5800x – Overclocking an already beastly CPU with PBO and curve optimizer

1 : Anonymous2021/06/07 14:42 ID: nue6ug

I am very happy with my 5800x so far! I dropped it into my old x470 board, and the results are incredible so far, so I just want to add them to the mix.

Specs / Settings

Motherboard: ASRock Master SLI x470 a/c CPU: 5800x Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 PBO: Enabled (Advanced) Curve Optimizer: All-core, negative, 10 CPU Max Boost Clock: +100mhz

CPU-Z Results:

HWinfo Temps during CPU-Z Benchmark:

Gaming Temps:

Notes: With these settings, I see regular boosts to 4.85ghz, 4.95ghz during gaming (with a 1.44v boost). The average voltage, clock speeds, and temps all seem fine to me, so I don't think seeing those kinds of spikes is a problem, but can someone confirm that? I know Ryzen chips love high voltages and all, but the 5800x seems to be on another level!

I can significantly reduce temps for only about a 3% loss in performance if I set a -50mv all-core vcore offset. But I don't see a reason to sacrifice performance if gaming temps are 50c and the system is stable with the settings above.

Also, I could not go beyond a negative 10 all-core offset with curve optimizer. As soon as I tried -15, I would get reboots right after the benchmark. I also CAN boost to +200mhz with the negative 10 all-core offset, and there are no issues as far as I can tell, but I am not greedy and would rather play it safe. The performance gain versus a +100mhz offset is very minimal, so I will stick with +100mhz for now.

2 : Anonymous2021/06/07 16:47 ID: h0xe25h

You should try per core curve. You still have performance on the table. Take a look at my posts to see what could be achieved. I've pushed every single core in increments of 1 until I got errors.

ID: h0xqq4o

new CTR (2.1 RC6) can auto tune curve for you. Takes 10-15 minutes to find good curve

I dont like CTR but this one is killer feature for zen 3

ID: h0xywha

I doubt it tweaks to the limits of each core. I also don't trust the stability.

ID: h0ygrxu

Is CTR 2.1 finally out ?

ID: h0xf5ii

Impressive, thanks! Could you run a CPU-Z benchmark (only if you have time)? I like that one because it's quick and easy.

I might try further tweaking. It's already such a beast though!

ID: h0xfg8n

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3 : Anonymous2021/06/07 16:35 ID: h0xccej

Also, I could not go beyond a negative 10 all-core offset with curve optimizer. As soon as I tried -15, I would get reboots

In my experience, it's the two best cores that don't undervolt very far. You could try doing individual core offsets leaving your two best cores at -10. Then go further with the others.

ID: h0y0ham

That's interesting. I might one of these days! How do you determine which cores are the best? Ryzen Master?

ID: h0y6758


ID: h0y6s58

RM works, HWinfo64 also works

ID: h0y8hdl

This is what I noticed too, two of my cores erroring out at an all core undervolt of -15, so I dropped them back to -10 and now fully stable.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/07 18:56 ID: h0xwmnu

Mine crashes a lot with anything above 50mhz unfortunately, but I managed -20 on all cores.

ID: h0y0ky6

That's an impressive offset, though. Do you think you are limited by cooling or something?

ID: h0y14s0

No, just silicon lottery I suppose. I have the same cooler as you. It's worth noting that bios updates changed things up. Made the CO more stable but overclocking is still a nono for me beyond 50mhz. 75mhz can be stable 99% of the time, but when I get a reboot I know it's not worth the risk.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/07 15:38 ID: h0x4dxc

Just got this one as well. I'll need to check this out.

ID: h0x88c5

It's an awesome CPU with a dizzying number of options in BIOS for tweaking. With that GPU of yours, you have quite a monster of a PC!

6 : Anonymous2021/06/07 20:22 ID: h0y8t3g

Your system is a great evidence that x470 doesn't slow down the new Ryzen CPUs. We have a pretty similar configuration incl. the Noctua NH-D15. However my CPU-Z results are not much better even with the expensive x570 motherboard on its back. Smart decision to keep your old board! 🙂

ID: h0y9arw

Nice result! And great mobo. I am a little surprised given that my mobo has (supposedly) bad VRMs. But yeah I had this board for my 2700x and just updated BIOS for the 5800x.

I could probably get a bit more if I upped the overclock to +150mhz or +200mhz but I don't wanna get too crazy!

ID: h0ybxmn

Thx bro! Since I focus on a "curve priority" with efficiency I have no need to push more voltage or boost clock on the CPU. The combination of undervolting and moderate overclock is what I like most on the Zen3.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/07 23:19 ID: h0yw415

Just for reference, using Vcore offsets on Zen3 will generally lead to clock stretching* in pretty much every single instance, as it screws up the PB2 algorithm which is not designed to work with a negative Vcore offset. So I really wouldn't recommend using that, and just stick to Curve Optimizer (which you could tune further by core for max performance), which is designed for Zen3. Plus, as you said, temps are already more than great, especially for a 5800x.

*At full 100% all core load, effective clock should equal actual core clock, but when clock stretching, the effective clock will be less. This is only accurate when all cores are 100% loaded, as otherwise there will be some idle time mixed into the interval average which will cause the effective clock to be reduced, making the results inaccurate. So for checking clock stretching, run something like prime95 on blend (so it's not a super heavy AVX power virus load that will overload the input thread, but will keep all cores loaded), and check to see that the effective clock matches the actual clock.


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