AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5990X with 64 cores now rumored to launch in November –

1 : Anonymous2021/07/16 09:29 ID: oldfo2
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5990X with 64 cores now rumored to launch in November -
2 : Anonymous2021/07/16 09:39 ID: h5dnydt

I wonder how many people will realize that this article is based entirely on information from MLID.

Edit: I wonder what happened to the people who usually complain in the comments whenever a MLID video is posted.

ID: h5dpevh

videocardz has gone down in the dumpster for me since they have just been parroting other rumors, remember when they had exclusive leaks?

ID: h5e01ha

Their own exclusive leaks has been a minority. Yet, now even those are gone.

ID: h5erhzf

I like their GPU comparison charts

ID: h5ez37f

Remember when they said the 3080 Ti was going to have 20gb of vram? And then we only got two extra gigs

ID: h5ee9pu

Some exclusive leak is not exclucive since they are most of slide/information who was on public

But only vcz shared it

ID: h5eis4e

The whole techblog space just regurgitates the same rumor sources these days. Videocardz, WCCFTech, Hardware Times, Tweaktown, etc don't even offer anything unique to viewers as they all publish pretty much the same articles within hours of each other. If they have insider sources, it's usually just from their talks with AIBs, whom they've established relationships with since they occasionally review products for them, but news from AIBs is pretty much hit or miss these days since the manufacturers know that AIBs leak and so false info is fed to them. Currently, the techblogs just play it safe and report on the usual Twitter leakers since they have been pretty reliable yet it allows them to shed all accountability if the Twitter leaker is wrong.

ID: h5gm1x9

These days? It's always been like this.

ID: h5do3wx

and that it is probably a rumor that will turn out to be true :>

ID: h5dpcq3

!RemindMe 4 months

ID: h5e48ds

that's an easy bet, if tr3990x sells why tr5990x wouldnt sell...

3 : Anonymous2021/07/16 15:16 ID: h5em8p7

Looks like this is based on the MLID video but still it will be nice to see Zen 3 TR finally release!

Sadly, I couldn't wait any longer and had to purchase a 3990x as an upgrade from my 1950x in order to process my dataset. It reduced compute time by several weeks and in some cases months.

I suspect the perf increase of the 5990x compared to the 3990x will make it hard to justify a purchase. The 3DX version might be a worthy upgrade with the enormous cache.

Otherwise I'll be waiting for the Zen 4 TR so I can have the increased capacity that comes with DDR5. With 1TB of ram, I can do DNA assembly on my workstation instead of a cluster.

ID: h5f9cm4

Why not TR pro? Would non pro Zen 4 TR even support 512?

ID: h5fut28

Crazy question, can Optane help with DNA assembly?

4 : Anonymous2021/07/16 13:02 ID: h5e5cgh

MLID said by November. That is kind of easy to predict...

5 : Anonymous2021/07/16 14:17 ID: h5ee7ta

i'm curious what the Zen 4 threadripper codename is

6 : Anonymous2021/07/16 16:00 ID: h5ese8a

Will it be 8 channel and support more than 256GB? Would have to be to not end up as a dud like the 3990x was

ID: h5fxld5

curious to know what was your case on needing more than 256G. We have a full blown 3-tier architeture hosted on 3990.

total of 4 vm. each has 16C -64GB memory

3 vm - 3 environments

1vm - build tool

ID: h5ge0uv

DNA research is one case. It really depends on dataset size.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/16 23:38 ID: h5gi7y2

It's pretty funny when you think about websites ripping off each other's rumors....;)

8 : Anonymous2021/07/16 23:40 ID: h5gifkj


but could they also make a thread ripper APU ?

9 : Anonymous2021/07/16 13:52 ID: h5eb61g

3970x owner here - I feel like this new chip is in an odd place what with DDR5 right round the corner.

Inevitably it's going to be more costly than the 3990x, so why would anyone invest so heavily in a soon to be dead socket?

ID: h5encis

imagine how much will it cost to fill 4-8 channels with ddr5....

and there are lots of companies that wisely avoid the absolute bleeding edge to get better reliability.

ID: h5fed4d

and there are lots of companies that wisely avoid the absolute bleeding edge to get better reliability

Right, it's called the bleeding edge for a reason

ID: h5i0l6a

I think you're right there, stability first approach will the order of the day for a lot of people. Even so not sure there will be HEDT DDR5 solutions from Intel soon either, and I wonder how Intel's lower core count will demonstrate a performance gap even with DDR5, perhaps only in specific workloads.

If you are already on TRX40 this will be a nice if luxurious upgrade.

ID: h5gpqcb

Professionals would not want their work disrupted by any form of disruption due to new technology. Time is money.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/16 13:08 ID: h5e5xoa

just want the 5600..

ID: h5efcfb

What's wrong with the G and X?

ID: h5evoo1

G has a weaker CPU, and the 5600X is too expensive I guess (3600 was going for $160-180 before the shortage)

ID: h5efwj9

My guess is too expensive? A normal 5600 would be the latest gen and cheaper than G and X


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