AMD’s Last “Pre-Ryzen” Processor – RandomGaminginHD

1 : Anonymous2021/05/17 12:22 ID: neesmc
AMD's Last "Pre-Ryzen" Processor - RandomGaminginHD
2 : Anonymous2021/05/17 14:14 ID: gyg3sut

This should be inferior to Piledriver (e.g. FX-8350) in IPC because this Athlon lacks L3 cache. It's also made on 28nm, which hints it's a cut-down APU. Although DDR4 support is interesting, I wonder if they had changed the IMC for that.

ID: gygi1l7

They are inferior to Piledriver chips. And i don't think its even close.

The IPC is a bit lower but it isn't what really kills these chips. What really kills it for modern games is the lack of L3 cache and the lack of cores.

ID: gyh0nj3

IPC is actually higher. Its only worse when the workload relies heavily on cache ie. games. So its worse for most people’s usage lol.

ID: gygn9vx

I wonder why they never made Excavator with 8 schedulers, 8 ALUs and L3.

Piledriver is still kicking, it left Sandy Bridge i3s in dust and competes with i5 or i7 depending on software and RAM/IMC/L3 speed.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/17 14:19 ID: gyg4g1u

Nostalgia is hitting me

ID: gyh5psd

Had a machine with an Athlon X2 and it was incredibly amazing.


Totally blew he socks off everything else at the time.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/17 15:49 ID: gygh8lc

This is the AM4 version of the Athlon X4 845. I have the 845 and it can't maintain a constant 60fps in CS GO with an HD 7850. An Nvidia card could probably improve this in that game though.

ID: gygpa4b

Why would an Nvidia card give a boost?

ID: gyh694b

Depending on the game AND the API (not one or the other) AMD and Nvidia trade places in terms of CPU utilization via their driver.

In general, in most (but not all!) DX9 or 10 games, Nvidia has a lead especially at 1080p. I know HU tested modern games and in those, RDNA2 did better in modern DX12, Vulkan and some DX11 titles, but CS GO is neither.

Of course, its possible CS GO is one of those games for which AMD has made extreme optimizations in driver and then AMD would have lower or as low driver overhead, but I dont know.

ID: gygvuk6

New Nvidia drivers are hitting slow CPUs quite hard, i think hardware unboxed made video about it .

ID: gyha8ms

Hardware Unboxed tested modern DX12 and Vulkan games. Nvidia has an advantage is single thread bound games, which is most DX9 games like CS GO and also a plurality of DX11 games. In a CPU with low IPC like that Athlon, spreading the work to the other cores like Nvidia does with their driver is a godsend for games that focus on one or two cores.

ID: gygpu1o

How would your R9 390 compare to the HD7850? In csgo surely it would keep the Frames above 60fps unless the CPU can't manage it

ID: gyha0cs

The HD 7850 was underutilized the whole time.

ID: gyh0qbv

Pretty sure nvidia drivers cooperate with slow cpus even less gracefully…

5 : Anonymous2021/05/17 20:07 ID: gyhij2y

Sometimes I think I forget just how desolate the CPU landscape was before Ryzen. Noone thought AMD could do it but they more than exceeded expectations

ID: gyi0gfd

Desolate is somewhat overstating it. The 15h family worked perfectly fine for the games of the day, and for most home user needs. Intel WAS better, but wasn't at the same price point. AMD was the better bang for the buck.

Really the 15h chips were fine, unless you were throwing huge FP math workloads at it all day (which I now do, since I run BOINC whenever I'm not using my computer. Can make the room quite toast-y).


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