Resident Evil Village Ray Tracing Explored | RX 6800 XT & RTX 3080

1 : Anonymous2021/05/05 15:28 ID: n5ilee
Resident Evil Village Ray Tracing Explored | RX 6800 XT & RTX 3080
2 : Anonymous2021/05/05 17:28 ID: gx1t5hb

More data here

You know what I really want to see ? A 6900XT vs 3090, both OC'd to 400W. I know that's oddly specific, but it's the max power limit for the 3090 FE and it's the maximum ""safe"" wattage you should probably use with a 6900XT + MPT.

This is one of the first next gen games with ray tracing designed with RDNA2 in mind, I'd love to see how close they actually are.

ID: gx233sw

I don't think the 6900xt's even scale to 400 watts. And it takes extreme cooling to get there?

ID: gx285jl

Not at all. My 6900 XT does just fine at 400W on air, around 60C.

Most 3090 go to 400W as well, and they handle it fine on air. My 3090 FE goes to 65-67C.

Perf still scales at that point but you're reaching hard diminishing returns.

ID: gx22aak

The 3090 wins slightly but it has much better memory bandwidth. I had a rog Strix 6900xt lc and have a 3090ftw3. My strix was like 2550mhz so not the 2.7ghz many are reporting

ID: gx27cb4

The 3090 wins slightly but it has much better memory bandwidth.

Actually no. The raw bandwidth on the 6900 XT is higher.

Effective bandwidth is also higher since RDNA 2 and Ampere have similar DCC and caching for bandwidth. So actually, the 3090 has lower bandwidth even up to 5K. I think only at 8K where the IC has like 30% hit rates does the 3090 have slightly more more bandwidth.

ID: gx2ts7w

It's nice to see it optimized, but I'm not sure if the optimization isn't just to use less of it. The ambient occlusion part of our is very subtle and nice, but the rest is a bit meh and tucked in. Some PS5 exclusives might be a better indicator of what the hardware can do.

ID: gx3bi8x

So the 3060 actually runs much better than the 3070 at 4K..

What a great idea it was from NV, to give such a powerful GPU 8GB of vram, the same as the RX 480 from 2016.

ID: gx2vpxt

From what I've seen, the Raytracing in the game is very limited. It's nowhere near Cyberpunk or Control levels of Raytracing. It's more like Dirt. lol

3 : Anonymous2021/05/05 15:52 ID: gx1f0bk

I was getting 65-80fps at 1440p with everything maxed RT enabled/high and VRS off on a 6700 XT. With RT off it jumps up to 120-150fps. RT is great if you're happy with a 60fps-like experience at 1440p on the 6700 XT.

ID: gx1irkp

Don't turn on VRS. It looks like hot garbage with any setting enabled.

ID: gx1wov1

Also lens distortion. How Capcom thought that shit looked good is anyones guess.

ID: gx2bwgh

i agree, textures look really weird with VRS at least on this game.

Here is where i've noticed it and changed both of these settings (lens distorsion) live:

4 : Anonymous2021/05/05 16:17 ID: gx1ioax

This and Metro Exodus defintely seem to point that Ray-Tracing of vast majority of titles last 2 or so years have been "poorly optimised". Sure Ampere is better at RT than RDNA 2 but RDNA 2 is no slouch either.

ID: gx1k8w7

Metro is getting updated to dxr 1.1 which helps in a multitude of ways and generally is worth a literal 15 to 20% performance improvement on it's own.

That when combined with their way to build temporal information in a way that can let infinite bounces occur seems to be a game changer.

Metro ran fine without dlss on anyways though. So it was never a game that ran all that bad.

Anyways. As far as this game the only thing I noticed that you can't tell from this videos quality is the reflections look like they're 1/4 resolution or something. I could notice it immediately when I saw them and it kind of turned me off a bit.

ID: gx1o467

True but Metro Exodus: Enhanced edition has way more extensive RT than Metro Exodus in 2019 ever did and performs better. So it can't just be down to DXR 1.1.

ID: gx1sf8v

Is there a resolution scaling option for RT or are the settings on/off?.

ID: gx1pjqu

Not to ruin some of the hype but AMD dominates in rasterazation in this title. Probably because its an AMD sponsored game.

And sure while Raytracing performance is good. AMD looses all the advantage it has and more making it fall behind Nvidia. AMD takes a way bigger hit with Raytracing than Nvidia does.

6800XT loses 47% of its performance at 1080p. 3080 looses just 32%. The 6800XT loses 48% of the performance at 1440p while the 3080 loses 34% and finaly at 4k the 6800XT loses 33% while the 3080 loses just 20%.

