[HUB] Are Gaming Laptops Now Better Value Than Desktops? Radeon RX 6800M vs 6700 XT Benchmark

1 : Anonymous2021/06/15 15:43 ID: o0hcl0
[HUB] Are Gaming Laptops Now Better Value Than Desktops? Radeon RX 6800M vs 6700 XT Benchmark
2 : Anonymous2021/06/15 16:21 ID: h1v30mg

Come on AMD, release the 6800m to other laptop manufacturers (other than ASUS). I'll buy one in an instant.

ID: h1vwf4z

Indeed. I've been watching Europe webshops since the Asus was "launched". Even that one I cannot find anywhere.

ID: h1wh463

I've been seeing ads that they will be on the new Lenovo Legion line up.

ID: h1x16vg

I've been looking for a new work laptop to write off...

ID: h1xc4ty

Can you link the ads? I'm curious as well

ID: h1w6xyo

Not enough supply to sign contracts I suspect.

ID: h1xul4g

That doesn't explain lack of AMD Ryzen notebooks (CPU chips are so much smaller, no shortages).

I suspect it's a combination of OEMs needing more time to onboard, on one hand, and then those "special relationships" with Intel/NV on the other.

MSI CEO was once very honest about things and it came quite shocking. (e.g. "do not want to upset", "hey Intel let's sit together and see how you can grab your market back", actually outrageous)

Essentially, a lot of market gain by AMD was not due to Ryzen being so good, but more of OEMs having no other choice but to offer AMD stuff, due to Intel shortages.

ID: h1vzr7g

When the 4900HS launched asus had a 6 months exclusivity deal with AMD. Maybe something similar is happening here, but I doubt it, I think they're just the main oem to collaborate with AMD

ID: h1x0ll1

HP and Lenovo will have RDNA2 laptops too. I just don't know if they'll put a 6800m in them.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/15 17:54 ID: h1vg9w9

Answer: Yes! Until hardware prices return back to normal -.-

ID: h1vnqd3

Big question is will they and what is the new "normal"? It's gotten to the point where I'm starting to look at laptops too and/or just move to a console instead. Prices are sooo out of whack right now.

ID: h1vtoui

I believe that they should eventually go back to normal msrp prices. As an avid screen refresher who mostly sits on Newegg all day looking at GPU prices, I can confidently say that prices are SLOWLY (and I mean SLOWLY) going down. As there’s more supply, demand will start to go down along with the prices.

ID: h1wqklx

There is so much incentive for everyone to get the fab and supply chain issues sorted out. My guess is that we will have an over supply issue at some point as the market corrects. I think it really depends on fab space becoming available and I don’t think anyone really knows when that will happen. It could be years.

ID: h1vzgf1

Yup. PC gamer since the 90s here and I finally caved and bought a PS5 because I'll never get a decent video card and if I did it would be twice the price of a PS5.

ID: h1wxrr3

So...the answer is "no," because when they return to normal you'll have to blow a ton of extra money anyway because you can't upgrade laptops.

ID: h1xn7fi

Uh... the answer was no. They offer the same value when looking at pure performance in gaming, in productivity it varies, and there are other factors where a laptop is better or worse (eg. better because it includes a display and is portable; worse because it's loud, not a customisable config, not upgradable.)

4 : Anonymous2021/06/15 19:13 ID: h1vrhuc

RTX 3070 laptop: £1200
RTX 3070: £900

Yeah things are fucked up.

ID: h1vsxjc

Isn't the 3070 laptop more of a 3060 desktop kind of performance card?

ID: h1wblek

Depends on which one of the 10+ versions of the laptop RTX 3070 you get. Considering the power limit on most laptops its unlikey they would be even as good as a desktop 3060.

ID: h1wi0bg

100% depends on what 3070 wattage, what the temps look like on that laptop, and what 3060 model, and if you overclock or water-cool. 🙂

ID: h1vt4be

More like a 3060Ti than a 3060, and you have to remember you get a full system vs just the desktop tower.

ID: h1wf484

RTX 3070 laptop

RTX 3070:

Not at all comparable

5 : Anonymous2021/06/16 04:15 ID: h1xkrfb

No they aren't.

