PSA: If you experience loss of audio with a USB DAC with a reference Radeon 6000 series disable the AMD RGB devices

1 : Anonymous2021/05/21 08:02 ID: nhn66u

A common symptom is you will hear the Windows PnP connect/disconnect sound upon launching some applications or games or even after some time after.

The problem is intermittent so there is no way to reproduce it on demand.

In my experience it will cause the audio of that application/game to fail only (meaning if you click on the windows volume bar you will still hear the ding sound)

Solution: Go to device manager and disable any "AMD Radeon (TM) USB LED" under the Human Interface Devices tree.

This is a workaround till AMD decides to fix their RGB drivers, if they are even aware of the issue since the mods here keep hiding this fact by shadow banning posts.

The issue is present with both latest RGB FW and Radeon software.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/21 08:55 ID: gyx9kve

LED software have been known to cause performance and USB issues with VR as well so it’s not specific to AMD.

ID: gyy6hsd

Yesterday I went to uninstall ASUS Aura and Corsair iCue, as OpenRGB now supports every RGB device I have. After uninstalling and rebooting, my computer entered a bluescreen loop that I couldn't fix. I had to reinstall Windows. Good f-ing riddance.

ID: gyz3ww5

For me iCue fucked up my 3700Xes idle state causing it to sit around at full allcore boost speeds and voltages despite my pc being idle. My keyboard is now stuck at the stock red light but that's a much better option than installing Corsairs shovelware.

You wouldn't imagine making a program that controls lights to be so hard.

ID: gyy9u4p

OpenRGB didn't work for me (Asus+Corsair+gskill). Not at all. Even 2 of 4 memory modules RGB stopt working. Had to cold cycle a few times to get them back. Even read some reports it was destroying some RGB functionality. Couldn't get it to work and went back to icue.

Asus software is just not worth the trouble though (putting it very mildly).

ID: gyyulfz

OpenRGB is tight!

ID: gyyvc6z

I've been getting tired of Asus and Corsair software. Does OpenRGB control fans speed? I got two lighting nodes hooked to Commander Pro, overseeing 7 QL fans, water pump speed, CPU block and reservoir RGB, will the software control all connected devices? Are effects comparable to iCue software?

ID: gyxsake

Gigabyte..MSI...probably ASUS too..

ID: gyyb7os

another proof that RGB is cancer

3 : Anonymous2021/05/21 09:08 ID: gyxacyh

I have 3 of them can only disable 2 of them

ID: gyxs63z

yes me too, if you then check the 3rd one or any of the other related devices you will see they are not working anymore which is the same as being disabled 🙂

4 : Anonymous2021/05/21 13:41 ID: gyxxlkv

This is a workaround till AMD decides to fix their RGB drivers, if they are even aware of the issue since the mods here keep hiding this fact by shadow banning posts.

RGB is more important than actual computer use.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/21 14:46 ID: gyy5va2

And this is why i simply don't do any RGB on my pc at all, too complicated for no actual benefit other than eye candy.

ID: gyyvkh7

The unfortunate thing is that RGB LEDs and their associated controllers are integrated into everything now. I can't buy a good enthusiast level motherboard or GPU without RGB already built in. Many of them default to this animated rainbow effect. Uhg...

Even AMD's bundled HSF has RGB!

You can avoid memory, fans, and cases with RGB, but you can't avoid them if they're integrated into system components. I really hate that trend. It's not because of the blinkenlights... the software to control them is atrocious! If there was a standard way to control them ALL on the BIOS or a light open source application (OpenRGB doesn't control everything yet, but it comes very close), I won't mind. I can either turn them off, or turn them all static with a single color (usually white so I an see inside).

Lastly why I hate RGB is because there isn't a reliable way to control them in Linux. I would boot into Windows, set my RGB color (just plain static white), but every time you reboot, it goes back to the default RGB animated thing until Windows boots and loads up the RGB software service in the background. This also means if I boot straight into Linux, the RGB would be running at the default state.

