Is going for the R9 5900X right now a good choice?

1 : Anonymous2021/05/17 18:58 ID: neommj

I've been wanting to have an upgrade on my rig for quite a while now, and after endless research, I came down to the 5900X as the CPU of choice, and I'm facing an opportunity to get the parts in a reasonable (albeit still expensive) price, but there are some things that bother me in the slightest. I fear that I might be buying this generation too close to its end, and fear that I will be missing out in several updates in the years to come. So I'm here to ask you guys' wisdom:

Should I bite the bullet and get the 5900X, or wait for the next gen and just hope that the prices wont be prohibitive?

My current rig is: i7 4770K, Asus Maximus VI Formula, Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400Mhz DDR3

My intended rig is to be: R9 5900X, Asus Crosshair VIII Formula, Corsair Vengeance Pro 4000Mhz DDR4 C18.

The GPU will still be my seasoned GTX 1080, with no hope of changing it for the near future.

I know that by going with the mindset of waiting for better stuff to come out, one might never upgrade and be waiting forever, but what really worries me is that my timing is off.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/17 19:34 ID: gyhdpo7

I jumped from a 6700k to a 5800x and the results were immediately obvious. My 1% lows in games were cleared up and the system was much more responsive overall. I don’t regret it. I have no intention on upgrading to a next gen DDR5 system until a couple of years, and platform maturity, has gone by.

ID: gyi2m82

Upgraded from a 6700k to a 5900x. I had no idea how I put up with that cpu for so long (not saying it was bad but it’s been showings it’s age for a while with the games I’m playing)

ID: gyi3u5n

I went from a i7 4770k to a 5600x(was amazing) then decided to get a 5900x since the chances of me getting a video card are slim to none, its been amazing.

ID: gyid1ly

Did the same upgrade just recently so I know exactly how you feel.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/17 19:46 ID: gyhfhqy

depends on what you do with it. You do core-heavy stuff like video editing? The Ryzen will blow you out of the water. You play the latest games? You might feel a slight improvement. You do generic office work? You won't notice anything.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/17 20:40 ID: gyhn0so

In my experience, if you want to wait for the ideal time to upgrade you'll be waiting forever.

There's always new tech on the horizon, hardware is always obsolete compared to what manufacturers are working on in house, there's always a really good reason to wait.

My advice? Don't get too anxious about your purchases, even the expensive ones. You may not get an ideal or perfect upgrade every time, but these days it's hard to do an upgrade wrong.

Look before you leap, of course, but he who hesitates is lost.

ID: gyhpzdt

This was actually really nice to read. Thank you.

ID: gyhwa29

Yep! Don't sweat things too much, really these days the difference between top of the line and second best is a few FPS. It's nice to have a perfect upgrade, but you shouldn't let yourself lose any sleep over it.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/17 19:01 ID: gyh938d

Do you feel the need to upgrade? Then upgrade. Are you ok with your current tech and waiting? Then wait.

It’s not some insane moral quandary.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/17 19:37 ID: gyhe756

I moved from a 2700X to a 5900X with a 1080 Ti.

I don't regret it even though the 5900X is likely a "dead end."

Sure, the "new stuff" is coming but that's always a treadmill. Furthermore, that "new stuff" may well be first-gen. I dealt with Ryzen first-gen and I would not want to do so again.

My 1080 Ti saw higher frames (instantaneous ingame) and subjectively smoother play from the CPU upgrade.

ID: gyhldz2

Exactly, I know my gaming performance won't double, but I'm getting some level of stuttering that is starting to bother me.

ID: gyibgc2

That’s exactly why I got the 5900X, instead of waiting for the new socket. Had plenty of wierd instabilities with the 1700X that while bios updates reduced, I still get occasional glitches. The 5900x’s only problem so far was the USB disconnects that the most recent beta bios fixed.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/17 19:38 ID: gyhedky

It’ll be a massive upgrade for sure go for it, I’d change the ram though to a 3600 kit with as low latency as your willing to spend as not all zen3 CPU’s can reach 1900-2000 fclk required to run really high ram speed, almost all will run 1800fclk though for 3600 ram

ID: gyhlm5r

This mean that even though I stick 4000mhz the CPU might be limited to 3600? If that is the case, can I mess with the timings and lower the latency to, say, 16?

