The Last of Us TV Show Now Has Its Bill, Frank, and More

1 : Anonymous2021/07/16 22:46 ID: olrykr
The Last of Us TV Show Now Has Its Bill, Frank, and More
2 : Anonymous2021/07/16 23:55 ID: h5gk525

"Lastly, Murray Bartlett has been cast as Frank, Bill's partner. Of course, in the game, we don't get to meet this character, so it appears this will be one branch off the main story that'll be explored in more detail during the series."

I mean, technically, we met him.

ID: h5gn80y

He wasn't much for conversation.

ID: h5h1e9s

Seemed pretty relaxed, though. Probably a good dude to hang with.

ID: h5hoswb

Really, he just wanted to hang out.

ID: h5gqy1m

I was hoping they would explore that relationship more in the show and I’m glad they are doing it. Such an interesting dynamic.

ID: h5gtvqk

It's a sensible way of expanding on the story, especially since that plot in the game relies very much on game design to flesh it out.

By that I mean you can't have Pedro Pascal silently read a letter on TV (to find out the real history between the two) and then leave it at that.

I think it likely they'll do the common flashback storytelling device to show Bill and Frank's relationship, those scenes peppered throughout the episode, to then culminate into that discovery inside the house. They may even do distant flashbacks and show both characters lives leading up to, during, and after the outbreak.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/16 22:55 ID: h5gczgo

For the lazy.... Jeffrey Pierce as Perry

Con O'Neill as Bill

Murray Bartlett as Frank, Bill's partner

ID: h5ilj5z

Can't stand the fact that, Jeffrey Pierce, the voice actor of Tommy, is not cast as Tommy on the show, unless it was his own choice. It's not my business, but if he was up for playing Tommy, but was rejected, then I would be hella pissed.

ID: h5iziyo

They definitely didn’t offer him the role. The first roles they would have cast were Joel and Ellie, naturally considering they are the leads. Since Pedro Pascal is Joel they couldn’t exactly cast a white guy as his brother without needing to do some explaining.

ID: h5jie8u

Why would they give someone who hardly has any significant roles an acting gig? Cause his voice sounded good?

4 : Anonymous2021/07/17 01:42 ID: h5gwhym

I have no idea how the show is going to wrap up in 10 episodes if we're getting an in-depth look at Bill and Frank's relationship.

ID: h5gzdo8

You can do a lot in 10 hours of television.

ID: h5h2o33

1 Joel and Sarah's escape

2 Joel and Tess in Boston, meeting Ellie

3 Adventures with Bill and Frank

4 Meeting Sam and Henry 5 Sam and Henry resolution

6 Meeting Tommy and reading the dairy

7 Abandoned firefly headquarters and injury

8 David and buddy boy 9 Meats back on the menu

10 Flooded tunnel and Hospital.

I guess it could work. Maybe you can have Henry hurt Joel instead of the headquarters to save an episode, or Joel and Sarah's story can be the first half of the first episode, and the second half establishes Tess and Marlene and the quarantine zone.

ID: h5hq3oy

The game itself was very episodic. Joel and Ellie arrive at some place, shit goes down for a few hours, then they move on to a new place. Each tv episode will probably be an hour long. I feel like that's plenty of time - maybe Bill gets 30 minutes on screen, Frank gets 5 or 10.

ID: h5ikwy6

I doubt it will be that in depth

ID: h5j9rw4

Is there any confirmation that season one will conclude at the end of the first game? If that’s the case, is this only a 2 season plan right now?

ID: h5jjwhc

I doubt it will cover the entire first game. Both PS Productions and HBO are pouring a lot of money into this. You don't invest this much to only wrap it up in two seasons.

Excluding wrapping up because the ratings aren't there, both companies will want this to go for multiple seasons. By expanding on the world and characters you can easily turn the two games into four seasons and not make it feel like it's overstaying its welcome or spinning its wheels.

ID: h5ig9ae

I mean the game doesn’t have ten hours of story. Roll all the cutscenes together and it’s like 4.5 hours.

ID: h5irkp8

It had 93 minutes of cutscenes.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/17 00:27 ID: h5gnvlx

Such a missed opportunity not casting W. Earl Brown as Bill. He's played major roles in HBO shows, and voice acted/motion captured the character in the game. Seemed like a perfect fit to me.

ID: h5i7tpw

He's played major rolls

Major rolls? What do you mean? Like a Barrel Roll?

ID: h5gqby4

They might have wanted a gay actor.

ID: h5h3kia

I mean I do get it, but I mean acting is acting. It tin have been great casting especially since in the same article they said they casted the same voice actor for Marlene in the same role

ID: h5j4s8d

Hiring somebody just because of their sexual orientation is crazy if you ask me

ID: h5hwu7x

Which is daft

6 : Anonymous2021/07/17 03:36 ID: h5h8t2c

With us having our first new character confirmed, it makes we wonder if it's possible that we could see Ish and his crew popup? He's always been a character that fans have wanted to see more of after the tickle of letter and environmental storytelling about him in the original. It feels like they could bring him in and possibly follow his story (or possibly someone else) at some point rather than allowing the core story, the one that revolves around Ellie, to get ahead of the games.

