Ghostwire Tokyo Will Offer a Unique Horror Experience Through DualSense Controllers

1 : Anonymous2021/07/07 20:07 ID: ofqyvk
Ghostwire Tokyo Will Offer a Unique Horror Experience Through DualSense Controllers
2 : Anonymous2021/07/07 20:34 ID: h4e8zh9

I would’ve preferred Sony show this tomorrow instead of Deathloop

ID: h4ecma3

Yeah we’ve pretty much seen enough of deathloop for people to make up their minds on it, ghostwire on the other hand I still have a lot of questions about

ID: h4ey28h

I meannn they could still show some of it tomorrow

ID: h4ei3tw

Same I know what Deathloop is but this game still don't understand the gameplay.

ID: h4eiyxt

Yep we've seen tons of Deathloop. Still don't know much about this

ID: h4emyzm

Nothing is saying they wont

ID: h4eovb8

I was already sold on Deathloop from the first showcase. At this point, it's actively killing my excitement for the game and it feels like other games would be better suited to the spotlight

3 : Anonymous2021/07/07 20:51 ID: h4eb9ty

Totally forgot about this game lol, but hard to get any more excited.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/07 20:57 ID: h4ec2ya

I'd love to see this released on PSVR2! Those haptic and dualsense features sound great! Getting to experience the game on the PSVR2 and having all these unique features with the immersive haptic and dualsense feedback in the headset and controllers would be absolutely amazing!!

ID: h4eoaw5

Would be nice but Microsoft purchased the studio so no more PlayStation releases after this one that they are contractually obligated to release on PlayStation

ID: h4ej4w9

Oooh man that would be immense, count me in if it gets a PSVR2 release!

5 : Anonymous2021/07/07 21:17 ID: h4eezb7

Whats really bothering me is "...and the creepy sounds coming from the controller’s speakers will send shivers down your spine." as I am exclusively playing with headphones on my PS5.

Obviously because of the always promoted 3D Audio.

BUT you lose one kind of immersion - the speaker.

Was playing Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart with headphones and my boyfriend told me every now and then that the controller did make "sounds". Always thought he's talking about the rumble, put off my headphones and found the speaker sounds for weapons very immersive and unique!

But at this time I was already done with my playthrough.

tl;dr either you get immersion through 3D Audio OR speaker sounds ;/

ID: h4ej1lh

I believe the speaker sounds are routed into the headphones as well when you have the audio through headphones, I know Returnal does that at least!

ID: h4elms0

I assume you don't have a surround sound system? I only use the headphones when I'm trying to be quiet.

ID: h4elc9i

IMHO the controller speaker feature is useless unless you are using tiny speakers or the TV speakers.

I forget which game used it for radio transmissions on PS4 but it would get drowned by my sound system anyways, so I did not use it.

I play with a sound bar w/sub (sorry, audiophiles) or with headphones (3D sound has been game changing experience for me). In both cases the controller speaker does not add any value.

So don't sweat it, you are not loosing any immersion especially when using headphones.

ID: h4eoc2n

Dying Light is the game you are thinking of. That would send radio calls through your controller.

Neat idea, but nothing exceptional. I mostly use headphones and didn't feel like I was missing out on anything.

ID: h4enusa

Can't wait till they freaking have the 3d audio come thru the Hamilton cable as well

ID: h4enwfe


6 : Anonymous2021/07/07 22:03 ID: h4eld41

Controller jumpscares inbound, RIP controllers thrown in the air.

ID: h4et6ck

Get you a Wii strap for your ds5

7 : Anonymous2021/07/07 20:10 ID: h4e5rcs

Hmmmmmm ok but i need the release date

ID: h4e7ao7

Just going to post this! When is this coming out?

It was supposed to be October, but that was never official!

ID: h4e7ta3

In time for Halloween would be nice.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/07 22:07 ID: h4elz3z

We still don't even really know what this game is either.

All we have right now is it is a first person game with horror elements.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/07 22:51 ID: h4erp4i

It's tango games? Isn't that Bethesda?

ID: h4erwcb

You already know the answer.

ID: h4es0az

Cool they are still releasing it on PS5 then

ID: h4eskfz

I think it's similar to Deathloop where it was a timed exclusive prior to the buyout.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/07 23:07 ID: h4etns9

Marketing for this and Deathloop are a bit of a lost cause. Hard to justify day one price tag when both will hit GP in 12 months. Sony will likely counter by giving it away on PSPlus before then. And even if you do end up liking the games, you may never see dlc and major updates on PlayStation-- the sequels certainly won't.

ID: h4evvru

Depends on if you want to wait that long. Id rather play now and I have a GP subscription.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/07 21:22 ID: h4efoyd

All the dualsense features in this game will ultimately be shallow, surface level gimmicks, since the game will release on pc at launch, and then xbox a year after release

12 : Anonymous2021/07/07 23:19 ID: h4ev44h

been looking forward to this since its announcement. hope its out this year.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/07 23:41 ID: h4exqc6

I've been excited for this game ever since it got revealed 2 years ago, I hope tomorrow we get more details about it


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