Housemarque shares some statistics on Returnal since launch

1 : Anonymous2021/05/28 14:39 ID: nmz9un
Housemarque shares some statistics on Returnal since launch
2 : Anonymous2021/05/28 14:53 ID: gzrk1sw

Phrike is such a good boss and such a tough boss because he represented the moment when I had to learn the game’s key dodge mechanic. You don’t dodge away from the danger. You dodge through it. Soon as I picked up on that, I had no more problems against Phrike.

ID: gzrodoq

oh for real? no damage when dodging?

ID: gzroxbd

No damage except for purple shit. Can’t dodge through purple shit.

ID: gzrp2km

Yup, dashing and grappling will make you immune to most projectiles and lasers.

ID: gzsc37t

No damage when grappling either!

ID: gzrpr8q


ID: gzslz0r

Also, you're invulnerable while grappling, which becomes super crucial in later biomes. Challenge rooms in particular.

ID: gzs69cv

Yeah you get i-frames or invincibility frames when dashing, so you take no damage, except dashing through anything purple, you have to completely avoid those, as someone already said

ID: gzrud59

Just like learning the mikiri counter haha, that first shinobi hunter is an absolute bastard before you learn to dodge into his lunges. But once you learn, it’s game over.

ID: gzrxc17

Man there is nothing more satisfying than nailing a mikiri counter against those spear guys.

ID: gzshmuj

honestly, sekiro taught me how to properly play hard video games. it was my first From game, and since then all games (including returnal) are a lot easier.

ID: gzs6brw

Another big help for me was realizing just how much can be avoided without dodging and just strafing left or right. For phrike the attack with pulses of red projectiles straight at you, if you strafe left then right switching every 2 pulses you can avoid all of it while barely moving. Last time I fought them I think I only dodged for the melee attacks and the big laser beam

ID: gzs6qxy

Phrike was the hardest boss for me to beat. The other three were fairly easy comparatively

ID: gzs021u

I agree. Phrike has a perfect difficulty level. It's the first major wall for most people, but once you get your timing right and learn the fight it's a piece of cake. I got wrecked on it the first few times I fought it and then later on took it down as a surefire way to cash in a data cube because I knew the fight wouldn't be a problem.

ID: gzs7ep7

Except if it’s those 3rd biome drones, they don’t give a shit about iframes it seems

3 : Anonymous2021/05/28 16:06 ID: gzru3gt

Of course hollowseeker is the most used weapon. Portal beam is a mans best friend

ID: gzs6zlh

Never touched hollowseeker until yesterday. From first picking it up midway through third biome I had leveled it to have portal beam and through different variants.

Made it finally THROUGH the fifth biome.

And then the sixth.

And then finished act two.

I definitely should've used this gun earlier than hour 25 lol

ID: gzs49wt

slow projectile weapons that didn't have auto target were bad times in biome 3 and 5 with the flying drones.

ID: gztw98y

Easy once you lead them. I’ve seen a lot of people streaming Returnal struggle with flying or moving targets with the Hollowseeker as they just keep the reticle on the target instead of leading it. They treat it like a hit-scan gun and then discard it when it doesn’t seem effective.

It’s a big hosepipe of damage. Lead the target and it shreds the flying stuff.

ID: gzs3715

Waves + serrated on hollowseeker feels godlike.

ID: gzs3nlo

Got Waves + Serrated + Portal Beam II last night and just beat B4 for the first time ... yeah it’s pretty great but now that has me more nervous with my console sitting here on rest mode lol

ID: gzs8yby

Def my favorite. I’ll pass on weapons one or two levels above to hold onto a holoseeker with that combo.

ID: gzs9lxg

When I first used that I hated it. Now I love it haha

ID: gzsanhg

It’s great for literally everything, but especially for managing those suicidal octopuses underwater

ID: gzscmv6

It was certainly a bit rough to use at first when you don’t have any traits unlocked. Just dumped a ton of bullets that did tiny amounts of damage. Upgraded its hands down the most versatile weapon for all enemy types.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/28 16:19 ID: gzrw0gc

I would really love a sequel to this game but not sure how they’d do it. Keep mentally torturing Selene forever? Lol.

