PlayStation 5 is estimated to have outsold Xbox Series X/S by more than 2 to 1 during the first three months of 2021.

1 : Anonymous2021/05/20 12:42 ID: ngz6d8
PlayStation 5 is estimated to have outsold Xbox Series X/S by more than 2 to 1 during the first three months of 2021.
2 : Anonymous2021/05/20 15:18 ID: gyty99d

I'd love to add to that number -.-

ID: gyukp1u

Follow @mattswider and/or @jake_randall_yt. Follow their restock alerts and walkthroughs on how to work various seller websites & you'll have one within a couple weeks, no problem.

I made a Twitter just for this & it only took me a day or two to get one ordered. Then I bragged about it on social media and had friends ask me to help them too so I bought 3 more PS5s disc editions and one Xbox series x within a month. All from major retailers (Target, WalMart, Best Buy). No bots or shady resellers needed.

Edit: lots of comments. If you got one this way, awesome! If you're going to complain that it shouldn't be this hard and fuck them for making us jump through hoops, I feel ya. But the way I see it is that of you want one that badly, I really don't think they're impossible to get. If you've really followed every instructional vid/restock day live stream that Jake Randall has posted & you still can't figure it out, then I really am sorry. Frankly, the blame lies with Sony and Microsoft for choosing to launch even though they knew their manufacturing wouldn't be able to keep pace with demand.

Edit 2:

says the Australian equivalent is @PS5stockcomau

ID: gyult8o

That's how I got mine last week from Sony Direct. You just have to keep at it and eventually you will get one.

ID: gyuyfzj

The Matt dude is the way. I really just tried actively for the first time this week trying to follow stuff and not just randomly checking. My friend told me about him and I just got an Xbox from Walmart a few minutes ago and the ps5 was in stock too.

I downloaded some octopus extension too that gives you notifications for any stock. But the Matt guy tells you I’m advance for drops and gives you some tips for the whole process

ID: gyuge1v

Discord channel that announces worldwide drops. It's how I got mine in November. Many drops hit yesterday

ID: gyuc3sb

Same. Sold out online and not in stores. Getting a Sony XBR85 TV for it.

ID: gyuicpm

Any reason why you're going for that over a LG OLED?

3 : Anonymous2021/05/20 15:07 ID: gytwm4s

Just think how many more would have been sold if they had stock.

ID: gyudc3t

I guess the same could be said about Xbox too

ID: gyuef1h

Here in Portugal xbox is easy to find. With PS5 some stores don't even have an out of stock listing since they've been out for so long.

ID: gyue1x3

Except the S. At least where I am, they seem to be in most big electronic stores. X is still just as rare as PS5 though

4 : Anonymous2021/05/20 12:56 ID: gytfafg

~115 million people on PS4. ~50 million people on Xbox One/S/X. This makes sense.

ID: gyuikj6

Honestly it’s really REALLY hard to get people to switch today. Carrying over your current library is going to keep people loyal, the specs alone are not enough to change anyone’s mind, especially how similar both consoles perform to each other.

ID: gyujygc

Alot of people don't take this into account. Why switch systems when you've build up a library with your current platform. This is why PlayStation will probably stay in the lead this generation.

ID: gyv52ev

That's probably why Sony did the PS5 free games bundle. You automatically bootstrap your PS5 with the best games that PS4 has to offer.

ID: gyv7025

I switched from ps2 to xbox 360... All my friends played xbox so it made sense and everything was on disc.

I switched from xbox 360 to ps4 and there's no way I'd switch back to xbox now unless it was a substantially better console. I've probably got less then 10 games on disc now but 100's in my library (even if I never play them)

ID: gytpylk

I remember reading somewhere that more than 50% of ps5 buyers never owned a ps4 so yeah, those numbers don’t mean anything

ID: gytspr7

I’m one of them

ID: gyts2fy

I’m going to be one of them.....some day

ID: gytvts6

I'm in that statistic!

ID: gyu3ai8

I’m new to gaming and started my journey with ps5

ID: gytvxqj

Yes, I just got a PlayStation 5 and I never owned a PlayStation 4. My last console was Xbox 360.

ID: gytz86g

Add me to that list.

ID: gyttl80

Yep, I'm one of them and I am so happy with my purchase

ID: gytwrwv

Can confirm.

