Sony Might Be Planning More PS5’s Director’s Cuts — Here’s What We Want To See

1 : Anonymous2021/07/04 12:26 ID: odjgcl
Sony Might Be Planning More PS5's Director's Cuts -- Here's What We Want To See
2 : Anonymous2021/07/04 12:46 ID: h40np0e

I'd prefer for them to focus on new titles. Like, I am not going to buy old games over and over.

ID: h40oxp4

Tell that to the GTAV fanbase

ID: h40tglq

And skyrim

ID: h41y336

GTA online is the worst thing to happen to that franchise

ID: h41lotu

I don’t understand this argument. They have studios that focus on porting classics while the main studios work on new games. So then what’s the problem with having both? I personally would love to replay some PS2/3 classics with updated visuals and controls on the PS5. If people don’t want to then they can play them on the OG consoles.

ID: h41o6n1

I was mostly referring to stuff like the director's cuts for Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding. Those are very recent games that, in my opinion, don't really need a massive overhaul. You can buy them if you want to, but I know that if I bought the ps4 versions, I definitely wouldn't be interested. The games from the ps2/3 era, I think, are different because more time has passed and the improvements would be more noticeable. I'd buy some of those titles. Tenchu remakes, anyone?

3 : Anonymous2021/07/04 12:42 ID: h40nchs

I just hope that the FF7 model is followed more than the Tsushima model. PS4 gets the base game upgrade for free and any new content is DLC. If you just buy the PS5 version then you get all of it.

ID: h415dm6

It'd be great if they didn't screw over deluxe edition owners too

ID: h423g7l

Deluxe edition owners usually get screwed over the second they buy a deluxe edition

4 : Anonymous2021/07/04 12:27 ID: h40m5lm

What I want to see isn't PS5 upgrades behind a paywall.

ID: h40mwgr

Amen I still don’t understand the 70 dollar price tag on games either? I guess to squeeze what they can out of the people who will pay those prices.

ID: h40qic3

the biggest issue that i have with 70$ games is that in eu we pay 80€ and 70 pounds XD and lemme tell you, that is not 70+taxes it's almost 100$

ID: h40nbsf

The entire industry made that decision starting with 2k, Activision, followed by Sony and now EA. Ubisoft will start following that with their next gen only games like Avatar

ID: h40r0xb

The one thing that really pisses me off is that I had paid 70 for the game when it was launched but now if I want to play with PS5 upgrades I have to pay extra 30, why? And the new comers get the whole game + PS5 features just for 70. The same price I and many others had paid when it was launched! This is a big Middle finger by Sony and SP to early adopters of the game.

ID: h40uztx

It's nice to have free upgrades, but you paid $70 to have the PS4 version day one and you've been able to play it for the past year. Newcomers pay the same $70 for more content (and on PS5) but they also had to wait for it.

This has been the case for years. You can pay full price to play the base game now or wait months or a year for a complete edition to come out which will be the same price but add/include DLC.

I bought The Last of Us on PS3 when it came out for $60, then months later I paid another $20 to play the DLC. Then a while later newcomers on PS4 bought TLOU remastered which included DLC and enhancements for $60. I didn't get mad because I had been able to play the game all that time. And when I eventually got a PS4 I waited until TLOU remastered was on sale for like $10 to buy it again.

ID: h41xa4d

This is like a GOTY edition. Those aren’t free upgrades. Hell, those are full price so be grateful it’s just $30 I guess.

ID: h41znc7

This is like a GOTY edition. Those aren’t free upgrades. Hell, those are full price so be grateful it’s just $30 I guess.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/04 16:56 ID: h41g37e

I can see them do these four games:

The Last of Us Part II - They will bundle Factions 2 with this.

Bloodborne - It can’t get a 60 FPS patch, they may probably work around this game with an updated engine as a patch in the existing game could break the pacing.

Horizon Zero Dawn - The way Decima operates around HZD on the PS4 is probably the reason why the game is unable to receive a 60 FPS patch already, same with Death Stranding.

Dreams - It desperately needs a PS5 version with multiplayer included.

But it sucks that these native PS5 versions will be behind a paywall like Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima and most likely Death Stranding as well. Meanwhile, Microsoft is offering free upgrades to native XSX versions of the Halo MCC, Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, Ori and the Will of the Wisp and Grounded.

ID: h41pnhm

Decima can run way above 60fps though, considering the PC versions of HZD and Death Stranding.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/04 16:39 ID: h41dx55


ID: h41t4ua

I would pay the paywall for this one haha. Nothing else tho.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/04 13:31 ID: h40s09i

I don't understand this Directors cut business, don't the directors already have full creative control with these games anyway?

ID: h410ej8

The title is just marketing.

ID: h42atq9

It’s interesting of Sony to use that term though. They really seem to be leaning into the whole “cinematic” part of gaming.

ID: h41en6o

Isn't it pretty much GOTY edition?

ID: h42brlx

Yeah. Fancier title

ID: h41exno

It's just a marketing term most of the time. There is a good video about it here.

ID: h412jec

Yes but due to time and budget it is likely things get removed or never finished.

