LG C1 PS5 calibration

1 : Anonymous2021/07/10 01:16 ID: oh91d9
LG C1 PS5 calibration
2 : Anonymous2021/07/10 01:17 ID: h4nldkg

This guy is a wizard with televisions!

ID: h4om8dw

Yeah for sure! Got some real useful stuff

3 : Anonymous2021/07/10 16:15 ID: h4pqgx3

I need a calibration setting for PS5 on the C1 for warzone at 120fps. Since you have to turn off HDR the colors are all jacked up and the image is faded and bland

4 : Anonymous2021/07/10 11:00 ID: h4ouv0i

The biggest take away here is please leave the black level and color range settings to auto. Getting those settings wrong or mismatched causes subtle but very jarring visual inconsistencies between different display modes that games may use on PS5.

ID: h4po9ci

Fuck all is subtle about having crushed blacks or a washed out imagine. I've a friend that insists on playing with crushed blacks (hey it's his TV) and oh man it's like eye torture.

ID: h4pqkci

Hate when I go to someone’s house and can obviously tell their television is not calibrated.

ID: h4qut0n

It's funny you should say; there's currently a problem with PS5 where the blacks are more crushed than PS4. Digital Foundry pointed this out o Twitter, but I haven't seen it mentioned here at all.

ID: h4r8jrn

Many games look washed out when you set black level auto. This guy probably doesn't know PS5 has a problem with black levels. Just check it with Valhalla or Death Stranding.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/10 04:43 ID: h4o5fsz

how many people actually have a c1? I see so many people with cx so I can't imagine a lot held out for this when it is barely worth the cost compared to the cx

ID: h4o6k2k

It's the same with every generation of TV. The C1 is the new hotness now but this time next year there will be a new generation and the cycle will start over again. There will be folks who got the C1 on a discount prior to the release of the C2(?), etc... This stuff is cyclical so the video's usability extends beyond just the here and now.

ID: h4olf75

Truth. Anyone else still rocking their KS8000?

ID: h4ojtbg

A LOT of people reddit jumped in with the CX (like me) but it's not like phones where you upgrade every couple years...most people are gonna keep it for at least 5 year, especially considering how future proof it is

ID: h4p9b63

Me, I was upgrading from an old TV.

ID: h4q1zc7

Save your comment for next year and replace c1 with c2. The CX video was made last year.

ID: h4plhqy

I have a cx and a bx so I don’t plan on upgrading for at least five years

ID: h4ogk0w

I have one, but only because I ondered a CX, which turned out to be sold out at the store so they offered me a c1 for €100 extra.

ID: h4qitey

i got a G1. but only because I am moving into new place and want to get a new tv and future proof it as much as possible. G1 also gets 5 year warranty on screen which basically saved the price of best buy protection. And the new screen is nice too.

ID: h4qiagg

But at least in canada and the us, you can’t buy the 55” cx anymore

ID: h4q2xs0

Do people upgrade their OLED TVs yearly now?

ID: h4pj556

Ive got one

ID: h4pcvp1

I recently replaced my Samsung ks8000 with an LG C1

6 : Anonymous2021/07/10 02:13 ID: h4nr846


7 : Anonymous2021/07/10 20:48 ID: h4qm5b3

I really want a TV for PS5 gaming when I get it in about a week or two… I have the money to get the LG C1 but idk if I’m willing to spend 1.6K for the 55inch, even the 48inch is still 1.1k..

It seems a lot although I want the best TV possible for gaming, but would I be better off just spending £400-700 for a different TV? Or is it really worth spending that extra ?

ID: h4qt4o0

It is worth it to spend extra, I have the q60r and my brother has the cx. His tv definitely looks way better and I regret going with the cheaper option. If you don't really want to spend that much, I would wait until price drops on black friday or next year sales.

ID: h4qud1z

I might wait till sales, or bite the bullet and buy one now. Thing is the next TV I get will be the one I use for gaming on the PS5 + watching movies etc for the next few years so I may as well get a solid TV.

Maybe I’ll just continue gaming on a monitor until sales but the main reason I wanted a TV was for when I play single player games on the PS5 pretty much.