ID: gx2cmaw

Yeah considering how good the raster performance is with the 6900XT topping the charts, it makes the drop with RT on quite significant where it suddenly falls behind the 3080

ID: gx2n9gb

Interesting to see the 6700XT ray traces better at 4K than the 3070. And the 3060 does better than the 3060Ti. 8GB of VRAM holds those two back

ID: gx28wxw

6800XT loses 47% of its performance at 1080p. 3080 looses just 32%. The 6800XT loses 48% of the performance at 1440p while the 3080 loses 34% and finaly at 4k the 6800XT loses 33% while the 3080 loses just 20%.

This is true, but this is still far better than it is in other titles. Both this game and Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition do better on RDNA 2 compratively than less optimized previous RT titles.

ID: gx1lh5f

This game has very limited RT which doesn't even scale with resolution like most implementations do.

We'll have to wait and see for Metro.

ID: gx36ofy

Why do you think having Global Illum, Reflections, Shadows & Ambient Occ "limited RT"?

This isn't Shadow of the Tomb Raiders, COD or Dirt 5 with only Shadows RT..

ID: gx1r2lu

No, this doesnt show that at all. It shows that an amd sponsored title with minimal RT implementation doesnt have a very big impact on either vendor.

ID: gx28y33

RTGI is the best use for RT by far.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/05 16:03 ID: gx1gnfx

Definitely ran awesome for me on 6800xt. 4k, max settings and RT on held a solid 60

6 : Anonymous2021/05/05 15:38 ID: gx1cwwx

Not bad, Wonder how 6900xt goes against both

7 : Anonymous2021/05/05 20:03 ID: gx2f6za

This bums me out as a 3070 owner

ID: gx2khnh

This game seems to use the same "texture pool" setting as doom eternal. I lowered texture setting from ultra to high (the game say its same quality) and never encountered anything as low (Or high memory usage) as in this guru3d article when trying it on my 4k oled.

ID: gx2oh7a

This game seems to use the same "texture pool" setting as doom eternal.

This is not how VRAM or Doom Eternal works.

ID: gx2qflr

I got my 4k OLED TV this week. This is so delicious to look at 😀

8 : Anonymous2021/05/05 21:32 ID: gx2rzwl

I'm one of the seemingly few people who don't think RTX is worth half the hype

ID: gx2sova

Thankfully, almost all games use DXR or Vulkan-RT, not RTX 🙂

ID: gx3rmb6

My 3090 has literally paid for itself since I bought it. How is it not worth the hype

9 : Anonymous2021/05/05 17:58 ID: gx1xebx

Nvidia's 3080 and 3090 stop scaling correctly beyond 1080p in RT, which isn't something you'd expect on those cards. Meanwhile, The radeon cards get faster (comparatively) as the resolution rises, which is also not something you'd expect from these cards. So this game's RT seems to abuse Vram. At 4k the 3060 is faster than the 3060ti and 3070. And of course no dlss can be expected to lessen the load.

This is what you can probably expect out of AMD sponsored RT titles going forward. They'll play to the strengths of their hardware, while exposing the limitations of the competition.

ID: gx270q1

To be fair, the 3070's VRAM amount is an issue even for some NV titles with RT on. For example, Cyberpunk at 1440p actually has issues with RT on + Ultra textures on a 3070.

ID: gx2ac6z

Radeon scaling is the curiosity here, compared to the 3080 and 3090. For instance the 3090 loses more performance than any other card going from 1080p to 4k. The 3080 is next. And the radeon cards get faster.

There isn't anything in previous RT games that would correlate to this.

ID: gx311gl

Honestly while more VRAM would have been nice i am quite impressed with the 3070s Cyberpunk performance. Definitely does a better job than I expected it would

10 : Anonymous2021/05/05 20:35 ID: gx2jsd4

I was getting 80 - 90 fps at 1440p using the preset "max" graphics setting with ray tracing on and 140 - 165 fps with ray tracing off. I'm using a 5600x paired with an RX6800

I found that in the castle demo I had a lot of micro stutters with ray tracing enabled (none with it disabled) however the village demo had no stuttering with it enabled.

ID: gx3eij5

Out of curiosity I set it to 1440p with everything all the way up and was getting 140's on my 3090 outside and literally 150's inside the castle.

I play at 3440 x 1440 though which runs more around 110-120 fps outside and like 130's in the castle.

It runs great on like all hardware tbh.

ID: gx3o7m0

Very nice! My monitor is 165Hz so I'm sure I was hitting higher than 165 fps if I turned off vsync

Really impressed how well the game plays, just hope the final game doesn't stutter in doors with RT on

11 : Anonymous2021/05/05 22:26 ID: gx2z6ym

It’s safe to push 6900xt reference at 400 watt with a water block ?

ID: gx3el56

Sure why not?


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