Kojima would be the best example for this kjnd of thing because he always ends up removing things from his games.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/04 12:52 ID: h40o8ry

Stupid question here. If I buy GOT 20$ DLC for the ps4 ver, I still can play the game at 60fps right (on ps5 ofc)?. Not really interested in the haptic for the game tbh.

ID: h40onjk

As far as I know, yeah. The PS4 version of this game looks and runs great on PS5 already, and I don't really care about haptics or adaptive triggers either, so would probably just get the PS4 DLC and play that, or wait for a sale.

ID: h40qme1

Ahh I see. Yup same, I just want the expansion. Idk why but for me paying 10$ extra is not worth it for the haptic and adaptive trigger. Well the Japanese lip sync is cool, but again I don't really care lol.

ID: h40p1ke

Yeah it should. You just won't get the true 4k visuals, faster loadings, the haptics, the adaptative triggers and the 3d sound. Or the synced japanese voice-over. All of those are non essential upgrades considering the game already runs great at 1800p 60 fps on the PS5.

ID: h41sqro

It's not gonna be native 4k anyway, it's dynamic 4k whatever that means.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/04 14:28 ID: h40y3yi

Oh hell divers would be great. Loved that game

10 : Anonymous2021/07/04 13:09 ID: h40pttd

To me, part of the reason the 10$ PS5 upgrade is hard to take is that we are charged the same in €. The Euro is worth around 20% more than the dollar. I get sales taxes and all, that makes sense. But then why were we paying 70€ for PS4 games and 80€ for PS5 games?

Besides, it's not like all of the EU has the same purchase power. Even though we share the same currency, wages vary drastically from country to country but game/console prices are the same. It does not feel fair in the least.

ID: h40ssn7

Yeah, that, too, but prepare to be downvoted by Americans who don't understand how currencies work. Like... I'm an Eastern European, lmao, this really is hard to get over when you compare the average salaries. That's why I'll never buy a full priced game, least of all un update that doesn't even change that much.

ID: h40t8ru

I am used to bring "downvoted" in rl all the time for speaking my mind, internet points don't concern me. I added my perspective to the thread, if someone downvotes me for it, at least they were confronted with a perspective different than what they are told reality is in their echo chamber.

ID: h41amgc

Except it’s not a $10 upgrade, current owners pay $30 (and $35 in Europe) which is exactly why people are so salty about this.

It’s only $10 if you compare PS4 and PS5 versions of Director’s cut and even then $70+ pricing for what is arguably a last-gen game is kinda ridiculous. What is even worth additional $10 here? Haptics lol? This is simply conditioning people to pay more for PS games.

ID: h412yj0

I guess we’re relatively lucky in Canada, where we get the same cost increase but in $CAD (which is worth ~20% less than USD). But then again, we also have pretty aggressive sales tax versus the Americans.

ID: h414c8i

If you have aggressive sales taxes then it makes even less sense to have the same increase in a less valuable currency. You would think they would want to make those taxes back.

But then again, the sales tax in the EU is around 20% so it would make sense to pay the exact same in € as the US dies in $. Sadly we have been paying 70€ for our games since the PS3 era, when the market crash caused the € to plummet to the same value as the dollar but prices remained that way up until this new price hike regardless of the fact that the € value relative to the dollar has risen many years ago.

The strangest thing is, we pay the same in € as the USA pays in dollars for our consoles and DLC but pay an extra 10€ for our games, which makes no sense since the extra 20% currency value covers the 20% tax. It clearly has to do with Europe being a heavy Sony supporting area and so we are squeezed a little more in our games because we keep buying them regardless of price. Such is a market economy.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/04 22:13 ID: h42hr9r

What about PS3 Games remastered to this gen? Infamous, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance and so on?

12 : Anonymous2021/07/04 12:37 ID: h40my9l

Are there any foundation for such theory or just "GoT:DC is controversial so write as many bullshit as you can as long as it generate clicks"?

ID: h40qffi

Its only controversial because of cost. Not because it exists.

ID: h413ae3

I doubt they wrote it because of any “controversy” with GoT, they wrote it because they’ll get the people desperate for any “rumors” to click on it even though it’s just a completely made up list.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/04 12:50 ID: h40o11t

If Sony keeps putting the PS5 upgrades behind paywalls they can go fuck themselves.

14 : Anonymous2021/07/04 12:34 ID: h40mpq3

No more PS5 upgrades behind a paywall. I am ok with 20 bucks for Expansion/DLC but putting PS5 update behind paywall is absolutely not ok.

ID: h41t0cj

No more PS5 upgrades behind a paywall.

This is just first among many. Now I'm pretty sure HFW and GOW will be $60 on PS4 and $70 on PS5.

Well MLB 21 was already an indication of that.

ID: h42eeh8

Well that’s the situation with Tsushima, the price is mostly because of the expansion that’s coming with it.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/04 16:19 ID: h41bk24

So what’s the difference between this “Directors Cut” model and the classic Nintendo “re-release every WiiU game” model that people seem to dog on.

Legit question.

ID: h41n283

The WiiU is out of print along with all its games. A better question would have been "what's the difference between this and the Mass Effect Trilogy remaster" but that wouldn't go any better for you.


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