Miles Morales tops the UK charts second time this year after surge in sales of PS5 hardware

1 : Anonymous2021/05/31 14:55 ID: np59ip
Miles Morales tops the UK charts second time this year after surge in sales of PS5 hardware
2 : Anonymous2021/05/31 15:08 ID: h037avl

Sales of PlayStation Studios games this gen are going to be crazy high. They really started catching fire last gen and it's going to light up the sales charts now.

ID: h038hm5

Established IPs are gonna sell tremendously good, Horizon II, God of War II and Spiderman 2 are gonna move units like crazy. I'm excepting R&C to be a hitter too

ID: h03xjr8

Ghost of tsushima 2, uncharted 5, the last of us 3, and the new ips that will come out will also sell tons

ID: h03bem0

Yeah all three of those titles will comfortably sell north of 20M when all is said and done IMO. R&C will be big for it's franchise, 6-8M in the long run.

ID: h038myt

Yeah I won't be surprised if R&C sells 10+ million this time around. This is the first time I've seen real hype for R&C.

ID: h047mde

You bet your hot ass I'm getting Spider-Man 2.

I'm gonna be honest, the Spider-Man PS4 series is probably my favorite piece of superhero media, ever. The only thing I've seen that even comes close is Invincible.

ID: h04onde

Those games, or the only reason I’m buying a PS5. If they were on Xbox, I would’ve just stayed comfortable with my series X

ID: h043w6g

We could be looking at njntendo attachment rates, which has to be the goal

ID: h045nhs

That'll be hard because there's so much more competition from other big games on PlayStation unlike Nintendo consoles.

ID: h04b3sn

I doubt it. The thing about Nintendo's absurd attachment rate is that they manage to still sell at full retail price for several years on end with barely any price reductions /discounts. This is virtually impossible for Sony unless they have a serious industry game changer on the scale of Grand Theft Auto 5.

If we're judging just purely based on copies sold, then there are already a couple of PS4 games that have outsold several of Nintendo's major IP, but usually thanks to heavy discounts and console bundles. However they don't make anywhere as much revenue due to the cut price.

Sony are not particularly fussed about how many copies of their IP they sell. What concerns them is that all of their IP can be used as shiny high fidelity bait to attract as many players from other systems into the PlayStation ecosystem, and get them subscribed onto PS+.

Sony makes the bulk of their revenue from 3rd party titles being sold on their store front and their subscription service. So I suspect we're gonna see games like Miles Morales and Demon's Souls on PS+ a lot sooner than we think.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/31 15:04 ID: h036uv1

The go to PS5 game for new PS5 owners

ID: h03tosi

Demons Souls crew represent

ID: h04f0ka

Yeah I'm more of a Returnal person.

ID: h0405eb

As a PS5 owner who completed the Chinese import of demon's souls on the PS3 before it released in the UK, I'm still left waiting for the exclusives to excite me.

ID: h03bcgu

It's the only reason I got a ps5 instead of xb

ID: h03xot9

My first PS5 platinum! I enjoyed earning the plat more than the first game. Way less of a grind. Still a bit of grind, but just about the prefect amount.

ID: h04mzja

Yeah, I got plat in about 17 hours. Definitely felt like a good length, even if I did pay AU$110 for it. That does include the remastered SM1 though, and so I'm replaying that.

ID: h03bk31

Would've been Demon's souls if it wasn't so hard lol.

ID: h03tje3

While i love bloodborne and Sekiro, dark souls never connected with me. Tried DS2 & 3.

Demon souls was awesome though but maybe because i was blown away by the PS5. on to my point; go mage and its EZ PZ. some mobbs are hard + the poison area sucks balls, but overall its not too difficult. If you go mage that is

in meme format: haha spells go BRRRR

4 : Anonymous2021/05/31 15:48 ID: h03c4x8

It's a really good game. While the game isn't, in my opinion, as astoundingly brilliant as the first, the highs of MM are astounding and I can't wait for Spider-Man 2. If they incorporate the QoL changes of MM into Spider-Man 2 and keep both Peter and Miles playable, it'll probably be one of my favorite games ever.

ID: h04482j

What I want is the ability to swap between the two spidermen on the fly like how you could swap characters in gta5.

ID: h05a8up

Swapping to Peter, in a restaurant saying "ah finally, pizza time." Then having his watch buzz displaying a crime around the block.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/31 15:18 ID: h038i9a

Surge of PS5 hardware? When? Where?