HBO has big hopes for this, and i'm sure they want another long running series to catch on after some recent ones ended after the first season (they wanted more Watchmen, but Lindelof stuck to it just being a single season), but unless they're going to keep the core story going then it's going to have to move over to other characters for a bit to be a long running series. There was a Canadian news story reporting on the town where some of the show is going to be shot and they mentioned that episodes are in the eight figure ranch. Which is very much the very upper level of TV show production.

ID: h5hper6

That’s actually such a good idea and a point I didn’t think of. Holy shit that would be so cool. It would be a fantastic opportunity to introduce that character into the limelight, because I’m sure so many people missed the storyline in game.

ID: h5ixq0v

Good point and I'm surprised Lovecraft Country was cancelled as it has 18 nominations and has already been picked up by Apple.

HBO is a mixed bag with shows running or not though

ID: h5j1itj

Damn that was a rollercoaster of emotions, I thought you meant that Lovecraft Country had been picked up for a S2 at Apple. The creato

Mischa Green has a multi-year deal there, but not for that show. I’d love for Apple to pick it up and continue it though. Watchmen was fantastic, and with all the nominations as you pointed out for LC you would think they would have tried to hold on or greenlight a second season quickly. Especially as they’re always in awards competition with Netflix for top honors and letting a prestige show go seems like a missed opportunity.

(Sort of a side note, but I’m still bitter that Carnivale never got an ending).

7 : Anonymous2021/07/16 23:11 ID: h5gew44

I'm still stupidly holding out hope for Keri Russell to play Tess

ID: h5gwcvt

I wanted Annie Wersching to play Tess. But Keri Russell would be a great casting too.

ID: h5gijkx

I am currently watching The Americans and wow, now that you mention it, she would be perfect as Tess.

ID: h5jmnio

I’ll take Betty Gilpin

ID: h5hftzt

Annie Wersching only!

ID: h5gfv3z


8 : Anonymous2021/07/17 01:10 ID: h5gsvt9

God I hope this is good. It has so much potential to be amazing.

ID: h5hpa7b

Well, Naughty Dog has major input on it. They know how to tell compelling stories, as does HBO. They’re getting fantastic actors. All signs point to it being a fantastic show. They still have to deliver, but right now they’re taking all the right steps.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/17 14:52 ID: h5iri28

There is a ton to flesh out. No matter how good a game is, the story has to take a backseat to gameplay.

Watching the characters kill hundreds of infected would be super boring. A few suspenseful moments here and there; some big action moments when they have to run etc - you get the point.

The game only had 93 minutes of cutscenes.

ID: h5j0qgf

There’s a hell of a lot of dialogue and story that happens during gameplay though. With all of that added in the story itself is around 4.5 hours, with the rest of the typical runtime being combat, traversal, and puzzles. 4.5 hours still isn’t 10, but it gives them a lot more to work with and expand on. Plus you’ve gotta consider that each episode will likely have a big action sequence.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/17 07:58 ID: h5hu2gp

The casting for this show still kind of baffles me. It has me very cautious.

ID: h5j2dhk

I think they’re in a tough spot with a beloved property, in which the voices we’re all accustomed to don’t match up to the faces we’re all accustomed to. Like, Troy Baker wouldn’t be the right visual fit for Joel in the show. And since we’re all going to compare it, trying to do something a little bit different and unique for the show like hiring Pedro Pascal instead gives the character a bit of a different feel. Not necessarily bad or wrong in any way, just not what we’re used to.

I think they probably don’t want a paint-by-numbers adaptation where we’re all just going down a checklist of things we expect to happen. They were the same with Game of Thrones, where they would change up some details and characters for the show, so that you could still be surprised even if you’d read all the books. And yeah, we can bitch about the quality of the final season of GoT, but I think that’s on D&D more than HBO. At any rate, I’m open to them doing whatever they think is best.

I saw the movie Prospect (currently on Netflix) and it has Pedro Pascal playing a sort of Joel-adjacent character and I can definitely picture him in the role because of it. Bella Ramsey was great in GoT. Merle already played Marlene once, so she’ll be great and it’s cool to see Tommy’s voice actor Jeffrey Pierce get a role in the show too. It wouldn’t surprise me if Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker have a cameo as clickers or something.

ID: h5jdgo7

Troy voted to get Josh brolin for Joel as he looks like him and is from texas. Josh is probably to big for TV now though

11 : Anonymous2021/07/17 06:18 ID: h5hmz7o

They are lovers, at least that's what they'll do

ID: h5huzs8

Netflix has to tick those boxes

12 : Anonymous2021/07/17 06:58 ID: h5hpwzd

At the end of the show they should show teenage Ellie meeting teenage Dina and Jessie. Maybe Dina could be played by Cascina Caradonna's sister.