And also DO NOT get a gaming laptop just to game.

Get a gaming laptop if you need portability and work that requires a dGPU.

ID: h1y1v5s

Get a gaming laptop if you need portability and work that requires a dGPU.

Agreed with the first one however a gaming laptop may be the best option even if you don't necessary need a dGPU since laptops that rely only the iGPU tend to use the low power U SKUs and be smaller which results in smaller screens, touch pads and keyboards.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/15 16:07 ID: h1v13j5
Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro and Test Setup 05:30 - Game Benchmarks 09:34 - Productivity Benchmarks 13:20 - Head to Head Comparisons 14:23 - Final Thoughts
7 : Anonymous2021/06/16 00:54 ID: h1wydmw

Rule of thumb. If the Article is a question. The answer is Always no.

ID: h1wz158

"Are articles with questions always have no as a answer?"

my article
ID: h1xyz2n

Hold on Russel, he said rule of thumb, not absolute truth xD

ID: h1xr460

In this case, the answer is a Yes. It's pretty compelling actually

8 : Anonymous2021/06/15 18:19 ID: h1vk0p6

Maybe, if you only looks at benchmarks and don't care about the awful noise laptops are making at 100% power.

ID: h1xbf3v

I mean, it's a laptop. That's the tradeoff you get for being able to slip it into a backpack and walk out the door with it. It's still damn impressive how thin and light powerful gaming laptops are getting. My Zephyrus G15 with a 3070 is only 4 lbs and can easily drive its 1440p display at triple digit FPS on high settings in most of the games I play, like Destiny 2.

ID: h1yyf0j

Oh yeah, for sure. But to me it's apples and oranges. Or maybe orange and tangerine. Or car and pick up truck. Or ... nevermind.

ID: h1w33gq

With a quick undervolt you can get very low noise levels

I still have my 1080ti desktop PC, but I was needing a laptop and got one with an RTX 3060 130Watts version and I tried some undervolt settings losing around 1% of performance.

With actual prices, I can sell my desktop pc for more than the cost of the laptop and surprisedly I'm having about the same performance.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/15 18:53 ID: h1voqrc

I ponder, if I should buy a laptop in a few years, just connect my keyboard/mouse and my 2 monitors and use it as full desktop replacement.

ID: h1vx2ra

Nowadays I think they're fine in terms of performance, but if you update too often they will likely get much more expensive than a desktop.

ID: h1vvlkc

Invest in a decent USB-C hub and this is a nice alternative. Only problem is cooling over longer sessions.

ID: h1vradq

With the new Ryzen mobile 5800HX and something like the Razer Core (or any other eGPU) I think it’s completely viable.

ID: h1x4ui7

Cezanne doesn’t have usb4

ID: h1wg2bo

That's what i do and love it. My MSI with a 2060 is great!

ID: h1wi5zt

highly depends on what you need. If you are gaming or working on 1080p or even 1440p just a laptop with a 3060/3070 should do fantastic. If you want to go higher you can go the eGpu route and get a gpu when available. or you can have a light laptop and a desktop at home. It all depends on what you want to do.

ID: h1wy30e

Its certainly an idea unless you want to upgrade down the line. I've just swapped my old gaming laptop out for desktop + ultrabook and this suits my requirements perfectly.

ID: h1xnhr5

Ooh that's a great idea for a YouTube video.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/15 15:46 ID: h1uy81e

"Value" is very subjective.

Do you mean performance per dollar?

ID: h1vzbl3

There are other subjective values like mobility, upgradability, or aesthetics.

ID: h1vebog

I think that's the general consensus, the video covers that plus some other stuff as well. What's value to you?

ID: h1wuxgp

Long term, you'll save more money with a PC since you can upgrade each part individually.

ID: h1wjuti

The video discusses that quite extensively.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/15 23:44 ID: h1wqcby

Gaming laptops were already getting really good before the pandemic. These days they're (temporarily) a lot better. I wonder what the value looks like if you can find a pre-built desktop? I've seen more of those available.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/15 21:51 ID: h1wcwq2

probably not

13 : Anonymous2021/06/15 20:40 ID: h1w3dtz

Morgan Freeman Voice: No... no they are not.


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