ID: gyu0dqo

I am def a part of that 50%. It’s been amazing playing all of the wonderful titles I missed!

ID: gytt0hw

Yup! Getting back into the Playstation gang. Haven't owned one since 1996.

ID: gytzdd6

It’s an amazing deal. $460 for a PS5 plus PS+ includes 10ish PlayStation exclusives, most of which are amazing. Then there are the regular PS+ games. If I had a PS4, I probably would have already bought a lot of the games included.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/20 14:04 ID: gytnsdw

Neat, however I’d like to know how many disc vs digital versions of the consoles they’ve sold.

ID: gytubiy

Only place where we have a specific breakdown would be Japan, where disc is outselling digital 5:1. It's going to be similar globally, with probably a slightly better ratio for digital PS5s, because Sony is prodicing dramatically more disc systems than digital.

ID: gytv9h0

Yup,wanted a discless ps5 but it just was never in stock

6 : Anonymous2021/05/20 12:48 ID: gytee6g

Has anyone been lucky enough to get both?

ID: gytekhv

I had few chances to easily get series X, and series S is always in stock in UK

7 : Anonymous2021/05/20 13:42 ID: gytkpt0

The games certainly help – Miles Morales, Demon Souls, Returnal, some of us whom are waiting for Ratchet and Clank. Word of mouth also to try out Astro for the cool controller capabilities and some folks are still fans of LittleBigPlanet.

Great updates that come out consistently for our favourite games – TLOU 2, God of War got upgrades

ID: gytqkrp

I think there is also marketplace confusion. Based on the naming scheme, it’s not easy to tell that this is a new generation of XBOX.

ID: gytw4ug

Yeah that’s really damaging them too

ID: gytwnu9

Holy shit the 60fps update for TLOU 2 is beautiful. Plus I'm not sure when they added the different filters and infinite ammo stuff, but that's super cool too.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/20 20:09 ID: gyv3w6p

Yeah makes sense. While I was huting for a PS5, it definitely seemed like PS5 was harder to get than new Xboxes.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/20 17:32 ID: gyuhdwr

I'm guessing a significant driver for the Xbox's low sales numbers is the increase in PC gaming. All Xbox exclusives are now on PC, so it doesn't make much sense to buy a console if you can have a superior experience on PC.

ID: gyulr9s

Tbf I don't think Microsoft cares if you get an Xbox or PC. We learned from the Apple vs Epic battle that Microsoft is selling the consoles at a loss, they clearly want people to subscribe to the game pass so they keep getting those recurring payments

ID: gyuvkcl

Consoles have pretty much always been sold at a loss I'm sure. Making the money back on games sales

But yeah you're absolutely right, their game plan is gamepass all the way

10 : Anonymous2021/05/20 13:38 ID: gytk98n

More production + high demand = more sales. Series X and PS5 are being sold out constantly. Series S is kinda available everywhere but no one seems to be buying those. Even if MS were to produce equal number of Series X as PS5, PS5 would still be selling more.

ID: gytn9t1

Here’s my question, does this then mean that Sony is making twice as many Xbox is? If they’re both sold out everywhere, feels like Xbox should’ve attempted to ramp up more production to match Sony’s effort. Like granted there’s way more PS4s sold, but rn its a matter of inventory and not demand holding Xbox back. Am I missing something?

Edit: Also Series S is available everywhere so I think they bet wrong that that would be popular.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/20 13:56 ID: gytmtti

Makes sense. Last year 4.5 million PS5 sold while XSX+S sold around 2.8 million. But then as of march 2021 PS5's number grew to 7.8 million but XSX+S only grew to 4 million.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/20 13:51 ID: gytm1x5

English is not my first language, what does "2 to 1" mean?

ID: gytmddl

It's a ratio, so saying 2 to 1 would mean that the PS5 sold approximately twice as many consoles.

ID: gytmvbf

Wow that's good, thanks!

13 : Anonymous2021/05/20 12:46 ID: gyte5or

This shouldn't surprise anyone tbh

14 : Anonymous2021/05/20 14:47 ID: gytttg5

Here in Indonesia, I can literally go to a game store and buy a Series X/S, whereas PS5 is still hard to come by it's crazy

ID: gyuq0g1

Wanna send me one?


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