Mystery AMD APU w/ Ray-Tracing Support Spotted in Linux Patch

1 : Anonymous2021/06/06 21:40 ID: ntweat
Mystery AMD APU w/ Ray-Tracing Support Spotted in Linux Patch
2 : Anonymous2021/06/07 03:05 ID: h0v9z9o

Everyone is asking what is this thing and I'll laugh if its a Area 51 type project of AMD bringing back the FX series. Just so they can get the final laugh at all the FX haters. "We told you this thing was future proof, now suck it!"

ID: h0vulyi

the amount of malding that will create tho will be worth it

ID: h0w9t1q

J.K. will have a conniption.

ID: h0x3m38

If it happens, that will be the most interesting Thanos-type move done.

I am...inevitable!

3 : Anonymous2021/06/06 21:53 ID: h0ua9qc

That's sick. The new upcoming rdna2 apu's?

ID: h0v51e6

Rumor is Valve is going to release a handheld device with Van Goth APU (Zen 2 cores + RNDA2 IGP).

ID: h0wfj0w

I thought the rumors were that Van Gogh and Rembrandt weren't going to have the RDNA2 raytracing hardware though.

Also, the old Van Gogh driver commits showed only 8CUs, to Rembrandt's 12. Van Gogh also supports LPDDR5 and only LPDDR5 though, while Rembrandt supports DDR5 as well.

...Honestly, I'm not sure what the purpose of Van Gogh would even be, unless it only has 4 CPU cores and 8 threads. Zen 3 is more efficient, I'm pretty sure.

ID: h0uftw4

Rembrandt rumors, RDNA2 + Zen 3 coming soon.

ID: h0ul9bg

It's not Rembrandt. Rembrandt is GFX1035.

ID: h0ubs8c

I dunno. There aren't any specific details. Only says that it's an APU with raytracing and RDNA 2 instruction support

4 : Anonymous2021/06/07 00:09 ID: h0uqiyp

AMD's ray acceleratiors are so tiny that removing them from their design blocks might not be worth the investment/effort, so they just kept them in there.

ID: h0uwtfh

Maybe they could have more potential auses than just ray tracing

ID: h0w5be8

They're just tiny, specialised, fixed-function hardware blocks that accelerate BVH traversal and literally nothing else. The rest of AMD's RT pipeline is handled via compute shaders.

ID: h0v73ab

my best guess is using Infinity Cache to accelerate I/O

5 : Anonymous2021/06/07 07:17 ID: h0vvevz

Wish they would drop something roughly equal to the Xbox Series S APU. Something with 20cu in the 1.6ghz range, but I'd even settle with 16 if they could fit 16-32mb of infinity cache on there to lift the RAM bottleneck an APU would have.

ID: h0w9rt7

I agree Perhaps a bit more CU and potential for overclock

Would need ddr5 though to get decent perf

ID: h0w1x58

Why aim so low?

ID: h0xcuud

Because they probably won't release an APU with the total power of a dedicated GPU. Maybe if they could also drop a stack of HBM memory right besides the chip it be possible. The Xbox series S processor already roughly 3x to 4x what we have an desktop APUs and it be hard to get rid of the memory bottleneck.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/06 22:50 ID: h0uhdyc

I can't wrap my head around the point of an APU with RT support. Other than an on paper "plus". Given big RDNA2 RT perf, I can't see an APU being able to do anything meaningful with it.

ID: h0uqp05

It can still be used for validation stuff, API traces and 3d rendering software.

ID: h0uxwqg

Ah true, didn't think of that.

ID: h0v0r9g

If they are using rdna2, why go through the trouble of engineering an version without rt support?

ID: h0v6awr

Fair point.

ID: h0w2g0j

They wouldn't need to, simply not exposing support is enough.

Do you think your desktop GPU has all the features the silicon supports exposed to software?

ID: h0uikee

Turn on FSR and some ray tracing options and aim for 30 fps at 1080p sort of thing.

ID: h0uk059

Ah maybe, can't imagien FSR at 1080p is going to look that good though. At that point I think it'd be sacrificing a lot of IQ for slight lighting/reflection/shadow changes.

ID: h0uj3wc

It will be interesting to see if this is the soc they will use in steams new handheld console

ID: h0xg4zc

Isn't there a switch pro rumor too? Unless Nintendo goes Nvidia again.

ID: h0vc7jg

You should see what they announced about Exynos in Computex 2021

ID: h0vjs3h

Might be useful for development, where you might need the features, but GPU performance doesn't matter so much.

ID: h0uimgs

The consoles can?

ID: h0ujfbp

you are comparing the console gpu with 36/52CU vs the 8/12CU of an APU

7 : Anonymous2021/06/07 04:16 ID: h0vh5ul

I suspect this is for a gaming console, like the rumoured steam handheld that supposedly runs linux.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/07 09:25 ID: h0w3aq8

A developer trolling the AMD community? 🙂

Anyway, how about the Samsung Exynos with AMD graphics? Android uses LLVM, so perhaps that's the way to add support for it? I honestly don't know.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/06 23:26 ID: h0ulllp

That's either the Series S or an old project that was canned.

Not sure which.

It is not Rembrandt, nor is it Van Gogh.

ID: h0uo355

That's either the Series S or an old project that was canned.

Neither one would be in Linux drivers

ID: h0uogxz

Series X and PS5 are. Gfx1020 and gfx1000 respectively.

ID: h0wg94s

What if Microsoft wants to use it for a Surface device or other PC? They have their Windows Subsystem for Linux thingy, I can see why linux drivers would be useful.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/06 23:03 ID: h0uiwh6

AMD Van Gogh APU?

ID: h0ulgak

Van Gogh is GFX1033.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/07 07:27 ID: h0vw2yr

I wrote that it was important to have ray tracing support while being an Navi10(gfx1010)-based APU, but he didn't seem to get it.
And LLVM is not Linux. He thinks all OSS is Linux.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/07 03:27 ID: h0vc8tq

Something to think about: AMD has, in the past, salvaged and sold APUs that were designed originally for a game console but didn't pass validation for one reason or another. They will likely have parts fused off or not exposed, but are essentially the same silicon.

Could this be that?

13 : Anonymous2021/06/07 04:01 ID: h0vfmlq

Sure will be fun to play games with RT on at 10 fps


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