Call of Duty Warzone 120Hz PS5 Upgrade vs Xbox Series X:Back Compat Evolved? – Digital Foundry

1 : Anonymous2021/07/09 14:26 ID: ogwoa4
Call of Duty Warzone 120Hz PS5 Upgrade vs Xbox Series X:Back Compat Evolved? - Digital Foundry
2 : Anonymous2021/07/09 15:53 ID: h4lpxaw

FOV, FOV, FOV slider...

ID: h4njlau

I feel like the game is gonna be dead by the time they bring an fov slider to console, 80 is a joke.

ID: h4qkecp

It’s already dead for me. After over 30 days of playtime, my squad and I have gotten tired of the cheaters and lack of exciting content.

ID: h4meaob

blows my mind. never touching this until it comes to ps5. zero excuses for this billion dollar company.

ID: h4mhb4v

I still play it from time to time with some friends, but sitting on a couch myself and not in front of a monitor or the TV, the FOV they chose hurts my eyes and performance.

If they just implement the damn slider, I can play normally...

ID: h4o041m

I wouldn't be surprised if it already was finished by the time they released this update except they're probably looking to release it at the same time as the upcoming game to get more hype for it. People go to download PS5 version, they're gonna notice the new game is out as well. Better to double-down on the potential advertising.

ID: h4ozz18

Probably going to come with the legit Series X/PS5 versions.

ID: h4ow4ty


3 : Anonymous2021/07/09 17:41 ID: h4m4c4b

Give me an fov slider on console and I’ll be perfectly happy now.

If Cold War can have it, even on PS4 and X1, surely Warzone on PS5 can have it too.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/09 14:37 ID: h4lfxo7


Xbox has higher res and sharper textures. Frame rate unstable, usually in the 90-110fps range. PS5 has same resolution as PS4 Pro (about 1520p or so), blurrier textures, but maintains 120fps the vast majority of the time.
ID: h4liyf3

I really really wish COD could release a native PS5 version that utilizes oodle. It’s so annoying that the texture packs are like 40+ gigs and still not that great

ID: h4ljj05

PS5 and series X/S native versions are coming later this year. I hope they use oodle.

ID: h4m4dkf

PS5 has same resolution as PS4 Pro (about 1520p or so), blurrier textures, but maintains 120fps the vast majority of the time.

It was also mentioned that the blurrier textures may be the result of the PS4 Pro "mode" limitation, which is the 5.5GB of memory. A full PS5 "version" release would have access to more memory which could lead to sharper textures.

ID: h4m6uie

You got it. It’s restricted by the PS4 Pro with the exception of the 120Hz mode. Hopefully Sony can further unlock features for BC

ID: h4m5z2t

I'd really be okay with this being the triangle of options for basically every big budget game in the ninth generation:

• Fidelity mode: Locked 60 fps at resolutions as low as 1080p with a focus on post processing and ray tracing, basically high quality with a lower resolution.

• Framerate mode: Locked 120 fps with a low resolution and less techniques like ray tracing, post processing, and so on.

• Resolution mode: Ideally 60 fps but possibly lower with high resolutions like 4K, or even higher, but similar reduced techniques to framerate mode.

ID: h4meogk

Eh... I would list it as:


Performance RT


Fidelity is known to be max settings with the game running at 30fps. You don't play this for framerates.

Performance RT gives some Fidelity options like RT but at lesser setting.

And Performance should be 120fps.

ID: h4lgxir

Not the first case a developer has pushed fidelity on Xbox at the cost of frame rate. Feel like Xbox series x owners that don’t have a vrr tv, which I can pretty confidently assume is the vast majority, would more so enjoy a more stable framerate vs a slightly sharper image.

ID: h4loyhc

Do they make 120hz tvs without vrr? Seems like those two go hand in hand most of the time

Edit: Real 120hz, not the frame doubled bullshit I mean.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/09 16:14 ID: h4lsqf2

Man, this broke the fanboy side of Twitter. I see the most degenerate hate on there. How can people tweet 30-50 times a day about hating players of one console so much.

ID: h4m568e

that has nothing on messi and ronaldo fanboys on twitter

ID: h4m5tde

Remember when argentina lost to Germany

ID: h4lyu2y

Cause they literally have no friends or life skills. Their entire personality revolves around a game console. And this pandemic didn’t help with that

ID: h4m0rnj

Yeah it’s sad honestly.

