When €440 feels good…

1 : Anonymous2021/07/09 18:00 ID: oh11tn
When €440 feels good...
2 : Anonymous2021/07/09 20:38 ID: h4mquju

nice! my 5600X gets 664...lil beast

ID: h4mxd5g

I can only get up to about 620. How you push so far?

ID: h4n7bmy

Using curve optimizer, and a decent cooler. Basically giving it less voltage so it has more power budget to spend on clocks, and ensuring it stays cool throughout that process. One other setting, I'm forgetting the name of at the moment to raise the max clock ceiling. RAM is at 3600MHz and Infinity fabric clocks at 1800MHz

ID: h4mrv9d

Bought mine and was on the fence about going with the 5950 but I'm more then happy with the 5600 it's a great chip

ID: h4o00fw

How is it possible to be confused as to wether you should buy the cheapest one or the most expensive one in the lineup? Lol

3 : Anonymous2021/07/10 01:57 ID: h4npk6y

5800X has always been the little engine that could… problem was the price. Now that you can walk into Micro Center and get one for $380, it’s a no brainer.

ID: h4ph8e0

Must... resist... I just bought a 5600X. I will wait lol.

ID: h4pqtrj

5600X is a solid CPU especially if it’s your 1st build. If you’re not doing any CPU heavy work, no reason to get a 58/59/5950x.

ID: h4pbrnc

I have a 5800x and its an animal

ID: h4pbnsc

I have a 5800x and its an animal

4 : Anonymous2021/07/09 18:56 ID: h4me2gi

Nice! The 5800X got ragged on months ago because of its price positioning but IMO it's a great chip that will be useful/good for ages. Congrats on the CPUZ score.

ID: h4mv7za

There are no bad products; only bad prices.

ID: h4mw48h

There IS truth to this though things like exploding batteries exist.

Some products would need to be priced at a negative (i.e. you're paid to dispose of it).

ID: h4mvucr

Wish called and would thank you for your incorrect statement.

ID: h4omze9

I really dislike this saying. Some products are actually bad and should not exist. And if something has to be cheap to be worthwhile, you can't really say it's a good product (i.e "chinesium")

ID: h4p7hix

I feel this way about pizza.

ID: h4n6rz0

Tell that to those early Sandy bridge single core Celerons lol. I might consider using it only if Intel pays me 200 dollars a month to use it

ID: h4n50ry

I was a little disappointed that I couldn't get my hands on a "sweet spot" 5600X, but I've gotta admit that the 5800X that I did end up with has been an absolute dream, butter smooth and stable as a rock.

I tried using those two extra cores as dump cores, putting all my background tasks on them, like Corsair ICUE and Acronis backup, stuff that's always running, and it's working reasonably well.

It's a damn good chip, I can't recommend it highly enough, it's price might not be in the sweet spot, but the CPU itself is still pretty damn sweet.

ID: h4qeke9

background tasks sit in ram. they dont use many cpu cycles

ID: h4piif7

Is it actually worth using software to manually allocate specific threads for certain programs?

ID: h4ml7tv

It's a great chip, just not great value compared to 5900X and its predecessor, 3700X.

It's also a small volcano.

ID: h4moiqn

Great value for me. Got it on eBay for €403 incl. shipping to replace my 2700x. Best decision I could’ve made. When undervolted correctly it’s a monstrous chip.

ID: h4mxpyb

Mine idles at 24c in a 21c room and is in 55-65c majority of time in Cod warzone.

Corsair h115i aio

ID: h4n5mjk

I got my 5900x for 550. At that price point it was worth getting the 5900x.

ID: h4mm4yh

Go to Google and search for ryzen 5900x temperature problems...

this comment of mine soon received a negative vote, I only said one truth not in relation to the price but to the temperatures. whoever buys a 5000 family cpu has to have a good cooler. these cpus are designed to run normally up to 90 c but as they are so expensive we are concerned and want to keep our investment for as long as possible. at the moment in Portugal are 30c my 5800x idle at 33c and in AVX tests 79c games 65c custom loop.

ID: h4n2vcq

It's always been a good chip but people always compare in a vacuum and mindlessly parrot stuff.

"why would you get the 5800x for 450 when you can get a 5600 for 300 or a 5900 for 550" well gee idk cus I have 400 and want something like the 5800x but can't stretch even more money to get the 5900x?

As long as you're informed there's literally nothing wrong with it other than vacuum or sheer value analysis with no other use case metrics.

