What Kind Of Game Did Cyberpunk 2077 Turn Out To Be, Anyway? [SPOILERS] – Noah Caldwell-Gervais

1 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:24 ID: lzbi6j
What Kind Of Game Did Cyberpunk 2077 Turn Out To Be, Anyway? [SPOILERS] - Noah Caldwell-Gervais
2 : Anonymous2021/03/07 01:57 ID: gq1zhfg

I’m kind of shocked how fast this game fell off for me. I was reasonably hyped for it, granted each delay slowly degraded that hype. Then, I played it on higher end PC with very little issues, and while I didn’t dislike what I played, I just stopped playing. Like the game just completely dropped off my radar for me and I honestly don’t know if I’ll go back.

ID: gq3sisn

Even if / when CDPR fixes the most glaring bugs, the game's core elements would still be pretty mediocre.

Combat is mindless because the AI is stupid and quickhacks are hilariously broken. Itemization is borked. You either find weapon or armor upgrades after almost every fight, or you go long stretches without finding any upgrades. There's no happy medium, which is weird considering The Witcher 3's itemization felt just right. Crafting is pretty pointless. I hear it gets useful at high level, but if a crafting system is pointless for a majority of the game, then it's poorly designed. Again, that's weird considering crafting was useful throughout all of TW3, and it consistently gave you the best weapons and armor. It also gave you something to look forward to and work for throughout the game. Driving feels like ass. Even if it didn't feel like ass, Night City is not designed for fun driving. Life paths add very little to gameplay. CDPR hyped them up to be big game changers, but they lied. There's a whole host of annoying, little omissions or quirks, like how there's no way to change your appearance after character creation, there's only one player-owned apartment, clothing makes you look like a clown, etc.

At its core, CP2077 just isn't a very good game.

ID: gq2c2pg

It's shocking how it was hyped so much, believed by some of the most hardcore fans to be GOAT, and here it is... essentially all but forgotten by the general gaming community. Smaller indie games, and even a particular gacha mobile game, have received far more attention and a growing playerbase than CP2077.

ID: gq3b0sw

You read that in just about every Witcher 3 thread too. People who didn't make it past Baron or Novigrad. Personally I always find it hard to go back to long games when I've dropped them part way through. I'm always torn between figuring out what was going or just starting another playthrough.

ID: gq2m713

Same. I got about halfway through and just kind of lost interest.

ID: gq3cyr1

I played it to the end and largely enjoyed it, for all its faults. I started a second playthrough, got a few hours in...and now have not touched it in months, with no enthusiasm to go back to it.

There's not enough nuance in different character design (skills, etc) to make me excited to try a different character build, and for all the detail in designing the look of your character at the start of the game, you never actually SEE them 99% of the time, so what's the point?

Compare that to games like Skyrim or Mass Effect, where I would be happy playing through the game multiple times as different classes, character types, genders, etc.

For all the faults Cyperpunk 2077 may have had it launch, it may turn out that's its biggest fault is that it is an action RPG with almost no replay value (for me, at least).

ID: gq33kez

Same, I got about 60 hours out of it, I got it to run really well and didn't have many issues, I didn't hate it.

But it just didn't blow me away either.

ID: gq4edey

Cyberpunk is going to be one of the most significant case studies in the gaming industry, probably ever. A game that was hyped up as to be the next open world that could challenge Rockstar, and all that evaporated just one day after the release. They really had the chance of releasing a great top notch game, but they had to meet those sweet sales baby.

ID: gq3efby

Yep same here. I played on PS5 with a few issues after one of the first hot fixes (had a game locking bug before that and still regular crashes afterwards) and was really enjoying it, got to the last mission and started just doing as much side stuff as I could around the map. I’m usually a fan of completionist stuff even if it is pretty useless (I have 900 korok seeds) and I just got bored so fast. One of these days I’ll finally just go meet Hanako at embers so it can stop taking up so much of my hard drive.

ID: gq3ji0e

I’m kind of shocked how fast this game fell off for me. I was reasonably hyped for it, granted each delay slowly degraded that hype. Then, I played it on higher end PC with very little issues, and while I didn’t dislike what I played, I just stopped playing. Like the game just completely dropped off my radar for me and I honestly don’t know if I’ll go back.

Because with raytracing maxed out its probably the best looking game there is with lots of visual landmarks to see, with real time global illumination in a modern graphics open world game, but the game has no substance at all.

You can do all the sight seeing in a good ~20 hours before you realize the game is fundamentally bland and missing a lot of basic gameplay and immersion.

ID: gq30vy5

I have the same experience except I finished it and was like "oh, ok". I'll keep it in my library and hope one day I can reply it

ID: gq41j3h

When I saw the time jump from origin story to present day I lost interest. I played a bit more but it was demoralizing to me. I was looking forward to playing through all three origins until I realized they were basically 10 minutes of gameplay that didn’t affect the story or side missions in any way.

ID: gq33pwr

Same with me and most of my mates. I actually loved the game and was fortunate enough to be able to play it on a high end machine (rtx3080 at 1440p) but at some point I just stopped playing and never played it again lol

ID: gq3dx6k

How many hours did you play it before it dropped off your radar?

ID: gq4jomf

If I had to sum up my issue, it was that it was both highly unpolished and highly derivative. I think it could have been one or the other, but not both. Everything it did had been done elsewhere better, and the fact that it was a buggy mess just meant it wasn't worth the hassle.

ID: gq5cbhd

For me it's the cognitive load of all the side activities. And I don't mean side quests. I mean all the shit you as the player need to do on the side to play the game. Like reading what every perk does and deciding what build you want. Or constantly comparing gear stats because every 5 seconds you pick up something that might be 3% better than what you're wearing/carrying.

It gets exhausting. I just want to play the damn game.

ID: gq2n2ld

I posted this but same and I've probably played way less than you. The story seems kind of promising but I've only played like 6-7 hours or so and the last time was weeks ago, I just have no desire to go back and deal with the bugs, performance issues, and overall unsatisfying gameplay just to say I finished the game and see how the story unfolds. I just don't care.

ID: gq2z48n

I feel the same.

For me though it's that I didn't feel like the story was progressing at all. I played at least 6-7 hours of the main campaign but I just didn't care.

The side missions were a little better but I still couldn't shake how terribly boring the world was when not on a mission.

I honestly can't even remember where I left off. I'm probably not going to play it until CDPR completely fixes it similarly to how they gave Witcher 1 and 2 and overhaul.

ID: gq37u48

I'll go back once i owned RTX3000 or whatever the hell NVIDIA comes up with in half a decade from now. All bugs should be gone by then. All DLC, New Game+ and stuff should be completed. It'd be nice to revisit it in all RTX maximum glory.

Possibly with some mods even. Which beg me a question. How's modding scene at the moment? I though CDPR update the game to support third party mod tool recently? I'd expect something like unofficial patch by now.

ID: gq37w7s

Same, but this happened to me with the Witcher 3. I played a lot of it for a few weeks then dropped it. Two years later I picked it up with mods,a ton of new content, and a Catalog of bug fixes and it's one of my favourite games.

ID: gq3ylzc

Dude exactly this ! I dont what happened but I just stopped playing it. I had just started the panam quest line. I just dont care anymore. I am playing on an rtx 3080 and a 5900x but the visuals dont cut it for me anymore. I have lost all interest in it and i am not sure if will go back and finish it.

ID: gq42mza

I read after the first month the player base dropped by 79%... I have like 16 hours into it and I just stoped, mostly thinking I'll come back once they fix/add traffic and police A.I. doesn't seem like it's gunna happen. I'd like to just burn through the story and finish it but I know if I do I'll never come back to it

ID: gq2tqby

Dude, same. I'm back playing Division 2, Pokemon Shield, Pokken Tourney and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I've no desire to play CP77 ever again after just 10-15 hours.

ID: gq3jay2

All this talk of hype. Talk in terms of marketing, because that's what it is. And not just for this game.

ID: gq2qe43

The exact same thing happened to me. It was when I realized the police just showed up whenever you committed a crime. It showed how little thought went into some of the game's systems.

ID: gq2rjpn

I'm glad the performance was so bad for me on day one that my refund saved me 60€ from a very mediocre experience.

ID: gq2vkzr

I’m with you on this. I was playing on a PS5 and while I did experience crashes the experience despite the issues was really underwhelming for me. It’s crazy to think I had such a high opinion of CDPR after playing the Witcher games and even Gwent to now not really giving a shit what they’re up to. Hopefully Cyberpunk gets to a point where it’s playable without gamebreaking issues for the people that are experiencing them but I’m not going to bother waiting around with bated breath.

ID: gq41lnx

I've finished it one time without any problems on Geforce Now. Then I started playing another time with different build and with female character to experience different voice actor. I played on my laptop on lower settings and I still had lot of fun, made lot of side missions, used some mods etc. But then all my hype just dissapeared. I tried to play it again this week and I guess I had it enough. I got my enjoyment for my money but nothing more than that.

ID: gq2ot7w

I got to the last mission and it was like "holy shit this is it? This is the point of no return?". I didn't do the mission. I haven't touched the game for months. I have no desire to find out what happens, I don't give a shit about any of the characters. Yeah, I don't care about Mary Sue Panam.

The last "RPG" that had me this disappointed was Fallout 4.

ID: gq2w0oq

It went from my most hyped game in years to buy the complete edition of it for £20 in 3 or 4 years. Such a dropped ball. As soon as I seen the mess it was and how they had watered down what they promised, it was a hard no from me.

ID: gq5ylp5

Too much hype and impossible to meet it

I expect elden ring will be the same and the cult is going to hate that I said that

3 : Anonymous2021/03/07 01:56 ID: gq1zdsr

So I played through Cyberpunk when it was released and finished it in about 3 weeks. I actually liked the story and loved how the relationship between Keanu and the main character developed.

But damn, every time I had to do something non-story related, it kept reminding me that it was just a game. A buggy, messy game. I'll be watching a cutscene where Keanu finally starts to approve of the protag, and the 5 seconds later, someone will be running in the sky. The consistently shit FPS, the ghost town of a city, and things randomly appearing and disappearing, all took me out of the game. It's also far behind RPGs from the previous gen, despite coming out as a cross-gen game for the PS4/PS5. In Cyberpunk, I could walk into someone's house and just steal everything. In Fallout 3, if I snuck into someone's house and started stealing shit, not only would they have opened fire on me, my companion probably would have disapproved, too, depending on who it was. You could also feel all the effects of your choices in Fallout 3 almost immediately. Cyberpunk is about as basic of an RPG as you can get, and even then, it's a disgrace to RPGs to call it that.

I really enjoyed Cyberpunk, but damn was it a dumpster fire.

ID: gq26i5r

Is it just me or the relationships in the game felt really weird and disjointed sometimes?

