IGN: “Xbox Series X: New AMD Tech Could Improve Framerate and Resolution Even More”

1 : Anonymous2021/06/07 12:42 ID: nuble8
IGN: "Xbox Series X: New AMD Tech Could Improve Framerate and Resolution Even More"
2 : Anonymous2021/06/07 12:43 ID: h0wifok

"At Xbox, we're excited by the potential of AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution technology as another great method for developers to increase framerates and resolution. We will have more to share on this soon," a Microsoft spokesperson told IGN.

ID: h0y7qb7

If consoles could target 45fps as a baseline framerate instead of 30fps, console gamers would have a massive improvement in subjective image quality and gameplay experience, this is really fantastic news for them, they've been stuck in the 30fps doldrums for decades now, it's time they rejoin us in the lands of HFR gaming.

This I see as an absolute win.

ID: h0yf4ti

Series X and ps5 are more then capable of producing 60fps.

Its just going to be the standard to have multiple modes such as raytracing, 60fps, high native rez etc.

ID: h0ye3u1

This is pretty much the biggest reason I'm not terribly interested in console gaming. The framerates are just awful (usually) if you have an eye for that kind of thing.

ID: h0yj0mf

If consoles could target 45fps as a baseline framerate instead of 30fps

They can't really without stutter, since most TVs don't have a 45hz mode nor do they have FreeSync/HDMI VRR/G-Sync/etc.

OTOH, 50Hz is well supported, since more than half the world uses it for Television, even modern sets for the Americas and Japan should be supporting 50Hz modes.

ID: h0ytiuq

Just getting to 30 FPS consistently would be an improvement for the consoles.

I miss the 60 FPS target for console games, Insomniac Games said they were dropping it way back in 2009 because reviewers were prioritizing visual appearance over framerate fluidity, and it seems like most every developer adopted this 30 FPS philosophy.

Though I'm not sure about 45 FPS as that needs some sort of Freesync VRR tech on the TV and console, and AFAIK the PlayStation line still does not support that.

ID: h0x1mgi

What a load of crap from Microsoft. Reconstruction is all about using a lower resolution in the first place while you try to minimize the downsides from doing this. Even TV & console upscalers work like this.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/07 14:17 ID: h0wt9ie

Hopefully is doesn’t have that smeared Vaseline look that DLSS 1.0 had.

ID: h0wx7us

It will come at the cost of some sharpness, as all upscaling solutions do. With modern games having a softer look by default due to using various temporal and postprocessing effects, it won't be as noticable however.

ID: h0x3fs4

Yeah, I'm just hoping AMD's first attempt at FidelityFX Super Res doesn't look as bad as DLSS 1.0 did. DLSS 2.0 looks significantly better and I usually enable it where it's available for the FPS boost.

You can see how bad DLSS 1.0 was in the middle screenshot and how much better DLSS 2.0 is at the bottom:

ID: h0xwbi1

It will come at the cost of some sharpness, as all upscaling solutions do.

Except DLSS 2.0, of course.

ID: h0x2bzm

On Cyberpunk, I even prefered dlss to native resolution. It worked absolutely great on a wqhd ultrawide.

ID: h0x2mag

The only issue to me with cyberpunks dlss is that I sometimes get a ton of aliasing in fast motion. Other than that it's really fantastic.

ID: h0x37un

Yeah, Cyberpunk looks a lot better because it uses DLSS 2.0 which is significantly better than Nvidia's original DLSS 1.0 release.

DLSS 1.0 looked like smudged garbage on most games. I'm just hoping AMD's first pass at FidelityFX Super Res is better than DLSS 1.0 was.

Nvidia basically acknowledge DLSS 1.0 looked bad themselves in their DLSS 2.0 comparison slides:

ID: h0y8ace

DLSS is dog shit in cyberpunk, how.

ID: h0wyu74

I predict that it's going to be only slightly less blurry than traditional upscaling. It might just be the same as the CAS upscaling in Cyberpunk 2077.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/07 20:33 ID: h0yaa15

Yes, Lets increase resolution by lowering resolution 😀

ID: h0yh8yf

lol. I thought maybe they meant it could allow support for a higher native resolution (like an 8k TV being playable at "native" with massive downscaling?) but anything higher than what they currently support would probably require a newer HDMI standard.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/07 22:27 ID: h0ypl86

Raytracing locked at 60 fps on quality or maybe even ultra (doubtful?) would be nice on PS5. I hope Sony announce something soon.


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