liew
Biomutant Character Creator Breakdown
2 : Anonymous2021/05/05 20:16 ID: gx2gzcd

I do like how the character stats are shown in your overall character's body. I am a bit said that I couldnt split between say agility and charisma. (I watched this without audio.)

ID: gx2ibxl

I think my concern is trying to balance how my character LOOKS and the stats they have. I’m hoping that I don’t have to sacrifice a certain look for certain stats.

That’s my only concern with this game when compared to say, fallout. Stats affecting your look, as opposed to looks being strictly cosmetic. Could be a great thing, I guess we just have to wait and see.

ID: gx33f23

Immortals Fenyx Rising did it nicely. You can equip gear and keep it's original look or keep its stats and slap any unlocked skin on it.

ID: gx30yt9

It's just a preference thing. Doesn't really matter either way imo. Just comes down to whether you want choices to impact your look or want complete control.

ID: gx3gt7g

My biggest problem is I interpret what my stats would look like differently from the game. Like, why does having high intelligent give me a long snout? That's not what I associate with intelligence.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/05 22:11 ID: gx2x61b

Bummer there's no PS5 version yet.

ID: gx31a33

Huge bummer. Always see this game on the coming soon panel on PS store so I just assumed this would be native PS5. Kind of odd this game won't be dropping two versions when most other games recently have been doing so.

ID: gx3ab30

It is a small dev team and they have been working for years on this game, I think they just want to get the finished version they have out the door. Hoping for at least some better performance on PS5 though.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/05 19:45 ID: gx2cmyg

What is Biomutant?

ID: gx2d84w

A video game

ID: gx2iu98

What’s a computer?

ID: gx2mvhx

What’s a video?

ID: gx2kydz

Open world action RPG

ID: gx2vuyg

There is another gameplay vid that got released today. It'll answer that for ya

ID: gx2ot3h

Furry Dark Souls

ID: gx32ghc

Furry Easy Dark Souls, with more explore. I would say more so furry Breathe of The Wild


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