Like during one quest I'd be at a specific "friendship strength" with Johnny but in another quest the relationship was at a totally different stage?

The story also felt very plot-driven in a "Gotta do X and then do Y" which isn't a bad thing by any means but I guess I was expecting something more groundbreaking after playing through the remarkable stories of RDR2 and TLOU2, which contained the most thematically comprehensive explorations of "the end of an era and a way of life," and "what grief and regret can do to a person," respectively.

ID: gq23xhf

I know Bethesda gets a lot of shit for their game design, but I find it far more immersive than games like cyberpunk. Yes, the writing may not be amazing, or the graphics good, but the world is truly beleivable, with npcs having daily schedules, disposition, and a proper reactions to the PC’s actions.

ID: gq2marh

I agree with you. Although it seems I got lucky with hardly any bugs. Only the occasional floating cigarette. The world feels so empty and your choices have little to no effect. Blows my mind that it is the company that made the Witcher series. One of the best in-depth, choices matter games I've ever played.

ID: gq3k94a

I still mock how they were advertising the game as the "next evolution of open world games" but was missing so many features that 20 year old games had before.

ID: gq24ehv

You should try Elex if you haven't already. Under-rated rpg.

ID: gq2j1ox

In Fallout 3, if I snuck into someone's house and started stealing shit, not only would they have opened fire on me

Unless they turned around and didn't actually see you do it. Then as far as they're concerned everything they owned just vanished without a trace and couldn't have been you even though you were the only other person in the house.

ID: gq2cogf

Yeah I’ve played through it twice thus far on an Xbox Series X. Really enjoy the game. However. I immediately played Sleeping Dogs after it, which is five years older, and it the AI and city just feel so much more alive in Sleeping Dogs.

Cars stop for you. People yell at you if you almost hit them. Things respond to your actions. I hope the next gen patch addresses these issues.

ID: gq33uew

There's actually a tooltip in the CP77 loading screens that says, and I'm paraphrasing a bit, "life's tough in Night City, so V can just steal anything and it's fine."

And, well, okay... that's something I guess. That's some perfunctory attempt to justify having no stealing mechanics in the game at all.

Except it's not 100% true. There are quest items to unlock access to various quest-relevant buildings that will suddenly rain down hellfire on you from the attached NPCs if you grab them. You get no warning this will happen. It just does.

That's a wonderful illustrative example of how scattered and incomplete CP77 is.

ID: gq2fvi3

this has been my experience as well. except I'm not sold on the story. One thing that redeem it for me is the photo mode. I give it a 3/10

ID: gq2y1go

the ghost town of a city

I keep seeing this complaint and it makes no sense to me. The NPC density in this game ssems considerably higher than in other open world games I've played, except for Assassin's Creed: Unity. Were you playing on a console?

4 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:19 ID: gq1p70d

CD Projekt where punching way above their weight. Comparing Cyberpunk to RDR 2 and present themself like Rockstar 2.0 just makes the game look way more worse than it was.

ID: gq1tboj

Their marketing campaign throughout most of Cyberpunk's development was to humble-brag on Twitter about how they're definitely not doing the thing that other big developers/publishers are doing, all while secretly doing those exact things.

ID: gq1viwk

CD Projekt where punching way above their weight.

Witcher 1 punched above its weight, with a couple dozen developers using a borrowed engine to adapt a renowned IP. Witcher 2 probably as well, with a AA-sized team creating something significant enough that Obama was given a copy as a cultural gift.

But ever since then, they've been heavyweights themselves. They're not a scrappy team of indies anymore, they are comparable to Rockstar. The three most expensive games ever produced are two Rockstar games and Cyberpunk 2077. Being in the wrong weight class isn't an excuse they get to use anymore.

ID: gq25w7t

Man, it’s crazy. I was so hyped for Cyberpunk that it was actually the first game I ever preordered. It was such an unfinished disappointment that I actually took their refund offer and spent $30 on RDR2. The difference in quality is not even close, and red dead thankfully filled the void that Cyberpunk created.

ID: gq2xr0o

RDR2 is an interesting game for me. I had some pretty significant issues with the game during my playthrough (just gameplay mechanics and design decisions I didn't particularly like), and I wasn't entirely sure what I really thought about the game afterwards. But playing all these other "competing" open-world games these last few years, I find myself so often thinking "man, I wish this had been made by Rockstar".

ID: gq293nt

RDR2 ironically was also in development hell and Rockstar North had to step in and fix it because the early build of RDR2 by Rockstar San Diego was so bad and left the head of Rockstar North very unimpressed.

ID: gq2g3qr

Worse than that. They marketed this game as GTA meets Elder Scrolls. All the open world action RPG goodness of an Elder Scrolls game, with the setting and attention to detail of a futuristic GTA game.

I expected it to disappoint those hyped up by it, but I’ll admit to be surprised by just how bad and poorly developed it is.

ID: gq77i1d

Reminds me of the first watchdogs which launched like two weeks after GTA V. Ubisoft marketed it heavily as a GTA competitor even with posters like "Why visit Liberty City? Come to Chicago". Then as soon as Gta launched they shit themselves and pushed the game back 6 whole months only two weeks before release. What they ended up releasing was still so barebones you cant even imagine how bad it was when they originally intended to launch it.

ID: gq2pa9w

They essentially promised a cyverpunk gta5. But delivered a cyberpunk fallout 4 with extra chromosomes

ID: gq2nii7

“Welcome to the next generation of open world; preorder now.”

ID: gq2jvda

it's easy to take shots at them over Cyberpunk, but there's a lot of people out there that would argue Witcher 3 is a better game than RRDR2, and a better open world game at that.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/07 01:04 ID: gq1u9k1

The most disappointing thing about this game is actually how CDPR handled all this situation.

Since I wasn't blown away by Witcher 3, I never fell in love with CDPR. In fact, I hated their constant use of crunch in game development. But I also acknowledged the quality of Witcher 3. With Cyberpunk CDPR sank much lower than I ever expected them to be.

Not only did they release an unfinished game, they doubled down on it with review manipulations. Instead of geniuine refunds offer they used this to shift the attention to Sony/MS refund system. Instead of acknowledging the misleading marketing they are "proud on the game on PC". Instead of fully taking the blame, they throw QA under the bus.

And most of all - instead of pumping out patches, they release a few small patches and their 1.1 "major" patch is another tiny patch. To add insult to the injury, these patches introduce new bugs and even decrease of overall performance for some.

C'mon, CDPR. You have 1100 employees. This is the best you can do? Even Fallout 76 patch cycle was faster and more effective.

ID: gq1uvlf

there's just no other way to put it: this was a total disaster.

ID: gq1yws7

Yep really says a lot about their character. Its especially bad because they always touted themselves as the good guys. Always be wary of someone that calls themselves a good guy

ID: gq21vtg

Coming into it, I knew CyberPunk was overhyped.

It was the most hyped game I had ever seen since Halo 3. I had people telling me how excited they were for x/y/z feature and how awesome it was gonna be - despite the fact that x/y/z feature was not mentioned, or was the complete opposite of CDPR's style. Example: I had somebody try to unironically tell me that the driving and racing in CyberPunk would be better than Forza.

It was an unstoppable hype balloon. I figured it would be poo-pooed by the general community and I'd pick it up a year or two later on discount and enjoy my time.

I didn't expect it to actually be this bad though.

ID: gq1xzuk

They have 1100 employees?!

Jesus, last time i read each ps studios have 200 employees.

ID: gq20nyg

It's bizarre to me how little they seem to be able to accomplish in terms of fixing bugs and releasing patches in a timely fashion. It's possible they are opting to more comprehensively revamp certain features, and so aren't wasting time fixing bugs in a system that is going to be replaced.

But considering their "major" 1.1 patch was so weak I suspect what's really happening is they are spending all their time trying to squeeze the game into last-gen consoles, while neglecting the other platforms.

ID: gq22oyn

i remember a video about cyberpunk, it said something like this.

"CDPR managed to put every bad thing in the game industry in this one game"

ID: gq25rh8

These were my thoughts too. It's crushing to me to think of the exploitation devs were put under to release a game so clearly unfinished, and the game will never reach what lofty goals they had because now inevitably there will be more crunch to get the game to be "passable" and then that'll be it. I reckon this year will be spent patching the game, but beyond that CDPR won't allocate the resources or proper time to get the game where they marketed it to be. They'll squash bugs, make sure things run properly, and then it'll be onto the next project.

A missed opportunity from start to finish.

ID: gq1yw5p

I agree with everything except the patches part. That's something we can give them leeway with. I don't want them crunching to fix the game because then the crunch will never end. It'll keep going into the next production. They best thing they can do now is shut up and release patches that improve the game

ID: gq26frh

And that the developers got blamed when it was the upper management releasing the game too early that fucked it up

ID: gq3csh2

In fact, I hated their constant use of crunch in game development.

A brave thing to say on /


ID: gq4awk6

"In fact, I hated their constant use of crunch in game development." - > "And most of all - instead of pumping out patches, they release a few small patches"


ID: gq4hmlc

Still, I simply can't believe that they would throw all that the game had going into the trash to release it unfinished. They tried to make a game like Rockstar, but forgot that Rockstar takes their sweet ass time with every game developed.

I'm still wondering who the fuck in management thought that rushing the game was a good idea. Then when they have the hand on the cookie jar, and everyone sees the abomination that console players were given, they justify it by saying it was intended for PC mainly? Like, have they seen how GTA V and RDR2 run in even the basic 500gb PS4?

The worst part about this is that the developers are the ones who had to work extra time and have to clean the mess that management did.

ID: gq5dfo0

so what was the best part of the video for you?

ID: gq21s7g

And most of all - instead of pumping out patches

You say you don't like how they crunch, but to fix the game you want them to crunch more for fixes?

ID: gq3arwc

Since I wasn't blown away by Witcher 3, I never fell in love with CDPR. In fact, I hated their constant use of crunch in game development. But I also acknowledged the quality of Witcher 3.

This is me exactly, I never really loved Witcher 3 so I never got on board the CDPR hype train and felt like a crazy person for thinking they were a pretty damn average developer (with some superb writers to be fair) that had one success. My friends thought I was crazy for doubting them even for a second and seemed to think all the crunch would be worth it when Cyberpunk became the best game ever made, but... Whelp.

ID: gq4tn0p

For me, it was the response they gave to the controversy. OK, your game turned out to be not what is was all cracked up to be and you clearly needed more time. Just come around and say it, own it.

Don’t give me that PR bullshit about how you didn’t focus on the base consoles. The game runs abhorrently bad on my stock PS4. Not even the montage section at the beginning of the game with Jackie (that could’ve been a prerecorded scene) actually ran correctly.