This is why I wish there was a standard way to control ALL the RGB in the firmware. At the lower level, once the PC is booted up even without an OS loaded, the LEDs should remember the last state it was in.

ID: gyz7u4l

I know if you just want it off, Asus has s toggle for it in the bios, but I do think rgb control should work just like fan control at the bios level.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/21 11:56 ID: gyxmfg4

It used to be because of PCIE 4.0 and having to switch to PCIE 3.0 in Bios. Don't know if that was ever fixed.

ID: gyxsys8

That is a different issue that was fixed (at least on Ryzen 3000 series from my experience on AGESA v1.8.0.1 for me); i made a post about that before, here it is:

/comments/km1y58/my_months_long_investigative_findings_regarding/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

This issue i had since i manage to get a 6900xt recently.

Also the effects are totally different in-between them. This one breaks audio of a game/application completely aka no-sound, the other one makes any audio choppy.

I wrote USB DAC in the title because this is what i use, but probably this is a high level issue rather that low level like the other one.

ID: gyxwvah

Maybe you could use optical out rather than USB

ID: gyy2vsc

My issue showed up when I upgraded to a 5800x on an MSI b450 tomahawk max MB. Upgrading to latest beta BIOS resolved the mouse freezing and keyboard input issues but DAC is still messed up connected to externally powered USB switch. I use it on work laptop and gaming desktop.. annoying

ID: gyxtgd1

Thanks for clarifying. The other issue did break audio on my applications. It would fit out completely sharing my screen in Zoom and Goggles Meet.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/21 14:18 ID: gyy27s1

This is a workaround till AMD decides to fix their RGB drivers, if they are even aware of the issue since the mods here keep hiding this fact by shadow banning posts.

Not saying that this post isn't helpful as it may be relevant to some people.

But if your goal is to make AMD aware of an issue, and you've only posted to reddit instead of actually submitting a bug report, then that's kinda part of the problem?

ID: gyymdrm

I disagree. AMD can afford to have someone look at Reddit. If they can monitor emails, Twitter and other social media; they can check major websites. Unless OP is employed by AMD; there is no reason OP should report anything.

ID: gyypuym

While I think it could be smart for AMD to have someone monitoring a sub like this, the idea that someone shouldn't go directly to AMD with a bug report is absurd.

Paying someone to watch a dedicated bug report forum/tickets, vs someone to sift through a subreddit where maybe someone might post a bug-related issue at a random time of the day? Like come on.

ID: gyytrco

Of course OP is under no obligation to report anything if they don't want to. But if someone is going to complain about "if they are even aware of the issue", a pretty easy way to ensure they would be is to submit a report. Honestly, I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't, it's in both parties best interest.

Soliciting bug reports from social media is a terrible idea for numerous reasons.

A) The odds of someone providing all the information you need for a proper report, without a template, is slim to none.

B) Internal tools make tracking and quantifying reports 100x easier, not only are they consolidated in one place, but you have the ability to see what percentage of users are submitting them, etc.

C) Where do you draw the line? You could easily spend your whole day scanning through buried one upvote reddit posts, twitter mentions, facebook group posts, etc. and still end up with less information about an issue than one proper bug submission would've provided.

ID: gyypo8g

Sure, they could buy if there is an official channel to report issues and a template of the information necessary to actually do something about it, then it should be used.

Reddit is hardly equivalent to the AMD social media and emails since the subreddit discusses a whole lot more than simply issues. And much like the AMD social media accounts, they don't respond back to every post of an issue because it's not practical to.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/21 15:31 ID: gyybxph

Aorus x570 Ultra, 5900x, 6900xt. Disabling USB power savings in power plan advanced cleared it up for me. Don't use a DAC, and I had no issues other than the disconnect/connect sounds. I had the Lighting software installed long enough to disable the RGB, then I removed it.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/21 16:19 ID: gyyicue

That was so weird to read. Not a problem on the post, at all. It's weird to think on how a RGB device could cause such a issue. Not on a technical side, it's understandable, but it's weird.

