Should I give up my 5950x and go back to Intel?

1 : Anonymous2021/05/25 23:34 ID: nl32jf

Honestly, it's got to a point where I'm contemplating giving up my Ryzen 5950x and going back to Intel.

Speaking with folks over here who have the 5950x, they're all getting wonderful idle temps of 33C, and 60C while gaming. Meanwhile, I'm looking at 67-71C at idle and 86C when gaming. Not doing anything fancy either, just running stock with a XMP Profile enabled. Super basic things. Have my BIOS at the latest version for my motherboard, MSI X570 Creation Prestige.

I figured maybe it was my coolers failing to properly cool my 5950x chip. I tried two AIO coolers thus far, the NZXT Kraken z73 and Corsair iCUE H150i Elite CAPELLIX. Tried the Kraken z73 first with its stock thermal paste, then I took it off and applied Noctua NT-H2 paste. After that, I bought the H150i and tried that (used the stock paste), and still no change in my temps.

I've basically had to rely on editing my power plan, and lowering the maximum processor state from 100% to 95% (which limits my clockspeed to 3.16 GHz), and then I see 44C at idle, which is still nowhere close to what everyone else is getting when at 100% power.

Are there some magic settings in the BIOS that I'm missing to make my 5950x act 'normal'?

Coming from Intel, I never had any issues with temps and my PC never was so hot that it was turning my room into a sauna. Kind of thinking now of going back to Intel and save me from all this stress. Trying really hard to love the 5950x, but I think I'm reaching my breaking point with it now.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/25 23:46 ID: gzgb7ep

If you're hittin 70 on idle there's something wrong with the system

Kill off all 3rd party processes from task manager (icue, dragoncenter, leave only windows stuff) and check if temps stabilize Check the cpu utilization from ryzen master. Are the cores boosting during idle and when nothing's running? Does opening task manager drop the temps? If those are yes you probably wanna check for hidden crypto malware Check the cooler mounting. Did ya forget to remove the plastic film on the cooler cold plate? Is your aio intake or exhaust mode? Is it set up good?

This ain't an intel or amd problem, your pc's got a problem and you wanna find out what's busted. If all else fails file an rma with amd, tell them that your chip idles at 70 and see if they'd approve an exchange

ID: gzgbo5t

May I add, what pc case and also what's the ambient temperature in the room?

3 : Anonymous2021/05/25 23:51 ID: gzgbp1t

I’m hitting 45C idle with a 5950X overlocked Auto OC at 5.1GHz (Ryzen Master) and a Z73. Put Arctic Silver 5 paste. Running 50-60% front fan speeds. Max 76C while gaming.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/26 00:08 ID: gzgdrtg

Something is wrong with the cooling, when the idle temp is that high. You can confirm that by checking the CPU’s power usage in HWinfo64. If it’s really idling and using less than 50w power (probably way less), and still hitting 60+ C, then you’ve got a bad paste job, a bad cooler mount, or the AIO pump is not running (or running too slowly). It would be the same on intel, it’s just the math of how much power the CPU is using, that’s how much heat is is generating.

I recently replaced my h115i platinum because the mounting pressure was terrible. The H150i uses the same mounting system, it doesn’t create good even mounting pressure because it only uses 2 screws, top and bottom, to hold the cold plate down. But even with that my 5800X would idle well below 50 C, which is why I think you have another issue.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/25 23:49 ID: gzgbi2i

1st, It depends what game and at what resolution people play at. Playing at 1080p puts the most load on the cpu (because higher frame rate = more stress for cpu)

2nd, 86 isn’t that hot for a 5950x.

3rd, how tight are you making the AIO? Also, noctua paste wouldn’t have been any better than the stock aio paste as stock paste is pretty good nowadays and noctua paste is average.

4th, 44c at idle is COMPLETELY normal. Like literally, that’s normal idle temps. Ryzen CPU’s throttle up extremely fast and don’t idle the same as Intel systems

ID: gzgboxh

People with lower idle temps don’t have a single background task running and they have precision boost turned completely off, that’s how they achieve lower temps. But you shouldn’t be bothered by a 44c idle

ID: gzgc8mr

1st, It depends what game and at what resolution people play at.

I play at 1440p

3rd, how tight are you making the AIO?

Uh, tight? Tight enough where I can't make it anymore tighter.

4th, 44c at idle is COMPLETELY normal. Like literally, that’s normal idle temps. Ryzen CPU’s throttle up extremely fast and don’t idle the same as Intel systems

Yes, if I didn't have to limit my clock speed to 3.16 GHz to get that idle temp than it would be great.

ID: gzgevc9

I assume you mean with a screwdriver, and you can overtighten as well. You want to go diagonally across the cpu and do one last tight turn each with a screwdriver. But not like you’re working on a car. Not lightly, but not like youre struggling. (I’m telling you this because you’re clearly worried about temps and this will save you a few degrees)

Don’t edit your power plan Ryzen doesn’t like windows power plans. Do you have the Ryzen balanced power plan running? That’s what you want and leave it alone. Like I said these are normal temps. 50 is normal. If it were staying at a constant 60 with zero fluctuation I would say it’s abnormal.

You should also use the new pbo offset function in bios, so you can still use pbo with a negative offset to your voltage. You should be happy once you do that

6 : Anonymous2021/05/26 00:09 ID: gzgdxv9

It's obviously not an Intel vs AMD thing in this case.

If we had more data about the temps your cpu cooling heat spreaders are at, steady state, or the air flow in your case, we could tell you more. I personally would want to see your CPU delidded. Maybe they screwed up under the lid.

ID: gzgfsy8

Lian Li O11 XL case, 10 fans. Bottom 3 intake, side 3 intake, top 3 exhaust with AIO, and 1 back exhaust.

How do I find out what my cpu cooling heat spreaders are?

7 : Anonymous2021/05/26 00:14 ID: gzgei53

Do you have any way to check your voltage while you're idle? Some mobos go nuts with auto voltage and make your system run way hotter than it needs to.

ID: gzgf87q

How do I check that? I have HWinFO64 open, but I'm not sure where I should be looking exactly in there..

ID: gzgfek8

It would be called CPU VCore or something like that. It'll be anywhere from 1.100v to 1.450v

8 : Anonymous2021/05/26 00:23 ID: gzgfjkf

5900X, PBO2, 5150 max clocks, Kraken x73, Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut (liquid metal),fans swaped to Noctua IPPC 3000 rpm running at 1500 rmp front intake position, nzxt 710i case (not best airflow), 2 upper for intake and 2 for exhaust, never reach in any game 70+C. 60-68 in games. Idle 40 and below. Smth very messed in ur system/setup.


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