AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) launches June 22nd, supported by Radeon and GeForce GPUs

1 : Anonymous2021/06/01 03:21 ID: npkj0l
AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) launches June 22nd, supported by Radeon and GeForce GPUs
2 : Anonymous2021/06/01 05:48 ID: h05wyfq

AMD: You get super resolution, you get super resolution, you get super resolution, everyone gets super resolution!!

ID: h06pfo4

Except RX 400 owners. No idea why.

ID: h070ilo

Yah that's super weird. The 500 series is basically the same. I'm going to be frustrated if my RX 480 can't use it.

ID: h06q1r6

They should also get it. 400 and 500 are the same

ID: h07pg6l

Pretty sure that RX 400 too, just that maybe they thought it was obvious. Like, the 400 and 500 are basically the same GPUs, at least architecturely and with the drivers. Probably just that most people bought the 500 series so maybe because if that?

The real bummer for me is that I bought the 390 half a year before the 400 series got out...I didn't regret it too much, but them having FSR and I don't does change it :/

ID: h07esqd

ALL older GEN Cards can enable as far as I understood it it's just that there official support is towards vega/rx5xx and upwards.

ID: h07hwqe

If nvidia cards can get it I don’t see why rx400 wouldn’t. Maybe it’s just guaranteed support for the rx500s?

3 : Anonymous2021/06/01 04:05 ID: h05ocil

My GTX 1660 Ti is already salivating

ID: h05p1dq

I got a 1660Ti in my g14 and I just need a bit more to hit my 120hz refresh rate at 1080p. Hope this helps me get there.

ID: h068017

Yeah, the fact that AMD is saving 10 and 16 series owners when Nvidia left them in the dust is such a Chad move. And this is open source, easier to implement and will be used on consoles. This can literally bury the DLSS alternative.

ID: h069x3b

True Chad move would be to allow all GCN GPUs onto the glorious new tech.

ID: h065bcq


4 : Anonymous2021/06/01 03:23 ID: h05kcxe

Hopefully image quality is good.

ID: h05kq05

If you play at 1080, upscaling from 720 wouldn't look as good as 1080 to 1440. If this really works on NVIDIA too, so many people with lower end cards would benefit hugely. I hope they choose the right games. A lot of open world games would benefit from this massively. I would love to see this in action on AMD cards. Ray tracing and with the fps boost.

ID: h05y18t

Skyrim: FSR Edition

ID: h05lb6c

My series S is ready af

ID: h07t7uj

The screenshot at anandtech got me worried. IMO the quality is not good. (this one is claimed to be the "quality mode") Image:

Full article:

ID: h085ozc

can't judge it based on one still image, or even one game but that does looks horrible, especially since its supposed to be the "quality" preset.

lots of people jumping the gun thanking AMD and declaring DLSS "dead" before anyone had a chance to see FSR in action

5 : Anonymous2021/06/01 05:41 ID: h05wgcg

RX 400 series? It's Polaris so wouldn't it work since there's practically no difference between my rx 480 and a 500 series?

ID: h062q75

If the gtx 1060 can run it i don't see why a rx 480 couldn't. I wish they had shown performance on a 480 or 580 as well for comparison.

ID: h06kifr

I am a proud owner of MSI RX 480 8 GB variant, and was hyped as fuck to see that radeon gpus were supported, and was quickly disappointed after checking the supported GPU list. I am willing to flash my GPU to RX 580 if they won't support it.

ID: h06opg8

They're both GCN 4 and the 480 is the same chip as the 580. Same size, same config, same processing node.

I get they have to draw the line somewhere but that'd be one of the weirdest places to draw it right? Drawing it between GCN 3 and 4 would make way more sense than between two products that should only have mino

architectural differences between them.

ID: h06ulrs

The slide said all RX500 series products

There were pre-Polaris RX400 series products so they could not make the same claim of "all" and I'm guessing they wanted to keep the slide neat

I'd be very surprised is RX400 Polaris cards are not supported

6 : Anonymous2021/06/01 04:33 ID: h05qv2i


ID: h05rgc2


ID: h05xiev


ID: h05tg2u

But, did you see the images? Image quality completely tanks.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/01 03:37 ID: h05lp1r

generates a “super resolution” image from every input frame. In other words, it does not rely on history buffers or motion vectors. Neither does it require any per-game training.

I love AMD, but color me skeptical that the results are going to be all that great based on this. Will be interesting to see in more detail, but without some new level of magic I just can't see how this will work great.

ID: h06mdra

I've lost the little hope I had.

ID: h06qrde

Oh dear, I thought at the very least they were basically making an open source TAA similar to insomniacs temporal injection. This is basically just a post processing filter on a low res image. This has been hyped up as a DLSS competitor and it’s going to get spanked.

