Adored is Back – Genoa (Zen 4) is 128 Cores (AdoredTV)

1 : Anonymous2021/06/16 14:00 ID: o15l12
Adored is Back - Genoa (Zen 4) is 128 Cores (AdoredTV)
2 : Anonymous2021/06/16 20:37 ID: h20f28m

For many reasons AdoredTV is a controversial figure, I would like to remind you all that AdoredTV is not banned on this sub and as per Rule 3:

"Rule 3: Be civil, no religion or politics - remember the human, be civil and follow sitewide rules; brigading, personal attacks, mass mentioning users and the use of slurs are not allowed. Discussion of politics and religion is also not allowed."

Discussing Adored's track record and previous leaks/speculation is fine, throwing around insults, racist remarks and other derogatory remarks will be removed and repeat offenders banned.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/16 17:41 ID: h1zqmv6

I don’t know who this guy is but judging by the comments here “Adored” doesn’t seem like the best name.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/16 14:52 ID: h1z2owx

Back before Zen+ Zen2 was released he bet his reputation on his supposed sources claiming Zen+ Zen2 would be 5GHz along with other things, like increased core count for Ryzen 3/5/7 and 6 and 8 core APUs, his reputation was pretty much non-existent after that, it's why no one posts videos by him anymore.

Edit: Zen2, not Zen+, thought it was Zen+ but it was pointed out to me that it was Zen2.

Also found a screenshot for the adoredtv rumors for the increased core counts for each along with 3000 series 6/8 core APUs:

ID: h1z87r6

He also said Navi would be announced in think and that vega 2/vii wasn't a thing (a "red herring", with the name being like the V2 bomb) in similar videos iirc, all for that CES

ID: h20up7p

Pretty sure radeon 7 only happened because navi wasnt ready in time and had to be pushed back

ID: h1zpb4b

He was also the first person to talk about Zen 2 Ryzen CPUs going up to 16 cores. At the time most of the tech press called it "too good to be true".

ID: h208l1r

For me it was that he was the first one to talk about chiplets in general, and that zen 2 would be two chiplets with an IO die

ID: h20pkat

He also leaked Intel's Ponte Vecchio, and Nvidia's Pascal gaming follow-up being Turing (and not Volta as people had previously believed).

He was also the first to go all-in on AMD doing chiplets, and did a few in-depth videos on the different chiplet topologies.

I'd say the anti-Adored brigade are astroturfed corporate bots, but in reality it's just people who are jealous that he has a successful YouTube channel and they don't. What's Adored's crime - being childish when he's wrong? There are literal rapists, paedophiles and financial scammers running major tech YouTube channels, not to mention channels/sites which steal news from people like Adored. Yet, the chuds have beef with Adored...

ID: h1z52h8

It was zen 2, but yes his videos were pretty much shunned following that.

Also Jim quit YouTube at the end of last year or so , and left the channel to a few other people to run. This is the first videos he's done since that.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/16 15:17 ID: h1z66bu


6 : Anonymous2021/06/16 14:53 ID: h1z2urv

Dang, its good to have jim back

ID: h1z9zdm

Considering his long departure vid last time, partly due to frustration, this vid touches the same topic. I'm just wondering why he's back and why is he willing to face the same hurdles that made him leave in the first place?

ID: h1zb5wf

Maybe he missed it

ID: h1zxfxk

Nah, he cant handle criticism and gets toxic. Also he makes too much stuff up and the reason why he is doing this is to hype people and make them subscribe to his patreon.

ID: h1zyjts

Nah, he cant handle criticism and gets toxic.

He used to spend like 10+ minutes at the beginning of videos regularly explaining why the shit he got wrong wasn't *actually* wrong and that it's all the fault of everybody else for misinterpreting him.

Fuck this dude.

ID: h1zyalt

Is there some reason y'all still celebrate a guy who just knowingly lies about shit to try and get views?

ID: h208exd

You mean the drama, mental breakdowns, insulting ppl, and telling them to go kill themselves? OK...

7 : Anonymous2021/06/16 16:16 ID: h1zepbz


8 : Anonymous2021/06/16 18:54 ID: h200vmv

The chart at ~5:20 is wrong.

It implies that HBM on the SPR will only speed up FP and HPC with zero gains elsewhere. This is simply not the case, or, wishful thinking.

There is plenty of research done on KNL that had HBM, like 5 years ago. And this was even slower HBM, IIRC around 300gb/sec instead of 1tb/sec of SPR.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/16 14:11 ID: h1yxbkb

FYI, Adored has a 37% accuracy rate. Good sources are in the upper 90% accuracy rate. Just be sure to take everything with a grain of salt:

/comments/nsjdmy/hardware_leak_tracker_the_whos_who_of_leaks/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

ID: h1z3xih

everything is relative. My Problem with this sheet is, that every speculation he said was made into a "leak". In my opinion there are differences between leaks, analysis and speculation. So this is not a fair game against twitter leakers who only tweet about "confirmed" stuff. Furthermore: If you really go into detail some of the "debunked" stuff is actually wrong.

ID: h1zf7x8

Or that stuff changes behind the scenes. Which does happen.

