RX6900XT Reference Cooler

1 : Anonymous2021/05/25 13:23 ID: nkpo88

Hello there, I was offered a sealed Reference 6900XT for 1100 bucks.... so I wanted to ask how the thermals on the Ref Card are and how it handles OC UV?

2 : Anonymous2021/05/25 13:41 ID: gze2ave

The cooler is quite solid. The temps out of the box aren't the best at around 100°C junction but you can easily tweak that because the fan speed is set really low by default. UV i didn't have the greatest of luck and still need to tweak it to get it stable But OV is quite decent. My core sits between 2500-2600Mhz at load with +15% pwr and memory over licking is quite limited but was stable with me cranking it to the max that wattman allowed.

I got it for MSRP at the beginning of the year. But it still bugs me that people with a 6800xt are technically getting the same performance for a 50% saving. So keep that in mind, if you are going to invest that much. If you can overlook that, I'm sure that you will be really happy with the card because it is an excellent performer

ID: gze3vug

Sounds okay to me, so I just need to adjust the fans a bit. Memory OC gains are also pretty minimal on RDNA 1 too, above 1880MHZ it got unstable so Im not bothering with Memory OC on the 6900XT tbh.

Yeah Im okay with the price cuz the only other GPUs near me are 3000 series that start at 1600+ for a 3060 lmao. Also custom model 6800XTs are higher priced than the Ref Model 6900XT the guy is offering me.

ID: gze52ij

I should be at my PC later in the day. I can send you some screenshots of the settings after a furmark stresstest for further detail. Compared to retailers 1100 is a great price!!

ID: gzekfmc

Fans are preset at 60% max, so bumping that and adjusting the curve keep it much cooler. Having good case airflow seems to help people a lot too.

ID: gzfkzc9

You should overclock the memory. Most 6900xt can run at least +130MHz, if not the max +150MHz possible through Radeon Software. It's basically a free (albeit small) performance boost.

ID: gzezb76

100 that’s really high, won’t it thermal throttle

ID: gzf0b9z

It is specced for up to 110°C junction before it starts throttling

ID: gzfg6y1

Only if the Hotspot is above 110C it throttles. Otherwise the RX5700XT boosts till that, dont know whats the limit of the 6900XT is thermally

3 : Anonymous2021/05/25 17:49 ID: gzf01fg

Good deal. Get it!

You can even spend 390 eur on ek aio for stock 6900 xt and you get on of the best deal on the planet for water cooled 6900 xt....fking aibs+ stores asking for 2.5 k bleeah

ID: gzfpjcl

That aio sounds great. Do you have a link?

ID: gzgcqx1

No chance this will fit in an ncase M1 right?

4 : Anonymous2021/05/25 21:04 ID: gzfr2o1

I was trying hard to get a 6900xt for 1400, but could never find one. 1100 is a great deal, that's basically MSRP + Tax.

I have a 6800 w/ 6900XT cooler on it, and it runs great. All the new RDNA cards UV extraordinarily well. It's really weird, because there are few instances where you need to OC. You can UV and get nearly the same performance. Check out the reviews to compare. But for most games right now, UV is the way to go.

The fans are 80mm delta fans, and are kinda cheesy. They're 15mm thick I think including shroud. I'm going to deshroud shortly, and hopefully see what kind of a difference it makes. The reference cooler is miles ahead of previous AMD Ref coolers, if that's what you're thinking of. You can legitimately run the ref cards the way they come out of the box and have great performance.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/25 21:19 ID: gzft1d2

i have a reference 6900xt. fan speed out of the box is set very low. i run mine with a fairly aggressive fan curve. i also turn off the zero fan stop because at idle, the card will idle around 60c for no benefit in noise by having the fans off. the fans are very quiet at low rpm (you can't hear them, even if you shove your head up to the card) but keeps the card idling in the 40c instead of 60c. fans only get noticeable above ~60%. but this isn't unique to the reference card. most of the AIB cards are following the same practice of sacrificing temps for low fan speed by default.

outside that, its a great card. fantastic power delivery system and well built overall. feels like a tank and not obnoxiously large.


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