And it’s not just that the graphics are bad. I’m not a particularly demanding gamer. I can play stuff at 720p 30fps and I’m OK with that. But here the visuals are bad to the detriment of the game.

The first mission where you are meant to rescue a missing woman, there’s a part where you encounter a less fortunate subject who had her organs harvested. I’m sure it’s meant to be a gut-wrenching scene. Problem is the graphics are so bad I couldn’t really distinguish anything.

ID: gq368kl

I hated their constant use of crunch in game development.

And most of all - instead of pumping out patches, they release a few small patches and their 1.1 “major” patch is another tiny patch.

You’re complaining about crunch, then going on to complain about small patches? Pick one.

Look, I get it. The patches have been disappointing. But many of the devs were probably on holiday break after the game released. After that, CDPR got breached, and their devs literally couldn’t work from home. Patch 1.10 increased FPS, alleviated crashing and reduced blurry graphics on consoles. Improving the experience on consoles was always the main goal for these first two updates. Source on those claims of decreased performance?

I understand shitting on CDPR is the cool thing to do right now, but a lot of it just feels like uninformed complaining.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/07 12:01 ID: gq39dbm

As someone who actually did enjoy my time with 2077 I fully understand and agree with most of its criticisms. One thing that's touched on in this but isn't gone into (was Noah aware 2077 is based on a tabletop game? It doesn't come up anywhere so I'm guessing not?) was that despite being a game set nearly 60 years later the characters, lore, and world is obsessed with still being 2020. It works for Johnny's character because for him it really was yesterday, but despite what has changed I started to feel kind of weird about the way so many parts of the game seemed to be desperately clawing back towards that.

Like, I get it, it's the most popular setting for the tabletop game, at least until that's eventually superseded by Cyberpunk RED (if that succeeds in happening) but the fact that we get characters like Rogue and Kerry who have to both be in their 80s if not their 90s by now, Adam Smasher still wandering around being an asshole, even Saburo Arasaka still running Arasaka corp as a man a century and a half old. Early in the game Jackie mentions that this is a city where legends are born, and presents to mention characters like Adam Smasher, Morgan Blackhand... people who made it big 60 years ago. And since then there just don't seem to have been many, if any legends rising in Night City.

One of the thing that disappoints me the most about 2077 is that it's tremendously at odds with actually being set in 2077. Like, sure, nothing has really changed in all that time and that's a plot point, but somehow most of the notable faces are even still the same people to a bizarre degree. Bes Isis is a 90 year old ex-rocker turned reporter who hasn't retired yet. Kerry Eurodyne has somehow managed to maintain celebrity status and continued to release albums for 60 fucking years and has spent that entire time wondering if he still lives in Johnny's shadow. Silverhand has an excellent reason to be the same person he was over half a century ago, and his character loves to rail against how things are the same, but also how in small specific ways they're different too. Is it though, when one of his main quests involves getting his old band back together and despite it being so long after the fact everyone except Johnny is not only alive and kicking, but also available, up for it, and still living in Night City?

'Futureshock' is a big part of Cyberpunk's lore. That tech and society has progressed so rapidly that people no longer recognise themselves or the world around them, and at times will lash out, disassociate, or otherwise start to have trouble reconciling with the speed at which reality is changing around them. Johnny would have been a perfect opportunity to explore some of that futureshock through the lens of a character who initially jumped in with both feet and welcomed it. Beyond that it was just more of an opportunity for CDPR themselves to create a Cyberpunk that was built on Pondsmith's foundations but was a new vision for a new age, with their own spin on things and a new cast of people at the apex of Night City. New legends to hear about and topple. Hell, Cyberpunk RED, the tabletop setting that was released to bridge the gap between 2020 and 2077's world states features more growth and change for the sitting in the two-ish decades since the Arasaka tower bombing.

I still enjoyed 2077. Many of the characters are fantastic, with shout outs to the four romanceable characters and their arcs, which although they have their ups and downs are still largely well-written and enjoyable characters. Even Johnny, who I know many people didn't like, is a good character to me, going on the assumption that his teenage-level attitude and straw nihilism is because the guy never matured and is refusing to do so now on some kind of principle. Some of his later moments actually do put paid to that for me well enough to accept it as a whole arc where he starts as an unlikable character and eventually, painfully, reaches some level of self-awareness and maturation through his personal quests.

But damn, man, if it doesn't feel like it wears 2020 around its neck like an anchor for a lot of its runtime.

ID: gq6n937

Nothing even feels like it's changed comparative to today. The city is uglier, crasser, and more direct than the modern day, but none of the technology or characters feel like they belong to a world that has moved beyond the one we're in until we get into the AI fighting beyond the wall and downloading people's minds, both of which are basically directly lifted from the tabletop game and Neuromancer respectively. Noah's point about the advertisements being just more flippant versions of something we're already beyond is true of almost everything in the game, and I say this as a person who probably would have liked this game a lot if it were just a linear experience.

ID: gq3veyv

Noah quotes the original game in the intro...

7 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:46 ID: gq1sc34

A more focused linear game would have been much better. I don´t know what the open world added. You can´t do shit in it. Just mission after mission style like No one lives forever and others.

Also the graphics are praised a lot, and on a technical level I guess it is impressive but I never stood and stare in awe like in games like Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn or RDR2. Maybe concrete apartment complexes aren't that impressive as a vista.

ID: gq24e5m

A more focused linear game would have been much better. I don´t know what the open world added. You can´t do shit in it. Just mission after mission style like No one lives forever and others.

I agree, most of the complaints are about how this game doesn't stack up to GTA 5 in the open world department, meanwhile, something like FF 7 Remake is getting a ton of praise and it is for the most part a linear experience

ID: gq25v7m

Also the graphics are praised a lot, and on a technical level I guess it is impressive but I never stood and stare in awe like in games like Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn or RDR2. Maybe concrete apartment complexes aren't that impressive as a vista.

While the game had many flaws, I thought the art direction of the city was the best I'd ever seen in a game, in terms of vistas and presence. There were so many times I'd just stand or walk and look around. The skyline was insane outside the city, driving from Badlands back to the metropolis was always a treat.

I guess these things come down to taste.

ID: gq1y38d

I don´t know what the open world added. You can´t do shit in it.

Hey man, you're forgetting all those go here and steal this/kill this person missions, that totally weren't basically just pre-made radiant quality quests

ID: gq2003p

One thing that bothers me about the graphics is how they mega-hyped Keanu as Silverhand but then he literally has the worst looking character model in the game.
Just compare his model to Mads Mikkelsen's character in Death Stranding, Keanu's Silverhand looks PS3/360-gen in comparison.

ID: gq20dlx

I don´t know what the open world added.

I'm certain it is because they wanted GTA Online money.

ID: gq224tz

The graphics in Cyberpunk are definitely better than the graphics in HZD and GoT. Well it depends on your platform. Assuming you aren't playing on last gen or PS5

ID: gq2gsqf

Absolutely. It outright hurt the game’s one genuine strength: its’s story. The main story about V dying rapidly in the span of a few weeks is an egregiously bad fit for the open world genre. I get most open world games have problems with ‘video game logic’ in their main stories, but I’ve always been able to just forget about the main story while I do random shit. Unlike most games, CP2077 shoves the fact that you’re rapidly dying and losing your mind into your face constantly. V is constantly fainting and coughing blood and the engram that’s literally eating your mind keeps popping up and his old friends will comment on how you’re changing to be like him. A recurring theme of the game’s stories involves the nature of death and loss of identity.

It really makes it as hard as possible to forget what a short amount of time you have left, even while you’re running around waiting days for people to call back and doing random tasks for the NCPD.

The game really should have just been semi-linear.

ID: gq3n8aj

This is the case with most games nowadays. Making things open world just cause it’s trendy when just making a shorter linear game with a more focused direction in gameplay would be infinitely better.

ID: gq3reh2

I can definitely see where you’re coming from, and I think you’re right to a large degree.

However, as someone who enjoyed the game more than most... the open world was really the main reason I was playing it. The game itself is meh, but this giant 3D cyberpunk city that I can explore at my own pace, climbing on rooftops and taking all kinds of pictures... it’s a work of art in it’s own right, and it’s why I put over 60 hours so far into a game I otherwise don’t dig that much. One of the main reasons I love games is that they give me the opportunity to explore environments that I simply can’t irl, and CP2077 definitely delivered there as far as I’m concerned.

ID: gq31093

I think the graphics are hurt by the art direction in this case.

ID: gq2aipq

I don´t know what the open world added.

I am failing to think of a single game where open world added anything at all, to be honest. This is a trend started by Skyrim, and overblown by RDR2 that just does nothing for the narrative and, frequently, for the gameplay loop. But it is what sells and something that can be used as a marketing point.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/07 17:24 ID: gq44g5m

Noah is one of my favorite video game essayists so its disappointing this thread is basically just an excuse for everyone to get out some additional thoughts on the Cyberpunk, without at least attempting or riffing on the ideas presented in the video itself.

Its a shame because I really like the video and came here to hear other people I dunno respond. Not that I blame anyone Cyberpunk is a very interesting game to talk about.

ID: gq4a2dz

Same, just finished a video and not a single fucking comment even mentions the criticisms that Noah had.

ID: gq537ga

It's just impossible for that not to happen with longer videos. The earliest comments get to the top and apparently people can't wait an hour to post their opinions.

Would be cool to do something like having the thread get announced in advance and get posted like a week after.

ID: gq5dd4m

fuckin a was going to say this. just a bunch of the copy/paste comments from usual and nothing about what Noah said. Particularly about how it was so tied to tropes and so solopsistic while also having fuck all to do.

ID: gq4bgzm

I had to hide 500 comments of (stock) hot takes before even seeing something about the video. Stay classy, Reddit.

ID: gq4o88q

Thank you. I haven't watched the video yet (I'm debating whether or not to play the game first), but I came here to catch a glimpse of what people thought about Noah's analysis.

After reading an entire comments section under a video from the best gaming essayist that I know of, I have no idea what Noah thought or said at all. It's kind of bizarre.

ID: gq5n2k5

A rare essayist that is willing to treat, analyze and criticize games as art in relation to wider cultural phenomena.

And thread full of canned takes...

ID: gq6mgxv

Just so we have some on-topic discussion in this thread:

I think he really hit the nail on the head with a lot of his complaints, specifically about it just straight up wanting to be too many different games at once. In particular the bit about how GTA needs you to see the seams in it was great, I'd never thought about it like that before.

That said, I do think he misses the mark on V a little bit. He talks a little about what a shitty, self-serving person V is, and how terrible their 'badass' dialogue is, but in practice I think V comes off as a generally very well-meaning but short-sighted character who puts up an unbelievably poor tough-guy facade because that's the role they see themselves as occupying in society. There are a lot of quests that are just helping people out of shitty situations that they find themselves in because they're your friend or even just because they need help, and a lot of V's 1-on-1 dialogue with the companion characters is genuinely warm.