ID: h4n60l4

"Why didn't you get the RX 6900 XT?"
"I play 1080p@60fps, all I needed was an RX 6700."
"Yeah, but still, you're a peasant."

Gatekeeping really does bug me, going in all possible directions. I asked r-HeadphoneAdvice to suggest some audio software for me, the first reply was that I should get a DAC, a Digital to Analog Converter, it's a piece of *hardware. * His rationale was why would he suggest a half assed software solution when the dedicated hardware solution is so much better? Unfortunately his advice was entirely unhelpful, because rather than answering my question he chose to make a value statement.

Having the cheapest or the most powerful piece of equipment isn't a flex, having the right piece of equipment is the flex.

I love my 5800X, and I'm super happy for the folks who love their 5600X, it really is just that simple.

ID: h4n7x0o

The one downsid eof it as a 5800x which I noticed. It gets really hot once when only a couple of cores are boosting. Which is really strange. Because I have lower peak temps in Cinebench than just running a videogame. But then a couple of cores start to touch the 5ghz and with the cores on one CCX it just gets real hot.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/09 21:53 ID: h4mzzqx

My 5600X is averaging 661 with PBO+AutoOC cranked all the way up. I came from a 4790k so initially it felt weird being so removed from the overclocking process but It's reporting burst speeds of up to 4.85GHz so it's gotta be doing something right in there.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/10 02:20 ID: h4nrvml

Post like these are why I don’t let my 3800x read Reddit by himself.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/09 21:12 ID: h4mv30n

Are you comparing overclocked 5800x to stock scores of others?

ID: h4mvwi6

" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://valid.x86.f

I didn't overclock, you can see the frequencies I think all 5800x with a good cooler are around these values.

ID: h4n4xfk

Bro just wait until you use curve optimizer and throw an negative offset on it.

ID: h4n1m32

What type of cooler are you using?

8 : Anonymous2021/07/10 13:13 ID: h4p5d9p

Lol CPUz… I always giggle on the results. My i9-10900k hit 676.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/10 00:39 ID: h4nhgyy

428 here with my overclocked 1600AF

10 : Anonymous2021/07/09 23:10 ID: h4n8pyr

Nice! The best I've done is 686/7026

" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://valid.x86.f

What settings for your CPU did you use?

ID: h4n9q6p

I only changed CO -20 the two best cores and -25 the others

ID: h4napkf

You should test for stability if you haven't. No point in sharing results if you are unstable.

A really effective method in testing is OCCT Small, Variable, Normal, SSE, start on cycle 2.

You need to also use tasked manager to set core Affinity. Then you set to cores you are testing.

It's good to test every single core for at least 15 minutes each.

In task manager if you want to test say, core 0 you check only the boxes for core 0 and 1, if testing core 1 you check the boxes for core 2 and 3, etc.

Once you test every core and are not getting any errors you can run the all core test:

Medium, Extreme, Variable, SSE. Run for at least 1 hour.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/09 21:57 ID: h4n0fvs

Got very similar results with my 5800x.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/09 19:15 ID: h4mghns


13 : Anonymous2021/07/09 18:11 ID: h4m883l

Test it with core cycler

ID: h4nwkni

Core cycler is not as thorough or efficient as OCCT with the proper method.

However it is rather easy which is what most people want.

14 : Anonymous2021/07/10 21:01 ID: h4qnk31

my 5800 gets 675 on stock settings

15 : Anonymous2021/07/10 17:55 ID: h4q2swz

My 5900x gets 684 10141 multi

16 : Anonymous2021/07/10 15:14 ID: h4piqb2

Did you just fkn beat Threadripper in performance???

17 : Anonymous2021/07/10 14:59 ID: h4pgxgv

What benchmark is this?

18 : Anonymous2021/07/10 14:42 ID: h4pexn9

I have a 5800x and I get this after boot up this morning:

SC = 674.9

MC = 6818.3

The 5800x is a beast. PBO + AUTO OC (150Mhz) + CO (-15 all core except core 0,2 [top two fastest at -5]) Funny thing....If I try AUTO OC to 200Mhz....I get worse scores across the board. The 5800x is purely thermal constrained IMO...I'm on a CPU/GPU loop with 2x240mm rads....and I still hit 90C in benchmarks when I push it hard.

Are you using CO? I bet you can get even better scores if not. I dug 10 more SC points out it with CO on my system. Every core can hit 5Ghz SC when testing...MC peters out between 4.6-4.7Ghz

Love my baby 🙂

19 : Anonymous2021/07/10 14:41 ID: h4pes99

Which benchmark is this?

ID: h4phuwj



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