Windows 11 Game Mode ON vs OFF | 1080P, 1440P and 4K Benchmarks

1 : Anonymous2021/07/13 11:35 ID: ojdpz4
Windows 11 Game Mode ON vs OFF | 1080P, 1440P and 4K Benchmarks
2 : Anonymous2021/07/13 18:00 ID: h528t9n

SyncViews hits the nail on head.

I have a dual boot Hackintosh and all my heavy workload are done on MacOS. I did a clean install of Windows 11 and only have the essential hardware apps and drivers loaded. I removed everything else that comes in the install that I did not need.

Essentially, Windows 11 Game Mode did absolutely nothing for my systems performance.

Hardware: 5950x, x570 I Gaming, Sapphire Nitro+ 6800 XT, 64GB Crucial Balistic 3600MHz CL-16, Western Digital SN750 2TB, Westen Digital SN550, Corsair SF750, Phantek Glacier One.

Maybe on older systems it has a more pronounced impact.

ID: h5347c3

Yeah, game mode really only does 2 things, stops windows update driver installs and prevents the restart notification during gameplay

ID: h53eo1f

Oh wow, only took them like 5 years and a major version release to figure that out. Fucking clowns

3 : Anonymous2021/07/13 11:58 ID: h51014s


ID: h510ya1

Essentially no performance difference

ID: h512jr7

What's the point? Does it give HDR? In some titles it dropped performance.

ID: h51153t

If you play RDR2 use game mode.

ID: h511kf5

well, there are timestamps and charts...

ID: h512shr

That someone could ShareX or paste into an article.

I'm not watching a video.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/13 12:49 ID: h514urp

it shows that game mode mainly helps only when you have a mediocre configured system... like when you're running lots of background programs (which would be suspended during game mode ON). but most if not all test setups are properly fresh installs of an OS with little to no background noise. so the only thing i guess it does here is streamline performance a small bit due to really all non-game-relevant stuff being suspended (even if it is just a low impact on a clean system...) and also it will completely suspend windows updates for that time. good vid

5 : Anonymous2021/07/13 13:08 ID: h516w3a

What (if any) anti-cheat capabilities does Win11 offer?

ID: h51mv60

no OS has that. Any good OS allows for the user to decrease security for their own reasons. The computer hardware and OS sees no difference between a cheat being injected that is reading memory vs a memory scanner used for debugging software.

ID: h51sdo4

None that I know of. Console platforms depend heavily on the idea that users can't run there own stuff alongside it (and on Windows we often literally run software that integrates with it, although a better "out of process overlay" API so I don't get to chase a memory leak around could be nice). Better if gamedevs actually architected on the "don't trust the client" principle to start with.

I think there has been some push towards doing that in mainstream Windows already, but mostly for DRM purposes with stuff like Intel SGX (not sure how well that worked out for them, I heard people managed to cracked and upload those 4k bluray streams etc. while I believe I still can't legit play a 4K disk I own on my AMD systems).

6 : Anonymous2021/07/13 17:00 ID: h520sh1

So in windows 11 do HDR and DolbyVision work, or are they still extremely broken? Asking as I use a 55" TV as my monitor, and HDR is broken AF in windows 10, and DolbyVision just doesn't exist.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/13 15:18 ID: h51mrwx

I think it makes no sense to tese this "game mode" with a 12 core cpu.

it should be tested in a more limited system.

ID: h51u2xo

Its a 6 core 3600 its 12 threads not cores.

ID: h522y1o

He is testing with a 5900x

ID: h51n9k2

Watch the intro

ID: h51pd0l

the intro says he tested windows 10 game mode in with a ryzen 3600

I don't think thats a limited pc either.


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