ID: gq5vm59

I think what surprised me most is that he now has a Turing card to play these games. Back when he was living in the VW Bus he had to play all of these with a laptop and had to find a place to upload the long-ass videos.

Based on what he said on Twitter he is thinking of doing a better paying day job of building, plumbing, etc. On one hand it's sad that one cannot live by just writing and making these videos, but on the other hand his take on Jacky as a working-class friend you didn't expect to have was something that others didn't come up with. Guess this is going to be NCG's main perk going forward.

ID: gq65gm1

Yeah...same. I’m just starting the video right now and a big fan of Noah’s reviews. I usually check these threads for actual discussion alongside the video but this thread is a flop for that.

ID: gq6t4ms

Same thing happened in a recent post about what Kelly Marie Tran with all the hate she got and the top comments were just more people having a debate about TLJ. Like it hasn’t already been done to death but some redditors really need everyone to know what they think about something no one needs an opinion about.

ID: gq5g1i3

Im confused as to what the point of the video was or why it had to be so long. He seems to make some kind of confusing point about the production quality as compared to GTA (the animations arent as good) before lurching into some weird comparison to westworld where he then concludes that the game couldve been westworld (like actual ai?) instead of a gta clone. Like the points about the side game content being weak and the branches not mattering were made on day one and dont need a 1:30 video where we name drop neuromancer and westworld.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/06 23:48 ID: gq1iroa

The most disappointing thing about cyberpunk isn't that its a broken mess but that even if it wasn't broken it'd still be bland and uninspired....the game feels very shallow and outdated

ID: gq1uozp

Yeah. The best thing about the game are the characters. Sadly, one of the best characters is killed in the beginning and the best moment spent with him are taken away from the player and put in a montage instead.

The story isn't that bad, but it suffers from urgency issues. And it feels as if 1/3 of the story was missing.

Still. Cyberpunk would have been a good interactive movie or a game in the style of Last of Us. Linear adventure focused on story and characters. Anything else beyond the characters and story in the Cyberpunk we got takes away from the experience. Open world? Bland. RPG/roleplaying? Don't get me started on this... Character progression? Uninspiring. Itemisation? Meh.

ID: gq1k6cp

very shallow and outdated

It gave me serious Fallout New Vegas vibes at times. And it took me a few hours to figure out what was creeping me out during my first playthrough. The way interactable and non-interactable junk is absolutely everywhere to try and give it some sort of lived in feel. It even looks similar with how low res it is. The way NPCs walk and interact with the world. Just so dated, especially up next to some the more modern aspects of the game.

ID: gq1z21m

the most disappointing thing is that even if i didn't care about CDPR or Cyberpunk or AAA games at all, i got affected by it. lots of other games planned around the Cyberpunk release date, then altered again around the delayed release date, then altered again around the final actual delayed release date. and all of that just for a game that people lost interest in within the week.

ID: gq1kn3f

I agree, I found the gameplay to be bland and the it's ridiculously easy to become overpowered, couple that with the atrocious enemy AI and it make the combat a snooze fest.

I found the story to be pretty decent but the only quest I really enjoyed seemed to be set-up for a dlc/sequel.

ID: gq1qupm

It plays like a generic ubisoft game from 2014. Probably the biggest disappoint of the decade in terms of video games.

ID: gq1l7ve

I don’t think it’s uninspired at all. The fact is it’s missing a couple years of future development. They basically focused on building the skeleton and never got around to adding all the meat. If it was in development for another 2+ years I’m sure it would be great.

ID: gq5f9ha

I haven't played in a month, went to boot it up the other day and now it won't even launch lol.

ID: gq1jcrs

I disagree. I had a lot of fun with it. The frustration is understandable but with the PC version, it is a great game. It's sad that it got destroyed by all the problems with the other systems. It's my second-favorite game of 2020 in retrospect.

ID: gq3gw5s

I've honestly never played a game with so many bugs before and that's including Bethesda games on launch.

It seems like every single time i play it there are random bugs ranging from small animation type bugs to game breaking having to reload a save type bug.

CDPR really should be ashamed of themselves.

ID: gq2o6hc

yeah they really didn't play to their strength on this one. which is literally only storytelling and characters. heck not only did they not focus on that strength, they actively pulled away from it to make the rest of the shallow and outdated open world game.

while i liked many aspects of the story and characters, i had a lot of trouble giving even the slightest shit about the world or most of those characters. they just didn't take the time to fully flesh anything out and make me care.

i'd love if they'd stop making generic open world games and go back to a more linea

format like witcher 2 or the hearts of stone expansion from witcher 3. something where they have a small manageable area(s) to really dive into and weave together a tapestry of a story. open world spreads them too thin and they are just not good enough at gameplay to make up for it.

ID: gq2qtxz

It was definitely the opposite of innovative. The sad thing for me, was when I was halfway through and I thought to myself..."Deus Ex: HR is better than this game". Overall I did enjoy it, but very disappointing nonetheless.

ID: gq2wy8l

I seem to have a supernatural ability to look at games that people on the internet are super hyped about and think “why are people so excited about this?” Cyberpunk was absolutely one of them. This ability prevents a lot of disappointment.

Edit: Don’t be hatin’ because you’re gullible and fall prey to manufactured corporate hype. Bet you types even preorder games. Lol. Imagine being stupid enough to do that.

ID: gq3sly2

It felt like it had as much depth as the Witcher 3 which was literally like 10000 side quests of no importance and a bunch of extremely long boring lead up to some lame sex scenes of no importance.

ID: gq2xa4a

Interesting, it was my GOTY of 2020.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/07 02:25 ID: gq22cba

Cyberpunk 2077's real life dystopian failure and success as a result of corporate capitalism is more interesting and rife for analysis than anything featured in the actual game.

ID: gq338nz

The real cyberpunk was the bullshit we encountered along the way.

ID: gq3ntfg

what happens when corpos make a game

ID: gq4bh60

We live in a cyperpunk dystopia without any of the cool shit, worst of both worlds.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/07 02:18 ID: gq21nl2

The sad thing is that , Deus EX: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided are way better games than Cyberpunk 2077, but not many people bought those games, and we won't have a more games from them, while this broken mess of unfinished garbage they call Cyberpunk 2077 with broken promises have sold more than 13 million copies. Even if they fix all the bugs, it's still a mediocre game with some great moments. The Deus Ex games were way better.

ID: gq279ku

Human Revolution went pretty big. Not Skyrim/Witcher 3 big, but it was absolutely a well selling release. Mankind Divided maybe not so much.

And yeah they're way better.

ID: gq34gyv

Still makes me mad that we got that garbage GAAS Avengers game instead of a sequel to Mankind Divided.

ID: gq2cmp0

I played Mankind Divided on a whim after I found it on my bookshelf sometime in 2019 (apparently I had bought it for $20 at some stage and didn’t even remember when). That game absolutely blew me away. I’ve tried telling everyone I know to give it a crack and play through it but none have taken me up on it.

ID: gq2urvm

HR was fucking huge originally, I think the amount of hype a game can have has changed between 2011 and now, but seriously finally a proper sequel to Deus ex only half life 3 could have been bigger in terms of hype.

ID: gq27pwq

God damn you for telling me the truth.

ID: gq5yotw

I fully agree, the first Deus Ex is one of my favourite games and I'm a huge fan of the sequels as well. Cyberpunk 2077 felt like a much worse version of the new Deus ex games

ID: gq2xfg3

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The game is STILL unfinished and runs much worse than Cyberpunk despite being visually and technically inferior.

ID: gq3pu62

yeah i love how mankind divided had MTX.... so immersive.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/06 23:55 ID: gq1juw4

Even without the bugs, its still a pretty meh game.

Its not bad, but it aint as great as the marketing material and gameplay previews made it out to be.

Im more disappointed in CD red themselves for all the chaos in the studios that we later learned about that resulted in such a disappointing release.

ID: gq1r53r

The behind-the-scenes chaos really is the saddest thing about the game.

Like, I know this is cynical, but for fucks sake if you're gonna work your employees to the bone to the point where they're making memes about how much their job sucks at least make a good game from that human cost.

ID: gq1mj1x

It honestly just felt like they made, in terms of gameplay, a shitty version of the modern Deus Ex games in an open world.

ID: gq1uzi9

Im more disappointed in CD red themselves for all the chaos in the studios that we later learned about that resulted in such a disappointing release.

It's the hubris. As one Star Trek admiral would say: "Sheer fucking hubris".

The same thing that took down Bioware and Anthem. Or any other company that takes a success of their previous game and decides to make another hit. All of them come and decide in advance that their game will be a masterpiece. And when it struggles, they rely on their "magic" to make things work.

ID: gq21qsy

I've started playing it recently cause I was in the mood for a shooty sci-fi game and....it's fine. It's a fine, perfectly adequate, B-average, 70% a-ok action-RPG..

And I doubt I would have even noticed how uninspired it was (and all the myriad of texture popping, t-posing, characters phasing through walls etc etc) if CDPR hadn't spent the last half-decade on their high horse about how unlike every other developer they are, all because they made Witcher 3.

ID: gq3ipyt

Its not bad, but it aint as great as the marketing material and gameplay previews made it out to be.

This is always true. Marketing material and previews of any product or service from any company are tailored to get you to buy it, not to be accurate.

ID: gq1kdd1

It definitely has the potential to be a GOAT game depending on how much and how good the content they add over the next few years is. But right now it is severely meh.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:52 ID: gq40jq4

Honestly the only reason I was hyped for this game is because I wanted to run around in a futuristic vertical mega city that was extremely dense and detailed. While the architecture and buildings are really cool the city is lifeless.

It’s a shame because I love big cities and no other game has large dense cities with lots of verticality. Even though GTA/RDR are certainly detailed, the cities aren’t dense or vertical.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/07 01:48 ID: gq1yml5

So I've been finally playing Hitman 2 on PC. I know the game loads individual areas and not an entire sandbox like Cyberpunk does...but hot damn is the crowd density and AI so much more dynamic. Everything about that game's environments (hell, even the first reboot) feels more alive than the entirety of Night City.

I honestly don't know if CDPR can get this game remotely near what the Witcher 3 was able to do during its release. Sure, bugs were present even then, but that game had a lot to present and provide day one. Cyberpunk is nothing but a struggle for taking anything seriously about it. Even the *Adam Jensen Deus Ex games had better RPG mechanics than this. CDPR is probably going to have to consider massive rehauls in so many of of Cyberpunk's systems. Main story and side quests as well.

*Has Noah covered the Deus Ex franchise yet?

ID: gq275ca

*Has Noah covered the Deus Ex franchise yet?

