Far Cry 6 | Official Gameplay Trailer

1 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:09 ID: nn2iln
Far Cry 6 | Official Gameplay Trailer
2 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:38 ID: gzs71es

How much money do you think DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels make in royalties just from that song being used in every fucking commercial, movie, and video game trailer known to man?

ID: gzsls4n

All the money.

...and good for them. Those guys deserve it.

ID: gzsov3v

Oh yeah I’m happy for them. I loved that song when it first came out. I can’t stand it now though lol.

ID: gzup8sk

Kanye West's POWER would like a word

ID: gzsl852

Less than the Black Keys made from Gold on the Ceiling being used in nearly everything for a few years when that came out.

ID: gztdalk

*P.O.D.’s Boom has entered the chat. *

ID: gzvhxt1

I crack up every time I see the Cadillac commercial, since I’m pretty sure no one in GM’s boardroom realizes the first lyric in the song is “Picture this, I’m a bag of dicks, put me to your lips.”

*Edit: “picture this” not “listen to this”

ID: gzstiiv

I forgot what the games were but I had an experience recently where I heard an RTJ song in like 3 different games over the course of an hour.

ID: gzsxqkb

Their songs play every time the mauler twins are on screen in Invincible

ID: gzu4yce

Watch Dogs 2

3 : Anonymous2021/05/28 19:00 ID: gzsi7qb

Really hope Ubisoft has figured out that enemies in an open world should be in medium-large groups that are somewhat spread out from each other.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:19 ID: gzs4egn

Finally the protagonist has personality again. The one in FC5 was the worst because they didn't speak at all.

ID: gzsfxb2

Agreed. Never a fan of silent protagonist. I see it as a developers way to save on $$$ by telling people “it allows players to roleplay how they would react to situations instead of fixed responses from the protagonist”

I’m not a fan of it not because of it being a way for developers to save money on a VA but because of how cheap that justification is. If i’m playing as a character then their reactions to situations are theirs. The player is just in the passenger seat.

Even in RPG’s i feel silent protagonists are lame.

ID: gzt55f7

Silent protagonist are good for games that have a lot of choices and branching dialogue options, and that emphasize role play. Voiced protagonists inherently limit what you can do with writing

For instance, a voiced protagonist would be a terrible idea for the next elder scrolls. But voiced works better for far cry because you don't have many choice to make anyway

5 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:23 ID: gzs4zth

Those were some creative-as-fuck guns! Loved it, can't wait.

ID: gzs55hw

The Macarena gun gave me a good chuckle! Love creative weapons

ID: gzs7r7h

It looks cool, but looks like the gun from Far Cry New Dawn with the saw blade I think. It’s clever to reuse old mechanics/animations, but more new stuff and a new engine would’ve been nice too.

ID: gzs5o0s

Those special guns gave me some big Metro vibes. And the Macarena gun put a huge smile on my face as well. I hope we will be able to unlock different songs for that gun while playing the game.

ID: gzs70na

The crocodile companion is something lol

i already know who is goiung to be my main teamate

ID: gzs93lz

Ahahah yeah I really like the croc but the doggy is cute tooo

6 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:59 ID: gzs9w5m

the environmental graphics look really good, interesting that the character animations don’t quite match in quality

ID: gzslflq

Yeah same goes with their other game Valhalla

7 : Anonymous2021/05/28 18:22 ID: gzscxsl

Ah, I love me some far cry. Graphics are nice and the gameplay is always some good eating.

Those weapons look fun aswell but also give me pause. I hope the tone of the game is serious (with some humour! Doesn't have to dark and edgy) but hopefully given the setting and its themes the story is treated with a bit more gravitas.

I doubt it though, I liked far cry 5 and enjoyed the story, but if it was a critique on cults and an individuals susceptibility to religions etc then it was incredibly toothless imo.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/29 07:32 ID: gzums3q

Environments, story, gameplay look really great. What in the hell is wrong with the characters’ faces and animations. Ubisoft always drops the ball somewhere

9 : Anonymous2021/05/28 23:20 ID: gztdmv1

Looks absolutely incredible and I love me some Far Cry!

10 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:17 ID: gzs45rl

Horizon and even Dying Light 2 did not do this game any favour.

I don´t know what engine ubisoft is using for their games, but it still looks last-gen compared to the games we´ve seen yesterday. Especially the characters look bland.

