Next-Gen PlayStation VR Is 4K Plus Eye-Tracking & Vibration

1 : Anonymous2021/05/10 20:30 ID: n9f9br
Next-Gen PlayStation VR Is 4K Plus Eye-Tracking & Vibration
2 : Anonymous2021/05/10 20:54 ID: gxnj7xz

I am stoked for PSVR2. Will be my first VR set, whenever it comes out.

ID: gxnzuou

Yea that will probably be my jump in point. Of coarse that also depends on what software comes out

ID: gxoht0z

The cool thing here is that it should potentially be easier for developers to port their old VR games to the new headset (I’m no developer so I’m not sure if that’s completely accurate or not). So I’d assume a lot of updated PSVR 1 games will be in the lineup for PSVR 2 just to get them a larger catalog to draw interest. And that’s great because a lot of people may not have had the opportunity to play these PSVR 1 games yet!

Good news all around. 4K VR with eye tracking?!?! I’m in day 1! Unless it’s like $1,500. lol.

ID: gxo4eor

Same. I'm waiting until next year before I jump into the PS5 and I'll probably do the same with VR. For now I'll stick with my PS4 and no VR lol. I'm in no rush.

ID: gxoc6jx

The vr space has grown massively thanks to the pandemic and the popularity of the oculus quest. If there’s one thing I’m sure of it’s that there will be a decent amount of games made compared to previously

ID: gxo8up8

Same so excited. After getting the ps5 my first thought was get the first vr, but then the second one got announced so stoked!

ID: gxogebg

My question is when will we get games like GTA or Cod in first person, that would be next level

ID: gxotuji

When enough people buy it to justify the budget.

ID: gxp6jgl

Games built from the ground up for VR are typically better...

But damn did I put in 100s of hours into no man's sky VR

ID: gxowlnx

I highly doubt anything of that caliber or scale will come out. I'd like to be proven wrong. The thing about cod is how fast and arcadey it is, just thinking about that level of gameplay in vr gets me nauseous. But there are plenty of tactical shooters and mods to make games like GTA vr.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/10 20:39 ID: gxnh5kw

For those not hip on VR tech, foveated rendering is an inevitable holy grail that will make it so that VR is an order of magnitude easier to run than games on traditional displays. The human eye can only resolve an area about the size of your thumbnail at arms length in full clarity. You can try just looking around you while paying attention to how much of your vision is actually in focus, or you can use this for a pretty instant example.

So what this means is that it is unnecessary to render 98% of the image in full resolution because your eyes cannot resolve those details anyway. So now you have an image that is perfectly sharp in the 2% you are rendering at full res, but as soon as you move your pupils off center then it's going to be very noticeable. To combat this in HMDs like the Quest while also getting some perf benefit they essentially match the full res area with the sharpest center part of the lens and then gradual reduce res towards the edges where you're getting some optical blu

anyway. This static style is called "fixed foveated rendering" or "lens matched shading" and it does improve performance but can be noticeable and still leaves a boatload of potential rendering savings on the table.

Now enter eye tracking that is fast and accurate enough to keep up with eye movements and you can render only the part of the display you are looking at in a specific moment in full resolution while going as far as filling in the rest with an ML inferred reconstruction based off of a sparse cloud. Once this gets fully worked out and solved, you would get an absolutely gamechanging rendering cost reduction (20x reduction according to FB's Michael Abrash and that's not out of line with other experts) while being indistinguishable from rendering the whole damn thing at once. Gabe Newell a couple years back talked about how he believes we will hit a point where VR HMDs leapfrog traditional displays and anyone that wants to see the highest graphical fidelity will need to put one on their face, this is what he was talking about and it is going to happen eventually.

ID: gxni0g8

This a great explanation thank u for taking the time to write it

ID: gxo522o

I think this is all very promising. The PSVR2’s listed resolution of 2000×2040 per eye is higher than the Quest2. It doesn’t quite beat the industry leader, but it’s certainly an upgrade from 1080x1200 per eye on the original PSVR without driving the cost up too much. Adding to it, inside out tracking as well as gaze/focus tracking w/ foveated rendering, which essentially cut down on a TON of wasted graphical and processing power by not bothering to render what you can’t see as you don’t have eyes in the back of your head.