ID: gyhmta8

If you want to mess with timings make sure to get a good Samsung b-die kit they are the best

Common b-die timings are 3200 14-14-14-28 and 3600 16-16-16-36

8 : Anonymous2021/05/17 19:47 ID: gyhfjgy

C8F is too much if you are not doing extreme overclocking or watercooling, a Strix or even a B550 is enough (but make sure the feature you need is there). Save that money for a 5950x if your mind is set on this budget, both 5900x and 5950x should be at MSRP now. A discounted 5800x is also good as you can always wait for a price drop like 1920x.

Best memory for Zen 3 is still 3600C16 out of the box, since not all of them are capable of hitting 2000MHz FCLK. Ignore that if you want to overclock, but 3200C14 is a bette

way of finding a b-die.

About timing, it's really difficult to determine a platform now as Alder Lake (a.k.a. big.LITTLE of x86) is coming later this year and AM4 is at its end of life (albeit a glory one). In retrospect 4770k/4790k is probably the best of late DDR3 era and 6700K wasn't that much better, so my personal recomendation would be grab the AM4 now and enjoy.

ID: gyhl5wd

I know the Crosshair is way overkill, but I'm getting one at a good price point, and I like ROG boards overall, I know that in all those years to come it's features will be useful.

My biggest doubts are about the memories. I know I should look for lower latencies, but where I'm going to buy everything I won't find memories with these specs. The closest compromise I could find between frequency and latency was 4000mhz c18.

Would 4x16gb Corsair Vengeance Pro 4000mhz C18 perform well?

All these B-Die, Dual Rank, T-Topology, Latency/Frequency stuff of nowadays is wrinkling my brain, and REALLY wanted to make sure I'm squeezing every last drop of performance in exchange for my hard earned cash lol.

ID: gyhnb2y

For Ryzen, a 4000C18 is actually worse than a 3600C18 as it exceeds the FCLK limit of most processors out there. If you really can’t find one get a cheap 3200c16 kit and flip it after you got a better one.

The problem of memory overclocking is that it’s kind like linux, as “Linux is free if your time is worthless”, so it’s ultimately up to you. My recommendation would be xmp and forget.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/17 21:26 ID: gyht7g6

I recently upgraded to the 5900X when my previous system died. Yes, I know that AM5 is around the corner but I intend to have the system for the next 4 yrs (or more). Seeing as how you've held on to the 4770K this long, with AM4 being EOL soon shouldn't matter.

AM5 and DDR5 are all new and will have early teething problems until it gets better. If AM4 is anything to go by, AM5 will still be around when you next upgrade.

If you're purely gaming, I'd upgrade to a 5800X, B550 and 16 GB 3200Mhz RAM. Save up and enjoy your next GPU upgrade for the performance bump.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/17 22:11 ID: gyhz1wr

I am currently using a 6700K, which is still a fine CPU, but it would hold me back severely from what I'm aiming to do, which is high-megapixel photo editing, and high-end 1440p gaming in the future. I grabbed a 5900X, but I can't yet try it, because I'm on the waiting list for a decent cooler (Arctic AIO).

I was also pretty stressed about waiting for AM5 and DDR5 but a 5900X will probably perform superbly for MANY years to come - as will 64 GB of DDR4, which I also intend to get.

Since AM4 is "at the end of its lifetime", as people like to say, I'd say going for a 5900X or a 5950X may be a better choice since the next time you upgrade, you will have to change a lot of things in your rig. The more you can delay that by buying better hardware now, the more value you should get out of these parts in the long term. That's my logic, at least.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/17 19:31 ID: gyhdb0h

I upgraded because I also managed to get a 3080 in November. Also came from an i7 4790k. Would I upgrade now? Can't say, I would likely wait for Zen 4 with a potential 24 core 7950x. If I didn't intend on that core count? I'd go for a 5900x now no doubt.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/17 23:57 ID: gyic1a8

What are you going to use it for?

ddr5 is going to be expensive and probably not much better than high end ddr4 for a while.


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