God of War artist suggests that Atreus will be playable in the sequel

1 : Anonymous2021/05/20 22:44 ID: nhdp8f
God of War artist suggests that Atreus will be playable in the sequel
2 : Anonymous2021/05/20 23:08 ID: gyvr5w1

Am I alone in somewhat expecting this anyway?

ID: gyvx9ei

I expect him to be the full on main character of GOW 3 as well. If I remember correctly Atrues even mentioned at the end when looking at the paintings.

Atrues: "Look it's our story"

Kratos:"No it is yours"

Something like that

Speculation though

ID: gyvy5ny

Yeah exactly the clue I was thinking of

ID: gywgbd8

A specific reveal towards the end of GoW, gave me the impression that he's gonna end up either an antihero or an antagonist, and I think it's gonna be the latter.

ID: gywmilh

Atreus kills Kratos in GoW 3. Then we get 2 pre-quels of Kratos's journey from Greece to Scandinavia.

ID: gywzquz

It will.

ID: gyxpnso

*GoW 6

ID: gyx4rgu

Nah, santa monica said that kratos will always be the main character of gow

ID: gyvt7hk

Yup I expected it too.

ID: gyxzopn

I expected this in the first game, honestly. Kinda like they did in TLOU. I guess the issue was that Atreus wouldn't play exactly like Kratos

ID: gyx4aar

Nah, I was always expecting the next GoW to have us play as Atreus for at least a few missions.

ID: gyxpcuo

Considering the end of GOW had what looked like a dead Kratos with Atreus kneeling with him, yeah I've been expecting this.

ID: gyy3g3b

Can't wait for them to kill off Kratos and have one side of the fanbase go batshit insane

ID: gyzwb5n

Kratos is bound to die at the start

ID: gz00j8x

Yep. Then Atreus heads to Seattle to exact revenge.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/21 00:35 ID: gyw17gz

Guess nobody else watched the video? Because the conversation is incomplete but also sounds hypothetical. There's no "suggestion" here. This article is nothing.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/21 01:26 ID: gyw701k

Kratos has died like 3 or 4 times, the underworld is a holiday home for him. But if there's one person that deserves to rest it's him

ID: gywfkku

God of War 2 is HILARIOUS, gets sents to hell - crawls out of it like nothing almost immediately.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/20 23:45 ID: gyvvdxm

“In a short Instagram video, Matthews revealed how The Last of Us had a big impact on God of War 2018. He also said Santa Monica studio is looking for more inspiration in The Last of Us 2 when it comes to the God of War sequel.”

… i got clickbaited so you didnt have to

ID: gyw0pkh

Who could’ve ever thought that The Last of Us inspired GoW 2018, truly mind blowing /s

ID: gyvzmie

I’m really afraid for Kratos now

ID: gyw2kqg

You probably should have been after finishing God of War PS4? There was a mural, IIRC, depicting what looked like Atreus killing Kratos.

There could be more to it, or a twist that the frost giants didn't understand when they made it, but it at least seems like that might be the route we see taken in God of War Ragnarok.

ID: gyw0tlp

I don’t mind if Kratos inevitably bites it at some point, and I wouldn’t think they’d straight up copy a revenge storyline like LoU 2. Still, for Kratos to die in the early game would be pathetic. There’s still a lot of potential for his character to grow and evolve, especially as Atreus grows up.

ID: gyxycfx

There are no golf clubs in that universe, he should be fine.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/20 22:55 ID: gyvpl3g

I trust santa monica, although reading this I am against it, they can make some really badass gameplay, but a big part of me is still goin “I wanna play as kratos mayn”

ID: gyvwmkn

It might be like witcher 3 where you play the 2nd character very rarely and for story stuff. Which was super fun because in the witcher ciri was kind of OP

ID: gywjdjg

Dude Ciri was so OP lol but yeah I enjoyed how they introduced her a a playable character. Never overstayed her welcome either. Unlike alot of Spider-Man MJ stealth missions.

ID: gywp559

Or it could be like Arkham Knight where at times you can freely switch between characters mid fights, to make them look like a dynamic duo.