Graphics aside, could still be a fun game, but I´ll wait on reviews because the last far cry games have been hit or miss.

ID: gzs4ayr

Yeah, not that it has to look as good as a game like say HZD. But the difference in graphics is jarring.

ID: gzt6nc6

At this point no open world game, ever, has looked as good as HZD did yesterday in my opinion. Probably should have released the trailer wednesday instead of today

ID: gzu8qn1

Far Cry has usually been pretty easy to get for $40 a few months after release at most. No point ever paying full price for any Ubisoft games.

ID: gzs85y3

Looks like Far Cry 3 on steroids, same as 4 and 5, to be honest. I think it’s even the same engine but updated. Animations are similar, and it’s look and feel too.

ID: gztl7uy

I’m curious if Ubisoft could at some point run into the Bethesda Creation Engine issue of using the same engine for so long that new games just keep seeming older and older as they release.

Personally, I thought this game looks nice, but haven’t spent enough time watching high quality recordings to make a solid judgement. But hearing from others, I’m hearing the same things that people were saying about Fallout 4’s somewhat outdated looks.

ID: gzsnhgi

So true. Ubi in general seems to need to update their games. They all are starting to look dated

ID: gzsmiy1

Jesus, imagine looking at this gameplay trailer and saying it looks last gen lol. People are either purposely just talking shit or their standards are set ridiculously high.

ID: gzszohw

Character models and animations definitely look last gen, but environmentally it looks fantastic.

ID: gzsq39h

I do think the character models could use some work, but everything else looked great.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:17 ID: gzs46x1

Cant wait to have a disabled doggo companion.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:39 ID: gzs7876

Surprised to see people complain about the graphics, I think they look pretty good for a cross-gen title. Hoping it runs at 60FPS at launch on next-gen rather than what they did with Watch Dogs Legion. Overall, I’m kinda looking forward to this though, an actual protagonist is a very welcome change compared to Far Cry 5.

ID: gzsubji

Hoping it runs at 60FPS at launch

It's meant to be 4k 60 FPS iirc

13 : Anonymous2021/05/28 18:03 ID: gzsafso

IS it just me or does this look really dated now? The graphics just look roughly the same as the last few installments. And I'm sure the gameplay will be basically the same stuff too.

Don't get me wrong, I love the FC series and when I'm in the mood for that specific formula of game, they're a blast. Thankfully they get cheap not long after release.

ID: gzujb4h

So, ubisoft game.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:28 ID: gzs5qqw

Graphics and some animations ain’t the greatest (not bad by any means though, just have seen better) but could still be good fun!

Gameplay > Graphics any day of the week though, and so far it looks like it could have pretty good gameplay.

Love the narrator’s voice, and the setting looks bad ass!

ID: gzsqe2x

I mean, if you've played any Far Cry you probably already know exactly what the gameplay will be like. It's not like they change it up much. Maybe the weapons and vehicles and different, and a few changes in the skill trees, but it's always essentially the same game in a different setting/story.

Not complaining, I love the series, but I don't think there's much of a question what the gameplay will be like!

ID: gzsrnhk

I don’t mind the gameplay 🙂

Hoping for cool stuff, like guns, vehicles and skills you mentioned.

Cheers mate

15 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:17 ID: gzs47hq

Sorta disappointed with how little actual gameplay was shown. Also... theose graphics look straight up last gen, no better than FC5.

Setting looks cool though.

ID: gzsf1uh

The settings in Ubisoft games are half the reason I play and enjoy them. You can call their games formulaic but they always nail the settings and environment.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/28 23:03 ID: gztbut0

Oh, I'm so excited for this one! I just like the setting, the characters, the guns, oh my! Bring it on!

17 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:15 ID: gzs3v7m

Graphics is so so, gameplay looks fun.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:14 ID: gzs3t76

I think this looks fuckin great. If the Ubisoft haters want to come at me, come at me.

ID: gzs4tox

Graphics wise it looks alright, the characters look kinda bland sometimes. But I gotta say that the gameplay looks fun and the world looks full of things to do. Never really got into the Far Cry franchise but this got me interested

19 : Anonymous2021/05/28 17:22 ID: gzs4u5y

Don't even care that it's outdated as far as next-gen goes. Looking forward to more Far Cry


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