ID: h039944

Quite a few drops about a week or two ago of tens of thousands of consoles per retailer! There's a discord for checking stock and the PS5 Stock Alert UK twitter account is great for advising of upcoming drops.

ID: h039k88

That happens to be how many they have every drop. Supply still hasn’t improved enough yet for AMD

ID: h03ai3g

Huh. I'm following Twitter Bots and in my region there was hardly anything. And the few drops that actually happened of course were sold out within seconds.

Hopefully a bigger drop will follow here as well

ID: h03iz2f

Actually got my PS5 last week through Best Buy. I follow a PS5 tracker on Twitter, and when inventory went up, I grabbed one immediately. Got super lucky that the transaction went through.

ID: h0421da

Delayed April stock after disasters like Suez Canal meant May was a bumper month for PS5 restocks in the U.K.

Stock was still fleeting of course, but much better restocks in May for quite a few retailers. I even managed to get one, but it involved staying up until 3am and dealing with Argos’s buggy site/app

ID: h03ccrj

In the UK, last week.

Also probably again this week and then in about 3 weeks time.

ID: h03tudf

Brit here, I got one just a few days ago after months of no luck. Couldn't be happier with it, it's like all the good stuff about PS turned up to 11.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/31 16:40 ID: h03ied2

Is there a noticeable difference graphics wise in Spider Man (PS4) vs Miles Morales (PS5)?

ID: h03kzou

Yes. 60 FPS and 1440p with ray tracing or 30 FPS full 4K with ray tracing

ID: h0466uv

Yes. 60 FPS and 1440p with ray tracing

This is such a gold standard it's crazy. Wish more studios were able to optimize to achieve this.

ID: h04av3g

There's also a huge difference in load times. The only loading screen I ever saw in MM was when first launching the game, and even that was only a few seconds.

If you remember in the first game, going into the city from an interior location meant waiting a while at a loading screen. There's no loading screen at all on PS5. You're just outside.

ID: h046dh1


7 : Anonymous2021/05/31 22:19 ID: h04n00u

Sony is just running on easy mode with the Spider-Man IP. The next game will easily be a system seller, cross gen or not.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/31 17:17 ID: h03n1zh

It's a god damn great game. Unfortunately very short. So i highly recommend getting the deluxe edition, with the original spider-man game included (It also includes the 3 DLC packs!)

One of the best value full priced games i've purchased in quite a while

ID: h03pmf4

Story is kinda short but if you do all the challenges and stuff it can take quite a while to 100% it

9 : Anonymous2021/05/31 15:35 ID: h03ai3f

Got the game in this sale and it's so fun, the ending is AWESOME

ID: h042x0g

Don't remind me.... Still recovering

10 : Anonymous2021/05/31 17:30 ID: h03omw0

It’s one of the most inclusive PS5 exclusive so far. Demons souls and Returnal are not for everybody.

ID: h05c5ce

It's not a PS5 exclusive, it's on PS4.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/31 20:59 ID: h04du29

I very much enjoyed the game. The spidermen games are good for hours of fun and little frustration.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/31 15:12 ID: h037t1p

...there was a surge?

13 : Anonymous2021/05/31 19:00 ID: h03zklu

Both Spider-Man games are incredible on PS5

One of the few games where traversing is more fun than the combat(and the combat is sick) makes for an addicting game

Performance RT mode is a game changer

14 : Anonymous2021/05/31 16:14 ID: h03fbor

This is why we don't have the usual sales on PS5 games. It's like doing a sale on a season pass before the dlc is released.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/31 17:11 ID: h03m7rc

I don’t know if this is true everywhere but in my location the ONLY option for buying a PS5 was to get the bundle which included Miles Morales…

Could this have inflated the numbers?

ID: h03wxes

I think that's the point of the post.

I got my ps5 a couple months ago through some prize draw with curry's to be able to buy one. Had to get it with a bundle and miles morales was the most appealing game to me out of the other options (demon souls, call of duty, assassins creed)

16 : Anonymous2021/06/01 07:24 ID: h063se5

lol 'biomutant was denied no. 1' cause it actually wasn't that great.

17 : Anonymous2021/05/31 16:17 ID: h03flid

The game was bundled in by quite a few retailers. I have a friend who had to get the bundle with Miles Morales despite not caring about the game as it’s the only stock GAME had.


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Spider-man Miles Morales foi um sucesso ou fracasso de vendas?

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