ID: gyw05y0

Exactly where Gears of War and Halo went wrong. You cared about Marcus Fenix and MC I didn’t give a shit about any character in Gears 4 or when Halo decided to not make it about MC.

ID: gyw8ro4

It works well if you've given the MC closure, but you also have to go above and beyond in making the new MC good. Take the Yakuza series. They gave Kiryu an entire game for the wrapup for his story and then remade all the other games he was in.

Then they spent more than half of Yakuza 7 making us fall in love with Ichiban before any plot even seriously started.

Halo on the otherhand just dropped Chief for a new character in the middle of a massive cliffhanger on his story arc, and didn't even bother to make the new protagonist remotely likeable or interesting.

Similar case with gears of War, but not as bad. Marcus at least got to finish his arc but the new girl is one of the most half ass'd attempt at a new protagonist I've ever seen.

ID: gyw0cgs

Yeah especially with established franchises, I’m pretty sure we are still playing as Kratos though, they love him more than us.

ID: gyxaw0b

This sentiment doesn't gel with me. This is like the people that gave up on Game of Thrones in Season One because of a certain death, but then missed out on other characters becoming more fleshed out and interesting than that death ever was. Things have to move forward, I get why Batman is almost always Bruce Wayne. But itd be nice to pass the mantle at some point too.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/20 23:11 ID: gyvrip1

It was pretty much clear the way first game ended and those paintings on the wall was clear indication as to what might happen to Kratos in the sequel

ID: gyvuzeu

He will come back from hell again. It’s Kratos

ID: gyw8xyy

This lol.

Kratos has died like 4 times. I have absolutely no faith anything can kill him at this point, much less Atreus.

ID: gyvz919

Yah, but considering how serious the storytelling has become in GOW 2018, I doubt he will come back once again....I hope he do though, because he is my favorite Video game character of all time.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/20 23:42 ID: gyvv22r

As long as he has badass gameplay and doesn’t take Kratos spotlight it’s fine

ID: gyxwshv

Archery, daggers, and magic plus animal morphing is what I see for atreus. Would be fucking sick.

ID: gyxyisn

The archery concerns me a bit. Could start to feel like Horizon/TLOU/Ghost but then again I have a lot of trust in Santa Monica.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/20 22:51 ID: gyvp441


ID: gyvv4im

Oh and it's going to happen early in the game too. 100%.

ID: gyvuaz6


You should probably hide that as a spoiler instead of just saying it though

10 : Anonymous2021/05/21 02:55 ID: gywgzz8

I’m calling it. Kratos dies at some point and you take control of an older Atreus, maybe teenager, full of rage and wanting revenge. I am aware this is somewhat like the story of another popular PS franchise title… but still would be fun!

11 : Anonymous2021/05/21 14:48 ID: gyy65gj

Here come the very original and hilarious golf club jokes

12 : Anonymous2021/05/20 22:46 ID: gyvohju

Sony Santa Monica concept artist Samuel Matthews recently suggested that he would probably take over as reins of Atreus, more or less as it did when we took on the role of Ellie in The Last of Us Part II.

In a brief Instagram video, Matthews shared how The Last of Us made a big impact in God of War 2018. He also said that Santa Monica is looking for more inspiration in The Last of Us 2 following God of War.

ID: gyvwu9n

Sounds like a terrible idea. I don’t mind playing as Atreus for some of the game, but to get rid of Kratos like that, especially if it’s in the early game would suck.

ID: gywpmuo

Taking inspiration is different form having the story be beat-by-beat the same as the other.

GoW was inspired by TLoU 1, did the GoW game also had the same story layout as TLoU? No bro.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/20 23:12 ID: gyvrkvq

wasn't this expected? I expect a couple years has passed in the game and also at some point we'll take control of Atreus

14 : Anonymous2021/05/21 00:21 ID: gyvzmio

As a fan of the series since the PS2, I would find it.. "unpleasant" if it turned out to be true.

ID: gyy7lpy

This really doesn't say much about Kratos' involvement. GoW took inspiration from LoU. Doesn't mean it's gonna copy the story


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