New Horizon Forbidden West Details Reveal New In-Game Locations, Screenshots

1 : Anonymous2021/05/28 12:19 ID: nmwm7z
New Horizon Forbidden West Details Reveal New In-Game Locations, Screenshots
2 : Anonymous2021/05/28 12:37 ID: gzr2y1g

Those locations look so goooood

3 : Anonymous2021/05/28 14:03 ID: gzrd7i8

I wonder how many quips will be hidden underneath timing certain actions with enemies. The whole "You think you can hurt me?" back and forth between Aloy and the enemy really made me think of the possibilities.

ID: gzreg0n

I think that was more for the demo. People complain about the chattyness of it but I'm sure it's intended for people who don't play games much so they can follow the action that's happening.

ID: gzrx1c2

There was this interesting thing where she would comment on something she was about to do. I don’t remember it exactly, but when she was being chased by the machines in the early part of the demo I believe she said something like “Time for a swim” or something right before jumping into the water.

The thing is though, in these non linear open world games, you can’t really do that because what if I, the player, didn’t want to jump off the rock into the water? What if I decided to turn around, or go another direction or something.

That’s what makes me think the dialogue was added in post, because unless they have some sort of system to super accurately predict player decisions, they can’t have Aloy saying stuff like that.

It would be pretty sweet if they did though

ID: gzrfh6p

Don't you think it'd be strange for them to remove dialogue though? It seems like the instance only happened when she used a special ability. I have the mindset that special actions during an specific window of time will open up a quip or two rather than just straight forward dialogue about what is happening onscreen.

ID: gzrpadu

The horizon zero dawn 2015 demo had probably 2x the amount of talking than the final release.

It’s something they dial up for the demo.

ID: gzsvzqk

They do.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/28 12:54 ID: gzr4sgi

I just hope for an ice level.

Frozen Wilds was the highlight of the game and it was one of the few times in gaming where I was in love with how beautiful it was.

Nice graphics are a dime a dozen but to fill an area with that kind of picturesque visual takes skill.

ID: gzr8n36

I also loved the Frozen Wilds DLC. I did see an environment that looked snowy during the lead up to the gameplay. Screenshot:

ID: gzrl3rz

If the lat/long are the numbers on the bottom that puts this just east of Stockton CA - so i'm guessing the area is supposed to be mammoth mountain?

ID: gzrbcvb

I never got far in frozen wilds for some reason, but at this point I don't want to jump in until we get a 60 fps patch. I just hope it's coming at some point.

ID: gzrbrvg

I mean FPS is fine and all but I do think Horizon is worth playing regardless.

It’s got it’s problems but it’s solid.

EDIT: sorry I assumed you meant the whole game not FW! My bad!

ID: gzrnjrh

If I remember correctly, during the countdown on the livestream they showed a snowy terrain. I have a feeling your wish will be granted lol.

ID: gzslgor

I always want to call Frozen Wilds as Iceborne

ID: gzrhgl4

Frozen wilds had my favourite settlement in the entire game if only all dlc could be this good

5 : Anonymous2021/05/28 15:06 ID: gzrlsyb

This game looks so good. I hope the gameplay matches up to the first game as it'll be fantastic if it does.

ID: gzrog6a

looks straight up improved in every aspect of the first one

6 : Anonymous2021/05/28 19:49 ID: gzsojen

If it has a 60fps mode im sold

ID: gzugxcj

Yeah, I really hope we get one. I'm certain the PS5 could handle it!

7 : Anonymous2021/05/28 13:34 ID: gzr9gm8

i hope sony has not forgotten about the much needed storage solution that is going to be in even higher demand as early as june 10.

ID: gzrbraj

What do you hope they do?

ID: gzrnvdb

Isn’t there a second internal nvme slot on these that is locked by Sony? I thought I read something about that somewhere

ID: gzrchkn

either allow us to play games off 3rd party internal and/or external ssds on the ps5 or come up with their own 1st party storage solution so that i can stop moving and deleting old games to make room for new ones. i have the digital edition ps5 so i dont really have much of a choice.

ID: gzruiyw

What is happening on June 10th?

ID: gzrvgie

oh ffvii remake intergrade. the next day r&c rift apart. also guilty gear strive

ID: gzs00dd

I think it's the semiconductor shortage that has delayed any announcements on this...which is why PS5 and many other items are hard to come by.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/28 15:19 ID: gzrnkr3

Guess I have something to look forward to in 2030 when I can actually find a PS5...maybe it wont cause my PS4 to explode.

ID: gzv24m6

Right? There will be Goty edition with dlc before I can find available PS5

9 : Anonymous2021/05/28 14:54 ID: gzrk71u

Just watched the 4k video on youtube.....It looks fun and some of the combat looks cool - the elephant part was really cool. Is it me, or does the game look soft? It almost looked like it was a 1080p game being upscaled.....not sure.

ID: gzrllxh

Probably the YouTube compression.

ID: gzrlnde

Is your monitor 4k enabled? I watched it on my 4k TV and it looked incredible.

ID: gzrodr0

absolutely not lol, looked incredible

ID: gzs1tgo

I love that I'm getting downvoted. How dare I say anything remotely negative about this game. I watched the video on my LG C9. Maybe its because my most recent encounters with Horizon have been on PC? I'm sure it will look fine once released.

ID: gzrr5mv

Get your eyes checked

ID: gzrtr06

it may not be native 4k, but i see 0 chance its 1080p on the ps5. it also has to run on the ps4. probably just youtube compression

ID: gzshjls

I wouldn't say zero chance. Id rather play 1080p60 than 4k30. I'm hoping GG announces a 60 fps mode. Even 1440/60 is fine with me. My OLED does a fine job upscaling.

ID: gzs7k31

Returnal has an internal resolution of 1080p so it's not out of the question that upscaling could be going on.

ID: gzso8n5

Actually it is 4K downscaled due to YouTube and twitch compression

ID: gzvjnln

Youtube always compresses videos, so that could be the case.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/28 15:58 ID: gzrt1u0

I didn't really care for the first game. But I'm definitely going to give this one a go. Maybe it will improve enough on the original to change my mind about the series.

ID: gzrwnve

What was it you didn't like about the first game? I only ask because while I enjoyed the game, it didn't blow me away like it seemed to for everyone else. The gameplay was fun, but the story was pretty predictable for me. I'm really excited for the sequel, but I hope it tries to live up to the hype the first one generated.

ID: gzs0wdv

I couldn't get into the story at all which made me not want to finish the game. The dialogue and facial animations were pretty bad IMO.

ID: gzs0vmj


ID: gzs0ykg

My main issues were that I didn't really like any of the characters, the voice acting was truly terrible in most cases, dialogue was pretty uninteresting, facial animations were doll like, the primary gameplay loop revolved around predictable enemy routines (that you could just follow by scanning), the open world felt more like campfire hopping, rather than freedom to explore at your own leisure and the world felt totally stiff and un-dynamic.

The only aspects of the game that I did like somewhat where the visuals and the action/shooting/trapping mechanics.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/28 20:23 ID: gzssvef

Do we know yet if any skills are transferring over from your saved character in HZD or do you start from scratch again?

ID: gzt2hrt

I'd be very pleasantly surprised by this. And the shield weaver.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/29 13:21 ID: gzvae5l

Draw distance is extraordinary idk how much time I'll spend simply roaming around

13 : Anonymous2021/05/29 02:47 ID: gztzdgk

idk I won't be buying this game because I can't play the first game at 30fps, and I'm not buying it for pc when I already got it for free on ps5

14 : Anonymous2021/05/28 15:54 ID: gzrse1b

Does this game carries a co-op or MP mode?


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