I’m very much looking forward to the haptic feedback that will be in Horizon Forbidden West

1 : Anonymous2021/05/29 18:59 ID: nntzb2

I have no doubt that the DualSense will be used in interesting ways to increase immersion. My imagination is running wild with how it will feel to swim, walk on the beaches, grapple and climb, and, of course, shoot the bow.

If anyone wants to add some fuel, please do.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/29 22:10 ID: gzwyxdz

Adaptive triggers were pretty well utilized for a bow in astros playroom so I’m excited to see how they implement it in horizon.

ID: gzx0yle

I hated the adaptive triggers when using a bow in AC Valhalla, so I hope they do better than that

ID: gzx3ytv

Don't worry, AC was just marking attendance to make it seem like they did something for the "next gen" stuff. Guerrilla is in-house for Sony, and they really really care about their product. They will do it justice

3 : Anonymous2021/05/29 21:11 ID: gzws8am

Was rewatching the footage earlier and I thought about how the part in the swimming section where you come across a stronger current would feel. I'm ready to pre-order this so hard.

ID: gzx0g8x

It's mad because a year ago I would've told you you were just overly hyped and exaggerating but nope. You're totally right. There's something about this new controller that you just gotta feel for yourself to understand.

ID: gzx3gw2

What I find most interesting about it (and the 3D audio) in terms of marketing is that it's such a crucial element when analyzing the technical merits of first-party games in this new gen, but there's almost no way to faithfully describe it to someone.

ID: gzx6054

This and when she pushed off and went fast.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/29 22:07 ID: gzwylq0

They can't go too all out with it. Remember, it's a cross-gen title. Anything that would be required is out of the table.

ID: gzx0vmn

Yep, for example they couldn’t have the same function on the triggers like Returnal has for alternative fire (where you press halfway to fire normally and all the way past the resistance to initiate the alt fire) as it wouldn’t translate back to the PS4 with the limited triggers on the DualShock 4.

I do enjoy having cross-gen titles but they are really holding back the power of the PS5.

ID: gzx34bf

There will be both a ps5 and ps4 version of the game. They can do whatever they want with the controller.

ID: gzx3ucd

Sucks how old consoles always hold back progress, even if they have a larger player base.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/29 19:14 ID: gzwe6ul


ID: gzwfpmx

I was an xbox guy for 15 years, never did like those older ps controllers. just switched to a ps5 due to the exclusives and the controller and it was the best gaming decision ive ever made. Im into gaming again like i was when i was younger

ID: gzx4knw

Now try vr

ID: gzwidpg


ID: gzws8um

Was that edit necessary in this thread though?

ID: gzwtyzq

Agreed, this fanboyism needs to stop. So embarrassing

6 : Anonymous2021/05/29 20:14 ID: gzwlhd5

Would be really cool if you can feel the vibrations of the galloping when you ride mounts.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/29 19:10 ID: gzwdqft

Pumped for that as well as the adaptive triggers for the bows. Anyone know if they've put that into Zero Dawn yet?

Neckbeards need to cool it with the downvotes. Just a simple question

ID: gzwf2w3

Can’t put adaptive triggers or haptics into PS4 games unfortunately, those features are for native PS5 games only.

Unless they bring out a PS5 version of HZD

ID: gzwiwgj

is that why, call of duty, borderlands 3, control, metro exodus, resident village, all have some dualsense functionality ?

ID: gzwrxxz

Hurrdurr Resident Evil 8 not on PS4???

8 : Anonymous2021/05/29 23:23 ID: gzx6nqj

I literally just tried the controller out on HZD and while obviously not having any haptic feedback, the vibration you feel when shooting and killing robots just made me fantasize about how incredible the haptic feedback will feel in HFW


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