With the PS5’s SSD as a baseline powering every single PSVR2, and it’s blazing fast I/O, it will be able to rapidly load in and out assets that are crucially important to any scene, and then foveated rendering will further just worry about that very specific region of the image that your eyes are focusing on with a high degree of fidelity. To a lesser extent, the things in your peripheral vision will be there too, and when your gaze shifts to those locations, they’ll then become the new center of focus and will have the increased level of graphical fidelity.

The PSVR2 won’t be entirely wireless, as it will run on a USB-C (but those cables can be fairly lightweight, and certainly moreso than the PSVR’s current cables). Back when Sony first talked about their plans for the PSVR2, they also discussed the possibility of ranged/wireless options. I expect the USB-C will be the default version that will keep the cost low, but they might release a secondary wireless option or a ranged upgrade that might tap into your local network or just interface directly with an adapter plugged into the PS5.

One of the biggest advantages that Sony will have are the new PSVR2 DualSense controllers. They’ll have the new haptic feedback implementation as well as the adaptive triggers, with the long awaited analogue sticks on both controllers and splitting the face buttons with two on the left, two on the right (as well as the bumpers as “grips” in addition to the adaptive triggers). Sony is so far ahead of everyone else in terms of this and when it comes to VR, immersion is the name of the game. They can use these to simulate the virtual size or weight or texture of an object.

VR “replaces” your existing vision but mimics it to a high degree that matches the way your eyes work with the gaze/focus tracking, and the DualSense will augment your sense of touch on top of that. It’s gonna provide a really powerful VR headset fit for your living rooms and bedrooms, with the ability to run the best games on it (whereas the Quest will need to link to a PC to do the same, and they don’t have a baseline SSD requirement).

Franchises like Hitman also prove that you can take an existing title and bring it to VR and provide an entirely new experience; in this case shifting from third person to first person VR. It would be easy to adapt FPS titles like GTAV, RDR2, CyberPunk 2077, Call of Duty, Mirror’s Edge, etc. (sadly we won’t see Prey, Dishonored, Starlink, Elder Scrolls 6, etc. now) but I’d love to see stuff like Deus Ex brought to VR. This would also help to bridge the content gap until there are enough VR headsets out there to justify the kind of budgets required to make exclusive AAA quality VR titles from the ground up. If Sony shows up with the games to match their shiny new headset, I think we’re in for a giant leap forward in terms of VR adoption.

ID: gxpeyjj

The big question is, what's the FOV. PSVR's is relly low and a high FOV really helps with immersion.

ID: gxpcuqd

I've used Quest2 pretty extensively, a friend has it. The graphic resolution fidelity is absolutely primo. No noticeable screen-door effect at all.

For the PSVR2 to be a bit better than that is fantastic and exactly what I was hoping to hear.

ID: gxnmg2v

Is there any reason why this couldn’t be applied to traditional displays (like a tracking bar below the screen), albeit with less impact due to larger rendering areas (depending on the player’s distance to the screen)?

ID: gxnnbfy

TV screen is a lot smaller part of your field of view than a VR screeen when playing games. Plus tracking eyeballs is a lot easier when the sensor is right it your face than meters away. Not feasible and not worth it.

ID: gxo7pn6

I have an Alienware laptop that has Tobii eye tracking built in and it can do this, it is surprisingly accurate, it tracks better than the Kinect ever tracked anything. For me atleast the only issue is that it thinks I am looking about 5mm to the left. I have really dark brown eyes so that probably makes a difference.

It is up to the game developers to implement features, the only real games that use the features are Ubisoft and Square games. But yes it is possible.

ID: gxoms3l

This is so cool and I’m little embarrassed at age 40 I had no idea how blurry outside a certain range my eyes were.

ID: gxojmto

The human eye can only resolve an area about the size of your thumbnail at arms length in full clarity.

Couldn't see a truer example than the one provided. Thanks for the ELI5 level explanation.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/10 23:30 ID: gxo34v0

Psvr is pretty low quality and it is still pretty damn amazing to play. Bought it a bit on a whim when it released and it was and is still an absolute blast. Recently got ace combat for cheap and it is crazy in VR. So is re7. I wish re8 was vr compatible.

