Digital Foundry made a critical mistake with their Kingshunt FSR Testing – TAAU apparently disables Depth of Field. Depth of Field causes the character model to look blurry even at Native settings (no upscaling)

1 : Anonymous2021/06/24 03:25 ID: o6skjq

I noticed in the written guide they put up that they had a picture of 4k Native, which looked just as blurry on the character's textures and lace as FSR upscaling from 1080p. So FSR wasn't the problem, and actually looked very close to Native.

Messing around with Unreal Unlocker. I enabled TAAU (r.TemporalAA.Upsampling 1) and immediately noticed that the whole character looked far better and the blur was removed.



I had already disabled Motion Blur and Depth of Field in the settings but the image still didn't look good with TAAU off.

I started playing with other effects such as r.PostProcessAAQuality but it still looked blurry with TAAU disabled. I finally found that sg.PostProcessQuality 0 made the image look so much better... which makes no sense because that is disabling all the post processing effects!

So one by one I started disabling effects, and r.DepthOfFieldQuality 0 was the winner.. which was odd because I'd already disabled it in the settings.

So I restarted the game to make sure nothing else was conflicting and to reset all my console changes, double checked that DOF was disabled, yet clearly still making it look bad, and then did a quick few tests

Native (no changes from UUU):

Native (r.DepthOfFieldQuality 0):

FSR Ultra Quality (r.DepthOfFieldQuality 0):

TAAU (r.TemporalAA.Upsampling 1 and r.SecondaryScreenPercentage.GameViewport 77):

As you can see, FSR Ultra Quality looks better than TAAU for the same FPS once you force disable DepthOfField, which TAAU is already doing (likely because its forced not directly integrated into the game).

But don't take my word for it, test it yourself. I've given all the tools and commands you need to do so.

Hopefully the devs will see this and make the DOF setting work properly, or at least make the character not effected by DOF because it really kills the quality of their work!

See here for more info on TAAU

See here for more info on effects

2 : Anonymous2021/06/24 04:03 ID: h2ul853

wait, taau isn't implemented ingame already? you have to use unreal unlocker?

ID: h2ulvwp


3 : Anonymous2021/06/24 04:04 ID: h2ulbqt

Excellent work. This needs prompt acknowledgment from DF.

ID: h2v3939

They did on their reply to the original thread on

ID: h2v60yb

They acknowledged it but very clear that it's no big deal and a waste of time. Alex likes to mold the facts to fit his conclusions rather than the other way around. Nvidia exclusives don't come free you know.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/24 08:13 ID: h2v45sw

Also, I would like to point out that there was a visible difference in Godfall between native 4k and FSR ultra quality in their channel, even without zooming in! I saw no such difference in other reviews even with 200% zoom. I suspect it's because they may have turned on AMD CAS for native, which makes it look like 4k+.

ID: h2v4n3b

I think you are onto something, if you look at Alex's latest images uploaded on twitter you would see, simple 1080p upscale to 4K sometime looks sharper than FSR Performance, and even though TAAU looks sharper than FSR you would notice huge sharpening artifacts on TAAU version

/1407956857998745600" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

ID: h2wahfm

It's bugged and they are adding sharpness, it's ridiculous how they keep comparing something that is not present in the game and adding their own touch of sharpness.

ID: h2w0zau

Looks like his GodFall testing is just as bugged with DOF:

ID: h2vod9l

Yup, it seems he might be out to discredit FSR. I've replied to his tweet and he more or less confirmed that he used CAS on simple upscaling, TAAU and native. His reasoning is that it's an option in the game and FSR uses CAS.

But FSR's sharpening pass is intentionally subtle in order to try to mimick native. CAS applies a far more aggressive sharpening and any upscaling that has it will look sharper than FSR. He of all people would have known that.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/24 04:03 ID: h2ul996

In Digital Foundry video about FSR, first game Godfall he left on image sharpening, and then compared native vs FSR, when you look at Hardware Unboxed video about FSR you can clearly see the difference between there video and digital foundry...