Like, if you had a repair shop, how would you explain this problem to a customer? lol

10 : Anonymous2021/05/21 19:03 ID: gyz45so

the latest bios didnt fix the usb bug for everyone so im guessing this is probably another symptom of the real problem

11 : Anonymous2021/05/21 13:34 ID: gyxwr60

If you're going to use devices with RGB lighting, try to get something that doesn't need to have software running on your PC to actually work.

ID: gyy1cc8

Any recommendations? All the major brands pretty much have to use the software in order to change the settings.

ID: gyy255u

If buying say a keyboard, look for ones where you can save lighting profiles to the keyboard's memory and then close the sotware.

My Logitech G815 can do it. But admittedly the software is so badly designed that it's difficult to figure out how to save profiles to the keyboard without looking it up on youtube.
The upside is that after you do it, you no-longer have to use the software.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/21 18:35 ID: gyz0j68

For me upon connecting FiiO Q1 external DAC fo Windows 10 just makes audio and video stutter, small audio outage and video stutter every 5 seconds. this has never happened to me on the mac, Im not sure how to fix it. at first I thought my graphics card was broken.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/21 09:14 ID: gyxarjc

typical solution for amd users.

if you encounter problems with amd device, just plug it off the main. it won't do that anymore :)))

ID: gyxjnp8

I am incredibly impressed by your ability to sound like an idiot time and time again. Consistency is your greatest attribute, kudos to you.

ID: gyxsw4q

On top of that, consistency of the mods in refusing to take out the trash

ID: gyxsbgx


ID: gyxawzc

They spent too much money on their phenomenal marketing team and not enough on drive


ID: gyxjyno

Doesn't cost any money to not do what Intel and Nvidia have done recently, and I say that as not some brand purist.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/21 13:04 ID: gyxtdq1


ID: gyxyurh

Reference 6800s don't have RGB

ID: gyxyzkn


15 : Anonymous2021/05/21 15:39 ID: gyycy10

This used to happen when I had an Nvidia card but I never found out the cause. I could fix it by just swapping the audio device to another and then back again. I haven't noticed it since I got a 6900xt, but I'll check out this fix if it does.

ID: gyye8yh

blasphemer. nvidia never has these problems /s

ID: gyylrvq

Not sure it was the same cause, but it's possible.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/21 17:41 ID: gyytgou

There's definitely something weird about how they've implemented the LEDs on them. It also shows up in the keyboard list of Device Manager (at the end for me) and sometimes makes a disconnect sound when I turn on caps lock. Regardless I've disabled all the LED function anyway, thanks for this extra tip.

17 : Anonymous2021/05/21 19:08 ID: gyz4vev

A common symptom is you will hear the Windows PnP connect/disconnect
sound upon launching some applications or games or even after some time

I have the same issues with AMD Radeon USB LED connect /disconnect but when my computer goes to sleep and sometimes when I launch any game or application

I thought it's about the USB disconnect/connect problem

18 : Anonymous2021/05/21 19:42 ID: gyz99d7

I'm still trying to figure out why you wouldn't just do videocard -> HDMI -> AVR.

19 : Anonymous2021/05/21 20:12 ID: gyzcxix

And this is in part why I don’t put any RGB into my Build, Saves money & trouble like this.

20 : Anonymous2021/05/21 21:39 ID: gyznr6v

I'm having similar issues after I got a 6900xt except audio in, not audio out. I've got a mic hooked up to a USB interface and sometimes windows will just stop getting audio even though the interface shows its getting audio from the mic. Have to unplug and plug back in the interface. Think this'll help?

21 : Anonymous2021/05/21 22:42 ID: gyzvctc

PSA - if you are using usb rgb devices and their corresponding software you don't deserve to call yourself an enthusiast


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