But this for real was such a fun experience. I did get insanely lucky though with my RNG for the platinum (under 40 hours), and I know this is a big frustration point for a lot of people.

ID: gzs6em1

They can do things like have the aliens find one of Her dead bodies and attempt to resurrect it allowing there to be two selenes that exist at once and two that are also trying to escape. The ending was pretty vague so I assume you can go even deeper into new biomes or they can even transport the new Selene to another planet.

This is starting to sound like fan fiction lol but the point is they can still do so much for a sequel and I hope to god they do I love this fucking game

ID: gzscsg6

I’m on my platinum grind now. Maybe 30 hours total right now and I still need my 6th shard. Also lost 20 hours due to corruption originally but what I did in those first 20 hours I was able to match in about 5 hours on my new save.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/28 14:51 ID: gzrjsai

Nice to know I contributed about 3 million of those deaths!

ID: gzrqx2a

Most of the Phrike deaths were me tbh.

ID: gzrx442

I haven’t made it past freaky Phrike yet. Keep dying during the third health bar. Someday…

6 : Anonymous2021/05/28 16:00 ID: gzrt8e9

Average of 1 death every 38 minutes, not that bad

7 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:48 ID: gzs8epf

I love returnal so much, i will instantly get the DLC and future games

8 : Anonymous2021/05/28 16:07 ID: gzru87r

I fucking love hollowseeker

9 : Anonymous2021/05/28 18:28 ID: gzsdpdr

I have never had such a love hate relationship with a game.

Losing all your progress in an instant, rage quitting, then starting again an hour later has been a regular occurrence for me.

I LOVE returnal.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:37 ID: gzs6yp1

Wow I beat Phrike first try no problem but Biome 3 has been my wall for weeks

11 : Anonymous2021/05/28 15:49 ID: gzrrrd2

So about 1 death per 38 minutes of play!

12 : Anonymous2021/05/28 16:12 ID: gzrv01k

Most powerful weapon - Hollowseeker

Housemarque - Not let us nerf it in the next patch just to fuck with people

13 : Anonymous2021/05/28 14:43 ID: gzrio06

Love this game. And can attest to being a prime contributor to the bottom two stats there, I LOVE the Hollowseeker and Phrike WRECKED me more than any other boss in that first week of play.

ID: gzrm6p3

Hollowseeker with Waves and Trackerswarm is what's getting me through this game.

ID: gzrmo5h

Is hollowseeker good for phrike? I’ve been thinking a range weapon is better but what do I know…haven’t beaten him yet.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:23 ID: gzs51mi

Housemarque delivered another amazing game and they/it deserve all the praise they've/it's getting. I've had so much fun with it. Just gotta explore and collect the rest of the collectibles now to plat the game, which will be done.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/28 18:33 ID: gzsec49

Phriken hell

16 : Anonymous2021/05/28 15:45 ID: gzrr8og

Lol 1015 million.

ID: gzs9vnf

I thought I was the only one bothered by that. What the hell kind of number is that.

ID: gzsby8e

It's a weird way to write 1.0159 billion, I suppose.

17 : Anonymous2021/05/28 16:21 ID: gzrwcuh

I love when devs release info graphics. Very interesting.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:01 ID: gzs1wes

Any tips for the second boss? I straight up can’t beat him....

ID: gzsejjg

Since you’ve gotten to him, you can now pretty much skip straight to him now

Run through biome 1 to the portal the biome 2.

Run through the 2 or 3 open areas of Biome 2 to get straight to the mountain. Kill stuff if you like, up to you

At the base of the mountain you can now teleport to the top, straight to the boss. Grab whatever gun he has outside of his room

Total time should be like 5 minutes to get there. You’ll have a decent gun, 1 heal phial from the start of biome 2, and full hp. Do this a few times to learn his patterns and figure him out. If you do well you might beat him like this. Otherwise once you feel confident, do a run where you grind out most of biome 1 and the outdoor areas of biome 2 then fight him. You’ll have some better gear, and more health and should be able to beat him now

19 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:20 ID: gzs4k6a

I bitched about it so much in the beginning but man, this game was a blast.


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