ID: h2uvrtv

the godfall devs should probably force disable image sharpening if fsr is being used since it does it's own thing.

ID: h2v2vu2

They did, in Godfall if you enable FSR, CAS gets disabled automatically.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/24 03:27 ID: h2uhqw6

You should post this to the DF twitter.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/24 05:03 ID: h2uqkrv

Oh man, as a bonus of FSR does this mean devs will start paying attention and not use poor AA implementations or put blurry shit all over the screen? That would be amazing.

ID: h2v0tjj

FSR is made to use in addition to AA so I doubt it personally.

ID: h2vbgm4

It exacerbates shit AA though so I dunno it might have some surprising incentives to do better

ID: h2uuwxg

Yeah, I think most developers, or at least the developers who want to get the most out of FSR will think about upgrading their AA.

ID: h2vgtnt

Yes; using bad AA makes FSR passes look worse, so devs are now incentivised to use better AA - perhaps AMD's own AA implementation which is as free and easy to implement as FSR.

IIRC one dev said it took him 2 hours to implement FSR, and four hours to implement better AA. That's less than one day's work to get the total solution up and running.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/24 13:43 ID: h2vu8tm
ID: h2w2b59

I think that was only for the in game setting, but I'll probably do some more testing on this (and Godfall) tonight 🙂

9 : Anonymous2021/06/24 05:12 ID: h2urdf4

BTW if people wanna see how good RIS can scale.

Here are some RIS 10% & RIS 60% in Dota 2 with FSR at every 10% interval (from 40-90% + Native 100%)

Click link to get comparison slider.

ID: h2usx48

So you can put RIS over the top of FSR?

ID: h2vfeec

Even Nvidia owners can use RIS/CAS by adding reshade to a game. I already posted a thread about this and it does indeed make FSR look incredible close to native, certainly better than the default sharpening set by AMD.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/24 04:04 ID: h2uld4i

Great find! Yes FSR image looks much better than TAAU.

ID: h2usgxb

Every other reviewer other than DF already knew that. Its only Alex who claimed they are worse.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/24 13:00 ID: h2vpck0

The second I saw that particular comparison I knew there was something wrong with it and i knew there would be a highly upvoted post about it on this sub.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/24 07:01 ID: h2uzj7h

This is huge, DF convinced everyone over

that FSR is vastly inferior to UE4's TAAU and it turns out their entire argument was built upon a mistake? If if weren't for this post, I would have left convinced that FSR is decent but inferior to an already existing alternative, making it kind of pointless. Hell, I loaded the screenshots in GIMP as layers to compare them better, and FSR was noticeably sharper than TAAU in this example, far from what DF showed.

This could be an honest mistake from DF, but regardless it's still a bit unprofessional to draw conclusions from one single example that turned out to be extremely misleading. Now the least they could do is own their mistake and try to undo some of the undeserved bad press they caused for FSR with a follow up video.

Also, I wonder why this post is 92% upvoted but there isn't even one single comment debuking it? I guess some people just don't like to hear that AMD isn't bad?

ID: h2vbdqx

nvidia mindshare is strooong, they dont want the purchase they made lose value

13 : Anonymous2021/06/24 05:08 ID: h2ur0ly

So that's why their review was kind of negative?

ID: h2v8k81

Alex's review was likely negative cuz he went in expecting FSR to be bad and then sought out to prove it.