I can’t help but think this is down to the RX6000 series poor AI performance. I could see them implementing a true AI upscale next time around that would make these cards with poor AI and ray tracing obsolete for next gen technologies. It seemed like they used all the die space to improve rasterisation to compete with Nvidia, but nvidia cards can leverage dlss in these cases, which will be more prevalent now it’s integrated into unreal. It’s basically like what happened with rtx20 series, similarly I think buyers will feel burnt.

I want AMD to be back at the top, and I could see decisions like these really hurting them in the long run

8 : Anonymous2021/06/01 03:52 ID: h05n7h8

I have doubts but hey let's be positive and hope it will be as good as DLSS.

ID: h05ofw4

I don't think it needs to be as good, just good enough since it supports everything rather than a small % of the market

ID: h05sb60

The example running on the 1060 used in the presentation and uploaded to youtube in 4K is a bit worrying. Everyone's going crazy and I'm really excited too, but we need to temper expectations and see what it's like on release.

The example on the 1060 was 1440p native upscaled on the Quality setting, which is one step down from their highest quality upscale.

ID: h05prj0

To me as long as it achieves the standard quality that checkerboarded games on console has while giving free performance like the way DLSS is, it's good enough already even for a person who has already experienced the DLSS.

ID: h05waf6

Yeah, checkerboarding when done right is surprisingly effective

ID: h068zyw

Based on the full resolution picture from anandtech, the quality is horendous. Its significantly worse than the very first implementation of dlss. The quality is so bad with super resolution in that picture that if i didnt have context, i could not tell you that those pink flowers are flowers. I would have no idea what im looking at. Its just smeared nonsense

9 : Anonymous2021/06/01 07:51 ID: h065hu2

So, from the clearest example image given, it looks like DLSS 1.0 level, and likely only the top "Ultra Quality" setting will be worth using.

The image on the right is so much worse than the native that it makes me wonder if native 1080p would actually look better and perform better too (since 1440p is 78% more pixels than 1080p).

Guess we're going to have to wait for independent image quality analysis from people like Hardware Unboxed and Gamers Nexus.

ID: h06xhdx

It's almost like they forgot the sharpening pass from CAS.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/01 04:18 ID: h05pkjn

I think 4k output is when you want to use this tech, at lower resolutions the native res is too low to extract meaningful detail to upscale.

This has been my experience with DLSS, I expect no different here and it will probably end up with worse results at 1440p output and lower.

ID: h05yopw

It's basically the same for temporal interpolation, ie. frame interpolation / motion smoothing.

At low frame rates, like all the common frame rates of 30 and below, it looks like garbage. There's just too little information to create something that looks convincing. But at 60 fps you have enough data that it works well enough to be used in VR applications.

I think people who expect big improvements to APU gaming and such are going to be disappointed.

ID: h05w2pe

I wonder about having Virtual Super Resolution on, upscaling to 4k or 1800/1900p(with FSR), then downscaled to 1440p to fit a 1440p monitor to get around the lower image quality.

Obviously this would mitigate some of the fps gain though.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/01 06:49 ID: h061fv0

If they found a way to work this on an gtx1060 but not rx480 we riot

12 : Anonymous2021/06/01 05:41 ID: h05wfpi

I wonder what this means for my Vega 11

ID: h069woz

likewise for my Vega 8

13 : Anonymous2021/06/01 05:29 ID: h05vidr


even supports my aging 1080 Ti

seems like i'll EASILY be able to stretch through this GPU shortage

thank you, AMD! <3

edit: though i guess the performance gain of up to 300% is a very special case, and we should probably lower our expectations, for as to how much there is to gain for the avg user.

ID: h066ekq

"aging 1080Ti"

stares in 9600GT

My envy aside, does Pascal really age that fast?

14 : Anonymous2021/06/01 07:54 ID: h065pzn

The initial lack of RX-400 series support is perplexing, I wonder why they decided to not support it. I really hope they add RX-400 support soon.

ID: h066w66

RX-500 is supported which is basically RX-400, if they aren't artificially limiting it, it should work.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/01 05:31 ID: h05vna6

The open-source implementation of the tech is good news.

Aside from Godfall, really wish there are other games that would take advantage of this scaling resolution. I can't really comment on the performance of FSR, but from what I have seen (and bearing in mind my observation is just anecdotal as the other individuals are), it is pretty much AMD's equivalent of DLSS 1.0. While I don't really have high hopes for it to compete with DLSS 2.0, it does provide an alternative for wider implementation of DLSS-like techs (upscaling?) that is going to be relevant for PC owners with older GPUs.

Should this tech works as advertised (not just Godfall, AFAIK, that particular game is favors AMD platform very heavily), my old Polaris card would be revitalized in terms of FPS count until the GPU prices normalize or there are actually any budget card that could appear on the next gen that might offer the same value proposition as the RX 580 did.

16 : Anonymous2021/06/01 09:08 ID: h06acum

So it supports rx 500 and even gtx 1000 but not rx 400? It doesn't make any sense


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