ID: gxp00f4

Skyrim vr is an absolute banger of a time

ID: gxp9rli

Completely different experience than the flat screen, I get scared easily and my skin was crawling when I went into dungeons or a dragon came down out of nowhere

ID: gxpl5b5

I'm 100% convinced RE8 will be a psvr2 launch game.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/10 21:32 ID: gxnoejf

this is going to be insane if true. I’m glad to see sony innovating instead of making cheaper products

ID: gxoshwq

I was a little afraid that Sony would skimp on features like this in order to compete with the Quest 2's price point, but they seem to know what they're doing (which shouldn't have been a surprise, but still).

ID: gxpkdax

I'm worried they're gonna abandon the 120Hz RGB OLED they currently use and switch to cheaper to a cheaper LCD so they can compete at the low price.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/10 20:45 ID: gxni0xq

To those who don’t know, PSVR2 already has two confirmed titles: Pavlov Shack and Low-Fi.

Also, would really love a wireless option too.

ID: gxnixjh

Probably a dumb question, but I thought Pavlov Shack was the downgraded Quest version of the main game, right? With the PS5 being more powerful than most VR-capable PCs running normal Pavlov, shouldn't it be the full game coming to PSVR2?

ID: gxnm0hx

I guess it’s not about the graphics performance but about the workshop content which is a crucial part of Pavlov on pc (play whatever maps of any old famous fps) but probl won’t be possible on ps5

ID: gxoetp7

Give me Half Life: Alyx and I'm so in.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/11 04:14 ID: gxoyo5r

A motor in the headset can be used by developers to give direct haptic feedback.

Now THIS is what I was curious/wondering about if they would have!

Was thinking what possibilities Haptic Feedback in the Headset could do! My imagination reels at ideas - from basic "feeling the location of the headshot" to the light patter of rain on your head, to feeling the wind blowing against your visor!

ID: gxpeoa1

Or a horror game where something touches the back of your head.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/11 00:11 ID: gxo7yzc

DOA Beach Volleyball + PSVR Eye Tracking.. Oh no...

ID: gxozfbq

"The ball is coming your way, look up!" "I WILL NOT!!!!"

9 : Anonymous2021/05/10 20:47 ID: gxni928

Is the website a reliable source?

ID: gxnig9x

One of the most trustworthy websites when it comes to VR, yes. They were first with various leaks over the years and when they say "reliable sources", I personally trust them.

ID: gxninq6

For VR stuff definitely

10 : Anonymous2021/05/10 20:42 ID: gxnhlfo

Im just excited Sony finally developed some real VR controllers instead of decade old lightbulbs from a failed PS3 Wii imatator...

ID: gxnq45b

Remember, the Move controllers were in development years before the Wii came out. It was never a copy cat

ID: gxoagve

And the move controllers were far superior to the Wii controllers

ID: gxnnbrn

Yeah, the move controllers were never designed for it and made movement a real pain in the ass.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/10 20:46 ID: gxni29b

For all the people out of the loop: Eye-Tracking and Foveated Rendering is considered something like the "holy grail of VR" because it potentially can boost the framerate 10 fold.

That's a best case scenario which will likely not apply here, but according to facebook - putting billions into VR research each year - eye-tracking was not solved for 99% of people 99% of the time back in 2021.

Here is a video explaining how foveated rendering is supposed to work and here are some examples explaining why eye tracking is so hard to get right for virtually all people on the planet at all times.

If Sony is able to nail it in PSVR2, then it's a huge achievement.

ID: gxop59e

back in 2021

Back in 2021?

ID: gxoycaa

back in 2021

are you from the future?

12 : Anonymous2021/05/11 03:57 ID: gxox10r

Holy shit I think Sony really determined to make PSVR 2 actually competitive with others VR headsets. Hope the worldwide shortage has been fixed by then so we don't have to fight for one.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/10 20:45 ID: gxnhz63

Mixed with the haptics and vibration of the dual sense it will be more immersive.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/11 03:29 ID: gxouc27

I did not beat RE7 in VR on ps4pro, looking forward to not beating RE8 in VR on ps5 if that’s a thing

15 : Anonymous2021/05/11 02:00 ID: gxokqgi

My dream would be GT7 with PSVR2 and a full racing kit with wheel, paddles, the works. Imagine the immersion... I'm not particularly into VR, but the idea of this coupled with Gran Turismo makes me drool over the future.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/10 21:07 ID: gxnkzmf

Any word on if it's OLED?


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