14 : Anonymous2021/06/24 06:51 ID: h2uyuag

its all intentional. notice how in their written FSR review there is NOT a single "direct" TAAU vs Native Res comparison photo. TAAU photo comparisons is shown only VS. FSR and never VS. Native Res. this is to hide the fact that NATIVE Res is also blurrier than TAAU which is clearly points out that enabling it messes up the postprocess pipeline with DOF being broken which leads to "1080p to 4k TAA upsample" having better clarity than 4k Native Res thus making their "ANALysis" flawed and incorrect. the truth DOESN'T fit the narrative they are trying to spin which is "TAAU makes FSR obsolete and there are other -greener- techniques that's even better than TAAU *wink *wink *nudge *nudge."

also fuck DF with this TAAU argument. it existed way back in 2018 with UE4 version 4.19 but DF never even acknowledged its existence and this is before even DLSS 1.0 was launched yet they never even mentioned TAAU on their channel or their DLSS vids or articles - let alone inform their viewers to know its even a thing that exist. and only when it is convenient to use do they put it right front and center like it can cure cancer or something. they even fucking brute forced enabling it just to prove a point. i never saw them doing that other UE4 games to compare image quality VS DLSS with. so why go the extra fucking mile now?


Digital Foundry on DLSS pre-2.0 vs TAAU: ...


ID: h2v0qvy

go check out their alleged paid promo of dlss on control. the images they used as "native" for their comparisons were an absolute joke.

ID: h2v6o5g

Digital Foundry itself is an absolute joke. they razzle and dazzle the average viewer with technical buzzwords even if it can be explained in much simpler terms. they go to such lengths hoping that their bullshit won't get caught as the average viewer scratches their head trying to figure out their copy-pasted-technobabble and are too lazy to google it themselves so they just take their word as gospel. there is a reason Digital Foundry is isolated from all the other techtubers. its because the likes of GN and HUB knows better than to associate themselves with a bunch of try-hard shills. they didn't even lift a finger when NVIDIA tried to strongarm HUB when even Jayz2cents and Linus came to defend HUB. not even in any of their "podcast" did they discuss this.

remember nvidia's "GPP" debacle? because DIGITAL FOUNDRY has never heard of it. watch their FFXV DLSS 1.0 vid and the absolute glowing praises these morons gave it going as far as to say "its better than NATIVE" - and now they downplay FSR for achieving better results than what DLSS pre-2.0 ever did.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/24 07:22 ID: h2v0yhn

Oh damn. Well that's certainly misleading. In that case it actually changes my perspective on FSR. So far I was under the impression that FSR was at best comparable to established upscaling solutions but it actually seems to be better in which case it's actually something to be excited about in upcoming games.

16 : Anonymous2021/06/24 14:12 ID: h2vxsfv

I never go to digital foundry for anything pc related. I do enjoy the console side of things but there always seems much better places for the pc stuff

17 : Anonymous2021/06/24 17:03 ID: h2wkpda

I would expect them to have their testing methodology under control. It seems this isn’t the case.

18 : Anonymous2021/06/24 07:50 ID: h2v2qky

I think they were very unprofessional in their coverage. The title of the video was a bit misleading - "Big FPS Boosts, But Image Quality Takes A Hit". The truth is that ultra FSR looks very much close to native and it really is nothing short of amazing. That should be the main message of the video - free FPS without much sacrifice, which they even later state in the video itself. DLSS also looks like shit on Performance mode - not so much so as FSR, but shitty nonetheless.

19 : Anonymous2021/06/24 11:04 ID: h2vf21k

Not sure why people still give credit to those guys.

Sorry, according to them gtx970 3.5GB was as good or better than R9 390 with 8GB. Their hardware articles are bad.

DLSS1 was amazing, they didn't see artifacts, fucked AA with vertical lines, blur, didn't compare to any other upscaling, etc. It was HUB the ones who simply compared to render at lower resolution and show how DLSS1 was ridiculous.

Raytracing is the same, they are unable to see the cons and when it looks worse than fake light. You know, raytracing is not always realistic and some comparisons lacking other effects were ridiculous at their time.

They are a source of console wars with their ridiculous zooms and pixel counting.

Their hardware comparisons between consoles and PCs are laughable.