He has a video about reboot attempts, comparing the reboot from Deus Ex -> Deus Ex HR and Duke Nukem 3D -> Duke Nukem Forever. It includes a lot of overview sort of commentary.

He skipped Invisible War and Mankind Divided wasn't out yet.

ID: gq4j3mk

hot damn is the crowd density and AI so much more dynamic.

Hitman cheats like crazy, if you don't see the dot for a person on your minimap it's not really there - they can't even spot you being naughty. All they do is stand around and create volume for much fewer actual AIs hand-placed on the levels. Same can't really be done in openworld.

ID: gq488zn

The recent Hitman games as social stealth games have crowds as a fairly key component, everything has to feel alive because them being alive is the main mechanic in doing things. I can understand why a regular RPG wouldn't do them as good, the Hitman reboots are basically the cream of the crop when it comes to living crowds and NPCs.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/07 13:46 ID: gq3h4gx

In my mind's eye, I can see a game. In that game, you play many vignettes of three "main characters", one Nomad lost in his ways, one Street Kid hungry for fame, and one desperate Corpo looking to get back in the good graces of high masters. You would jump between these three different characters as they navigate the challenges of the Night City through linear missions, each with their own misadventures that eventually leads into a different ending for each, they could even have their own romance subplots and other kind of side missions that can happen between main missions.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/07 01:31 ID: gq1wxl3

Eurojank Shallower Nu Deus Ex is what I'd call it. Definitely one of the most intriguing 100 hours I've poured into any game. Say whatever negative thing you want about it, I probably agree with it or couldn't construct an argument against nor would I care to try.

And yet, I had a good time start to finish. It was fun, despite everything I got from start to finish uninterrupted, doing about 90% of all possible content. I used to say Fallout 4 was the worst game I've ever beaten. Now I have to say Cyberpunk 2077 is the worst game I've ever beaten, but at least it's more fun than Fallout 4 was.

ID: gq1zdsi

I appreciate that you both enjoyed it and are capable of admitting its flaws.

ID: gq27pa9

This is kinda where I am as well. Though I think like... 20% of the time I wasn't having fun while playing the game, but was just grinding out some sidequests. And by the end I felt like the gameplay loop was really boring.

ID: gq3510l

That's cool, I was waiting until I got a new graphics card to play it and thanks to the supply problems I'm still waiting. Luckily it seems to be giving cdpr lots of time to work on patches.

I really like the world of Cyberpunk and that'll hold my interest for a long time, it did with Rage, it did with Fallout 4 and I'm pretty sure it will with Cyberpunk. It's been panned hard but I still can't wait.

ID: gq3j7jk

Same here. The game came out, I did literally everything first playthrough and had a good time. It's not as good as Witcher 3, or RDR2, but it's fun.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:37 ID: gq1rf18

It's not the best game out there and has it's issues, sure, but its damn fun and has an extremely entertaining performance by Keanu, and some pretty awesome side quests.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:43 ID: gq1rz8e

Man idk if I'm taking crazy pills or if it's because I didn't pay attention to any of the marketing material, but I fucking loved this game. Story and characters were incredible and the gameplay felt great.

ID: gq1zmpm

I'm in a weird spot. I liked the gunplay and didn't mind the driving, loved the soundtrack, the visuals were stunning, and I liked a lot of the characters and the more in-depth stories. However, I also completely agree the state it launched in was unacceptable, and it's definitely more barebones in terms of item variety and system complexity than I and many other were hoping for. I liked the game for what it was, but I also acknowledge there are many areas where it didn't properly capitalise on the potential it had.

It was a very bold move for a company who were tackling a shitload of new stuff and as such I can see why there were problems. I'm saddened that it wasn't something more than it is, but given how I personally set my expectations I'm not cripplingly distraught over what we got either. CDPR have definitely handled the post-launch PR pretty poorly and I completely sympathise with many of the grievances people have, but I still enjoyed my time with the game.

My PC was also good enough that I didn't have the super turd experience some console players and weaker PC owners had to endure. I guess it's typical that the game from CDPR that millions loved was the one that wasn't for me, and the one that made people furious I liked enough to 100%. The problems it has weren't a deal-breaker for me, but I completely understand why they are for others. I do wonder how representative of mass opinion the outrage is though; in my friend group only one of us didn't like it enough to drop it- myself and two other friends beat it and enjoyed our time for the most part.

ID: gq20ai7

Same here for the most part. Gameplay annoyed me at times but the characters are well written and nuanced. If you don't feel an emotional attachment to Judy then something is clearly wrong with people. And I'm not even talking about the romance. Just the friendship. Even a smaller character like Misty hits you right in the feels. Takemura is likeable, despite him working for an absolute shitstain of a corporation. And Johnny? Great character.

Would like to see more depth to the different corporations but it was worth my $60.

ID: gq2qzpt

When the game lifted the embargo it had 91 rating on Open Critic, before the shitshow with console performance and bugs in all versions. This game has technical issues, but you are not taking crazy pills - most people on reddit prefer drama and extremes, so most of the time you'll see circlejerks here.

ID: gq2w7be

I never really was a fan of The Witcher, so hadn’t gotten hyped at all. Plus the backlash from people lowered my expectations into the ground. So when I had nothing else to play, and my brother went half’s on the cost, I went in expecting absolutely nothing.

And, honestly, I loved it. 40 hours in. It’s carried by the characters. Yes, a lot of the flaws people complain about are justified. It’s buggy and there’s massive issues. But the characters are so great. Johnny, Judy, Panam. I just wanted to spend time with them. I played it in Xbox series X so maybe I got lucky but I never had a massive bug that broke the game. And when someone t-posed, I just laughed it off.

Going in with zero expectations of a good experience, I actually enjoyed it. I saw someone else say it was overhyped and underdelievered. I guess I was lucky to not get hyped at all.

ID: gq2h5ra

Same here.

I think I must have had access to some super secret developer build or something. Had a great time and am looking forward to the expansions.

ID: gq24pwu

Feel the same. For me personally, it was easily one of the best games I’ve ever played.

ID: gq2itay

Nah it feels like this game got so hyped that it's cool to hate it now for up votes. 100% console players were fucked, especially base console players. But to pretend like if you could run the game nothing worthwhile was there is insane.

ID: gq1x5ob

I didn't pay attention to marketing. I don't, I learned a long time ago with Marvel movie trailers that they're not designed for fans, but to rake in potential customers. If there's something I think or know I'm going to be interested in, I avoid 'marketing' about it like the plague.

That being said, while some parts of the game felt buggy and unfinished, it's literally the best story/narrative experience I've ever had. I fucking love V, Judy, Vik, Misty, Jackie, Johnny, Mitch, Panam, etc... I've never cared about a protagonist like V before. I finished the game a couple of months ago and have 250 hours into it, and I still think about the endings and watch videos or listen to OSTs just to tear up.

One thing that's pretty revolutionary and not really talked about too is the OST - literally a hundred songs made just for the game. A real band made an album for a fictitious in game band, there are remixes, street musicians, each story NPC has their own song that's remixed throughout various parts of their questline, etc... I've never seen anything remotely like it in a game before.

ID: gq34j7f

I also did not pay attention to any of the marketing and thoroughly enjoyed the game. If I had to guess, I'd say most people fell for the hype and were let down. Happens to the best of us.

ID: gq5y1a5

It has by far the best sidequests in any video game I've played, they put anything in TW3 to shame let alone any other open world RPG, and no I'm not referring to the gigs. Many of them are extremely detailed, unique locations, interesting stories and they beach out into other quests with the characters you meet.

I'm thinking a lot of people calling CP2077 mediocre didn't get very far into the game or just blitz through the main story.

ID: gq1tn0b

I paid attention to the marketing material, and still fucking loved the game, because I'm not an idiot who lets hype convince me something is supposed to the second coming of Jesus.

People convince themselves they're going to love (or hate) games before they ever even release, and then blame the developer for their own stupidity when it comes out less than they wanted.

For what was actually delivered, the gameplay was solid and the characters and writing were outstanding.

ID: gq3xr7b

I don’t know if I’d say I loved it, but I definitely enjoyed it a lot more than a lot of people seem too.

I think a lot of that came down to expectations tho. I just didn’t get caught up in all the hype and marketing, due in part to me not really vibing with Witcher 3 at all. I was a fan of the cyberpunk genre, but based on that prior release, the best I was hoping for was a beautiful and intricate 3D environment to walk around and explore.

And, well, I definitely got that, and then some. While the quality fluctuated, at it’s best the writing was some of the better work I’ve seen in any game. I do got qualms about the depth and implementation of the RPG elements, but the gameplay itself has the same kinda chunky satisfaction that I get from Bethesda titles (mad addicting even if it’s not technically great), and you do still get that sense of power progression, even if that’s not reflected super well.

Idk, for me, beyond the bugs and inexcusable console performance, it’s a pretty enjoyable game. It’s not super consistent, it’s nothing groundbreaking, and I can see why so many were disappointed. But I had a good enough time with it. And, yeah, I really love it’s existence purely as a “walk around a AAA cyberpunk city” simulate.

ID: gq2wq1y

A question. How many games do you buy a year?

I ask because it seems people who buy a lot of games tend to enjoy a bigger range of games where as those with more specific tastes seem to hate 2077.

ID: gq5dxiu

so, how much of the video did you watch?

ID: gq2hh36

I saw some trailers but honestly was never too interested in the game.

I agree with other people that it was underwhelming though. The main story and characters are great, and there are a bunch of great side missions too, but there are also lots of fundamental problems. The RPG core is weak, the shooting is subpar, the enemies are kind of boring and lack variety (could have pushed this way harder with the setting), the driving isn't very good, and it's hard to interact with the world, which feels pretty artificial.

The moment to moment stuff youre doing isn't very good, the stuff between the good cutscenes and dialogue. Overall I'd give it a 6 with the bugs, 7 without on PC (I didn't have anything crazy, but enough to hinder the experience, consoles sound like a nightmare). It's a good game but not a great one, but you can see the potential even if you didn't follow the hype which helps make it feel disappointing.

ID: gq2uzbu

yeah I just loved the game and went start to finish with absolutely nothing really bad happening the entire playthrough except one time my motorcycle flew away.

Played the PS4 version too which people like to claim is ultra broken, worked fine for me. Which seems impossible if it was as objectively broken as reddit claims.

ID: gq1x17d

This. Objectively speaking, it's an absolutely incredible game, with writing beyond any non CDPR game. But the trailers hyped people up too much.

ID: gq3weqk

I just finished the game after about 59 hours of gameplay and kinda same. Driving is meh , combat was enjoyable and side quests were good especially the brawls.

I got the ending I wanted with the girl I wanted, felt attached to a few characters and didn't care about others.

