Solved my gpu usage spikes thanks to a 4 year old post

1 : Anonymous2021/05/05 15:57 ID: n5ja1k

Can't comment on the original post obviously, so making a new one.

After upgrading my system, (Ryzen 7 5800x, rx590 8gb, gigabyte x570 aorus ultra) I've been getting random 0-100-0 gpu usage spikes while idle, and while gaming had constant back and forth on usage causing stuttering and random lag spikes. After going through countless posts on the issue and getting nowhere I stumbled on a post from

referencing another old post from with a simple solution.

Go into settings on msi afterburner, turn on "enable unified gpu usage monitoring". That's it. And just like that, problems disappeared. Everything is stable, no more lag spikes. This also fixed a huge problem I had with Nioh 2 not being able to run in borderless due to the clock speeds being capped at 400 when not in full screen.

So huge shout out to those 2 users for a crazy simple fix

2 : Anonymous2021/05/05 16:14 ID: gx1i97g

ive been noticing this as well i have a second screen to watch yt or twitch while playing games and it seems to hang lags what im watching or drop out fps when loading into game and or matches i just tried this and still the same unfortunately i have a ryzen 3600 and rx 590 8gb nitro

ID: gx28k03

Do you have gsync/freesync on? Those sometimes have issues with multiple monitors.

ID: gx29bpr

I don’t know actually but haven’t touched any settings for monitors I only noticed this issue this update for gpu lasted update

ID: gx1j8e9

I had previously gone through all of the memtest/malware/driver solutions. I didn't find anything wrong with mine, but it's a good place to start if you haven't already. Also, I did have issues with Chrome using way too much gpu for no reason at all, went through and cleaned that all up, cleaned the search engines and put my start page back to default which remedied that aspect

ID: gx1qvri

ive done that as well still hangs like a MOFO guess have to wait and bite the bullet till new update

ID: gx2gviu

So off topic, but how do you feel about rx590? Like temp and noise vise? Mine is just butchering my ears and I'm looking for cooling suggestions.

ID: gx2td5j

Have your tried enabling HAGS?

ID: gx2ncri

The latest driver from AMD is trash on my RX580. I rolled back to the previous WHQL driver and haven't had any serious issues.

If I get that lag you mentioned I usually disable hardware acceleration in chrome and setup my game to run in Fullscreen mode.

ID: gx2rb0g

ya i turned off acceleration in chrome and game is set to full screen still problem i think i may roll back the update if i remember how lol

ID: gx2zagk

I have the same problem. GTX 1070 R9 3950X

Some games like CsGo are just unplayable with something running on the other monitor

3 : Anonymous2021/05/05 21:22 ID: gx2qk43

As someone that used MSI Afterburner with Nvidia cards for years and years, I get why you would want to stick with it.

However, unlike Nvidia, AMD has built all of the necessary overclocking tools into the Adrenaline control panel itself. All of the overlay and streaming services that come with Adrenaline can be turned off, and if you need more monitoring, check out HWINFO64. RDNA2 cards RX 6800 and higher, have a metric buttload of sensors on them that HWINFO64 can read.

TL;DR: It is advised that at least with new cards, that one does not use MSI Afterburner at all, and to set MSI-A to defaults and uninstall if you are using it.

ID: gx2rcr5

And in most cases I'd agree with you, the radeon control software is superb. But it's also the cause of this particular issue. I only have afterburner installed for this one single feature. I'm not overclocking anything.

And yeah, I'd love to get a 6800... But I'm not going to pay a scalper $2k for one

ID: gx2rw3n

I hear ya. Give the AMD weekly drops a try if you can. You do unfortunately have to babysit the site, but if you're there and ready to go when it starts, you should have a card by 2-3 tries.

You just have to be there when it starts. Have Falcodrin's stock stream on Youtube up and watch the chat; you'll know when it's go-time.

ID: gx3qizz

I have an Nvidia card and afterburner makes my games stutter.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/05 21:16 ID: gx2podr

So was it an issue with MSI afterburner? I uninstalled msi afterburner after I realized it was causing issues with fps in some games like BF1 and that fixed my issues.

ID: gx2thvg

If you need afterburner and not RTSS, just uninstall RTSS.

ID: gx2uu3g

I'm not running rtss...

ID: gx3av20

Ah ok, yeah I had both rtss and afterburner installed

ID: gx2q4dl

No, the issue is with the way the current radeon drivers/control software monitors this card. Afterburner changes the way it's monitored so the controller can accurately control it

5 : Anonymous2021/05/05 17:26 ID: gx1sw8w

That doesn't "fix" anything though. It only fixes performance monitoring bug, where values are read incorrectly. Your GPU is still performing the same. That setting has nothing to do with stuttering or lagging.

ID: gx1ujze

That's what I thought too, but when the controller software reads the load correctly it can allocate resources correctly. So yes, it does fix this specific problem. Which is why I no longer have any of the problems I was experiencing.

Think of it like driving a car, you want to drive 45 mph so the correct thing to do is depress the accelerator to the correct position to maintain that speed. But when you can't monitor that position correctly, and only have too fast and too slow, you floor it until you go past 45 and then slam on the brakes until you're below 45.. And repeat indefinitely.

That setting isn't just for afterburner, it changes the way all monitors see the hardware, including the radeon control software

6 : Anonymous2021/05/05 19:12 ID: gx27v8v

AMD only.

ID: gx2k3hz

Sir, this is a

ID: gx2v07h

this isn't a popeyes?

ID: gx3t4xd


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