20 : Anonymous2021/06/24 05:00 ID: h2uqbxy

Just because of this post, you're on /

's hit list now

21 : Anonymous2021/06/24 12:50 ID: h2vobdd

i honestly dont get why are people so dense and critical about fsr, especially digital foundry which has been trying hard to be the one that 'stands out' from other reviewers for the past two days.

personally, as long as fsr could produce better image quality with a minimal hit on fps when comparing to basic resolution up-scaling, i will say that it has achieve its goal. this kind of open solution is a godsend for the current gpu market and i will praise it even if it is just marginal improvements over what is available.

generally, although fsr is just starting, several devs have commented on the ease of implementation of fsr. with the wide range of hardware that fsr could work on, this basically means almost all gamers will eventually benefit from fsr at some point. reviewers can definitely be critical about how fsr is inferior to other methods but purposefully left out the accessibility of fsr is just unprofessional to a point it feels like personal grudge. (DF's history of being close to nvidia is also not helping here)

i fail to see how the minor degradation on image quality should affects one's opinion on this type of things this much--it's like the freesync vs. gsync debate all over again.

22 : Anonymous2021/06/24 07:40 ID: h2v23wk

Alex here from Digital Foundry -


made a point which is very true. I will update our article to reflect this and change the game comparison for TAA U from Kingshunt to Godfall which does not have DOF aperture affected by upsampling.

Doing that does not at all change the conclusion our DF coverage - as if you look at the detail without DOF anyway, it is pretty easy to see how much better TAA U is. Something we also tested in GodFall but just did not include in the video. Images of God fall below at my twitter

/1407956857998745600" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

This is a cross post from

Edit: Article will probably be updated around noon time after a meeting.

ID: h2w1mf5

Looks like your GodFall test is also running into a DOF issue

You really should re-test both games with post effects disabled unless you can 1:1 match the settings when forcing TAAU to be used.

ID: h2v3g33

Considering both use the same engine, and you can see the TAA image appears to have a different look on the hair in the close up, it appears to me that some post process methods are being affected. Something is up.

ID: h2v2nwu

Hahaha why not using his example in your article if he is right and the FSR looks much better than TAAU in Kingshunt? Why searching another game and other settings that still prove your theory about how bad FSR is compared with TAAU? What if you are wrong again? 🙂

ID: h2v3v1p

In your example, how is it possible that 1080p to 4K simple upscale sometimes looks sharper than FSR Performance at 4K? It makes no sense.

Edit: I have noticed a few things,

As you can see, simple upscale looks sharper than FSR But it looks way more grainy against FSR, how is it possible that it looks grainy and sharper at the same time, unless you cranked sharpening filter on the simple version? Looks like DOF is also disabled or toned down on TAAU even in Godfall, otherwise how does it even make sense? TAA U also has grainy effect, looks like sharpening effect Also TAAU can not resolve jaggies and has huge sharpening artifacts on leaves

Even by your image TAAU does not clearly wins, and we are not sure how much sharpening you used on simple and TAAU version.

23 : Anonymous2021/06/24 04:12 ID: h2um4z1


ID: h2v4x4x

DF is an Nvidia shill.

Or they simply either made a simple mistake that they didn't notice which makes sense considering Depth of Field being automatically turned off via TAAU isn't really noticeable to majority of people especially to people like us.

And Alex himself acknowledges this

It doesn't exactly discredit or disproves his video or makes him as "Nvidia Shill", his point still remains that TAAU produces more detailed image quality than FSR at performance mode.

Stop being biased and defending a billion dollar greedy company like AMD man, it's unhealthy for you and if you think AMD is better company than Nvidia, then you are part of the problem with fanboyism syndrome.

Fanboyism is bad and each of these billion dollar companies are all the same, whether it's Nvidia, AMD, Intel, or whatever. They are all the same, it's all about how good the marketing pr stunt is..

24 : Anonymous2021/06/24 03:35 ID: h2uijzi



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