19 : Anonymous2021/03/07 02:43 ID: gq243zl

Tragically flawed game, but it still has some of the best characters and stories of any game I’ve ever played, and the most beautifully detailed, fleshed out city I’ve ever come across. As someone who plays games mostly for the stories and characters, I think that’s why I personally still love it.

ID: gq2fud5

Both characters and the open-world have been done better by RDR2, IMO.

Edit: My thoughts on the game align pretty well with Danny O'Dwyer, so here's his review. He believes RDR2 deserves debate and discussion on the level of The Wire, because the game represents the most thematically cohesive representation of an idea - the idea in question being "The end of an era and a way of life."

I couldn't agree more, everything in that game has that certain melancholy tinge, you are presented this amazing wild, untamed natural ecosystem and the communities that thrive on it, but it is presented at the moment when industrial civilization and its ideas of acceptable conduct are just starting to encroach on it, so there is a constant vibe of doom and "This being the end of things..."

That is supported with the idea of things ending at the more personal level - the end of the gang, the end of specific characters, specific traits within specific characters, and so forth... The overall effect the game has is spellbinding IMO.

ID: gq2osn1

you're right about the city but play some other games man for characterization and stories, lol.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:15 ID: gq1o97k

Cyberpunk 2077 is more or less to the Witcher 3, that GTA is to RDR.

One is set in a somewhat modern setting (both GTA and CP2077 are technically in the 21st century, anyways), the other is set in a fictionalized/fantastical version of a period in history (19th century Western, 14th Century Poland), with the difference in setting mostly effecting it's story and action gameplay, with a lot of similarities and parallels otherwise (like similar mission structure, similar NPC behavior, etc).

Looking at the Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk specifically, you got...

Sn open world RPG where you roleplay a specific character rather than a blank slate, with branching dialogue options that fit the characters personality. RPG game mechanics are mostly just gear with stats and a basic skill tree system. Game otherwise plays like an action game. Quests are roughly divided into three tiers, high production value main story quests, medium production side quests, and low production "found" quests. Minimal story branching, with only a handful of decisions having long term consequences. While the game does have Diablo style loot, there's equipment with set stats and locations that tend to be the best thing you can acquire at that level (Witcher School gear, CP2077s Iconic weapons). Came out with a controversy surrounding the game not matching what was previewed in earlier shots and trailers. Also came out with controversy in regards to how glitchy player movement, NPC behavior, crafting and other mechanics, were at launch.

Etc Etc, to me it's honestly the game I really should have expected it to be when it was first announced. Everyone wanted it to rival GTA in it's polish, features and attention to detail, but at the end of the day you play the game not all that differently than you play the Witcher 3, outside of the obvious glaring difference that TW3 is an action game with sword fighting and CP2077 is a shooter.

Even has the same story beats.

Go through this somewhat railroaded prologue, get introduced to your main story dilemma after that's complete, which points you towards three different locations and objectives, which while you can do them in any order, the level recommendation pushes you towards a specific order.

Once that is done you're 80% of the way to the ending, and right around this point the game quietly starts ticking off boxes based on what dialogue options you pick and what quests you've completed, which determines what ending you're likely to get or have the option of picking. The only real hint of how to get each ending is told to you via supernatural means in a separate side quest. Last 5% of the game is a complete railroad with one last big battle sequence ending in a boss fight, followed by a linear dialogue section that's completely different depending on your ending, and your love interest.

ID: gq2s88m

i can see the parallels but i disagree on some points.

geralt is much more fleshed out than v. you're never supposed to think of geralt as your own. v is defined much more by the player but is still railroaded into someone looking to make it into the big leagues because the story requires it. there is a disconnect between the way it's presented and the way it plays out.

imo the quality of writing across the witcher 3 is also much higher. the side quests include some of the best writing in the game, and even many of the witcher contracts are more than just radiant quests. in contrast, most of the writing in cyberpunk feels uninspired. there are high peaks but most if it is just sort of bland.

i think the rest of your comment is on point.

edit: i also wanted to add that the witcher 3's side quests are not only higher in quality and more tonally coherent with the rest of the game but some of them do very noticeably affect both the main quest and the endings. afaik only the romances are considered in cyberpunk and even they are in a pretty shallow way except for panam.

ID: gq2ehwp

More people need to see this, considering how much people on reddit loves to fall over themselves on how much they adore TW3

ID: gq3ay9a

I agree with you. I always think that I must have played a different Witcher 3 to everybody else because nothing about it stood out to me as being exceptional compared to anything else.

RPG game mechanics are mostly just gear with stats and a basic skill tree system. Game otherwise plays like an action game.

Exactly this. The Witcher 3 was one of the most shallow games I have ever played and I don't know why people over egg it as some industry changing video game.

And I felt the exact same way about Cyberpunk.

21 : Anonymous2021/03/07 04:43 ID: gq2fmrw

Idk like I don't think the game is bad, i like the lore and the story seems really interesting but I just don't feel like to play it for some reason. Everything from the crafting, gear, missions, weapon and difficulty balancing, roles, lifepaths, open world feel so unpolished. It feels like a term assignment that has a lot of interesting ideas but only finished a day before the deadline. But obviously cdpr are going to ignore all these problems and say ''old gen consoles am I right haha''.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/06 23:36 ID: gq1gksa

A wonderful experience, in spite of its issues.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/08 05:05 ID: gq6ici6

Back a while ago, I followed the cyberpunk subreddit keenly. Mike Pondsmith would interact with people there and was so excited to do that, to have his vision actualized as a game and to see fans get excited. It was possibly the coolest time to be in that subreddit.

I have to wonder how he feels now. I know he did some promotional interviews during the release window but I haven't seen much from him since then.

I feel real bad for him.

24 : Anonymous2021/03/07 07:08 ID: gq2rpe0

It was so buggy, I kept trying to play it, had to replay like 8 hours of my campaign on a different system, then I just stopped. There's a lot wrong with the game, remove the open world completely and the game would've been far better.

I'm really not that hopeful for a redemption story, it's playable now, but far from good. It's really a shame, and CDPR really did this all to themselves, so all you can do is look at is as a lesson, welp I guess I should stop preordering games cause this type of shit keeps happening.

25 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:34 ID: gq1r1rv

Feels like an awesome Ubisoft game, and if released in a vacuum would be seen in far better graces.

For what we were sold it would be, beyond individual hype, it falls short in every manner.

ID: gq3739v

Funny that your individual hype is somehow more objective than others.

ID: gq3vc65

you are really not giving Ubisoft enough credit. Nor did you watch the video?

26 : Anonymous2021/03/07 01:55 ID: gq1zcm0

I liked the game, solid 8/10 for me. People need to understand to temper expectations for every product; games, movies, books, comics, shows, etc.

For what it's worth I followed almost zero marketing.

ID: gq3ttj8

I followed zero marketing as well. But the bugs and the shallowness of the game were just too much for me. During the tutorial mission there were NPCs glitching out in the background and T posing. When the ambulance came to pick up the girl it slingshotted away at 1000mph and the medics were left floating in air and then started flying away in a non existent ambulance.

ID: gq3azg8

While I certainly think that many people made the game out to be 100x more than it ever could have been. It's worth noting that even if all you did was take the developers at their word about the vision they claimed to have for the game, the end product would still have been a massive disappointment.

ID: gq3g370

Don't you think that's a bit high with the number of bugs the game has?

ID: gq4bknc

It's extremely buggy and the open world is beyond horrible. Every single feature besides the story was botched. Civilian AI and vehicle AI simply wasn't added. A police or bounty system simply wasn't added. Activities to do in the world simply weren't added.

If this were a linear story, then sure, I think it could flourish (if you fix the enemy AI), but when you make it an open world, there's a certain level of features and polish that are required for it not to be crap.

27 : Anonymous2021/03/08 07:48 ID: gq6u8i4

Anyone else remember all the posts on here of like hundreds of different people who actually booked work off for this game. They were saying shit like “Yeah this is CDPR so worst case scenario it’ll be a solid 9/10.” How did that work out for ya?

This is fucking hilarious and I’m sick of pretending it’s not.

28 : Anonymous2021/03/07 08:25 ID: gq2wmzn

Any older gamers here? Ive only just hit 30 but i was first burned by Fable. I swear its mainly youngsters that fall fo this; i knew this game would flop from day 1.

ID: gq37qps

I wasnt expecting a generational experience but I did expect it to be a competent rpg at least since the witcher gamers are, so I found it disapointing. Just not spore levels of disapoint even with similar levels of hype

ID: gq601vl

I didn't fall for the hype at all with this game. I wasn't expecting it to flop but I had a strong feeling it wouldn't live up to the hype

ID: gq3808j

I remember posting a comment telling everyone that there was no way that you would be able to drive a flying car and it being downvoted. I wouldn't say I "knew this game would flop" but I certainly had my suspicions remembering things like Fable and watchdogs, not to mention the slow evolution of GTA over the years more or less convincing me that you can't jump to Witcher meets GTA V but with loads of interiors in one fucking game.

I'm a chunk of years older than you and yeah I knew it would disappoint on many levels, but I certainly thought it would be better than it is.

ID: gq2zw8c


I used to really like Fable when it came out

I played recently just for remembering it and shit is bad man

ID: gq3ft6s

Half life 2 for me. I think everyone has that one game or piece of media that teaches them to temper expectations a bit and every few years we see a new round of young people that got caught up in the hype too much

ID: gq3nteb

Hype trains are usually throttled by younger gamers, “Gen Z” as they are classified as. It all comes down to naivety.

29 : Anonymous2021/03/07 02:24 ID: gq2299i

A really bad open world game. And that is based on comparing it to any GTA game, Watchdogs, or Sleeping Dogs. Next gen my ass.

And I’m not saying I didn’t like the story. If you are going to play in the modern open world game development you have to have the basics. The world felt so lifeless and unimportant.

30 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:57 ID: gq1tj9u

I only played about 3 or 4 hours. Plan to come back to this game next December when hopefully it's been patched into the game it should have been at launch. And I was playing the Stadia version which by all accounts was one of the better ways to play. But I still ran into too many glitches than I was willing to put up with.

31 : Anonymous2021/03/06 23:58 ID: gq1kkbx

On the Xbox X it played without too many bugs and glitches for me. I’ve heard the horror stories from other unlucky gamers about not making it 10 minutes into the story. With that being said the expectations were so high for this game there was really no way for it to live up to the hype. I enjoyed playing it but I felt it was very repetitive through the middle 80% of the story.

ID: gq1oxno

This feels like an excuse everyone uses when something is disappointing. I can think of several examples of hyped media that came out and pleased nearly everyone. People's expectations are usually very reasonable with hype just meaning they're very excited. Sometimes things just suck.

ID: gq1xbdk

I also played on the One X, hooked up to a 4k TV.