ID: h4r68zq

The 2020 model is regularly on sale for a lot cheaper than the C1. You can get the 55 inch CX for roughly £1000 to 1200. I don't think there are many major improvements with the C1 model so I would recommend getting the CX if you want to buy it soon and for a good price.

The C1 should get a price cut around November time.

I definitely would recommend getting an OLED TV. They look amazing.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/10 15:01 ID: h4ph7yk

Can someone share a link or settings for properly calibrating LG 27GL850 27'' UltraGear to ps5? A video like this would be great. Been searching for 2 years now

9 : Anonymous2021/07/10 13:56 ID: h4p9rke

I'm still in love with my old lgb7 oled

ID: h4pmb5z

same with my C9

ID: h4q9t09

I got a C8 a few years ago and kinda voluntarily ignored any new model release. I don't want to know why my OLED is not as good as another one lol.

ID: h4pyh1t

Same, I just wish I could get my HDR right. I've tried the 25, 25, 0 settings, tried going just past being unable to see the symbols but it seems no matter what I do, everything just looks 'washed out'. Any help getting this best out of it would be appreciated as I hate having to have HDR off.

ID: h4pzh7s

Washed out seems like you have the gamma settings wrong

Ps5 auto goes into limited when in hdr so the TV black level in picture options should be set to low

Also check in general settings tab on TV if the hdmi input is checked to receive deep colour

ID: h4pudb5

Same. One day I'll upgrade for high refresh rate but outside that the b7 is holding up great.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/10 13:21 ID: h4p66sx

How about for CX?

ID: h4p79q1

He has a video up for that on his channel too!

11 : Anonymous2021/07/10 17:14 ID: h4py20o

Then follow his HDR settings for PS5, it’s really important or you’ll get low brightness when using HDR with HGiG.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/10 13:41 ID: h4p83lr

Remember that whatever anyone says is the settings doesn't actually mean it's the right settings for your panel.

Each panel is different so unless you have the tools use these types of videos as a starting point but always tinker until you find what's right for you, your panel, your surroundings

ID: h4pczyb

That's more for the color calibration settings which he did off screen and did not give the values for. The general settings here are fairly universal other than brightness which can be room dependent.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/10 23:56 ID: h4r6vub

Just got me a C1!

14 : Anonymous2021/07/10 20:22 ID: h4qja3g

Hey, thanks for sharing this video! I just got a C1 last weekend and this video is very helpful! The adjustments really made a big difference.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/10 16:42 ID: h4pu2wy

I'm gonna be honest. I do follow calibration guides when I first buy a tv. I can see a before and after difference, but honestly, I can't tell if it's better or worse, just different. Post calibration usually results into me thinking it's too dark.

ID: h4pxonk

It's your TV. You can do what you want with it.

The image being too dark can likely result from those TV guides assuming you are sitting in a dimly lit room which is the intended movie going experience but doesn't always reflect how people actually use their TVs.

No shame in raising brightness for SDR content in a brightly lit room.

And HDR should be put on maximum brightness anyway for most if not all TVs.

ID: h4pyi5o

Did not know about setting brightness all the way up for HDR. I have never heard that before

ID: h4pxk4y

That’s because most of the time a tv out of the box is to bright. If your the type that’s looking for true colours it will be darker so there not being washed out by over brightness and saturation. 99% of users are just used to having there image to bright so when it’s calibrated for a true representation of the image people will complain it’s to dark. Again this is all preference and just watch what you enjoy and fuck what anyone says.

ID: h4pyfdq

That's right, I'm happy with what looks best for me.

I never had a color calibration professionally done. Well never done, not just professionally as I don't have the equipment, knowledge, or patience to do it myself. Don't know if that makes a big difference or not

ID: h4q4w3s

Well-calibrated displays are actually a bit darker. Actually, let me rephrase that - many poorly calibrated displays are usually eye-gougingly overbrigthened.

16 : Anonymous2021/07/10 11:48 ID: h4oy83h

Here’s my recommendation: get a professional calibration done. I’ve had it done for my plasma and my current projector setup and it was 100% worth it.


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