The official Konami Shop Instagram account has been spotted pinning a comment that stated “Abandoned is Silent Hill”

1 : Anonymous2021/06/20 03:07 ID: o3w78w
The official Konami Shop Instagram account has been spotted pinning a comment that stated "Abandoned is Silent Hill"
2 : Anonymous2021/06/20 07:24 ID: h2enk3p

Maybe they meant "Silent Hill is (has been) abandoned"? It's just a warning 😛

ID: h2er0rs

"Abandoned is Silent Hill" - Yoda

ID: h2ew4l3

Wouldn't it be 'Abandoned, Silent Hill is.' in Yodanese?

ID: h2fm9j7

Star Wars: A Silence in the Hills and you play as Yoda the entire time…

3 : Anonymous2021/06/20 03:09 ID: h2e32i6

I feel sorry for the poor intern who will probably get fired over this

ID: h2e3jhv

Did you created Reddit account just for the rumors ? 🙂

ID: h2e41w0

I just created a new one based on it cause the early rumors were really fun. Now it’s just delved into sad Q-Anon level conspiracies rooted in delusions.

ID: h2ehpyf

Nah this is big brain marketing

ID: h2eqgsd

All marketing is usually bigger brain than we’d like to think lol.

No way Konami is letting some intern handle their social media. No company in 2021 is off loading their social media presence to an intern.

ID: h2ej33t

It's weird that Konami would let the cat out of the bag clumsily like this when the Abandoned thing has been so shrouded in mystery and BS for so long.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/20 03:11 ID: h2e3961

I don’t think official Konami account started putting advertisement for silent hill merchandise suddenly when abandoned is going to be revealed is a pure coincidence.

Assume if abandoned is not silent hill so Konami already knew this and rumors going around the internet. So announcing merchandise during this time is just bad PR.

ID: h2ehonk

Like Konami cares about bad PR at this point. Why wouldn’t they capitalise off the hype with merch? I’m not convinced either way yet, but it’s the perfect time for them to sell junk.

ID: h2f6zey

Konami and bad PR are like peanut butter and jelly.

ID: h2exdxm

It's clearly happening.

Watch Death Stranding Directors Cut - it's full of MGS stuff. Konami wouldn't have let Kojima post that.

I think Sony has become the middle man and get them working together on 1 or multiple projects but Kojima works for himself.

If it's not Silent Hill AND Kojima has nothing MGS/Konami related to announce after the DS Directors Cut MGS homage then the whole situation is a shit show and I'll never believe anything again.

ID: h2f6s20

What the fuck are they going to do, sue him for putting a video game character in a cardboard box?

I mean, if Kojima is making MGS references then there's something going on, but it's not like they could have stopped him from making that joke to begin with.

ID: h2ed44o

This wouldn't be bad PR, though. If it comes out that it isn't Silent Hill, it'll just drive brand engagement through the roof and people will start talking about it even more. Then when they do announce anything, it'll have that much more impact because all people will remember is "Oh, isn't Silent Hill that franchise that everyone was going crazy over back then, and it turned out not to be Silent Hill? I wonder what it is now that they are actually doing it."

In the world of Social Media, controversy isn't bad PR. And in this case, they can legitimately make the defense that "We aren't responsible for wild internet speculation". All that matters is that it drives engagement, which means it increases the likelihood that the algorithm will surface their content in the future, which will cascade into further engagement. Anyone that has worked on Social Media in any regard will attest to the very real fact that the fastest way to get followers and engagement is to already have them. The more engagement you have, the more that the algorithm puts your content in front of new users which drives more engagement which puts content in front of even more users. It's a feedback loop. And if you don't have engagement, then the next best thing is to leach off something that already has it. You see a bunch of people discussing a topic, the best way to get your brand in front of those people is to play into it, and then suddenly you are part of the feedback loop.

You think any of these brands actually give a shit about any of the social justice stuff? Maybe some employees do, but the brand itself, as a larger company? No, but it is being discussed, so they participate. You think that they care that there is inevitably going to be a backlash afterwards from the other side? Nope. An example from not that long ago was the Keurig/Sean Hannity controversy. You think Keurig cared about that? Not even remotely. But there was discussion online about it, so they decided to pull ads from Hannity's show. That got all the people that hated Hannity to praise them, but it got all the people that supported Hannity to hate Keurig. Did Keurig care? Nope. Whether it was the people praising them, or the people destroying their Keurigs, it was all about Keurig. And the Majority of people that didn't care about it one way or another suddenly hear about Keurig all the time. And then 4 months down the line when those people that didn't care went into the store to buy a new coffee machine, they recognize Keurig. They know the name and that makes it inherently more trustworthy and valuable to them. Keurig sparked a controversy, but both sides did what Keurig wanted which was talk about Keurig.

This is the same. Konami owns Silent Hill. People are talking about it because people THINK that Abandoned is some secret Kojima Silent Hill game. Whether that rumor is true or not doesn't really change the best course of action for Konami. Either way, the best thing for them is to play into it with plausibly deniable nonsense. If it is true, people will talk about Konami and Silent Hill. If it isn't true, people will talk about Konami and Silent Hill. The only thing that matters is how many people, so the only thing that Konami cares about is making more people talk about it.

ID: h2ef218

This comment is too long.