The most annoying bug I had was earlier on, when the game would hard crash to the dashboard every two hours or so when I triggered a large load-point.

Console wise, playing at 4k did make texture pop-in very apparent. Its obvious they hadn't optimized for the newer consoles yet, but it was able to handle what felt like 60fps very consistently.

ID: gq1tk5k

Yeah, I played it on Series X and it ran pretty much perfectly. Steady 60fps as far as I could tell, looked pretty enough, never encountered any glitches. The issue with me is that I just got kinda bored with it after a while. I think I stopped playing right before the ending because I just kinda lost interest with it. I wouldn't say it's a bad game (I've played some bad games in my life, Cyberpunk doesn't even come close), it's just not all that great either. 10 years from now it'll be remembered for the hype and controversy rather than the actual game.

32 : Anonymous2021/03/07 17:51 ID: gq47stk

The "Life Path" was a stupid choice. And all it actually amounts to is a dialogue choice. It feels like they decided one choice was the correct path and the other two were shoehorned in, because they needed an excuse to make you feel that "choices matter".

33 : Anonymous2021/03/07 12:46 ID: gq3cd73

I put about 10-15 hours into it, only just getting into the main story by like 1-2 missions, then uninstalled it.

Nothing really drew me in. I'll admit the setting and visuals were cool, but the game itself felt bloated and everything jumbled together. Like one of the first side missions you get is the fight club one and the majority of the missions are locked off. I barely scraped through the brothers fight after 2 attempts and losing all my money, then tried another later after things opened up (I think the guy with the car) and he one-shotted me. Like why was this given out so early in the game?

Or another problem was I apparently wandered into a higher level part of the game and was suddenly surrounded by enemies I basically couldn't even scratch. So that killed my interest in going out and exploring because I couldn't really figure out how enemies were distributed or supposed to gate off areas.

The graphical and visual bugs just kinda sucked the last of the fun out.

34 : Anonymous2021/03/07 12:52 ID: gq3cufh

I fell like CDPR fans never played their games. All 3 Witcher games were a mess, it just happens that the third one wasn't that different from contemporary messes. All 4 games are the same: bug ridden, with ambitious narrative, but nonsensical gamedesign. Witcher 1 literally starts with cutscene of him jumping around roofs, yer there is no jumping in the game, and in 2 and 3 you take insane fall dammage. Someone HAD to code in fall damage, it doesn't just appears by itself, someobe MADE this choice with zero regard to if it makes sense.

35 : Anonymous2021/03/07 07:00 ID: gq2r71m

I disagree with his stance on the Temperance ending. I didn't really feel like the personality change was that extraordinary. Johnny by the time of the ending, was also a Johnny that had been brought back to life to see all the mistakes he made in life thrown back into his face, before becoming fully resurrected by an incredibly selfless act from V. Just as the game warns about Johnny changing V, V can also change Johnny. I thought the Temperance ending was a fantastic ending that summed up the themes of personal legacy that's been echoing throughout the game from the beginning.

I also feel like there's a weird confirmation bias (?) in Noah's analysis on the narrative. I agree that Nomad start to end was a satisfying journey, but I feel like he's also reaching a little to say that's the definitive structure of the narrative (and therefore the game would have worked better as a linear storyline). I get the impression of a little circularity in this conclusion, where it feels like he already felt the game works better a linear game and is working backwards to justify it.

ID: gq3vnwh

he says it’s the definitive structure because it is the most complete one, not because it’s the best happy ending or because he liked it more. He meant it because it’s the one that makes more sense and is more coherent with itself.

ID: gq5f8si

Just as the game warns about Johnny changing V, V can also change Johnny.

this should've made it good, but it still was cloying and befwoqfbo

36 : Anonymous2021/03/07 03:25 ID: gq288dk

Is combat in this game, like, bad? I gave up playing more than a quarter of the way through and it was because I just played Panam's quest with all those desert shootouts. It just sucks. There's no impact. There's no feedback. The enemies are too tanky and do too much damage. Their AI is too simple.

ID: gq3byi4

I found there to be a weird latency with the gunplay as well. Idk how to exactly explain it, but the gunplay, in general, has always just felt.....off to me for lack of a better term.

ID: gq2lofg

I wouldn't call it bad, more like bland. If you do side missions and stuff the enemies aren't too big of bullet sponges, but the combat gets boring pretty quick.

37 : Anonymous2021/03/07 15:18 ID: gq3psza

I really enjoyed the story and will definitely do another playthrough or two once they unfuck the game.

38 : Anonymous2021/03/08 04:18 ID: gq6dzlm

I bought the Akira bike then promptly uninstalled that mess. If they can manage to make it half as good as Heart of Stone, I'd be satisfied.

39 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:37 ID: gq786vo

Dude I was fucking scammed, lied to and the game was falsed advertised.

If we actually lived in a fair society, this company should get sued to the ground and be demanded REFUNDS FOR ALL.

These fucking scammers denied me a refund. I will never ever buy a game from these liars ever again.

40 : Anonymous2021/03/07 07:04 ID: gq2rh7z

Man, you know, I'm not much of an open world gamer, it's been years since I played one, but I jumped into cyberpunk because everybody did, and while I was horribly underwhelmed by the game, it wasn't until I started Spiderman just the other day when it struck me just how empty Cyberpunk was, not just in terms of quests and that but just the whole world. There was like, nothing to do, anywhere. The world map was a glorified quest hub, not a place to actually explore and do anything. And this bog standard shit that works in every other game, like fucking cars, god just nothing worked at all.

It's not even worth it for them to really save it at this point. Fix the bugs and call it a day. People are done. It's not a good game. Drop it, pretend it never existed, and move on. I fear they're going to sink years putting DLC into this half-hearted effort rather than rebooting into a new title and hopefully redeeming themselves.

ID: gq4omq5

As someone who loved the game, I hope they don't drop it. I think this game deserves the amazing DLC Witcher 3 got, because underneath a lot of the jank it's a better game than W3 imo

41 : Anonymous2021/03/07 05:39 ID: gq2kto0

I really love this game but even if it was running perfect with no glitches or bugs people would be disappointed. I didn’t watch the marketing trailers before release and I loved the Witcher so this felt like a cool new light RPG from the same developers - played it on the PS5. CDPR are carried by their writers and story team. Also should have had the double jump unlocked from the start as it makes the game way better to play.

The main problem for me was the false marketing. Why I don’t believe they advertised this game as GTA 6 (lots of people were weirdly expecting this) they did promise the moon and then couldn’t even deliver a stable product.

IMO it’s a great narrative game and I hope they stick with it. The world building is fantastic and I loved the relationships V develops. Soundtracks is also soo soo good, from the radio to the score. I’d be sad if they abandoned it.

ID: gq3wa3i

the problem with this game is that it’s unfinished. And not the kind of Patch-It-Later, it’s as Noah puts it “imagination can’t be patched in later”. Everything is unfinished, solid ideas that aren’t complete, and not in a “oh it’s just punching a couple of lines of code in” way. More in a, conceptually flawed way. How did FF XIV turn itself around and change gaming landscape forever? they relaunched the game by basically making a new one. Cyberpunk can’t just patch in what it’s missing because its core is mediocre. The economy is pointless, leveling system is just numbers going up, driving is awful, the game is the incompetent because it feels like too many games at the same time. As the video states, it feels like The Room. You go from “You’re tearing me apart Lisa!!!” to “oh hai Mark” in one second.

And they don’t need to fix the game, because although their reputation is tarnished, they already made bank. It would make little sense for them to redo something that people bought into already. As Noah also puts it, the second you step out of the main story, the game breaks. Not just in terms of bugs, but in terms of design, writing, creativity.

It’s sad but also fitting, that a game about taking down evil corporations is everything wrong with the industry.

42 : Anonymous2021/03/07 08:19 ID: gq2w9tl

Just a soulless experience.

Npcs not directly involved in named quests have zero lines of dialogue.

Game plays like a fallout new Vegas mod; so many missed animations, poorly implemented voice overs, and awkward ai bugs

43 : Anonymous2021/03/07 05:46 ID: gq2lf3k

To me even if the game shipped 100% bug free it just feels generic. Nothing in the game is reinventing the wheel, and the things the game tries to do other games do better.

Like down the road if someone asked me if they should play the game when its on sale for like $30 I'd tell them to go for it if there is nothing else they wanna try. But as it stands with a full retail price to me it just isn't worth the money.

44 : Anonymous2021/03/07 11:19 ID: gq36tlc

It felt like playing an extremely well made Max Payne mod.

It felt not like I was actually seeing these characters in their world with their style and rather I was seeing a bunch of not totally perfect cosplayers after a convention.

45 : Anonymous2021/03/07 05:46 ID: gq2lfm9

Part of me hopes they take this and pull a Hello Games and turn it into something amazing, another victim to the crunch with this story honestly... I feel like that sincerely has to happen to redeem their reputation as a studio, because it might effect their future projects to customer's otherwise.

ID: gq2slpb

if you watch the essay, noah points out why that probably isn't going to happen. they try to do too many things at once with the game and no amount of patching will fix that unless they actually do away with parts of the game. he also points out that they'd have to do complete rewrites as the character of v and even big parts of the story are just a mismatched video game adaptation of decades of cyberpunk media which sort of loses the edge cyberpunk as a genre usually has.

46 : Anonymous2021/03/07 15:42 ID: gq3shfx

I enjoyed it even with all the bugs. It looked as visually appealing as most other AAA titles. It was like 80 hours of single player content that I enjoyed and likely won't go back and revisit, just like the Witcher series. It gave me exactly what I expected it to be just in an unpolished state. The polishing although would have been appreciated, I don't think it would have drastically altered my opinion of the game being an enjoyable AAA story driven hacky/shooter

47 : Anonymous2021/03/07 18:11 ID: gq4asj3

Just a well written game with an amazing cast of characters. I expected more from the gameplay and RPG elements.

48 : Anonymous2021/03/07 10:55 ID: gq35gl7

This game has proven my own personal strategy for enjoying and consuming media right.

Avoid. The. Hype.

It's an absolutely fine FPS, in a really interesting setting, with some cool ideas. For me it was what I wanted Watch Dogs to be! I really loved hacking into peoples brains and making them kill each other, and riding around on my motorcycle and jumping around and smashing stuff. It was neat hanging out with Keanu Reeves.

Seeing what they promised in the PR hype machine beforehand, I see now why people are upset. It's not a next gen game. It didn't really do much I hadn't seen before. It's a standard video game world.

It's about expecations. If you go to mcdonalds and order a cheeseburger you're gonna be perfectly content when you get that cheeseburger. If you go to a steak house and order a filet mignon and then get a mcdonalds cheeseburger you're going to be pissed.