ID: h5hxfmt

I rather hope that Season 2 will be a new story to bridge the gap between Part 1 and Part 2 story. The show should have a more natural lead up to the early events of Part 2.

And like, I don't want to lose Pedro so soon, give that man at least 20 episodes of screentime pls

ID: h5iypj3

I like your argument. Actually doing backstory from 2 works:

Isaac and the WLFs buildup

Seraphites early foundations

Joel and Ellie in Jackson in general

Abby's early missions with the WLFs that proved herself.

Tommy and Joel flashbacks

Jesse and Dina times

13 : Anonymous2021/07/17 10:32 ID: h5i41h5

what are good examples of game to tv adaptions? i feel it always goes wrong.

as much as i loved uncharted - its working in its medium - adapted to the screen i fear it will likely be a heartless indiana jones clone.

ID: h5io40f

Castlevania on Netflix

ID: h5isuyv

Over the past decade or so, live action video game adaptations have raised the bar from their previous abysmal to just average. Some of the "best" being Detective Pikachu, Tomb Raider, maybe sonic, uh.. I thought at least the cinematography and acting from Assassin's Creed was pretty good. Although 'meh' is a big step up from earlier adaptations, I don't feel like anything has really broken that barrier yet of a live action video game adaptation becoming a genuinely good (on its own merits) show/movie.

But with Craig Mazin and Druckmann as writers, Gustavo Santaolalla returning to do the music, Pedro Pascal as the (at least for the first season) lead, and the support of both Sony and HBO, I think this has a good shot at being the first adaptation that becomes something genuinely worthy of recognition in the film/tv sphere, as opposed to just being good "for an adaptation."

15 : Anonymous2021/07/17 14:14 ID: h5in12d

I hope we focus on the trans-relations of the games instead of the pow-pow zombie-bad aspect of it. I am so tired of action shows, I want to see a true to life series which main focus is on trans people.

16 : Anonymous2021/07/17 14:17 ID: h5ine8e

Lev doesn't show up until the second game and he's the only trans character in the games AFAIK. So I think for at least the first season, you may be asking for something that won't be happening.

17 : Anonymous2021/07/17 14:30 ID: h5iov9i

Maybe we can introduce other characters? Besides you can be trans without having a physical modification ❤️

18 : Anonymous2021/07/17 15:54 ID: h5iyy7m

There's always Pose where the main focus is trans people. They could add another trans character though zombie/action is a large part of Last of Us like kind of the baseline while human relations through that chaos is the other

19 : Anonymous2021/07/17 16:11 ID: h5j126w

I was thinking that zombies and the survival aspect of the world would just be kind of like the background of the series. But the emphasis could be on the broken relationships between the different characters.

For example we can have a new character that used to be a glamorous drag queen or maybe a group of trans people that fought for their rights back when society wasn’t destroyed. Just focus on them, like show how they can be as broken as a father who lost his daughter or as helpful and nice as someone who got another chance? I have trouble coming with the right words here but essentially I am hoping for Sony and Co to put the focus on the marginal characters that were mostly silenced before apocalypse happened, and give them a chance to shine and show how heroic they can be.

20 : Anonymous2021/07/17 17:39 ID: h5jc7ua

They should, zombies in and of themselves are just as boring as straight white males to watch on screen. Such bland uninteresting creatures or maybe it’s just the overuse of them in media that has made them stale.

21 : Anonymous2021/07/17 10:45 ID: h5i4xwq

You think they'll throw in some easter eggs for gamers? Like an unexpected T-pose, or an NPC glitching out in the background?

22 : Anonymous2021/07/17 14:09 ID: h5imhkz

HBO isn't adapting Cyperpunk so no I don't think so.

23 : Anonymous2021/07/17 05:48 ID: h5hkkl3

Damn, I was hoping they'd get W. Earl Brown to play Bill. His voice acting for that character was fucking awesome.

24 : Anonymous2021/07/17 09:08 ID: h5hyota

First, with a bit of extra and different things happening.

25 : Anonymous2021/07/17 15:49 ID: h5iy90b

First for the most part. Some Easter eggs about two I imagine will sneak in

There does seem to be rumours that people from the second game (like Abby) will be cameo'd so that they don't just come out of nowhere/feel as shoehorned in when they get around to adapting the second games story later on down the line

26 : Anonymous2021/07/17 14:14 ID: h5in0yu

I get that the last of us is a PlayStation game, but does news about a tv show of a PlayStation game belong in a ps5 subreddit? I don’t see every new Witcher season 2 on Netflix news here, nor would I want to.

27 : Anonymous2021/07/17 15:58 ID: h5izekj


28 : Anonymous2021/07/17 17:15 ID: h5j98ci

Joel was the perfect casting

Every single other person I've seen they have botched horribly for these roles physically


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