ID: h4m0kn2

Twitter is a cesspool of toxic fanboys who spend all day shitting on eachother I deactivated my account to get away from that bs

ID: h4m0wjk

People say Reddit is bad but Twitter is a whole other animal.

ID: h4m849l

Because other disturbed people join in and normalize it. Social media is very empowering, sadly. I'm afraid civilization is doomed when people act like this even over videogames.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/09 15:25 ID: h4lma6g

I watched the whole video but they didn't really explain how it got 120 fps on PS5 since the PS4/PS4 pro SDK is locked to 60.

Or maybe they did with the coding 1/0 thing, if it's that easy why haven't we already seen many titles getting 120fps which is easily achievable on games like rocket league?

ID: h4lx26v

Yeah it looks like Sony may have updated the SDK on the ps4/pro to include this recognition if a ps5 is running the game. This looks to be the way they get around that prior bottleneck. I had the same question when I first heard it would support 120hz while in BC.

ID: h4m3qo2

They did mention an API call to detect if it is running on ‘Prospero’ so it seems like they have enabled devs to detect the hardware and adjust.

ID: h4lpcwi

I think they are a smaller team and probably will launch a native PS5 version soon.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/09 15:09 ID: h4lk66l

So glad Sony finally implemented this for PS4 titles. I just wanna see more within the next few weeks. Not a fan of warzone but great for those that are. Keeping an eye on Overwatch every week for a 120hz update.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/09 16:51 ID: h4lxopk

Is the HDR bug fixed ? Can you play warzone at 120hz eith HDR On or does it need to be turned off

ID: h4lzlij

Have to turn it off every time I play

ID: h4m0apn

I went to try it a few days ago and same issue,, that's super annoying, I'll give it a whirl once they hopefully fix this or release a true next gen version

9 : Anonymous2021/07/09 19:55 ID: h4mlctg

FOV slider is all that matters and we're not getting one yet :/

10 : Anonymous2021/07/09 17:55 ID: h4m66dc

Giving up HDR is tough for me, SDR looks terrible.

ID: h4pfqhj

i honesty really dont notice the difference in warzone

11 : Anonymous2021/07/09 15:43 ID: h4lolf4

How big is it now? I want to try but the lack of space kind of driving me away

12 : Anonymous2021/07/09 18:33 ID: h4mawse

Fuck that shit I just want smaller filer size

13 : Anonymous2021/07/09 15:27 ID: h4lmgz5

So, if this is still the PS4 version… how they implemented 120fps? Sony updated the PS5 graphics SDK to support this? Most of companies stated last year that PS4 games running at 120fps on PS5 weren’t possible and a native version of the game should be needed for this.

ID: h4lug89

There was both a firmware and sdk update to support this. War zone is a beta test for 120hz support in bc mode

14 : Anonymous2021/07/09 15:38 ID: h4lnvyh

Can we just get 60fps and 120 FOV? Not the other way around?

ID: h4m3pqj

120 and 120. Why 60 fps and 120 fov lol

15 : Anonymous2021/07/09 17:05 ID: h4lzlyh

Have they fixed the PS4 version so you can use HDR while in 4K/120hz mode?

16 : Anonymous2021/07/09 14:49 ID: h4lhipj

120hz in this game is really cool (it's my first 120hz game)

Don't mean to be "obvious" but it's just a much more fluid experience - really enjoy it

ID: h4m3oxa

Yeah it’s so much easier to aim too. I don’t tunnel vision as much.

17 : Anonymous2021/07/09 15:03 ID: h4ljdk9

And all pointless because it wont fit in my PS5 SSD without sacrificing other games I'm currently playing.

ID: h4llfma

Yep. I always find the thought of playing Warzone is better than actually playing it.

ID: h4lndbq

Why do you need it in the SSD? Put it on an external HDD it's not a native PS5 game

ID: h4lyf4q

Buy big enough external SSD and do not look back. I did it a week after I bought my PS5. All PS4 games, which is still a big majority are there and suddenly built-in storage is not an issue. Super convenient, maybe even necessary. And I do have fast internet connection. No point to resist. These things are cheap nowadays.


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