Would you buy RX6800XT or RX6900XT for 100€ more ?

1 : Anonymous2021/05/11 12:57 ID: n9wepr

Hello everyone,

Next to where I live, a store has a few 6800 and 6900 in stock, and they cost 1400 and 1500€ respectively, do you think that’s a decent price ? And should I take 6900 for a 100€ more ? (It’s not the reference card, MSI 6800XT TRIO X & ASUS TUF 6900XT O16G OC).

Thanks in advance for the help and advices !

2 : Anonymous2021/05/11 13:01 ID: gxq2vmr

If you’re going to overpay anyway then I would absolutely put in the extra 100€ for the 6900XT. However, these prices are f****d up... they’re just not going to get substantially better for quite some time. If you absolutely have to buy a GPU right now, go for it. If you can wait for another 6 months, or even until early 2022, then wait.

ID: gxq7amf

To imagine that I could sell my 5700 XT for over double the price that I paid in September 2019... I feel really bad for the people who listened to the tech tubers that said to wait for the RTX 30 series before buying a GPU

ID: gxqeeu1

When my friend was buying his PC I told him that he could wait a little and get the new Ryzen and Nvidia 3000 series

I'm glad he didn't listen

ID: gxqcncf


ID: gxqqwt2

I sold my Radeon VII for >3X what I paid new.... Positively insane ROI for a couple years.

ID: gxrbv21

I could sell my RX590 for over double the price that I paid in December 2018. Its insane! It was overpriced and now I could even exchange it for RX 584 with profit.

ID: gxq3ggd

Unfortunately I don’t have another GC at hand, I heard the reference card was around 1200€ so I thought it was not huge bump in price, I might be wrong, other stores and Amazon offer those cards at 2000-3500€

ID: gxq5foy

is there 6800?

3 : Anonymous2021/05/11 13:03 ID: gxq33lf

If it’s only a hundred more definitely get the 6900xt.

ID: gxq3kk5

Okay cool ! Thank you buddy

4 : Anonymous2021/05/11 14:32 ID: gxqejoo

I'd buy the 6900XT at 1500. At MSRP I don't think the extra 10% performance is worth paying 33% more for, but the 6900XT at 100 extra is a no-brainer.

A 6800XT at over 2 x MSRP is just ridiculous.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/11 14:50 ID: gxqgxo4

6900XT is much closer to MSRP €650 vs €1000. So i would go with that if its "only" 100 more.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/11 16:27 ID: gxqutc0

the 6900 xt is far more easier to get altho it has supply issues its not as low in supply compared to 6800 6800 xt or 6700 xt

7 : Anonymous2021/05/11 14:04 ID: gxqam4n

At those prices, the performance difference is larger than the price difference. If you have the money to spend, you may as well get the faster card.

ID: gxqasmg

Thank you !

8 : Anonymous2021/05/11 20:54 ID: gxrxsoe

At these prices go for the 6900XT. A 6800XT at those prices is an insane ripoff. The 6900XT still is at those levels but a lot less so.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/11 14:14 ID: gxqbzii

Both prices are bad... But if you're adding additional 100 euros for an upgrade, that's "worth it" speaking of value... since RX 6900 is about as 10%-ish faster than RX 6800 XT anyways.

Both are from good AIBs.

ID: gxqc5xe

What would be a good value for a 6900xt ?

ID: gxqdi80

Judging from MSRP (which is impossibly ideal), it would be around 1000 dollars.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/11 13:55 ID: gxq9gq3

6900 of course

11 : Anonymous2021/05/11 15:00 ID: gxqig0f

I paid 1100$ for my 6800xt and the guy gave me the receipt for 700$ lol

I was only gonna pay 300 max above retail but then I got my stimulus so I didn't feel as bad dropping the extra 100$

But with the 6900xt you require 850psu and it's gonna run a shitload hotter and louder

ID: gxqkbhg

Indeed, I plan to buy a very good airflow case to counter the heat.

ID: gxql2cb

The good thing about something pricey like this is that it makes you go all out for the airflow

ID: gxqlwby

can't speak for the asus but the msi gaming trio x 6900xt is super quiet, coming from a 980ti user. unless i'm gaming the fans don't even turn on.

This is in a phateks 400 airflow case with 5600 with the box cooler

12 : Anonymous2021/05/11 15:33 ID: gxqn2jn

It depends on many factors like your budget, where you live, the hardware you currently have and if you believe that prices will drop anytime soon. 1500 for a 6900XT is a steep price but what's the price of a 3090? 3080? If they even exist in stores. Personally I wouldn't spend that much on a gpu but that's just me.

I wanted to buy a Nitro+ 6800XT back when AMD launched the 600 series but I came across a Strix LC 6800 XT at my local Micro Center first back in December which at the time was the most expensive AIB model at $900 and I bought because I felt it was worth the price after watching the Hardware Unboxed review of the same product. Looking back I made out alright and I've put over a thousand hours into gaming with it and loving every minute of it. I also lucked out on the silicon quality too.

Maybe it is worth it for you if your current hardware is in a rough shape and things don't improve which they don't seem to be anytime soon.

ID: gxqo8ce

I have a decent budget (3k€), from various price evolution websites, price do not seem to drop anytime soon, it’s actually going to go up (I live in France). Those particular GC were 100€ cheaper 5 months ago.

Nvidia’s GC are closer to 2000-4000€ and completely out of stock except maybe a 3090 at 3700€ on Amazon ..

Unfortunately I don’t have another GC at hand since it’s my first build (switching from console to PC).

Although as explained previously, those prices are with taxes included, the reference card is around 1000-1200€, and Asus tuf 6900 is around 1300-1400€ taxes included (MSRP).

ID: gxrylp6

Well in that case than yeah grab it. The 6800XT or 6900XT is a solid gpu and you will get competitive rasterized performance with Nvidia cards and rumors according to Coreteks latest video AMD's FSR, their DLSS-like feature is supposed to drop in June and that it's been in the hands of developers, if you care for such a feature but I can at least speak from my experience with the 6800XT that it's an absolute beast of a gpu. I'm currently playing through Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition with ray tracing to max at 1440p getting 60 - 80 fps.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/11 17:47 ID: gxr6l0k

I would say that unless you absolutely need a card now that neither is worth it. Both cards are super strong and would probably be a huge upgrade over what you have but it’s entirely possible that in a year or so you’ll be able to buy a stronger card for half the price or hopefully at the very least the same card for half the price. I guess it’s just a question of how much those extra couple hundred euros mean to you to spend on other things in your life or other things in your setup. That said if you have to get a card now I think the extra hundred for a 6900xt is worth It because if you’re spending that much anyways I supposed you’d like to get the best of the best even if the gap in performance is only about 10%

ID: gxrhmzv

It’s my first PC Build

14 : Anonymous2021/05/11 14:16 ID: gxqcawz

don't buy either of those. don't support those aib scalpers

ID: gxqcg83

Where should I buy ?

ID: gxrb95m

In his imaginary world where GPUs are available and selling for MSRP. That's impossible now. If you can't wait, you'll have to pay the inflated prices.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/11 13:15 ID: gxq4iaf

6900 and Asus TUF is slightly better then MSI Trio to me

16 : Anonymous2021/05/11 13:41 ID: gxq7mcj

What the hell is with those prices? I bought my (non-reference, XFX MERC319) RX 6800XT for 1000€ and thought it was expensive...

ID: gxqaweu

Yeah I can’t find anything in that range for a 6900, only 6700 for 1000€

ID: gxqh434

I take it Nvidia cards are even worse? Cause i mean €1500 for a 6900XT i rather just buy a 3090.


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