Anyone upgrade from a 3800x to a 5800x?

1 : Anonymous2021/05/14 16:19 ID: ncchfd

I’m having trouble deciding on whether or not to upgrade. I have an ultra wide 1440p monitor so it’s in between 1440p and 4K. I just got my 3080 gpu as well. I’ve thought about waiting for x570/Z590 and jumping on the next gen platforms but ultimately first gen stuff tends to be the buggiest. I have an Asus Crosshair VII x470 board that works great. I could give my daughter the 3800x to replace her 2600x which still works great for her. Ultimately will I notice much if any difference in gaming? I do play a good bit of AAA titles (got Mass Effect eating, also play CP2077, Tomb Raider, RE) as well as BF5, FFXIV, WoW. I’m happy to be told I won’t notice a difference, I just want to know for sure and it’s tough to find UW benchmarks.

Edit: meant to say X670/Z690.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/14 17:39 ID: gy4h5s4

I was running my 5 month old 6800 XT on a B450/3700X until 2 weeks ago when I upgraded to a B550/5800X and yeah I do notice a difference in some cpu bound games and have sam on. With a 3080 you should notice a similar difference, whether that's worth the cost of upgrade I'm not sure. I gave my B450/3700X to my little brother so I'm quite happy with my upgrade and was worth it to me.

I did a Time Spy test to compare and with the B450/3700X my graphical score was 19110 and with the B550/5800X it's 20358 so yeah there is improvement.

ID: gy4hgg0

Is that on the standard time spy test? I did mine last night when I installed the 3089 and I got 15698 on standard time spy with. 3800x and 3080. What’s your breakdown?

ID: gy4muzu

He's talking about his graphics/GPU score and I think you are talking about the total score?

With my 5600X CPU score is about 8300-8400 and 3070 GPU score is about 14000 and total score is around 12500-13000.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/14 20:21 ID: gy537s6

I upgraded from 3700x to 5800x and saw massive difference in CPU intense games. Playing on 1440p 144hz. If you have the money and you and looking for a solid build, its worth it in my opinion.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/14 19:37 ID: gy4xeqf

I did between an upgrade between the 3950x to the 5950x. For frame time consistency... absolutely worth it... to me w/2080ti

5 : Anonymous2021/05/14 20:20 ID: gy532a7

FFXIV and WoW are >50% faster.

Go run FFXIV bench on desktop(standard) preset and whatever resolution you want, 5800x will do north of 40k.

ID: gy534rs

Holy shit, really?

ID: gy53a3w

Yes, they're enormously memory bound and the new cache and interconnect layout on zen3 removes most of that bottleneck

6 : Anonymous2021/05/14 21:54 ID: gy5f8yx

Not much in AAA games but MMORPGs are notoriously CPU bound so it would be beneficial if you want more FPS.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/14 18:47 ID: gy4qjxt

3080 is powerful gpu and needs faster cpu!!! I have nothing against the 3800x but 5800x should be better if you decided to turn some settings off and trade that for fps...but that all depends on the monitor...i feel it is worth it if you have 240hz monitor, as well as if you play cpu bound games like msfs 2020 , squad or any other competitive titles..

8 : Anonymous2021/05/14 20:15 ID: gy52g52

5800x is a minor upgrade over the 3800x. It makes enough of a difference to pick the newer one if you can (rather than 3800xt vs 3800x), but it's not big enough to justify upgrading alone.

You'll always have a bottleneck somewhere. Is it your CPU? Is it big enough to justify spending a bunch of money for? Will your upgrade last, or will you upgrade to next gen too?

At this point, I'd recommend to get a 5900x if you want to upgrade instead. It's starting to become widely available, and it has a far better price to core count ratio, and newer and newer games will actually use that core count. A 5900x will actually make a difference in Cyberpunk, for example, and thus all future games. (Over a 5800x.)

