AMD Debuts FidelityFX Super Resolution to Take on DLSS at Computex

1 : Anonymous2021/06/01 03:12 ID: npkdkj

After a long wait, AMD has finally introduced FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), the company's upscaling technology to rival Nvidia's machine learning-powered DLSS. It was introduced during AMD chief executive Dr. Lisa Su's virtual keynote address at Computex, which is being held online this year. The new feature will launch on June 22. AMD promises that FSR will deliver up to 2.5 times higher performance while using the dedicated performance mode in "select titles." At least ten game studios will integrate FSR into their games and engines this year. The first titles should show up this month, and the company also detailed FSR's roots in open source. The feature is based on AMD's OpenGPU suite.

2 : Anonymous2021/06/01 06:15 ID: h05yz2l

I read this as "super fx". Silly me and my near 40 year old brain that appears to be still stuck in the snes days...

ID: h08p4ay

Wait til you hear about Mode 7 on Unreal 5.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/01 03:16 ID: h05jl9j

Does this improve the Ps5 performance too? I saw half the keynote. I couldn’t tell if they announced anything for Ps5.

ID: h05ls92

PS5 and XSX have capable GPU's to take advantage of this so it will eventually come to consoles. Only a matter of time.

ID: h063qbh

Technically they can implement it on the ps4 as they did demo a gtx 1060 which is old so if it can be used on a that i gpu it means it possible on the ps4. But we need more time to see if it even worth it nvidia dlls was shit in it first year now it better but still

ID: h05kadc

This technology will eventually make its way to consoles and will help a lot in performance. There is no date for its arrival on consoles yet, but it is very positive news as it could help standardize 4k 60fps with Ray Tracing on PS5.

ID: h05labg

Hope this is true 🙂

ID: h05mhq3

I would be very happy if it would, Im also curious if this can somehow be retrofitted onto games that have come out or are about to come out. Reading the article it seems to need engine level implementation so we'll see. I dont want to get too hyped before seeing the results, DLSS wasnt fantastic in its first implementations either but maybe it can also improve its algorithm over time. Exiting stuff for all AMD platforms.

Correction: All platforms, Nvidia cards are also supported

ID: h05xpjn

I honestly doubt it helps much. It’s going to compete with checkerboarding, which is already pretty advanced. RE8 showcases excellent checkerboarding, for example, and this is unlikely to improve on that.

The issue is that FSR is a “dumb” upscaler. It’s not looking at multiple frames or using movement vectors. That’s what allows DLSS and TSR to improve so much on something like TAA.

I was optimistic but honestly the results were below my expectations tonight. Yes the FPS boost was large, but my god the quality was so blurry it’s not worth it. I was far more impressed by Epics TSR demo. FSR imo will barely compete with the current proprietary upscalers unless that demo was really botched.

ID: h069s8x

Where are we getting this info from? Dude on stage didn't even mention consoles.

I want to believe it too but I can't find any source for it.

ID: h07i6oq

There is zero indication that it's coming to consoles. We can assume so but there's no direct feedback from Sony or AMD that this is going to be the case.

ID: h05mvzk

Nope. They only mentioned that every PC GPU from RX 500 or GTX 10 series above will support it. And 1 game only is going to support it on June 22 and it's Godfall, and then from there the adoption should kick off with other specific games and makes it way to consoles i guess.

ID: h05nz78

They’re rolling it out to PCs first, and a refined version of it will eventually make its way to consoles later

ID: h069qgu

Source? Didn't hear anything about that in the presentation I saw.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/01 07:34 ID: h064gis

A shame my desktop has an Intel CPU and a GeForce 1660 TI. It couldn’t do DLSS for some reason and I heard this would work on that.

ID: h06v2t6

Same specs here, this should be a great addition to help 1000 series card users. But yes, it's a shame Nvidia couldn't help their own cards before AMD.

ID: h091yf6

I mean it does a good job with the games I want to play on it. Just annoyed that it can be able to have Ray Tracing active but not DLSS.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/01 15:45 ID: h07dfa5

I mean, we don't even have VRR for ps5

ID: h07hjx9

Valid point. But if we can get FSR to fudge a solid frame rate, do we need VRR? It would be nice to have the option to run untampered graphics with VRR, but if FSR works as well as they're hoping, we may not need it.

ID: h07mf3t

I would never assume FSR is going to solve all frame rate issues, especially as time goes on and developers create more resource intensive systems. It might be okay now, but what about in 3 years? This is the classic "why would you need more than 128mb ram?" situation.

ID: h08h485

Yes, for multiple reasons:

Out of principle, Sony listed VRR as one of the features of PS5, and revealed that it would not be available at launch by means of journalists with review consoles being unable to find the toggle for it in the settings which was pretty lame.