ID: h1znmxs

Those 'analysis and speculation' he was claiming as 100% truthfull leaks though, literally loads of posts on this sub with him flaming people for daring to point out his rumours might be that, rumours.

ID: h1z3pp2

with a grain of salt

If you are not taking leaks with a grain of salt by default, you are doing it wrong. Doubly true for pricing related leaks.

ID: h1z7ozl

I mean even MSRP... is with a grain of salt these days because in practice its nigh impossible to get MSRP.

ID: h1zyr5x

FYI, Adored has a 37% accuracy rate.

And this strike rate includes stuff that informed people might have guessed anyways.

So this actually flatters him a fair bit.

This 'Zen 4 will have 128 cores' stuff is a great example of this. Most everybody is expecting a core count increase on 5nm, and 96 and 128 have been widely speculated long before this.

ID: h1z3k9h

Please take a look at whats counted as a false leak before believing that number, This speculation video is counted as a false leak.

ID: h1z2xk1

Also, PLEASE don't start threads about whether he was right or wrong.

Whenever someone "leaks" something, whenever someone "expects/guesses" something, you're NOT supposed to take it to the bank. You're also not supposed to start bickering about how wrong he was or that "I told you so".

Man I hate those endless toxic arguments... Please everyone just ignore it if you don't like it, or watch it and discuss it if your do, but stop having toxic reactions on both ends...

ID: h1zyzks

This is such a ridiculous copout.

Credibility is massively important. Anybody can make up some bullshit and spread it as a rumor. If people do that frequently enough, they DESERVE to be called out for it and not taken seriously anymore.

It's absolutely asinine to suggest that we just take all rumors with the exact same level of seriousness.

ID: h1z47po

Exactly, Adored will get some stuff right and some stuff wrong, same as VideoCardz, RedGamingTech and every other leaker, speculative channel and website that reports on rumours and leaks.

People who take any rumour or leak as 100% definitive are entirely at fault themselves.

ID: h1z41uc

That list is complete bullshit, kopite at 73% when he never got anything wrong.

ID: h1z4n0b

i am wondering how much of Adored "claims" here are his own speculations, that he does a lot.

ID: h1z2nnq

with multiple other people on twitter also saying 128cores 3 weeks after their article came out.

ID: h1z4w49

does that table consider time before release/announcement? if not i would say thats useless bs.

If you leak internal info say 1year before actual official announcement, than there is huge change things might be different. If you get and leak info 3days before official presentation than hallo you are probably right...unless your source is f* with you, dont know or being f* with by some else 🙂

ID: h1zbujz

AMD doesn't even set the prices that far in advance.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/16 15:13 ID: h1z5n88

Didn’t he quit YouTube after getting BTFO with the zen 2 launch?

ID: h206l31


11 : Anonymous2021/06/16 15:50 ID: h1zb1ey


12 : Anonymous2021/06/16 16:05 ID: h1zd8m7

Good to have him back.

13 : Anonymous2021/06/16 19:44 ID: h207tja

Isn't Adored banned here?

14 : Anonymous2021/06/16 17:34 ID: h1zpoat

This guy hung himself with his zealot-level worship of AMD, to the point he believed anything some random person emailed him about Zen 2. Seeding of fake information was likely done to him on purpose and he never questioned it.

Maybe he's less of a fanatic now.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/16 18:35 ID: h1zy412

"Adored is back"

Why? :/

Dude walked away with this tail between his legs before for a reason. I'm guessing his hilariously outdated new atheist youtuber career didn't pan out? lol

16 : Anonymous2021/06/16 14:49 ID: h1z2az1

For Genoa SP5 Package Mockup , go to 2:50 :

126 cores , 12x DDR5-5200

16x Zen4 core chiplets , each ~69mm2 5nm TSMC

512mb L3 cache

~ 263 mm2 6nm TSMC I/O

18 : Anonymous2021/06/16 18:36 ID: h1zyb5i

Hop on the hype-train. Let's choo-choo together on our way to Hypeland of permanent hype. Sing the road song with me:

choo-choo zen, choo-choo zen,
many cores, many threads,.
we will hype until the world ends...

19 : Anonymous2021/06/16 21:34 ID: h20mnbs

I never had the first problem with this guy, but that is probably because as I'm middle-eastern seaboard US I can understand about one of every three words rendered in Jim's extremely thick and heavy accent (from my perspective, of course...;)) What happens is when listening my brain has to cogitate over almost every other word Jim enunciates---and when at last I've translated the sounds to something I'm familiar with in the King's English and gather meaning--well, Jim is already several sentences on down the road and I end up missing about 3/4 of everything he says. So, I've never really watched/listened that much to AdoredTV...;) For that reason. Seems like a really nice, well-intentioned guy--but I have to leave the translation to others, I'm afraid. It is of course my disability rather than his, I'll say.

Rumor sites, what can you say? They all claim to have "sources" mysteriously floating in the background oozing authority...;) But everyone's trying to figure out what is coming down the pike and we all want to know, so that's what drives the rumor channels and sites, imo. All of us can guess while few of us actually know...!


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