MLB The Show 21 All-Star content extravaganza

1 : Anonymous2021/07/13 14:00 ID: ojg6jw
MLB The Show 21 All-Star content extravaganza
2 : Anonymous2021/07/13 14:46 ID: h51ilx5

I've only ever played The Show 20, albeit only for a handful of hours. Thoughts on the PS5 version of 21?

ID: h51z9xu

While the graphical overhaul is not drastic compared to older titles, I would say it is a noticeable improvement. As a RTTS fan I am not all that thrilled with the changes they made this year but overall the mode is still fun. If you enjoy Diamond Dynasty that mode is still great and so much more fun than any other ultimate team mode in other games. I will say that one underrated fun part of this games is the stadium creator. I really enjoy playing on some of the community created maps.

ID: h51l1yo

It’s good. Not as much of a graphical jump as you might expect though. The UI has been overhauled: some people like its simplicity, others think it looks bad and simple and like a freshman UI project. I can see both but don’t mind it.

Some changes to Road to the Show and stuff, where you make a “ball player” and use that person for everything, and you use cards with stats to hone your specific position. So it’s tied with Diamond Dynasty a bit (edit: thanks to the commenter below I realize this is phrased poorly, it’s not tied to it like you have to do stuff in DD to get progress in RTTS, that’s my poor explanation, I’m sorry!), unlike in games past and that makes some people mad. But it’s still really good and fun.

Otherwise? Same game with a TON of content. There were some server issues in the first month or two, but they’re ironed out now and with all the extra content added since launch, now is a great time to jump in. Maybe one day my Barcelona Vampires will have to face you in online World Series! Better watch out!!

ID: h51z242

Just to add and clarify to the above RTTS summary. You DO NOT have to do anything in Diamond Dynasty when playing RTTS. I'm on my 4th season with my pitcher...I've not seen anything to do with DD.

ID: h51u3ji

If RTTS is what you're into, stick with 20. 21 is pretty solid otherwise. Hopefully they'll fix it up for 22.

ID: h51w5y5

I'm glad it's not just me that doesn't care for 21 RTTS. I shouldn't be forced to play 2 way. I don't want to. Plus it feels so much slower compared to 20

3 : Anonymous2021/07/13 15:44 ID: h51qcjc

Diamond Dynasty is the best card collecting game in all of sports. You can actually field a full diamond squad and dont have to grind for years or drop money. The marketplace is awesome and SDS churns out content left and right. EA and 2k greedy mfers, take notes

ID: h52w1cb

Madden Ultimate team has quite a few challenges vs CPU. Is diamond dynasty the same or will I be playing other real life players where I'd get smoked?

ID: h539af2

There is an absolute ton of offline content, you will never run out of offline things to do and you never have to play other teams online unless you want to (some challenges are online specific but there are always plenty of offline ones)

ID: h52006b

You don’t really have to grind for years in EAs games, they make it fairly easy with the freebies. Never got into 2k MyTeam though

ID: h53ielf

Stop saying good things about EA you fucking dumbass

4 : Anonymous2021/07/13 19:25 ID: h52kbd0

Haven't played a Show game since they had 19 as a freebie back in what 2018? 2019? I honestly forget when but I was really hoping this would have been a PS Plus game with all the backlash over it being on Gamepass

5 : Anonymous2021/07/13 14:09 ID: h51dwjm

Boring overrated sport, trash game.

ID: h51l40s

27 day old account.


ID: h51htqv

Did mom not give you your favorite cereal this morning?

ID: h51emvt

Lol edgy

ID: h51f0yu

Why are you so mad? Try to understand that we do want you as a fan.

ID: h51jmcu

It is OK for people to like things you don't like

ID: h52doer

It's a troll account


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