PBO on vs PBO off. There are my usual start apps running in the background. Both were run after a fresh reboot. An 8.7% gain is pretty good for doing nothing more than hit a switch in the BIOS.

1 : Anonymous2021/05/21 18:51 ID: nhzw9c
PBO on vs PBO off. There are my usual start apps running in the background. Both were run after a fresh reboot. An 8.7% gain is pretty good for doing nothing more than hit a switch in the BIOS.
2 : Anonymous2021/05/21 20:05 ID: gyzc4u3

That a lot more than 8.7%

(11072 - 9729) / 9729 = 13.8%

ID: gyzd666


ID: gyzzvdg

I think you did a backwards lol

3 : Anonymous2021/05/21 21:22 ID: gyzlm54

PBO OFF -> 105w power draw
PBO AUTO -> 145w power draw
PBO ON -> 210w power draw

No need for PBO ON ... just keep AUTO and be happy.

ID: gyzwkbw

Or undervolt and know your performance will be the same if you're doing 1440p, or 4k, while saving a 100 watts in power and temperature.

ID: gyzy05k

Hi, goddamn idiot here: I would fuck up undervolting just like I fuck up everything else I've ever done, an actually functional auto-OC switch is a godsend for some of us.

Just sayin', as a man who could burn down his house by screwing up the recipe for ice cubes, some of us benefit greatly from the training wheels.

ID: gyzx4ur

What tool do u use to undervolt?

ID: gyzy55b

yeah my 5800 nonX OEM only uses 61 watts for 4.5 all core OC. Gets 6k+ in cinebech r20. Im happy.

ID: gyzy8fe

Yup, do a -100mv undervolt to mine and it keeps it happy and cool while boosting up to 5.1 on single and 4.88 all core. FYI I use the EDC=0 bug so keeping temps down and reducing it's tendency to pull dumb voltages is a good idea, heh.

ID: gyzyq10

Who said anything about gaming?

4 : Anonymous2021/05/21 18:56 ID: gyz3aqs

So did you turn it on or off?

ID: gyz4ipo

On. It's off by default.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/21 21:03 ID: gyzj9gd

I highly recommend trying out 1usmus's CTR 2.1

It looks daunting to use at first but it's fucking amazing.

You should be hitting around that score or higher with much less power draw.

ID: gyzr3nf

What is CTR?

ID: gyzsbu7

ClockTuner for Ryzen by 1usmus

ID: gyzw687

Also gives you the information of your silicon quality, which can be helpful for manual overclocking!

ID: gyznjd3

+1 CTR is pretty good, especially with all the new updates

ID: gyzxdh1

I am here with eco mode on, because I couldn’t figure out fan step up/down thing, and fan noise killing is me in PBO auto.

ID: gyzs74g

Ditto CTR 2.1. 1usmus is doing a new release soon that will boost not only the frequency but make it more efficient without overheating components on the mobo

ID: gyzthpn

Do you have any good guides to follow? I tried playing around with it but couldn’t get it to work like some YouTube videos did it so I just ended up going with PBO in BIOS

ID: gyzuxig

Have a look on guru3d, it's published there with a guide

ID: gyzwspx

Yep I hit that score on top undervolting my 3950x to 4.3 all core at 1.31v.

I think OP has some work to do.

ID: gyzymdu

Wow nice. My old 3900x could do 4.55ghz on one CCD and 4.45ghz on the other with like 1.35V. All core it would pull like 1.28V which wasn't bad at all.

ID: gz01kg1

I'm sure that I could well exceed this score if I wanted to. I value the single core turbos more than an all core OC. If all I did was render, sure. But seeing as how this is as much a gaming pc as it is for video editing/rendering, I'd prefer to keep my simgle core boosts.

ID: gyzx79a

CTR generates unstable overclocks and 1usmus is a fraud.

ID: gyzyt9t

Gotta say you're wrong there kiddo.

It's a software that will only work if you know the more technical aspects of overclocking, not something you can just jump into. One of the biggest things that causes instability in OC's is not turning down your ram to something like 2666mhz when using it. Some people think they can run it at 1900 fclk and 3800mhz and think it will just work. Nope.

ID: gyztb8x

Ran it the other day, good stuff.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/21 22:43 ID: gyzvgnl

What's your cooling setup like? I'm hitting 10850 on water with PBO enabled with a silver sample. I'm curious as to what CTR would your report yours as.

ID: gz0040j

I'm just using a Dark Rock Pro 4 in a coolermaster h500 case.. I peaked at 90c, but mostly sat around 85c. From what AMD has said in the past, I'm not worried about it.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/21 20:37 ID: gyzg2rf

you know thats 200 watts going through the 5950x right?

stock is about 100 watts with PBO off. testing from a dual fan U14S, full-blown PBO is too much for my cooler to handle.

so i manually put in custom values for EDT, PPT, and TDC.

PPT – 165W TDC – 120A EDC – 150A

with this i only pull roughly 130 watts and get 10,500 points in CB20 without the heat issue.

ID: gyzyxpm

stock is about 100 watts with PBO off.

Objectively not true, 5950X is a 105W TDP part, which means it has a 142W PPT limit.

Heavily multithreaded apps like Cinebench will max out the PPT limit, meaning it's 142W going to the I/O die and the chiplets.

On top of it, PBO does not override thermal limits, so enabling it with any cooler will never supersede the processor's thermal management, which is 95ºC in all cases unless manually disabled.

There's absolutely no reason for fearmongering about heat por power draw. On the exact same silicon, Threadrippers do 280W+

ID: gyzujeg

Yeah there's a big tradeoff there.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/21 23:22 ID: gyzzz71

I felt like Zen 2 pbo was meh but holy wow with Zen 3. Technology mirite

9 : Anonymous2021/05/21 20:10 ID: gyzcqan

Are you on the most recent bios? This seems like a bios glitch or something with it off

ID: gyzfwvg

My motherboard's bios has gigabyte's qflash tool. I updated the bios before I installed the chip last week

10 : Anonymous2021/05/21 22:51 ID: gyzwe56

What is PBO? Is that PowerBoost stuff?

ID: gyzwo39

Precision Boost Overdrive. Basically auto overclock

ID: gyzwr4s

Ah, it looks like it's called different for every Mainboard.

ID: gyzzd2c

Not wanting to nitpick too much, just a small misconception. It doesn't clock the CPU higher than it's stock clock speeds, but just turns off various wattage and amperage limits on the CPU and the socket. It will never clock higher than it's default clock boost speed, but it will throttle less when it hits a multi-threaded workload.

Auto Overclock is an entirely different feature that exists kind of separate of PBO.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/21 23:00 ID: gyzxgtk

try out 1usmus. even ltt did a video on that. it will help you undervolt and overclock at the same time.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/21 23:02 ID: gyzxok2

What kind of Cinebench is this?

ID: gyzzk5p


13 : Anonymous2021/05/21 23:10 ID: gyzylra

that is a big difference

14 : Anonymous2021/05/21 22:23 ID: gyzt6vk

Is that Cinebench R23? I get 19000 with a 5900x PBR off, which is already a bit low.

ID: gyzus7b

If your 5900x scores almost twice what his 5950x is scoring, common sense would say he's not running the same benchmark you are.

ID: gyzzt0o

Cut him some slack, be appears to be on LSD.

ID: gyzubfm

It's R20

ID: gyzu7x6

Looks like R20 scores.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/21 22:45 ID: gyzvqcc

Pretty good for not knowing what you are doing /s


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