Apple Releases macOS 11.4, with support for AMD RDNA2/6000-series GPUs

1 : Anonymous2021/05/24 17:55 ID: nk3xzw
Apple Releases macOS 11.4, with support for AMD RDNA2/6000-series GPUs
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3 : Anonymous2021/05/24 23:50 ID: gzbzwy4


Hackintosh or Macintosh? I bought RX 6800 XT with hope that this might come.

ID: gzc1l60

Are you asking which route to go?

Buying a new Mac Pro is a questionable value proposition at the moment due to Apple Silicon being the future, but Hackintoshes are finicky and you're own your own with any issues.

Pick your poison.

ID: gzc40gl

Hackintosh it is.

I am no expert... but I have been using UNIX-based system for quite some time, quite familiar with Terminal commands, and that should be an interesting (or agonizing) experience to try to get Hackintosh running.

At least with Big Sur 11.4, there is a way OS-wise for RDNA 2 cards to be supported.

Shame the same cannot be said with Nvidia cards... especially the most recent ones (Pascal and beyond, AFAIK)

ID: gzezq7t

Why? Almost every professional workflow is faster on Dell/HP/Lenovo Threadripper-based systems (Linux or Windows), and you can populate them with AMD or Nvidia GPUs depending on workload and preference.

With Macs you're stuck with Intel CPUs and don't have the choice of Nvidia's GPUs.

The reason people still use Macs is because they have legacy workflows which rely on Apple-only software or quirks of macOS. There hasn't been a real reason to run Hackintosh, besides curiosity, in many years.

ID: gzger5y

Frankly, as my previous post had stated...

Curiosity is the reason enough.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/24 19:18 ID: gzb1il1

i wonder if apple plans to make their own gpus.

ID: gzb8ttf

They already do, unless you mean standalone GPUs.

ID: gzckgyh

I doubt. If Apple plans for a 40-core chipset, they'll do the same thing with the M1.

ID: gzcqxjr

Not OP but I am curious if they’re developing their own truly high end GPU that can compete with top of the line discrete RX6000/RTX3000 levels of performance, or if they’re just going to rely on AMD for the Apple Silicon Mac Pros.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/25 03:23 ID: gzco41x

This is old news - I've been running my hackintosh for awhile now with my 6800 xt and 5600x.

ID: gzcut78

any special tricks to get it working, what guide did you use? i dual boot win/lin right now, would love to get a macos partition bootable! - i have exact same hardware as you, so very curious!

ID: gzcv4h5

I followed this guide -

Just follow each step as written and its pretty seamless. Think it was easier getting it to work on my ryzen system than my Intel systems in the past.

ID: gzcw9rr

It was available in the Big Sur beta releases but not in the stable release channel

6 : Anonymous2021/05/24 21:53 ID: gzbm2q7

So they announce this with Hackintosh in mind?

ID: gzbm9yn

More likely for Mac Pro users who installed their own GPU

ID: gzbo8b1

Unlikely. I haven’t checked, but usually Mac Pros require a special firmware on the GPU to show image during boot, which is pretty far from the experience Apple goes for. Standard cards, while they will fit, also don’t make use of the cooling system of the MP in the best way.

No, this implies that Apple will sell Navi 2x GPUs in some fashion, either as an upgrade for the Intel Mac Pro or as discrete graphics in the ARMacs that haven’t been updated yet (large iMac and 16” MBP, both of which usually have discrete graphics). Yes, I know how much they talk about unified memory for CPU and GPU, and this wouldn’t work with that. Still, it is a possibility if there is also an integrated GPU in there that can be used.

ID: gzbsi3o

I’m pretty sure they hate hackintoshes

ID: gzc2z2f

Another user group are people with egpu enclosures. You could hook up a 2013 Macbook Air or Pro to it using the Apple thunderbolt converter, or a 2016 Macbook Pro 16 that has the base graphics and either of then will have a huge graphical boost for both productivity and games.

ID: gzcb8ym

Did they ever fix the AMD eGPU error in Bootcamp?

7 : Anonymous2021/05/25 05:17 ID: gzcypc9

I'm just waiting for Apple Glasses lol

8 : Anonymous2021/05/25 12:02 ID: gzdrmda

Is it possible to download the 11.4 supplemental update over http from somewhere?

9 : Anonymous2021/05/24 20:13 ID: gzb9572


ID: gzdj8mi

Me at every single stock level/availability/build post:


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