ID: h2egp4h


5 : Anonymous2021/06/20 06:35 ID: h2ekayi

Ok man this has gotta be something cool give us a modern soft reboot or remake Silent Hill done in the quality and style of the RE Engine Resident Evil games.

ID: h2f6uat

I think first person is the way to play Horror games. Its basically yourself front and center, and things come at you, not your character the cameras seeing

ID: h2evjzx

Please no, no more first person horror games

ID: h2f2lll

Im looking forward to something scary, RES 8 was an Action game, with a little horror.

ID: h2exdyl

RE2 and RE3 used the same engine.

ID: h2examu

But first person = VR compatible

ID: h2f0zis

If they remake 1/2/3 they’ll be third. First person was 4

6 : Anonymous2021/06/20 03:37 ID: h2e5yhy

They about to break the internet if this happens

7 : Anonymous2021/06/20 11:03 ID: h2f12od

I wrote an article about the whole Abandoned= Silent Hills conspiracy for BGCP. Check it out above.

ID: h2fjs2q

I was out of the loop on this and that was a really comprehensive break-down, thanks!

ID: h2fmux4

While I loved Death Stranding, I've never gotten into Silent Hill or the sequel MGS games, so this whole thing has been a brick wall trying to decipher information. Thank you very much for that article, because you summed it all up very clearly and concisely!

ID: h2grcwy

Appreciate it 🙂

ID: h2fyx1x

Great article!

8 : Anonymous2021/06/20 06:10 ID: h2ein5a

Don't get your hopes up. Probably just some kind of merch or collaboration or something until we see otherwise

9 : Anonymous2021/06/20 04:04 ID: h2e8kjn

And while we're at it, who the fuck is this Opygam3r?

10 : Anonymous2021/06/20 04:20 ID: h2e9yix

I hope Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill are PlayStation exclusive.

I own the OG Silent Hill on PS1 and the Directors Cut of Silent Hill 2.

ID: h2ef2nv

What’s the advantage of being exclusive?

ID: h2ef96g

Dedicated software solely built on the PS5. It would be optimized for one console compared to if it was multi-platform! So, it would be more polished (hopefully).

ID: h2ehg1q

Nothing for these lol. They’re third party so they should exist wherever. I’d say if they were Sony funded and developed, then I get the exclusivity. Otherwise I don’t. 3rd party never goes all in on the hardware capabilities anyways. Big example were the highly variable texture quality in FF7, they either didn’t have time to, or just didn’t optimize the game further. A few months later we get TLOU2 and that was like pixel perfect lol

ID: h2emxlg

Exclusive games, or services, justify your hardware purchasing decision for people who only own one console (which is probably the majority of gamers).

If there were literally no exclusive games at all, why not get an Xbox instead and benefit from exclusive services such as game pass? The main reason to go with a PS5 is that it has amazing games that you won’t find anywhere else.

This is how the industry has worked since it started; if you want to play Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, or Pokemon, you buy a Switch. If you want to play God of War, Gran Turismo, etc, you buy a PlayStation. And if you want to play Starfield, The Outer Worlds, or HALO, you buy an Xbox.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/20 04:09 ID: h2e92di

If it doesn’t happen, the only person to blame is the Twitter guy. Dude asked with a please and said he wouldn’t tell, and then told the whole world.

All development and plans were thrown away because of this.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/20 03:35 ID: h2e5tr9


13 : Anonymous2021/06/20 14:49 ID: h2flyok

Man I’m not a Silent Hill fan, hope its something else.

14 : Anonymous2021/06/20 08:51 ID: h2esxth

I would like to see a new Silent Hill game but people are getting way too overhyped about this. Calm the fuck down.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/20 11:56 ID: h2f4rwd

Maybe they mean theres a new game called “Abandoned” that is actually a code name for the new Silent Hill game?

ID: h2fh4oq

That's... exactly what this is referring to

ID: h2foofm

that is exactly the rumor at /

and a whole new subreddit dedicated to the idea.

16 : Anonymous2021/06/20 03:59 ID: h2e83vx

Hypothetically speaking. Who does the internet go after if this turns out bad? Who is to blame for this weird string of coincidences that fortify a rumor? Bluebox? Konami? The person running the BB twitter? I feel like this advertising strategy has actually overstayed its welcome. Because at this point, if it ends up not being silent hill, or even a SH spinoff. People are gonna feel really duped. Theres such an overwhelming amount of evidence that points to BlueBox and Konami cooking something up, that this will actually hurt if it ends up completely wrong.

ID: h2eczry

From the beginning I chose to assume the theory is wrong until officially confirmed. If this isn't Silent Hill there is gonna be a bit of a meltdown, and I'm gonna enjoy the show no matter what happens lol.

17 : Anonymous2021/06/20 05:49 ID: h2eh52x

Youtube MBG have been live streaming for around 8 hours the last days to put the "clues " together and then he got a call (while streaming) and turned 180. Others here find that a bit suspicious? MBG was the first that really dived deep in to the so called "clues" .

18 : Anonymous2021/06/20 04:41 ID: h2ebrux


The people who downvoted me saying that thinking im crazy for saying abandoned is not silent hill, where are you now?

19 : Anonymous2021/06/20 08:15 ID: h2eqs63

Isn't it sad that everything gets ruined by leaks and analysis? Not even Kojima can pull off a solid surprise anymore.


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