FOLLOW UP: Windows Update Drivers Overwriting Currently Installed AMD Drivers (FIXED?)

1 : Anonymous2021/06/01 14:51 ID: npvssy

To follow up with the original issue per post title found in this thread here, an update has been implemented on the Windows Update server that removes certain hardware IDs, fixing the issue. This update mostly targets Navi21 GPUs from either AMD or MSI.

AMD would like to reach out to the community to help us confirm if this issue is still occurring.

I believe there may be other configurations that this issue still may occur, if so please let me know your Hardware IDs.

Please see the instructions below and comment here including your brand/model of your GPU or system if it's occurring on a laptop:

Open Device Manager Display Adapters > GPU > Right-Click > Properties Details > Hardware Ids Copy the first value Example: PCIVEN_1002&DEV_73BF&SUBSYS_0E3A1002&REV_C0 Reply to this post with that value including your brand/model of GPU or laptop

Thank You!

Edit: Including the affected GPUs

2 : Anonymous2021/06/01 15:57 ID: h07exo0

Dope. I turned off windows update updating drivers and my driver utility to ignore AMD GPU's, as I prefer to update certain components manually. But wanted to share that I appreciate the on-going community outreach and provide my single upvote to promote visibility.

ID: h07ormr

Is it in Control Panel > System & Security > System > Advanced System Settings > System Properties > Hardware tab > Device Installation Settings > Yes and No options, check No?

ID: h089ch4

Yup, thats what I did. Just bare in mind this will turn off all driver updates as well, theres no way I'm aware of to just turn off windows update to update only particular drivers. For all other drivers other than Chipset and GPU (maybe even sound card if I had to be concerned withi that) I use a 3rd party driver install utility, which my preference is Driver booster. I also set Driver booster to ignore chipset and GPU, but then let it pick up all the other little drivers I don't feel like sifting through many google pages looking for.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/01 16:18 ID: h07hwf1

Disabling Windows fixes it.

ID: h07mks1

This is the real solution.

ID: h08h7hv

Yes because the AMD Linux driver is soooooooo good.

Oh wait, a MacOS driver?

So all of the AMD cards will be more of a paperweight...

ID: h08vnqk

What are you talking about?..

AMD's Linux drivers are much better then Nvidia's. Just ask literally anyone with a "recent" AMD gpu on linux

4 : Anonymous2021/06/01 16:41 ID: h07l4rc

Hardware ID: PCIVEN_1002&DEV_1638&SUBSYS_118C1043&REV_C4

Laptop: Asus G15 2021 GA503QR.408 Ryzen 9 5900HS with integrated “AMD Radeon Graphics” (I use the built in 3070 for gaming however, every time Windows updates and reverts the AMD gpu drivers and I’m using them I end up with a super laggy washed out looking screen while using the integrated graphics.) To fix this I reinstall the Radeon drivers via the adrenaline auto installer I have to do this every single time it’s been going on for roughly a month now since the last major Radeon drivers came out the .4.1 or 2 or whatever it was.

Edit: just went to update windows and it attempted to download the problem driver so it is not fixed for this laptop.


5 : Anonymous2021/06/01 17:10 ID: h07p4bz

I've got a MSI Vega 56 Air Boost, flashed with the corresponding Vega 64 BIOS: PCIVEN_1002&DEV_687F&SUBSYS_36801462&REV_C1

Currently driver 21.5.2 is installed.

Windows 10 keeps offering "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Display - 26.20.13002.133" as an optional update. According to Microsoft Update Catalog this is a driver version from 2019.

There are no such issues with my Asus RX 570 Expedition in my other PC.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/01 20:47 ID: h08i9zf

still wondering if this is limited to specific gpu brand, or the windows version in use (LTSC for example).

literally into the 100's of customers and no a single case nor from any of the dozen machines on hand.

ID: h08nl6e

I don't understand it fully as it's not software-related, but it has something to do with the hardware IDs and if it's marked for Windows to push for an update, in this case, it was MSI and MBA. They share similar Vendor and Device IDs but different Subsystem Vendor and Device IDs.

Luckily our customer engineering team figured it out with all the users input providing the requested info, and hopefully we can do it again with the other users that are still affected.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/01 16:18 ID: h07hyuj

Where do we find this update that has been implemented?

ID: h07ihfr

This has been updated on the Windows Update server, so no additional manual updating is required.

Certain hardware IDs, particularly MSI Navi21 GPUs affecting all Navi21 GPUs were largely affected.

ID: h07jfg7

what about laptops?

sister's asus laptop was affected by this. asking if its worth even worth trying to install the latest drivers...

8 : Anonymous2021/06/01 17:21 ID: h07qoxs

Had this problem. Just disabled auto driver updates and its fine. But if they fixed it then good on them.

ID: h07ycz1

How do you disable auto driver updates?

ID: h08lqkq

I think the quickest way is to type "Change device installation settings" in the windows search bar. Otherwise it is buried in the "Advanced System Settings" (AKA "System Properies") on the "Hardware" tab.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/01 17:24 ID: h07r2l0

Hardware ID: PCIVEN_1002&DEV_1636&SUBSYS_8788103C&REV_C6

Laptop Model: Hp Omen 15 en0002np Ryzen 7 4800h with a GTX 1650ti dgpu

10 : Anonymous2021/06/01 19:04 ID: h084ucm


Desktop: sapphire pulse 5700xt

11 : Anonymous2021/06/01 19:57 ID: h08bs00

Since this happened to me last week or so, here's mine for my 6800xt. PCIVEN_1002&DEV_73BF&SUBSYS_0E3A1002&REV_C1

12 : Anonymous2021/06/01 20:28 ID: h08fsus

Hardware ID: PCIVEN_1002&DEV_1636&SUBSYS_1E211043&REV_C6
I'm using Asus TUF Gaming A15 FX506IV with Ryzen 7 4800H (with AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics) and Nvidia RTX 2060
The driver for the integrated GPU keeps getting overwrited and makes me fail to use Oculus Link. I have to reinstall with the latest driver via Adrenaline in order to continue use Oculus Link.

13 : Anonymous2021/06/01 16:13 ID: h07h684

This is why you should use Linux instead of Windows, run Windows in a virtual machine hosted by a Linux system if you have to

ID: h07hwvz

Unless if you're running programs that aren't compatible with Linux.

Wargame Red Dragon killed off Mac and Linux compatibility a few years ago with an update to fix a major multiplayer exploit. The only workaround is for those players to run an older game version without that update, and thus be isolated from Windows players for multiplayer matches.

ID: h07hx2s

Unless if you're running programs that aren't compatible with Linux.

Wargame Red Dragon killed off Mac and Linux compatibility a few years ago with an update to fix a major multiplayer exploit, and the developer told those two communities to deal with it. The only workaround is for those players to run an older game version without that update, and thus be isolated from Windows players for multiplayer matches.

ID: h07oatx

Not unless you want to spend your evenings chasing down forum posts to fix your issues that you'll inevitably run into somewhere trying to configure something. Then you'll mess up your system and do a reinstall, but then something somewhere will be incompatible and you'll just give up and return to windows... That's my experience at least. I've been trying to get into linux since SUSE 7.1 days but it's just not for everybody.


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