If you're going to upgrade, upgrade. Make that upgrade last through Zen 4, unless Zen 4 is such a crazy huge speed boost for such a small price that you have to upgrade.

You're right in trying to wait through some of Zen 4 if you can. But part of that will be having a high enough core count, and if Ryzen has shown us anything, it's that we're actually increasing core counts, and that those cores will actually be used.

One of my favorite YouTubers has some videos about this sort of thing, for example this one. And that's with the 2700x. Or this. He's talked about how intensive future games will be and are, and there's more videos about this sort of thing on that channel and his main channel. Same sort of setup with the 1440p ultrawide, though he got a 3070, saw it wasn't enough, and jumped to a 3090. (For you, keeping that rare 3080 is a good choice. And make sure you let it mine when you're not gaming on NiceHash QuickMiner.)

Here's some videos about Cyberpunk and what you need for it. One about GPUs one about CPUs, watch this now.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/14 17:00 ID: gy4bu0z

You won't notice a difference. I'm playing Hunt: Showdown and Overwatch, which are somewhat competitive and very CPU bound, and I'm head-to-head with what my mates got, who run on 5600X and 5800X.

WoW might showcase something, but the others you listed have laggy, deferred renderers and it will make no difference.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/14 18:57 ID: gy4rzj0

Nah, wait for DDR5.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/14 19:30 ID: gy4wg3g

I didn't upgrade but I have two gaming PC's with 3080's one has a 3700x and one has a 5800x. So not exactly your situation but fairly close. I do think there is a difference in games in how they are performing. However, if thats worth 450 dollars will really vary from person to person.

In older triple AAA titles that are more single threaded bound i notice much more of a difference but even newer games don't always take advantage of multi-threading because it just doesn't make sense for every game. So in those instances its more noticeable. When games both support multi-threading i find the difference less noticeable. I also have found i notice the 5800x moreso in civ 6 as the turn length in the higher years goes by much quicker when its simulating the cpu civs.

So I guess in the end i would learn towards doing the upgrade 60/40.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/14 18:54 ID: gy4rjh5

I’m usually quick to recommend upping to 5000 series but with those games you probably won’t notice much difference. If you were playing competitive fortnite or something it would be worth it but not for stuff like Tomb raider and battlefield

13 : Anonymous2021/05/14 20:19 ID: gy5314b

Save some cache and go to ryzen 5900x for a real upgrade

ID: gy545yi

If i could find one for retail I’d be happy to.

ID: gy58bz6

Wait and pull the trigger 🙂

14 : Anonymous2021/05/14 21:48 ID: gy5eg96

It's highly unlikely that you're perceptibly constrained by your 3800X, especially at higher resolutions. Zen2 chips didn't stop being fantastic CPUs just because Zen3 was released.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/14 17:03 ID: gy4c8no

You'll see anywhere from 5-25% gains in FPS depending on the title and resolution; where it will make the biggest difference is non-gaming workloads.

If you also do any non-gaming tasks, it's worth the extra and getting the 5900x for more cache and a more optimized CCX layout. If all you do is game tho, the 5600X outperforms the higher core chips in a lot of titles, costs less and uses a lot less power.

Either way, the board you're on should be fine but you may need a BIOS update. X570 boards have been out for a while (unless you meant 590s) and you won't notice a huge difference unless the old board is gimping your RAM. The real difference is going to be PCIE Gen 4 which is a nice feature, but not a necessity. Gen 4 SSDs can run 3-5 times faster, and you get a total bandwidth increase across the board so the GPU runs a little better too.

ID: gy4gts4

Meant to say x670/Z690! Corrected.

ID: gy4haok


Yeah in that case I'd wait until AM4+ or 5 or whatever the next socket gen is. The next generation is supposed to be a much bigger leap than the last few now that we've obliterated more nanometer barriers in manufacturing.

That 3800X is still running strong, your daughters 2600x as well. You're already way, way up in the upper percentile of performance.


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