Video game pre launch hype only exists to drive up sales. It doesn't care if you have a good experience. The team behind it are often third party marketeers who will only go on to tell the next video game company about their day one sales numbers and how great they are - never tell the company the damage failing to deliver causes.

Do yourself a favour and stop watching trailers. Stop trusting known liars. There's like 20 year old Penny Arcade comics about this very issue.

ID: gq3vrv6

did you watch the video? I find it weird to read so many comments about PR and marketing in this thread, when Noah barely acknowledges the marketing

49 : Anonymous2021/03/07 03:32 ID: gq28wto

The game was a disaster especially post launch. It was handled very poorly. I hope lessons were learnt by other AAA gaming companies because I've seen a lot of people who have gotten burned because of Cyberpunk and they've lost all enthusiasm for any future releases.

50 : Anonymous2021/03/07 02:55 ID: gq25aj8

Cyberpunk 2077, as it is, is simply not a next gen game, no matter how many choices the story presents, no matter how detailed and beautiful it is, the design and structure of the game are firmly planted in the 8th gen Open World RPG that The Witcher 3 pretty much defined.

ID: gq3c9gt

completely agree.

51 : Anonymous2021/03/07 03:50 ID: gq2amgc

Man I really appreciate this post and all the stuff people have been saying about the game in comments.

I'm definitely one of those people who was super excited about it and then got bummed when I saw some of the bad reviews. Then it became a war of essentially people who would defend it to the end and people who hated everything about it. I could never decided whether I was going to get it or not because I could never really get a clear picture of what was really wrong with the game (was it only bug or were there genuinely bad game mechanics).

After a lot of reading through the comments, I definitely think it's going to be a pass for me. I get that the story is outstanding according to a lot of people, even people who overall didn't like the game. But for me, I also need the RPG game mechanics that make the world feel real and make your character feel unique to you. It seems the game not only had a lot of bugs, but it also lacked a lot of well crafted RPG mechanics and mechanics that they had originally promised.

ID: gq3c7j7

Honestly, I would suggest picking it up in like 3 or 4 years for $5-10 bucks and go in with zero expectations. Play it when you have nothing else you really want to play and you might have an alright time. At least by then, whatever fixes they are going to implement will probably be done.

52 : Anonymous2021/03/07 06:03 ID: gq2mrmp

So I didn't listen to most of the video but I get what's going on here and I just want to pitch in with my experience. I, like everybody else, was very excited for this game. On launch day for PC, I streamed it and I had a decent enough time going through the first few missions but I wasn't totally enthralled or anything and I knew then and there that something was off... because I turned the game off and couldn't really feel that desire to go back, the thought of "man, I can't wait to play again soon!" I still have never experienced that.

I love the concept of the game, the lore, the world, etc., but the game itself just feels so bad in my hands. I have a decent rig and even on medium settings it runs poorly a significant amount of the time, I still get bugs, and the general gameplay is honestly just really unsatisfying to me for some reason. I thought the gunplay, at least, would be enjoyable, and it is in some parts that I've experienced, but largely not. I've only played for like 6-7 hours so far because I just can't be bothered to get back into the game, my desire has waned, and I kind of don't even care about finishing the story at this point to be completely honest... I think I may just drop it, which is sad. I don't think I'm really trying to be convinced to give it another shot, I just wanted to share my thoughts. :/

53 : Anonymous2021/03/07 02:58 ID: gq25jqw

I disagree with this guy. It's not bad because the concept it's trying to adapt is outdated or whatever. It's bad because they advertised a different game than what they delivered. It's like NMS, they promised a DEEP experience and this game doesn't even have functioning traffic. The character creator is basic. The NPC's are less advanced than Morrowind.

I'm totally fine with retro-futuristic. I would have bought the game if that was the only issue. I own all the Fallout games and have played most of them.

I also disagree with the idea that this not being a roleplaying game would make it better. Was that the problem? If there's no meaningful choices how much time did that eat up anyway?

Why can't this guy just talk about this game? ...Jesus this is only 10 minutes in.

54 : Anonymous2021/03/07 09:33 ID: gq30pzd

Story, characters, the city's design and the soundtrack are all great. Other than that, well, a lot of mistakes. Game is a solid 9/10 for me, but could've been way better. It is definitely one of the best games I played, now I wish they won't make the same mistakes with their next big games, because Cyberpunk definitely had more potential that they used.

55 : Anonymous2021/03/07 03:49 ID: gq2aje5

I've said it before: this game to me is effectively a total conversion mod of Fallout 4, but somehow much worse in the role-playing department. For as much Fallout 4 discourages multiple characters because you can effectively be anything due to infinite level, you can still make branching path choices. In Cyberpunk, a majority of decisions only matter at the very end.

56 : Anonymous2021/03/07 15:39 ID: gq3s4g7

A shitty buggy mess of a game.... It's not a good game. People need to stop fanboying this shit. It's crap. Admit it.

57 : Anonymous2021/03/07 08:04 ID: gq2vckd

Has Mike Pondsmith made any comments about the game?

58 : Anonymous2021/03/07 10:36 ID: gq34dsw

For me personally, it was an expensive disappointment. I've played around 1.5 hours of it, just enough to complete the lifepath quest, then the optional VR tutorial and the extraction gig at the apartment. I have no desire to ever play it again, since all the patches and improvements in the world can't offset the feeling of being bamboozled and taken for a chump

59 : Anonymous2021/03/07 11:14 ID: gq36jei

It was a whiplash of a release so the momentum dropped right off. IMO still a great game just not a patch on Witcher 3.

60 : Anonymous2021/03/07 12:30 ID: gq3b98s

It was a garbage video game, with people overhyping it. I knew it wasn't going to be a rdr2 or a witcher 3 when I saw the gameplay.

61 : Anonymous2021/03/07 13:17 ID: gq3eosv

So much potential wasted just because the executives wanted Covid Sales. Sure they got it, the game sold bananas at launch, but unlike TW 3, it dropped immediately after launch. And now the game has been forgotten by now. Just for a quick buck. So short sighted, and they also jettisoned their reputation.

62 : Anonymous2021/03/07 13:18 ID: gq3etb6

I think it’s a huge gamble also to make a sci fi rpg in a realistic tone ( like Blade Runner ). It’s much, much harder to convince people. It’s well known that high fantasy or medieval fantasy, is much more popular. Even ia more realstic setting, a medieval rpg is far more attractive. I remember watching an entire playthrough of Kingdom Come Deliverance on Twitch it was like watching a movie, loved the main character.

But it holds true for RDR 2 as well, I ‘m not sure that Rockstar would have been able to pull off Cyberpunk either.

Also personally I feel the game’s world is a bit grotesque. I remember watching Dansgame laughing so hard because there was dildo’s everywhere. I thought.. is this game designed by 15 year olds? Is this how you represent a society that is more free sexually? Again it makes me think they chewed on something much bigger than they could handle.

And it also cues in the Starship Citizen debacle... another game trying to represent hard / realistic scifi... looks like they aren’t doing so great in terms of managing the scope.

63 : Anonymous2021/03/07 09:42 ID: gq31a4u

Ok, I didn't watch this video as it's an hour and a half long, but I figured I'd toss in my 2 cents anyway. I started the game at launch, stopped due to bugs, then played the rest about 2 months later. My steam play time is 148 hours, but it's probably closer to 100.

The game looked absolutely amazing. It really felt like Neuromancer: The Game. I loved the world they built, the aggressively "edgy" attitude, the variety & fashion of the random NPCs, but most especially I loved the characters and writing. All the endings were absolutely phenomenal and brought me to tears. Even the bad ending is really amazing to play through. Cyberpunk is by far the most emotional impactful game I've ever played (read: I cried a lot), well above my old favorites, Transistor and Red Dead Redemption 1.

The gameplay was actually pretty cool, but it lacked meaningful enemy variety so you can approach every fight the same way. Incoming damage is a bit of a clusterfuck. Sometimes you took almost no damage from a weapon, sometimes you got one-shot. Some balance changes are definitely needed as well... Tech weapons are extremely overpowered and trivialize every fight, like you're wallhacking with an AWP in CS 1.6.

I felt the same way about content in Cyberpunk that I did in Witcher 3: there's far too much low quality content, which kind of dilutes the high quality content. I would have been much happier with a few more side missions or main quests with far less gigs/hustles, which just felt like filler. That said, I actually did do everything on the map, just because I didn't want the game to end. It did feel like a chore, though.

The game definitely falls apart when you look at it as a simulation like GTA or Skyrim. AI behavior in the city and in combat isn't great... There's no cop cars or real vehicle chases. AI just doesn't respond well to you just fucking around (cops literally spawn right behind you when you raise the police level). I'm ok with this, but I understand it turns off a lot of people. I also still encountered some bugs 2 months in: cars spawning inside EVERYTHING, hostile NPCs sometimes flagged as friendly, and objectives not loading or registering as completed. The last was the worst one, and I believe it happened 3 times total. Luckily they were all fixed with a reload from just a few min before. Not great... Definitely not bad compared to some games of old, but I expect better from modern AAA game. It's much better now than the clusterfuck at launch, though.

ID: gq3macy

Ok, I didn't watch this video

Don't worry dude, none of the people responding to this thread have watched it. Every response is just a "I want to give my very important take on Cyberpunk" :]

I also didn't read your wall of text, because I don't care. Sorry 😛

ID: gq3bt0b

I would highly recommend watching the video when you have the opportunity. In fact, I would highly recommend basically any of Noah's videos. In my opinion, when it comes to real analysis of videogames, he is one of, if not the best there is. If you are ever bored and have an hour or so to kill, give him a chance, I don't think you will be disappointed.

64 : Anonymous2021/03/07 18:15 ID: gq4bd5t

I put 60 hours in the game. Most of it December and the rest in January. Haven’t played since and most of my time spent on the game was on side missions. I’m probably in the first half of the main story still and have no interest in continuing the story.

I hope we get an open world cyberpunk game but at half the size of 2077’s world. This way the devs can focus on more details and let us do more, such as going in most rooms/buildings, pick up almost any item, etc.

65 : Anonymous2021/03/08 06:26 ID: gq6opx1

If the game was released by any other developer and hadn't had such a controversial release you wouldn't see anywhere near as much criticism of Cyberpunk 2077.

Some of the criticism is valid and some of it is absolute bandwagon-jumping nonsense, it's just how much more common the latter is presented in the comments which is tiresome.

Look at how many comments criticise the game but do not balance their criticism with ANY praise and there are praiseworthy aspects to CP 2077. The presentation, the characters, the gunplay, some of the writing, the world, the soundtrack etc.

Compare to The Witcher 3's reddit reaction back in 2015. The inverse was somewhat true, it was praised beyond belief but there was often valid criticism to balance the statement to be found.


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