Assuming standard HDMI 2.1 spec VRR on consoles works the same as my experience with G-Sync on PC has, then it doesn't need to be implemented on a per-game basis at all, really, the games aren't even aware of whether it's being used. The hardware is just telling your display what the framerate is so it can adjust refresh rate on the fly. You get a better experience without the developer needing to do anything. My experience has been that it's more noteworthy when a game has issues with G-Sync or requires setting specific settings or workarounds than when it doesn't, and generally that's with much older games or very lazy PC ports.

You just shouldn't bank on perfectly steady framerates negating the need for VRR. The 120fps modes that's been incorporated into a handful of games this year have almost all been delivering a framerate that varies from 80-120fps. That sort of variability is much less jarring with VRR, and VRR may even have been the consideration for those modes during development. VRR can also make things like an improperly implemented framerate cap (I.e. 31fps) and slight 1fps dips, variable frame pacing etc. Less noticeable or even imperceivable. Some games that really push the hardware will choose to use an adaptive v-sync or no v-sync where tearing is allowed in certain conditions. If a game is setup like this, you can get screen tearing at a stable framerate and you won't get it with VRR.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/01 06:59 ID: h0624rt

It's similar to DLSS 1.0 tho

ID: h063rnt

And? If this is like DLSS 1.0, then we could be seeing DLSS 2.0 like performance in 1 or 2 years for consoles. That really isn't that long. Especially considering shortages are most likely going to last through 2022.

ID: h06gvr8

I’m extremely doubtful of that. As others have mentioned this doesn’t use AI to upscale, it also doesn’t take into account motion vectors and is frame by frame.

I want to see more than a meh example using Godfall, and I want to see a comparison between Checkerboarding, FSR, DLSS 1.0 and DLSS 2.0. It would be tough since no game would do all 4, but I imagine FSR will be closer to DLSS 1.0 at best.

ID: h063si7

Lol that's very optimistic

ID: h064xd0

Yeah and Nvidia could never get it to work right but AMD who makes inferior GPUs can?

ID: h069msr

DLSS 2.0 is fine..

7 : Anonymous2021/06/01 04:44 ID: h05rskv

This thing looks terrible. Worse than DLSS 1.0, which was pretty bad.

ID: h0627l0

Yeah Godfall looked pretty damn blurry with it on

ID: h05ss0p

bad or not, its a good thing on consoles.

ID: h05xxi0

Sony studios already have a wide range of checker boarding options that look better IMO.

ID: h065w4q

Is it good when it makes your game look like someone smeared grease on your screen?

ID: h05ud57

It’s better than nothing.

ID: h05xsy5

Not really. We already have upscalers that loon better imo

ID: h05x338

Wrong. I don't like DLSS even in the current state. I rather don't use it than a weird look and everything further away is a blurry mess. It's only usefull for RTX but even then no RTX + no DLSS looks kinda better and you have more FPS...

8 : Anonymous2021/06/01 08:56 ID: h069lxc

He didn't mention anything about consoles.

Do we have any confirmation it's actually coming to PS5 besides the fact that the GPU is AMD?

My 2080ti desktop and 1060 laptop are happy, but my PS5 is concerned about being left out.

ID: h07d9he

It’s open source and works on nvidia cards too as there is no special hardware or cores involved. But no, no one has said it will migrate to consoles

9 : Anonymous2021/06/01 07:37 ID: h064lrp

The show asks about the first generation of "DLSS" from AMD. I hope it will be the same as from Nvidia and the technology will improve.

But I have more hope in Unreal Engine 5 super resolutin. Which should also be able to work with these smart upcale and convert from 1080p to 4k. (confirmed that the PS5 and the new generation of the Xbox will be able to do that).

I hope that a new generation of consoles will get these features. This would save a lot of computing power which could then be used other than to calculate the native 4K resolution.

ID: h069dmt

UE5 TSR can be tested already on the preview version of the engine, and it looks absolutely terrible doing 1080p to 4K.

It's a basic feature of the engine, so no shit it works on both consoles, and any other GPU...

ID: h07p4yo

The issue here is it will improve, but the biggest improvement it can make to close the gap is on a hardware level.

That leaves consoles shit out of luck for years.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/01 21:25 ID: h08n9fg

I keep hearing that the Xbox has the necessary RDNA2 features for this while the PS5 doesn't. Any truth to that? The CPUs are different enough for the Oberon-era rumors to start mattering.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/01 22:01 ID: h08rrc2

well it still seems like DLSS is far more superior according to what state FFX is right now

12 : Anonymous2021/06/01 06:45 ID: h0615er

Can anyone tell me why this has been introduced on xbox but not on ps5

ID: h063650

? Both consoles have an amd GPU- they both will support it.

ID: h0651dy

It works on Nvidia cards too.

ID: h065irw


ID: h069o3v

He didn't mention anything about consoles in the presentation.

Do we have any confirmation it's actually coming to PS5 besides the fact that the GPU is AMD?

My 2080ti desktop and 1060 laptop are happy, but my PS5 is concerned about being left out.


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